so the folks in the Northeast do not feel singled out...

in dc we have drivers from all over the world
in dc we have drivers from all over the country

they bring their insensible sensibilities from their hometown to mine

they piss me off
they put my life at risk

I am excited about the fact that some texans will be migrating west later this year

let me expand on this... there is a nasty car driving personality to each and every part of the country
car culture is american culture
masshole and fish are just some cute names
some anti-car slogans that float through my head when I am run off the road by someone with either of those plates
there is not a cute name for the muscle heads in their super fast mustang of the modern day
tokyo drift style cars with tinted windows and oversized mufflers are all over the country
the mixing bowl in northern virginia has no ownership of that identity
yet that identity is present

it is individuals that are ignorant assholes not knowing the risks and the dangers of their behavior not regions of the country