LA looking to Copenhagen

last week and this week too

CTC in the UK

CTC in the UK
CTC acquires OTC Training

jonathan of CTC rides the run up in a cross race


rolling down eye

rolling down eye
eye street

one of the Kool Aid drinking Xtra Cycle Riders in Washington DC

one of the Kool Aid drinking Xtra Cycle Riders in Washington DC

Wired Bikes



there is no bicycle in this photograph


I swear there is a bicycle somewhere
photo from here

ah.... there is the shadow of a bicycle wheel in the background

WIRED... geeks like bikes!

geeks like bikes


Bike Rack Finalists

crossing town I ran into tia


I dig his stuff....

I slowed for a few snaps of the shutter in Columbia Heights on my way home tonight

a morning shot in the morning sun

a morning shot in the morning sun

a message from my brother Marc about DDCX...

a message from my brother Marc about DDCX...

DCCX is starting to fill!


-day-of registration will be outside the grounds. racer packet pickup day of will be at the course. we can't collect money on site- so pre-registration will save a lot of time and hassle.

-our 9am race reached the 100 rider limit last year and we expect it to fill again. so pre-reg is likely a must if you want to race Cat 4 men. (as of Sept 29, Cat 4 is
already up to 45 riders)

-we will be using call-ups similar to what was done at Ed Sanders (lining up by rows). In addition to MABRA series rankings and promoter discretion, order of registration will be used to determine starting order.

-Call-ups will be given to pre-registered riders only. Day-of registrants will start in the back of the field

Hope to see you at DCCX! We have a lot of fun stuff in the works- more details in our PR release to come out this week!

Marc Gwadz
DCMTB/City Bikes

darren's video from DCCX last year
gwadzilla archive


the humble beginning of the mountain bike as told by bill savage

the humble beginning of the mountain bike as told by bill savage
in the film Klunkerz!

some clips on youtube to get you thinking about it

classic shot from repack


apparently there was some film screening at Interbike and an induction into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
but I do not know the specifics

by union station after work


ME at Lily Pons!
snagged off the TEAM ESTROGEN FORUM
image by ZEN
thanks ZEN!

Nirvana: In the Pines

you are in my shot... not much of a shot... but you are still in my shot

you are in my shot... not much of a shot... but you are still in my shot

sipping some Troegs

sipping some beer from Troegs
these guys sponsor some fast guys
some of those fast guys are super fast clydesdales
unlike chris nystrom these guys use an umlaut

I think that is enough images of the Men's Masters Elite at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race at Lily Pons

I think that is enough images of the Men's Masters Elite at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Race at Lily Pons from this weekend past

yesterday morning I ran into Kevin Dillard
for selfish reasons I asked why Kevin of Demoncats/Velo Photos was not at the Lily Pons Cyclocross Race the weekend prior

Kevin had raced in Pennsylvania on Saturday so racing Sunday was not part of his plan
it was at the race in Pennsylvania where Kevin took his photos

which does not do me any good as I raced in Maryland on Sunday not Pennsylvania on Saturday
I am only interested in photos of myself

as it seems there are no photos of me riding/racing at Lily Pons
this weekend past

I just like you want to see images of myself on my bike

not just any image... but an image that will make me appear cool
not an easy photo to capture I guess no on was up for the challenge

RACE REPORT: 2008 NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

As this is a memorial event it is known that the man Ed Sanders for whom this race is named di
ed in a cycling training accident. Yet it is not known to everyone how he died. When told of his death I made what I thought was a logical leap and filled in the blank as to what happened. Training accident? I figured it was a standard bicycle related accident... maybe a heart attack or maybe a bicycle crash that involved a car, a truck, or a curb, but no... the details of this accident are a little more bizarre. It is one of those cases where the truth is stranger than fiction. The actions that ended Ed Sander's life are more like words from the script of a Quinton Tarrintino film that the pages of Velo News. Without getting too graphic I will try to relay things as they were told to me. Ed Sanders died in a training accident within his home. Ed was on his rollers in the living room. Somehow Ed slipped from his rollers and slammed onto a glass table... shattering the glass and cutting himself. The cuts were so bad that he could not get to the phone and he bled to death. This is a tragedy that ended a man's life way to soon... leaving his only son fatherless. Proceeds from the Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross race go towards a college fund for Ed Sander's only son. The event and the story dance well together to aid in our reflection that life is short and that life should be lived to the fullest and that life should be appreciated as something precious. The memory of Ed Sanders lives on in this spectacular event hosted by the team that he raced with at the place where he worked. On Sunday I lined up with the Men's Master 35+. It was a smaller than anticipated field. Perhaps the three days of rain leading up to the event scared some racers away.

