Rasta... lots I do not know about Rastafarians

Mount Pleasant Main Street... bicycles on Mount Pleasant Main Street in Washington DC

on Saturday's ride I ran into my brother... my brother Marc

more photos of people on bikes at the junction of Columbia Heights-Mount Pleasant- and Adams Morgan

getting stoked... headed to Colorado in a few weeks

who won that race?

eBikes... I really do not care for eBike

totally space... meant to go... but I missed it

oh Austin... behave

two old images... neither of which are mine


the fixed gear bicycle is not my thing

Capital BikeShare... I am not certain if I shared the images from the Capital BikeShare Warehouse Tour after the Congressional Bike Ride

Rock Creek Velo... out riding in Rock Creek Park

Game of Thrones...

NO LEFT TURN... there is some reasoning to the signs

a cyclist with a snorkel jacket and Heller's Bakery in the background

DC is a small town... you run into once... you will run into them again... unless you refuse to leave the house

life is cruel... more cruel for some than for others... but luckily... some of us are stronger than others

if the statue in this park is Francis Asbury... does this make this Asbury Park?