Rasta... lots I do not know about Rastafarians

Rastafari on the Wiki Page

Mount Pleasant Main Street... bicycles on Mount Pleasant Main Street in Washington DC

on Saturday's ride I ran into my brother... my brother Marc

my brother Marc
good to ride with my brother marc
good to catch up with my brother marc
we live in the same city

but unlike Roger Masse may think
we live separate lives

more photos of people on bikes at the junction of Columbia Heights-Mount Pleasant- and Adams Morgan

getting stoked... headed to Colorado in a few weeks

last summer I went to Colorado with the boys
we had a blast

who won that race?

was everyone 420?

eBikes... I really do not care for eBike

motorized assist does not appeal to me
they are two different things

I think there should be an electronic vehicle packaged differently
instead of hiding itself on a bike

I saw a woman today puttering along on the sidewalk
really... take it to the street
no motorized vehicles where motorized vehicles are prohibited 

 The Bicycle Space

totally space... meant to go... but I missed it

HELLO my name is closing party

oh Austin... behave

I wonder if Cannondale is going to make a statement
or if Sagan will have to apologize

I think it is great... but really
just because the girl at Hooters is dressed like a skank
well... it does not mean that you can touch them
I think that is the rule across the board
no touching... not in the strip clubs... not on the street
keep your hands to yourself

the kid in me thinks it is hilarious
and honestly... it is no big deal
but... as fun as it may be
we just can not behave like that

I heard it was a tight race
and a tight bottom

oh... sorry, I could not resist
and neither could he

two old images... neither of which are mine

Jim Rapp and Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray was known as Mickey
Jim Rapp was known as Featherhead

Jim Rapp was a legend in this town in this day
that image is from Regardies
in 1987 there was a photo spread of DC Bicycle Messengers
it is posted here

and then... Jim Rapp told his tale of woe in the Washington City Paper
I think I rant about it at some time or another


equality on and off the bike

the fixed gear bicycle is not my thing

but to those that know how to ride them
this is true
but to the wannabes
well... you may be putting yourself in a bad situation

"brakes are for flakes"
that may rhythm but not much more than being slightly catch

Capital BikeShare... I am not certain if I shared the images from the Capital BikeShare Warehouse Tour after the Congressional Bike Ride

Capital BikeShare

and there are more images on the GWADZILLA Facebook Page

Rock Creek Velo... out riding in Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Velo

this youth program is something to be admired

Game of Thrones...

Game of Thrones

HBO does it again... FANTASTIC... quality programing
quality entertainment from start to finish
from the casting of the actors
to the intricacies of the plot

then the settings... it as if these places exist
story telling at its finest
visually striking

Game of Thrones is an example of quality television
I no longer have cable... but when I did... it was for HBO
HBO delivers again with Game of Thrones

one thing...
if there was the know how to create these mechanisms
they have an elevator... there is the "moon window"
and the gates

all complex
but no other machines in their day to day life

NO LEFT TURN... there is some reasoning to the signs

the left hand turn when headed South on 16th Street onto Columbia Road is FORBIDDEN
yet... people do it anyway
it is risky... but they do it anyway
do they see the sign... do they care?
who took the time to SMUDGE OUT the arrow?

a cyclist with a snorkel jacket and Heller's Bakery in the background

DC is a small town... you run into once... you will run into them again... unless you refuse to leave the house

I have been seeing this guy around...
snapped a shot of him in Adams Morgan
have seen him pedalling a pedi cab
each time wearing a GoPro

I am curious... what does he film
what does he do with his video?

life is cruel... more cruel for some than for others... but luckily... some of us are stronger than others

Wish Granted...
a five year old girl born without arms gets a bike

Roy Perkins Paralympic Swimmer, also born without arms

Roy Perkins Jr... the son of a childhood friend of mine with the same name

Years ago I would see my childhood friend Roy Perkins out on a tandem
a tandem with a modified handlebar system for a young boy without hands to grab the handlebars
it was really quite a site
a moderately normal site
a father out for a bike ride with his son

the efforts of the parents paid off
Roy Perkins Jr. grew to be a young man with strength, skill, and competitive spirit

born in 1990...
the parents were young
just out of college
so young... maybe younger than most people should be when having children
and then... they had a child with special needs

I did not witness any more of this couple's parenting other than the infrequent chance run ins with the father and son our on a weekend bicycle ride
but cheers to the parents... their efforts are inspirational
if they were able to foster the environment to help Roy overcome his "handicap" and become a world class athlete
well... maybe we could all do a little better with our kids

I will try to be more patient with my children
I will try to be more supportive of their interests
but really... I am not sure if I know how to "light the fire within"

if the statue in this park is Francis Asbury... does this make this Asbury Park?

Terry O' Neil's photo of Bruce Springsteen 

Francis Asbury

then a shot of Hobart Street from the perspective of Asbury Park

lots of great stuff when I scan the page for Bruce
Bruce Fields.... Messenger Bruce... other things Bruce
maybe even Bruce's Variety