ah... my elbow brings up great randomness... from my crash in Asheville back to Dean and Lyme Disease... worth a glance

WOW... just watched 20 Feet from Stardom... my brother talked about it on one of our rides at the beach... a wealth of musical history told... sharing a perspective that very few have ever considered... WOW! BEAUTIFUL

so often I am a victim of Click Bait... Beaver acts as "click bait" for traffic to the Gwadzilla page... only those that click do not get the beaver shots that they were looking for...

Rockville? I understand Bethesda... but what is Rockville so snobby about?

Peter Sagan's AMAZING skill on the bike... more than just pedal strokes

on a track bike headed home from teaching sailing...

Reggie Watts and my Selfie Reflection in his Sunglasses...

I disagree... a car is closer to being a weapon than a bicycle...

I am going to UNSUBSCRIBE to some email lists... getting tired of wading through and hitting DELETE

RIP Matt Stackswell (Brenner)... a piece on the web about Matt and his music

BOLLOCKS!.... Cyclist films as he rides... captures collision with car on tape

Eddie Eamon is in another film... I may need Rod Serling to explain it to me... very cool... check it out


that is about as straight an out and back as I could ever imagine

Picking up some pies at Nicola's in Rehoboth

Before and After... Grant on the Boggie Board

that old woman in front of the White House... Concepcion Picciotto or Connie (so says the Wiki Page)

texting at the light... better than texting while pedaling... just be ready for the Christmas Tree

Skateboarding is not a Crime

missed the passing bike... missed the shot

three Capital BikeShare Photobombs!


roadie nose picker photo bomb

this was a cute and dangerous scenario...

people on bikes on 18th Street in Adams Morgan

Shawn and Chris at Tattoo Paradise in Adams Morgan

Rules... maybe too many rules... maybe some rules that do not apply to me as I am not really a roadie

they both went to B-CC and they have both been on the Gwadzilla blog before... Chip and Dudley