mattyd after flatting on the last lap at greenbrier

gary took some great shots

I took those shots of MattyD
I am looking for some shots of me from the event...
anyone have a link to some photos from the Greenbrier Challenge?

okay... I am going to say it

I am going to say it
pink is passe

maybe somebody should have said this earlier

and the word of the year: ubiquitous
let me use that word in a sentence

That word ubiquitous is everywhere this year!

lorena has a blog

lorena of dcmtb/city bikes has a blog
she also has some serious get away sticks

good work at greenbrier this weekend past!

larry after the race at greenbrier

larry after the greenbrier challenge

larry with his IF single speed
larry with his mary bars
you may know larry from his photo in dirt rag last month

I know larry from the local mountain bike race scene
the parking lot
the start line
and sometimes we encounter the other on the trail

ran into larry out in the woods
I think that was the tale end of my final lap

a better shot of larry from gary

it is spring time... with spring comes spring cleaning

it is spring
with spring comes spring cleaning

I read the news today... oh boy

dopers suck

I actually just scanned the news today
as it is really just one of those same story different days sort of things
the tour has gotten to the point where it is just another pro sport that I have no interest in watching

okay... it is still such a beautiful race that I will watch every minute I can catch
but that does not mean that I have to like things

dopers do suck
but the system of catching the dopers also sucks
as it seems to be a less than accurate methodology

avalon cycles/germantown cycles

a photo of Donald of Avalon Cycles/Germantown Cycles

I did not snap that picture

it was good to see Donald at Greenbrier yesterday
he did not have the day he planned for
but he is all about the bike
great to see him
he has some great energy

I need to check out his shops!

some links for the Greenbrier Challenge



some words and some images to come
some words and some images posted last night




bianchi rita?

IF... fisher... bianchi
what is this?
musical bicycles

guess I could have asked...
results are not yet posted

am I wrong in thinking that Eric Roman finished second in a very fast single speed class?

it makes me awkward to take eric's photograph
not just because he is David Koresh of the Single Speed scene
but because he is actually a photographer

bianchi makes a great bike
I rode a variety of bianchi grizzleys and supe grizzleys some years ago

kids do some stupid stuff some times

ran into chris out at the greenbrier race today

chris lives in my neighborhood
although I do not really know chris I do see him out hammering on his bike
he is usually hammering on his bike
I am usually crossing the street with my two boys or my dog

at the race chris told me he had a bit of an incident in rock creek park

chris was out on a ride
he had some words with some young kids
then he passed near where they had words
and there was a cable pulled across the bike path at shin level

the result got ugly
broken frame
three teeth knocked out
and a fractured knuckle

chris was most upset about the colnago
I was most disturbed by the whole story

sunday morning... up to main street for some donuts

this morning before the late afternoon race I hung with the boys while my wife went for brunch

I walked as the boys rode

there are more good shots
but I am a little spent from the events of the weekend

there may be some good images and maybe some stories from the weekend
that will all have to wait

back from greenbrier

back from the greenbrier challenge
the mud is still caked on my legs
my car is still loaded with my sweaty gear and the packaging from all the food I consumed on the drive up
a clydesdale has to make weight you know

the two slices of vace pepperoni pizza were not enough
luckily on the exit off of Route 70 West there was a Burger King
a Number One Medium was just what the doctor ordered
a whopper, some salt sticks, and a coca cola
perfect prerace fuel

back from the greenbrier challenge
the boys are in bed tired from my story
I told them a play by play account of my race in an effort to bore them to sleep
actually I told them the story of the race in how mountain bike racing is like mario cart
the silver medal and the three lap course really helped with the parallels
they enjoyed the story

contrasting the image above
I had a great time out on the bike
it was a fantastic day for racing
the weather was stellar
the trails were epic
the parking lot had a number or hand shakes to be shared

would have loved to seen more of the pro race
what I heard on my late arrival was quite exciting
but my morning involved walking with my sons as we went to get donuts at the bakery
a 3:30 start time allowed for my wife lisa to go to a mom's bruch... ladies sans kids
a 3:30 start time also allowed for the late night on the town to be less of an issue
a 3:30 start time had me get home just in time for bedtime with the kids