The smaller class sizes are fine... the classes can get too big... absurdly big.

The drive out acted as a bit of foreshadowing of the action of the first lap on this very muddy course. On the drive out Interstate 270 from downtown Washington I encountered the usual assortment of assholes. A number of obnoxious drivers did that very strange pass where they pass and then fade into the lane in front of me. Their fading into the lane in front of me not only caused me to slow down but also kicked moisture from the road up into my windshield. This action repeated itself over the course of the first lap many times... often by the same people. I am not sure how long into the race I decided to remove my mud caked glasses only to accept the occasional speck of dirt to the iris or pupil. It was dirt through the eyes or trying to catch a glimpse of the action through a brown shield of mud that coated my amber riding lenses.

The course was wet and muddy and racers were all ov
er the place. It amazes me that no one forced anyone into one of the many ponds that the course circles. I have heard that this has happened before but I have yet to witness it.

Just as riding on sloppy ground is a skill so is riding in the pack. I have yet to learn how to ride in the pack. For some reason I have no issue making the fast pass on single track while on the cross bike I am a tad timid. Not only am I timid but I have yet to adopt the road cyclists method of pass... which is to pass the rider in front of you then quickly fade into their space before completing the pass, thus forcing that rider to slow down and then you slow down yourself... causing the following rider to brake even more. Somehow that just does not seem sporting... it is as obnoxious on the bike as it is on the car... if not more. Sometimes I think road cyclists are just car drivers on bikes.

I got a fairly decent start. A decent start being any start where I do not get stuck behind a crash, a slow moving cluster, or a trail imposed bottleneck. Things moved pretty cleanly off the line. The prologue loop on this course does well to feed the racers onto the course. By the end of the first lap things had spread out and I was not being cut off by as many squirrelly riders... because those squirrelly riders may not have been able to handle the sloppy turns, but they were able to hammer ahead on the flats.

Lined up with the Men's Masters B I knew that my race was going to be a race within the race as racing to be the first acoss the line is beyond my scope. A solid start kept me within sight of two of my DCMTB team mates; Mark Drajem and Raul Rojas. Both Mark and Raul have been attacking things strong at cyclocross practice so I knew that it would be a fight for me to hang in their shadows.

Having not preridden the course I was in a LEARN BY DOING situation. I was
able to learn what I was able to ride and what I would have to run pretty early in the game. I tried to focus on smart racing. But... as things happen in cyclocross I fell back to my default settings.... a long list of efforts filled with bad habits. I clearly had not practiced my cross tactics enough to allow the proper techniques to become my second nature. My dismount/remounts were as sloppy as the ground at my feet. And my ability to corner fast... well... it is hard to know how fast you can corner before the bike slips out from under you without letting the bicycle slip out from under you and well... I was not looking to have the bike slip out from under me. I was certainly too heavy on the brakes leading into the turns and slow to accelerate out of them. As much as I know I need to go into the turn fast and accelerate out of the turn I snailed through the turns and snailed out. Usually by the last lap I have grown comfortable with the bike and the course that I am able to relax and let the bike flow... but not on this day.

There were flat sections of mud that I attacked on foot rather than slogging throu
gh in the saddle and I did not attempt to ride that steep run up on the back nine. When approaching the deep puddles I let the puddles work as a natural bike wash. The grass and mud were caking on the bike pretty good. The after market Empella cyclocross brakes have far greater clearance than the stock Avids that came on my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike, but there was still enough grass and mud to build up and slow the wheels and hamper braking. These issues were not limited to me... everyone was racing on the same course in the same conditions. My limits were set by my lack of training and my lack of practice.

