I disagree... a car is closer to being a weapon than a bicycle...

California Courts CLAIM that Reckless Bike Riding No Different than Reckless Car Driving

I disagree... I fully disagree...
not to say that a cyclist has a right to injure others without penalty
I would have to say that the "worst case scenario" for the bicycle accident and the car accident are entirely dissimilar

that is not to say that the cyclist should not receive penalties
but drunk biking is very different than drunk driving
running a stop sign on bicycle is different than running a stop sign in a car

do I need to go through a long list of "tit for tat?"
I think not

we all understand that the car driver puts people at risk with their sloppy driving
while cyclists tend to put themselves at risk if they ride sloppily 

there need to be different laws for bicycles than cars
as they are not the same

I do not know who Courtney Stodden is

I hate when cyclists put me at risk
when I am a pedestrian or a cyclist
I hate to have a near miss with a person on the bike
it gives me no pleasure to be buzzed by a bicycle when I am on the sidewalk

that said...
I am annoyed by this behavior of those reckless cyclists
but really

the average car driver and their inconsiderate driving methods enrage me

being buzzed by a car does more than "spook me"
when a car buzzes me on the bike or as a pedestrian... they put my life at risk