To Catch a Bike Thief

this is a cool project... watch the trailer

Mount Pleasant Shabby Chic- a bed and breakfast in the neighborhood

Mount Pleasant Shabby Chic
a bed and breakfast in Mount Pleasant
on Air B-n-B

"somebody that I used to know"

"somebody that I used to know"
this song has hypnotized me

each and every version of this song is worth your time

Gotye featuring Kimbra performing "somebody that I used to know"

Walk Off the Earth cover "somebody that I used to know"

Key of Awesome parody of Walk Off the Earth cover of "somebody that I used to know"

Gotye live version of "somebody that I used to know"


yes... Chris Soda was always showing his support for Gwadzilla
here Chris gives the Courier Finger of Approval stating

Chris Soda was in a cycling accident where he suffered sever head trauma
Chris is currently in a "Medically Induced Coma"
not as serious as a "coma" but serious just the same

Chris needs our love
Chris needs our support
Chris also will need help with his medical expenses
support your fellow biker
support your friend

Help Chris Soda!


Phoenix Bikes

Used Bike Sale
Saturday, March 3, 10a-2p
Big Bear Cafe
1700 First St., NW, WDC

Proceeds support Phoenix Bikes, a nonprofit community+youth bike program in Arlington

We'll have fully tuned up cruisers, mt. bikes, hybrids, road bikes, single-speeds + more.
Come get your 'new' ride for the spring


Chris Soda.

"medically induced coma"

coma is not a good word
head trauma is not a good set of terms either
but "medically induced coma" is not the same thing as a coma
in short... they bring the patient into the coma state and then bring them out

it is still not a collection of terms that anyone would want to have associated with themselves
Chris Soda is going through a tough moment
a very very tough moment with a set of serious consequences

there is a long list of unknowns that I know nothing about
all of them scary
I am worried about chris
lots of people are worried about chris

Help Chris Soda with is medical expenses

Pebble Beach

great for skipping stones


scrooge on my cargo bike

DC Style Hot Dogs...

well... Ben's is an institution
but I think the sidewalk cart is the real DC signature

everyone has their favorite
it is a relationship
like the burrito carts
everyone has their favorite

this song touches me.

said this on facebook... rather than say it again... I cut and paste


wow... hard to believe that a cover of a contemporary song could be so compelling especially when it is played so closely to the original

the original

watch both videos
listen to both songs
tell me which one you think is better

I have now listened to this sone 1,015 times
fantastic loop

the gwadzilla tumblr page is awesome

gwadzilla on tumblr

nice plug

I may need to toss that helmet... it may be past its expiration date

nice plug... a few years old

and five years later


Hospital Visits are expensive... Help Chris Soda

Help Chris Soda

it feels good to look forward
"medically induced coma" sound scary
I bet it is scary
but to think about "Chris waking up" is a positive thought


I am not sure if I believe in the power of prayer... yet I pray

the details are not known to me
but I heard that Chris Soda was in a serious bicycle accident today
his condition is said to be serious
the term "medically induced coma" was used to describe his current condition

think good thoughts
send positive thoughts
if you pray... pray
I may think I am an atheist... but I am praying now


I think this is one of my neighbors...

Marx Cafe

Marx Cafe in Mount Pleasant

it has been years since I have been to Marx Cafe
it is my understanding that Marx is no longer owned by the person who opened it
I think I have have been there once since it changed hands

Marx Cafe had its rocky beginnings
Mount Pleasant's ANC fought growth and progress

which is why Mount Pleasant looks more like a 3rd world main street and less like Columbia Heights

Jason of Swiz

it has been many years and many bands since Swiz
Retisonic has has been Jason's main music project for what may be ten years now

today February 24th Retisonic has released another album

great randomness on these links... chase them down... images and words that may entertain your brain


Who is MORE?

MORE has a promo video!