lee took that photo
lee's blog
lee's photos on flickr

kevin dillard has some shots of me off the bike
when I dropped my chain headed into the singletrack cornering into the first climb of the lap
was able to climb that hill in the middle ring on lap one and lap two
on lap three I called for the granny gear
I dropped my chain
to which kevin dillard snapped some shots and said.... "here are some pictures for your blog!"
I fear the dark side has taken full control of him
he may be lost to the power of NCVC and his allegance to the road

wonder how lyle did...
joe bagganuts...
will be interested in reading some of the pro blogs
jeremiah bishop had an emotional day with a roller coaster ride
while todd wells was able to land on his feet
a great day for racing all around
PVC threw a great event

thanks PVC!
your list of events are a valuable contribution to the east coast mountain bike community and our lives

the greenbrier challenge

I think the boys are asleep...
I best take a shower
this mud has to go

gold sprints...

dc's dublin alley cat stage race

the action has been unfolding
although I have not been there to witness it first hand
I have been able to piece it all together with glances at the results on the internet and conversations on the street

it has been exciting to watch the change of command and the shifting of the order
local favorites are performing as expected
and well... there seem to be some underdogs flexing their muscle as they fight for top dog

saw chris soda coming back from a morning road ride in rock creek yesterday morning
I wonder how he will fair on the Gold Sprints tonight?

the personalities and the identities of the cyclists have this event playing out like pro-wrestling match


getting stoked for the greenbrier challenge

just got back from my older son dean's soccer game
grant came along which took me out of the assistant coach seat
which is fine
as I am not always looking to get involved in the parental conflicts

ironically the PC parents are the ones that cause the greatest conflicts
damn those PC COPS!
teaching out children to count then telling them not keep score

a parent on the other team I know from around town got me some coffee
which had me energized for keeping up with grant
most of my attention was directed towards building sand castles in the dirt
which trying to issue compliments and commands to dean on the soccer field

tomorrow is my first race of the season
I love to ride
I love to race
I hate stress
I hate pre-race anxiety
trying to mellow things out
trying to keep my head right
trying to just get organized enough to show up and ride my race
faster racers will finish ahead of me
slower racers will finish behind me
not much else I can do

just like the PC COPS say at the kid's soccer game... it is not about winning
but... without winning as the goal the effort would be watered down

this is a great course at the Greenbrier Challenge
it will be a beaten course by the time the Clydesdales take their laps
the Pros will have created the fast track
and hopefully not left too much mud

time to give the guys some lunch and plot the rest of my day

hopefully there willl be a gap in the day to pack my gear
as tonight lisa and I are going out on the town
which reminds me... I need to head up the street to grab my dry cleaning

24 Solo at the Draft House

24 Solo played at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House
this was from the local thursday night premire
friday night Chris Eatough was scheduled to be there
I went for the film... not the red carpet walk
although it would have been cool to hear some words of introduction from the main character of this film
if for nothing else to hear him offer the correct pronounciation of his last name
(see the film for that joke to explain itself)

an amazing story
told in a fantastic way
there is emotion
there is drama
there is action
there is suspense

well worth viewing


(had an interesting electronic conversation with an electronic aquaintence...
we discussed the focus on winning... it is an interesting topic up for debate)

Amsterdam:The Bicycle Capitol of Europe

HAVE YOU SEEN IT-a bicycle blair witch


trailer for HAVE YOU SEEN IT on youtube

not quite as much tension as 24 Solo


larry and his candy apple red IF

another set of shots of danny

meeting up to head across the bridge

last night I went to the local premire of 24 Solo
met up with fellow DCMTB/City Bikes team member Anna for a trip out of DC over into Virginia

neither of us knew exactly how to get to the Arlington Cinema and Draft House
but we both brought directions
and well...
I have a pretty good idea where it is
just not sure how to get their by bicycle

having never really ridden with anna before I was not sure what to expect
I arrived on my multi-geared specialized cyclocross bike
anna was on her franken-fixie
we took the most direct route towards virginia which involved some hectic rush hour quality traffic
early into the ride I saw that anna has some serious skills
she got cornered by a taxi cab as we headed down 16th street
she managed to whip around and dodge things without incident
much more comfortable on the fixie than myself

neither of us were sure exactly how to get where we were going...
but my friend tyson had emailed me what seemed to be simple directions
so we went with those