My energy level was good through out the race. On one of my early laps when I cleared the barriers I saw a Hammer Gel flask on the ground. It was my mini-water bottle filled with a mix of Gatorade and Red Bull; aka GATOR-RAGE. I knew I would be needing in my later laps... so I turned around and picked it up. Thinking that seconds lost on retrieving this flask would be better than the dry mouth and fatigue that I would suffer if I did not have this fluid on my person at the tail end of the race. I am always in need of a little boost in the later laps. Caffiene or sugar can often save the day.

The race within the race kept me motivated. I had some good cat and mouse with the racers around me. As much as I wanted to chase the riders in front of me it was clear that they were attacking at the same point where I attacked and they were working just as hard to catch the racers in front of them. I guess I shoul
d be happy that my pace did not drop and that I was not passed by too many of the racers behind me. Drajem fell back. Later I learned that he pulled over to clean his bike. Then ahead of me Raul pulled ahead so that he could wash his bike after the finish without a long line.

I rolled across the finish line feeling pretty good about my efforts.

After my race I exchanged stories with friends and fellow racers then after washing the bike and slamming a
cheese burger and a hot dog. Then I pulled out the camera and snapped some shots of the Men's Master Elite. As much as I wanted to ring the cowbell and cheer for my friends and heros racing in the Elite Category I knew that my time would be better served hanging with my family at home.

Lisa was at home with the boys. By the time we made cell contact it did not seem rational for them to rush up for the kids race... although the boys and I had been looking forward to the lil' Belgians race on this day there was not enough time for them to drive up race and then go to Dean's baseball game.

When I returned home there was time to put my bike in the basement and my sweat and mud soaked gear in the washer. When the family got back from the afternoon game I entertained the boys with a trip to the New Target in Columbia Heights. Rather than ride along side of them I walked/ran. It makes more sense than riding since four year old grant still has some moments of frustration riding without training wheels. He still needs the occassional push on the slight grade up hill and he does not brake such that I am confident letting him scream down the little hills.

as Ice Cube would say... It was a good day.

easy on the photoshop... you may OD

Dennis Bike has some images... none of me

Dennis Bike has some images...

none of me...
good shots just the same

Cross Bikes for Charity!

Cross Bikes for Charity!

I am a firm believer that there should be a program that offers a bike to anyone who wants a bike and can not afford a bike
these people should be given a bike

I have a great notion for this IF YOU WANT A BIKE YOU GOT A BIKE PROGRAM

how about every time a person puts a bike valued at a thousand dollars or more in the pits during a C Race that bike gets hauled off and given to charity!

good plan?

I thought you would agree!


that is how...


the cool kids...

the cool kids...
sent to me from JohnC of GW
thanks JC of GW!

Cool Kids @ Myspace
Cool Kids @ YOUTUBE
and off the GW Mag


some more shots of the Masters Elite... sorry if you are looking for a photo of you... I did not get the shot... just got these

some more photos of the Masters Elite from NCVC's Ed Sanders Memorial Cyclocross Race this weekend past...
sorry if you are looking for a photo of you...
I did not get the shot...
just got these

good lighting, but I did not get the shot

good lighting, but I did not get the shot
tough to get the shot on the roll

no real time for a ride after work... there is not always time for a ride after work

no real time for a ride after work...

there is not always time for a ride after work
after racing yesterday there was no real need for me to go for a ride after work
yet I still do not want to race home straight after work as I would like to have a moment to myself

so instead of racing to get home to meet up with my family I take a quick spin around town with the camera around my neck
make a quick stop by a friend's house on capital hill to check out the progress on his climbing wall
wall complete! wall ready for climbing!

checked out the climbing wall then we walked his dog lucy
want to play on the new climbing wall... but there was no time
trying to time things that I arrive home around the same time as lisa after lisa picks the boys up from the after school program on her way home from work
will have to be proactive on the wall thing... will have to show up with time and shoes other than my riding shoes

get home and dinner is on the table
guess I spent more time than estimated on crossing town, snapping a few shots, and shooting the shit with an old friend
with dinner on the table I opted to walk the dog before the sun set
grant joined along
we brought a water bottle and two lights
we would end up not needing the lights

on the walk we encountered a few other people out doing the same short loop in the woods
it is always the same people
it is always
the same people with the same dogs
I do not see the same people every day
but if I see people I have usually seen them before

