LA looking to Copenhagen

last week and this week too

CTC in the UK

rolling down eye

one of the Kool Aid drinking Xtra Cycle Riders in Washington DC

Wired Bikes


WIRED... geeks like bikes!

Bike Rack Finalists

crossing town I ran into tia

I dig his stuff....

I slowed for a few snaps of the shutter in Columbia Heights on my way home tonight

a morning shot in the morning sun

a message from my brother Marc about DDCX...

the humble beginning of the mountain bike as told by bill savage

by union station after work


you are in my shot... not much of a shot... but you are still in my shot

sipping some Troegs

I think that is enough images of the Men's Masters Elite at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race at Lily Pons

easy on the photoshop... you may OD

Dennis Bike has some images... none of me

Cross Bikes for Charity!


that is how...


the cool kids...

some more shots of the Masters Elite... sorry if you are looking for a photo of you... I did not get the shot... just got these

good lighting, but I did not get the shot

no real time for a ride after work... there is not always time for a ride after work