16th Street...
down past K Street.... left onto H Street and right onto 15th
we passed some monuments and lots of cars
we cruised through when we could
stopped when we had to stop
anna poised and ready for attack in a track stand
while I stabled myself with a foot steady on the ground

we got onto the bike path by the Lincoln Memorial and guessed our way on the network of bike paths toward the Pentagon
we found Columbia Pike just as Tyson had instructed
we arrived at the Draft House with plenty of time
some seats were saved for us and we settled in for what turned out to be a fantastic film

my brother joined us and we joined some of anna's friends
after the film we rode back into the city
chatting as we rode
both of us with flashing lights
only the NiteRider MiNewt on my handlebars
lights were only vital on the bike path
the flashing lights are usually good enough with the lighting on the city streets

good to ride with anna
good to get to talk with her

we are planning to try and get some more rides going out of the neigborhood
we have talked about a ride out to Cabin John
but at this point we have done no more than talk

wet morning into work...

a wet morning into work on the bike...

it was a wet morning ride into work on the bike
this was no surprise as it was a wet morning walk with the dog in the woods

got on the bike a few minutes late
not uncommon for people to be a few minutes slow out of the gate on rainy days
this can be more true for the unprepared commuter cyclist
as I have already started tucking some of my winter gear away
so I had to find gortex socks and rain pants to complete my day's riding apparrell

the short ride into work is so short that it hardly constitutes a ride
but I was out on my bike in city traffic just the same
there was the usual rainy day bullshit
idiots and assholes without enough sense to operate the defrost mechanism within their cars
cars steamed up with equally steamed drivers
the usual idiot actions only increased by greater number of variables
those that fail to stop at stop signs on dry and clear days are only more prone to the slow and go without looking approach to intersections

so... I turned up my spidey senses and rolled into work
late like everyone else I took some foolish chances just like everyone else
then again... everytime a cyclist gets on their bike in city traffic they are taking their chances
whether they are within the limits of the law or doing their own thing

the short several mile commute to work had me cussing and screaming at nearly every car on the street
illegal actions
obnoxious behavior
inconsiderate motions
it was like they cloned Hellen Keller and put her behind the wheel of ever car in the city
braille dashboards all around

like the rain I tried to shake it off

moving down Columbia Road through Adams Morgan I was especially irked
I was cruising to the right of traffic doing my own thing
cautious of parked cars pulling out, cars trying to park, and pedestrians trying to cross without looking
when I heard what sounded like the thumping of a helicopter
being that such a variable did not directly effect me I tried to phase it out
then I felt the rumble of a large engine just inches to my side
then it passed... a garbage truck
not only did it pass fast and close on a wet and rainy day
but the passanger of this vehicle was hanging out his window and slamming the truck door
that was my helicopter

I passed them back
they passed me
I dropped it into a tougher gear and left them in my shadowless shadow
never cursing
never flipping them off
never trying to escalate the encounter with the trashman any more that I have to
just as I know that the driver of the short bus grew up riding the short bus
I know that the men that pick up the trash have a bit of an forceful way about the streets
perhaps a chip on their shoulder
not the driver you want to play chicken with

the ride continued on without incident

there were more close calls and near misses
yet I arrived at my destination
wet and a little late
minutes late
but late just the same

in fairness...
the trashmen were in my alley picking up the trash as I left from my house
the driver of that vehicle pulled a little forward so I could squeeze by

I have started trying to pack away my winter gear
but... snowboards are still being tripped over
and ice melt and shovels are not quite where then need to be
these things are still in the way


criticial mass in san fran

the critical mass ride scheduled for this weekend is getting some press

apparently last month a cyclist broke a rear window of a mini-van
or something to that effect

I have felt that way before
priest or nun
mother or grandmother
killer or cop
if you pass too fast and too close
invading my personal space
threatening my right to life
well... I feel like striking back


emotions run high when you flesh and bones are threated by tons of steel

critical mass
a paragraph in the news about SF Critical Mass
SF Critical Mass

SF Critical Mass MySpace

and the cycling dude
a california rider with a conservative perspective

anna... her fixie and her front porch

WABA and The Bicycle Place host a gear swap!


and do not forget The Bike In!


no need for a taxi....