as grant pauses on a little bench that has been set up by who knows who at a good spot for a bench these other hikers approach with their dogs
grant got bum rushed by a small mix breed named Bacchus
giggles and squirms were unleashed as bacchus tried to lick grant's face
meanwhile the dog named barnabus or baranbey threw up the hair on his back and made a charge and a fierce bark

this is nothing new
barnabus has been fronting like this for some time

it is bothersome
I hate having to scold my dogs for responding to such behavior
usually I have to restrain my dogs from responding or scold them preemptively
I hate scolding my dogs for responding as a dog should respond to another dog
it should be barnabus' owner who should be preemptive
because it is barnabus' inappropriate action that illicits the response
without barnabus' posturing there would be no reason for conflict

barnabus barked, rushed, and showed his teeth
shy brutus who tends to mind his own business called his bluff
barnabus came in bluffing some more calling out for alpha male position
brutus stepped out of his shy shell and showed this dog he is not the alpha dog
in a few more expressions of teeth I pulled brutus aside

the other dog owners had showed little response in controling their dogs

by this time both dogs had teamed up against brutus
which did not alter things... brutus still seemed to be comfortable with the situation
I dispelled things before things really escalated
there was no scolding
a firm bark from me caused all of the dogs to scatter and calm down

then a tug at the tail then a pull on the colar to keep brutus from trying to get the last word or finish the conversation
wanted to stop things before the pack got out of control and someone got hurt

then I caught up with bacchus' teen age owner
there was a short exchange about his brother recently leaving off for college
I asked if he moved into his brother's room... he had
he was shocked when I told him that my brother still brings up that I took his records from his room and put them with my records in my room when he left off for college

there was no more issue with the dogs
the voice leash was part of the process
finally barnabus was gettting commands from his owner
I got no apology as I have never gotten any apology from barnabus' owner about barnabus' behavior
I have never gotten any apology and baranbus has never gotten any correction

the tension between the dogs was still apparent

it would have been better that this had not happened
it seems that every time barnabus sees another dog he fronts like he is some alpha beast
it is a bluff

this is still no way for a dog to approach another dog

to a dog a bluff is not just a bluff it is a show of dominance
dogs do not bluff... not even when they play poker
the owner has never done anything to curb this behavior
these encounters have repeated themselves over the seldom chance meetings over the last decade
dating back to when this man who had two dogs each of which had the same sort of obnoxious aggressive approach
an approach that may be all bark and no bite that is still inappropriate just the same

it is tough to try to reprimand a dog for being a dog
we do curb their behavior
but not all actions should be dispelled
the dog should still get to be a dog
I do not always feel right reprimanding my dog from standing up for himself

it is a strange balance that an inappropriate behavior causes another behavior which is similar but appropriate

it is a case of action and reaction

the action is inappropriate while the reaction may be considered appropriate
I did not want to scold my dog for behaving appropriately
it has bothered me for years to experience the inappropriate behavior of this dog's approach
it has bothered me for years that this dog owner does nothing to curb this obnoxious and inappropriate behavior

it is tough
there is a difference in being proud of your son for being the school bully and being proud of your son for standing up for himself
there are times to back down
there are times to bow out
there are times to submit
and yes
there are times to stand up for yourself

there is a similar situation on the bike
the issuing of the bird or the utterance of profanity is not really appropriate behavior
but... what about action and reaction?
it is the inappropriate action that causes the over reaction
if the car drivers respected my space and my right to life...
well... then I would be less free with my middle finger and my tongue
but... since the car drivers fail to give me my right to space and my right to safely
well... I often display this inappropriate reaction which maybe a natural response to the inappropriate driving behavior

it is a big IF THEN situation
IF they did not do this
THEN I would not do that

enough on this...

I am glad the scuffle with the dogs was not worse
I would like to be a fly on the wall to hear how the owner of Barnabus describes that action
I would be curious to hear how he justifies a decade of inappropriate behavior by his dog
but... I am not so curious that I care to ask
because he is an elderly gentleman more than likely stuck in his ways thinking his actions are right and all others are wrong
again not unlike the car passing obnoxiously fast and dangerously close
it is always the other parties fault