Who is MORE?


getting doored sucks!

no matter what country...
no matter what age...
getting doored SUCKS!


car drivers do not look before they open their car door... it is their duty... it is the law... it is not part of their nature
there needs to be a PSA campaign educating drivers of their need to EXPECT cyclists
these are different times
new variables around us

and cyclists...
be cautious when riding
do not ride in the DOOR ZONE
watch for people opening car doors!


Born this Way

at the Atlas Performing Arts Center

Born this Way: Stories about Queer Culture in America

this is good for the city...

it is hard to imagine that DC is still rebounding from the Martin Luther King Jr. riots...

I do not know the history of the Howard Theater and when it met its decline
but a good deal of U Street and that surrounding area was demolished by fires and riots

I don't know what I am talking about

in any case...
The Howard Theater has been brought back to life and will be once again bringing culture to the city

Henry Rollins

Henry Garfield
Henry Rollins

Beers taking a chance to capture the moment

Peter Beers on the bike...
Peter Beers transporting his bike...
Peter Beers taking a photo of himself transporting a bike...



Cancer Sucks... FUCK CANCER!

I am trying to cuss less...
there was a time where I rarely cussed
I always thought there were more creative ways to express yourself
somehow over the past few years I have degraded myself to sound like a drunken sailor... even when I am not drunk


my friend and strong Clydesdale competitor Brian Fults has cancer
I just registered for an event to lend my support for Brian and the extensive cost of his cancer treatment
if you know Brian... if you hate cancer... maybe you want to do the same and lend your support

Brian Fults Cancer Fundraiser Ride

Bull Dog Mountain Bikers


bikes. bikes. bikes.

Somos Peru!

I love the Andean Mountain Music!

Bond... James Bond.

nice image.

in my youth I was a paper boy...

I delivered The Washington Star
it was an afternoon paper
while in contrast The Washington Post was and is a morning paper
I have never been a morning person
morning deliveries never worked for me

I delivered newspapers on my bicycle
I had a Raleigh Sprite 5 Speed and a back up Sturmey Archer 3 Speed with a red frame by a British manufacturer that I can not recall
each bike was equipped with a milk crate attached to the rear rack with a bungee cord

it seems like a different time
a time closer to the '50's than the '70's
a moment in time not at all like today

the Washington Star vanished out from under me
the paper and its circulation disappeared and took my afternoon job with it

shortly after that I witnessed a change
less kids and more adults delivering newspapers

similarly, I cut lawns
cutting lawns was a job done by neighborhood kids
that too changed over time
adults with landscaping jobs taking over those tasks

New Belgium

someone or something was slow to react

not sure if the camera missed the shot
if I missed the shot
either way
I did not get the shot

Cyclists on M Street in Washington DC

hey you got something on your...

oh... it is Ash Wednesday

hours after I posted this
on NPR

there was a missed photo opportunity today when a guy passed on a Capital Bike Share bike in his business casual with ashes on his head
I fumbled and missed the shot

Support Your Local Bike Shop!

even if their mechanics do not look like this.

Will Smith.

not sure if he said that
not sure of his family history
yet I understand the sentiment


so many... too many

so many bike share bikes... too many bike share bikes
almost tired of taking photos of them

rich shot.

dc messenger doing what dc messengers do

out of focus

scrooge on the move

watching some stand up now....

not sure if Amanda MacKaye reminds me of Janeane Garofalo
or if
Janeane Garofalo reminds me of Amanda MacKaye
either way

each could play the other in a biographical feature film
more on personality than works
then again
I have no idea what I am talking about

100 year old houses in my neighborhood

DC Critical Mass

Critical Mass DC
(I guess they dropped calling them "solidarity rides?")

funny... I do not know who Jeremy Lin is

yet I laugh...

an impressive stride... like a second career

Bill Murray
so many great movies...
Groundhog Day being the middle of a very long diverse career as a comedian

that's a fact jack!

I need to practice on the unicycle... but no desire to emulate this