no need for a taxi
I will ride home from the airport
the suitcase bike

danny the boy

danny the boy

everyone has a story

everyone has a story
I wonder what this man's story is about

just got back from a night at the movies

just got back from a night at the movies

was able to catch a showing of Jason Berry's 24 Solo
nothing short of fantastic
jason along with the two other members of gripped films:
producer ken bell and the guy that did the music
gotta know his name... as the music makes the movie
the edits are amazing
cross country racing energy is hard to capture on film
the film angles along with the edits were all tied together with the music

just as with Off Road to Athens this crew of action/adventure/documentary film makers do a fantastic job of telling an amazing story
a story filled with an amazing climax and and emotional ending
a film for the more than just the cyclist
this film gave insight into the outpour that these unique endurance athletes experience

jason berry blog

another shot of scrooge passing the white house



28 days later has a sequel?


sometimes I feel like a cutter

somedays I feel like a cutter
today was one of those days

some conversations are best to be avoided...
I am not so good at avoiding these conversations

if I see someone parking in front of the hydrant by my house
I go out my front door and politely alert them to the presence of the hydrant
they know there is a hydrant there
they do not care
only after my request do they make a token expression of shock and surprise
as they curse under their breath without dropping the smile
they usually move their car
but often they have some rational for parking there
even if there is a legal space down the block

come on... whether in thailand or switzerland
I think I would know not to park in front of a hydrant

there are other converstations that I get involved with that I should clearly avoid
those that I see dumping trash or yard clippings in the woods or the park...

if I see them while this is happening
I approach them and explain things
no dumping in the park and such
whistle blowing is not my style
so rather than calling the authorities I try to handle these things in a civil manner
well... these things seldom go civily

usually these people have already anticipated getting busted
they know that they are wrong
they are ready to argue that they are right
so it becomes a debate
usually a debate where no one wins and any chance of future friendship may be lost
it is a discussion that should be avoided

politics and religion are other topics I should avoid
as my perspectives on these topics may not be on the same page as all of those around me
yet... I foolishly touch on these topics with strangers and friends

yesterday while on my ride home from work I passed through some sections of woods on my mountain bike
I see the signs
I know the rules
but just like the car that sees the speed limit sign... I have decided to modify that law to meet my personal needs
bending... not breaking
always remaining safe as well as courteous
unlike the cars who break the law with no concern for those around them
breaking the law... well beyond bending them

in the woods I yeilded to others on the trail
pausing and sharing friendly hellos with hikers and dog walkers as I passed

one set of dog walkers with an assortment of dogs caused me to stop
their dogs were every which way
some on leash
some off leash
those on leash were on the long retractable leads

I pulled over to the side and allowed them to pass
as they passed they gave me a reminder of the no bikes sign
a sign that I am completely aware of

action and reaction
rather than tipping my hat and wishing the ladies a good afternoon
I accepted her statement and gave a short friendly calm rebutal
"I find it odd that a person with their dog off leash would be concerned with the whether those around them were following the laws when it is clear that the law states that dogs must be leashed in the park"
a modification of my biblical... "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
in an effort to avoid that awkard topic of religon

with some dogs leashed and some dogs off leash it was hard to see what was whose
the long lead is also in violation of the leash law
so I added that
these ideas were not taken well... the microscope was intended for my actions... not theirs

the conversation blurred
there was discussion about errosion and impact of bicycles
and placid good times
I was under attack
of course... the dog owners were in heavy contradiction of their own statements
barking leashless dogs can be more bothersome than bicycles
I own many bicycles... none of my bikes have ever bitten anyone
nor have they barked at a passing stranger
more people are phobic of dogs than of bicycles
and the dogs off leash... they harass animals in the park as well as widening the trails and breaking down vegetation off trail

it was a two minute conversation
a conversation to which I stayed calm as the woman on the other end got louder
I had forgotten that getting louder reminds the other party that they are less right
they were more loud
which means they must have been more right

continued on my way
my short cross town carless way
when I slowed and stalled for a runner
I recognized the runner
a runner I had seen some days prior
this runner that had previously chanted no bikes no bikes as we passed days prior

stopped on the trailside waiting for the runner to make his pass
he slowed and we made eye contact
his first words may have been... "you are an asshole"
not the afternoon greeting I expected but I greeted him with a "hello again" just the same

