greenbrier challenge later this month...

pvc presents the greenbrier challenge

an event for all
from single speeds to uci pros
with clydesdales tucked somewhere in the middle
more than likely the clydesdales will be hidden in the back

later this month is the greenbrier challenge
my first race of the season
what may well be my first ride on my geared Karate Monkey
if I do not get my act together

currently my geared Monkey is in pieces in my basement
shooting to get that machine up and running this weekend
as it would be wise to get a feel for gears and shock on dirt before getting involved in an actual race

bega emailed me from City Bikes letting me know that my Jamis Exile is ready for pick up
the single speed is another option for Greenbrier
but... I know that I like to hammer the flat sections
so I would be undergeared with the one small set of sprockets and rings
and... so many of the strong single speeder march the climbs at greenbrier... I am not sure I want to approach lining up against Redlack admitting that I have no intention of pedaling through the climbs

that set of images are from years prior
not even from last year
since then DCMTB/CityBikes have moved to a new team kit
as well as my moving away from the 26 inch wheel bike
hard to believe I ever felt comfortable on a 21 inch frame with 26 inch wheels
to think... years before that I rode smaller frames than that
some thought about catching air that was never caught

it is silly... but writing about this approaching race gives me some pre-race anxiety
as I know that others are putting in some serious miles while I have hardly gotten on my bike

yes... I will be lining up with the Clydesdales
will see how the days go
would love to see some of the top US Mountain Bikers duke it out while I am there