Power Outage in Manor Park this morning...

this am after walking the dog I returned home and tried to do a load of laundry
the basement lights did not go on... the washer and dryer were not getting power
I had made coffee that morning
checked the circuit breakers... nothing flipped
flipped ALL the circuit breakers
nothing changed

left off for work after failed troubleshooting
before I could make contact my electrician and blame my problems on me my neighbor asked if my power was out as well

had not noticed power was out in the whole house
music was on... but rechargeable devices

apparently the power is now back up
hope my dryer and washer started up as intended

Georgetown DC... a stroll through some scenic spots before and after dinner

Cigar Store Indian

M Street Georgetown
my best photo of the night

Sandi had better shots than me... her are some of her photos...
here are a few of her photos with me obstructing the shot
me in the photo? no... that is not why they were better
her other shots were better for different reasons

would link to her Instagram... but Google is not bringing it up

more shots from Chinablock!

Capital BikeShare Bikes... they are everywhere... they are part of the norm... just an everyday sight in this city and many others... only they are called other things in different cities

Capital BikeShare bike passes the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian

then another Capital BikeShare Bike passes in front of the US Capitol Building

Capital BikeShare employees appease me and pose for a shot as they pass the Hirschhorn Museum

another BikeShare employee... doing his BikeShare thing

and lastly...
a shot of a BikeShare bike passing in front of the Department of Treasury

oh shit... I missed the Grammys?


that is the 49th time in my life that I missed the Grammys

oh well...

oh well... missed it again...

slightly older than in these pictures
slightly larger than in these pictures

need to get out on the bike with Dean
need to check his rowing race calendar
then match things up with the local mountain bike race calendar
then select a few races
that happen to fall on my time with the boys

Baker's Dozen Registration is CLOSED
Filled up... 


Brian Clark of Chocolate City Cycling...

Chocolate City Cycling on FACEBOOK

Jay Moglia... DC Messenger and more.

Jay Moglia
long time DC Bicycle Messenger
long time high performing road racer
guitar player

the gate keeper at the Raw Talent Ranch

Raw Talent Ranch on Facebook


a few old shots of Jay in ACTION!

Jay contemplating the next wave
not feeling it on this ride
but definitely thinking of the next Elevator to Surf

MORE ride at Fairland...


took my younger son Grant mountain biking the other day
when I woke him that morning I informed him of my plans for the day
as expected... Grant objected
"dad... that is not how I wanted to spend my day"

I expected something like this
so... I asked him what he wanted to do... he had no plan
and... any plan he had
well... it could happen either before or after that ride
as a parent I try not to fall into the trap of "asking"
I believe "don't ask... tell"
if giving the children "choices" give them several choices that the parent wants and then something that no one wants
for example... "hey kid... lets do something... you can either go mountain biking or read this technical manual for this thingamabob"
Grant persisted... so I gave it to him straight
"you are the child and I am the adult...
if the child could make the right decisions for themselves
well... we would have just bought you a little house and gave you all the money you need to life.
then left you on your way.
but that is not how it works.
it is up to the parent to make the best decisions for the child.
I am making what I believe to be the best decision as to how you spend your day today.
today we are going mountain biking"
or something to that effect

we rode... we had fun... it was time well spent

Rico the Magician!

Warm February Day packs Dupont wtih Messengers and More...

Dupont... Dupont Circle