I pulled my glasses from my face and made friendly eye contact
we spoke
we discussed the law and concepts of common sense and common courtesy
he stopped his digital watch and gave the converstaion his main attention
we talked about the car traffic
an effort to get away from it all
an effort to get home safely
an effort to get some exercise after work

we talked about the impact of the bicycle on the dry hard packed
we talked about trail maintenance

it was a friendly intellectual discussion
minds may not have been changed
but there was a bit more acceptance
he still did not want the bikes on the trail
yet he understood things a little better from my perspective

he understood my feelings of frustration of there being no safe place for a cyclist to ride
I did not get heavy handed with the way that the bicycle has to risk it all to take its space on the street
but he did understand that rush hour traffic can be unyeilding to bicycle and pedestrian traffic

it was a good encounter
far different from the encounter held moments earlier
perhaps more how I wished the early conversation had gone
rather than becoming a near confrontation
in this encounter I gained some ground
in the prior encounter I increased the advisarial relationship

my ride continued
the ride was short as I did not care to contend with my slowly slipping seat post
the jamis exile feels small enough without the desired modifications of bars and stem
the slipping seat post made this monster of a bike seem diminutive

I got home to the family
after a more creative than the standard "how was your day?" with the kids
I got an art show of all the work that the boys had brought home
it feels good to make my boys feel proud of what they created
some interest.... some questions... some attention
we all like that... especially if we worked hard on something

grant had agreed to go hiking with me and the dog
but bailed as I started to take out the trash
as he saw that neither dean nor mommy were joining me on the dog walk

I went into the woods and dragged some logs around
tried to clean up some of the wasteland that is the park behind my house
a wasteland not created by cyclist
but by neglect
and by years and years of walkers and runner stomping wider and wider
on what could be a trail but turns out to be dead earth as wide as a road

I pick up trash
I do official and unofficial trail maintenance
I am courteous of others while on the trails
whether on foot, with my dog, or on my bike
and when in my car
common sense and courtesy

much like others who bend or break the rules to suit their needs
I have my rebutal preloaded for an attack

these times are a bit of a prohibition for the bicycle
as my rights are not granted
I take what I get
on the street and on dirt
nothing is given to me
the laws are there... but seldom do they protect the urban cyclist
the urban cyclist is a bit of a renegade
more often punished than protected

if the streets were more safe for the bicyclist
I would feel more shame for my occassional dip into the woods
since my life is at risk on the streets
I feel that the risk of aggitating a hiker, a runner, or a dog walker outweighs the level to which it aggitates me to have my life within an inch of death as each car makes dangerous passes to me on my bike... too fast and too close

off my soap box and back to work

I can remember when this street was open to cars...

Penn Avenue right in front of the White House

during the age of Lincoln there was no fence around the White House
you could have lunch or play croquet on the lawn just as you would on the lawn of the Capitol Building
okay... in this day and age I doubt that croquet would pass approval of the Hill Police

times have changed
times are still changing
not all change is good

I do not see this man around much

good to see ali
I prefer to see ali when he is on the move

there are number of guys out there that move with speed and grace
like cycling in traffic at speed is their nature
imagine cheetah or perhaps gazelle
built for speed
fueled by focus
ali is one of these guys

would love to see ali riding that thing on dirt

music on the brain

the police reunion tour
had not given it much thought

the police are awesome
who doesn't love the police?

for me the police drifted after Zendetta Mondatta

their first three records were key
but the police went the way of combat rock with ghost in the machine
it was purchased
it was played
but it was the beginning of the end

the specials, the selector, madness... and even fatty buster bloodvessel and bad manners
these were filling my ska need along with the english beat
the police remained as part of my history
I still have the vinyl for the first four albums
did not even purchase Synchronicity
even though the geeky record collector in my could appreciate that there were thrity three different record covers for the first release of that album

okay... that may be urban myth

the police are cool
those albums were great
but it did not appeal to my perspective at the time
it is all very funny to look back upon

if you have never seen The Who QUADROPHENIA... see it!
and of course listen to it... it is a side of The Who that not everyone knows.

and GOLDEN HOUR OF THE KINKS is an amazing record that makes me realize how great it would be to have my turn table hooked up
listening to records would a great activity over television

still have not heard the national treasure story

seen her a bunch of times
but still have not heard the national treasure story

I think she was selected to work as an extra for the film
in her native garb
doing what she does
riding her bike in traffic


listening to music rather than watching television

it is turn off your television week
or something to that effect

listening to music is a pleasure
the music is coming from the television
got that cable retro active channel on comcast going

a great mix
the english beat, to the ramones, then the jam, now iggy pop

back from trying to put the boys back to bed
I have cacti prickles in my hand
grant knocked over dean's cactus
I tried to clean it up
will need gloves and more dirt
and a vacuum

got back downstairs and souxie and the banshees were playing
not my thing
but enjoyed hearing then and now
the damned, the clash, and the dc hardcore stuff was on my turntables and my cassette players

bruce foxton
perhaps the only man in history to look cool with a mullet

the boys are now downstairs surrounding me
I am letting them pick out a toy
I may have to put on my angry voice

letting them pick out a toy worked
they picked out a toy box
but at least they are headed to bed
or at least they are headed to the bedroom


some of the folks at Revolution

city bikes is my shop
city bikes is my peeps

but that does not mean that there are not other shops in the city

revolution is a good shop

took a short ride after work

the sky looked like rain

sunday is greenbrier
more getting ready for sunday than training for sunday
too late to focus on training for an event less than a week away

it is like studying for a test
cramming just may backfire
go with what you know
and work on that
a good time to sharpen the pencils
and make sure you have an eraser

the trip to revolution yesterday was key
the removal of the squeaks is nice
the proper adustment of the front shock was vital
my head is in a much better place after yesterday's ride home on the tuned up geared karate monkey
the marzocchi fork is not all that tough
I just need a little help with the glossy when reading through the pdf manual

good to get my head right before the race
good to know that I have my pencils sharpened and my eraser days in advanced
even if my eraser is a little worn

today I left out of work on the Jamis Exile
the not yet customized Jamis Exile
tired the thudbuster with saddle from the Rocky Mountain Blizzard
yes... my old rocky mountain with 26 inch wheels
the post slide on the blizzard
sure enough
the post slide on the new jamis
years of sliding has made sliding part of that post's nature

with a slowly sneaking seatpost I did not feel like racing the train
so I took a mellow spin home
not straight
not far

thought about doing the hill approaching my house a few times
thought about swamping for the geared bike with the right seat height then going up and down the hill
got in the backyard
was greeted by the dog, the kids, the neighbor's kid, and my wife
so I sat down
I rode half that hill half a dozen times yesterday
tonight I sat down and my boys showed me some some art projects that came home with them from school today

we had dinner
the boys are bathing over my shoulder
I am blogging
birds are chirping out my window

now the boys are splashing...

tobin hits hard

old schooler from the east
seen in this video from the west

the video
stolen from this blog
hopeless old men on skateboards

revolutions cycles

revolution cycles

rolled by revolution cycles on my way home from work

was stressing about the geared monkey
so cargo mike said to swing by revolutions so he could toss it in the stand

pinky was cool with mike taking a look at my bike
pinky has turned a wrench on many bikes for many years in this town
there is some history
more history than I know

spaced and left the printed pages from the marzocchi manual
spaced and left the charts with the PSI recommendations
those Kilogram recommendations that do not even come close to my weight on that chart

the shop has computers
there is a computer right there in the mechanic work area
super dave and I scanned the pages for the information

mike did the quick repair

more time was spent trying to stop my bike from squeaking then was spent trying to adjust what has been an inactive shock for a long time

it was a short club house visit
as I wanted to get home to the family

thanks mike, pinky, and super dave for getting the squeaks off my monkey

bruce and his trademark pen in the mouth

bruce and his trademark pen in the mouth

although I can not read lips
I have a pretty good feeling what is being said on that exchange

something to the effect of thanks that was an awesome race

that is bruce
bruce hosted the most recent stage of dc's dublin alleycat series

apparently the world messenger championships are in dublin
some of dc's finest are throwing a stage race where the winner gets to go to dublin to represent
it is pretty close right now

these standings are not up to date
but the images are worth checking outs

wonder what dillard has on his demoncats page?
(okay... I peaked.. always wigs me out to see Jay Moglia;s eyes... as I only see him on the bike and he is always wearing shades)

the bike rack

the bike rack

coming soon.

the devil duck

the devil duck something or other
the something power versus some other sort of power
a video from a public access show
not for children
not for everyone

definitely not for work

this reads like something cool that would happen in portland

this reads like something cool that would happen in portland oregon or boulder colorado

yet this is actually happening here in washington dc

the other washington
the less hip washington
the conservative stick up its ass washington

bike in movie

washington dc is cool!
washington dc is my home!

trying to give them some space

when I got home from work dean wanted to take some pictures

sometimes I monitor him while he takes photographs with my slr-like panasonic lumix
there are the play by play commands...
keep it out of the sand
don't let it go in the water
do not swing it around like that
careful not to change all the settings
all while taking some pretty good pictures

today I just grabbed the point and shoot and let him go with it
he is respectful of the camera
but he is a child
trying to give him some space
trying to give him some trust

I watched from the house while he and grant moved about the back deck taking pictures

this was my favorite shot

national turn off your television week

this week is national turn off your television week...

I already dropped the ball on this one

let me start by saying this....

"My name is GWADZILLA...
and I am a televisionhead"

okay... I said it
I am sorry

National Turn Off Your Television Week

everything in moderation

quality television is not so bad

yesterday after after the boys had dinner I sat down for some Discovery Planet Earth
they boys usually love this stuff...
on this day the boys were not captivated
so I put on some PBS Curious George so I could go downstairs and chew my food
the boys had already been outside hiking with the dogs
it was time to start settling down
I wanted to slow down and chew my food
maybe even taste it before I swallowed it

am I bad?
is this so wrong?

Discovery Planet Earth is awesome!

a man at work....

mathew at work
a month from now and this man will be a proud poppa

a wonderful club to be a member of

a few stories from last week...

some images from last week
lots of photos are taken
not all photos make it to photoshop
not all photos make it to the page
not all photos are shot well
not all photos are assembled well
all photos good and bad tell a story
here are a few stories from last week

I do not know the full story
you will have to ask the protagonist

the sky is heavy today

the sky is heavy today
a step out the door and the moisture surrounds you
it is not just the classic dc humidity
it is the threat of a spring rain

not sure what that will do for my week and my intention to do some riding on dirt
at least I was able to get two hours on the bike yesterday... some of which crossed over some dirt paths

got the Surly Karate Monkey geared machine on the road
everything is working okay
but not quite as it should
the brakes have never really braked to that disc brake potential
and well... I do not know enough about the front shock to make things work quite as they should

the disc brake should be an easy enough adjustment
and the rear brakes may just need some new pads
but the Marzocchi Bomber needs the knowledge of proper pressure for a larger rider like myself
there are three or four valves
not sure what effects what
not sure how much pressure needs to be placed where
what I am sure of... is that this fork is far too compressed when I am in the standard riding position
if I just try to life the front end I end up getting the fork extending before i can get the front wheel to leave the ground
not quite the handling experience I am looking for

I am old school
these are reasons why the rigid single speed works for me
as my "little to no maintenance" approach to thing is easier to contend with
my mechanical abilities have not grown with the times
I took apart and re-assembled my bottom bracket the other day
sealed outboard bearings... much easier than the old school way
but still new to me
and disc brakes... sure they may be simple
v-brakes, cantilever brakes, cunningham roller cams, and side pull brakes
these are the brakes I tinkered with when I tinkered with bikes
now as a father... I lack the time and the energy for tinkering
I want my time with the bike to be spent riding
yes... I enjoy the organic experience of working on my bicycles
but I enjoy the organic experience of riding a working bicycle better


baby steps...

missed the recycling/hazardous waste day at carter barron
had countless cans of paint that I would have loved to dumped off
but had no time during that window of the day
was fully booked with kids this and kids that

got lucky
my wife lisa hipped me to a computer recycling drop off on the mall today
so I loaded four monitors into the car and then a dog, a wife, and some kids and we headed to the computer drop off at freedom plaza
it was quick and easy
rolled through and things were unloaded as soon as we dropped the car
we were at a super cool park in northeast washington across town with no hesitation and only a few utterances of are we there yet
then a few more when are we gonna be theres

good to get the monitors out of the basement
baby steps
now I need to start with throwing some stuff away and ebaying some stuff

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