changes happen
changes happen from one day to the next

one day there may be tall socks, a long beard. and a fixed gear
then the next day who knows
maybe there will be short socks, no beard, and gears

that is part of the value of the photo documentation
we often take it for granted that this will never change
things do change

yo al... happy birthday

hurricane dean

hurricane dean

the other day I was talking with my son dean
dean was telling me how his friends at school had told him about hurricane dean

we laughed
I told dean that I had never had a hurricane named after me
and dean said
neither had I... until now

I had intended to save some of the newspaper clippings from various papers
then decided not to


it is true...


it is true... I have never blogged about damien dukovich
and it is not just because I can not spell his last name
it has been intentional


looking back to push me forward

looking back on the year to push me forward

right now I am looking back on the year to push me forward
reviewing the year in my head to see how I should feel on the bike for the Shenandoah Mountain 100
honestly this is my approach each time
always the question that creates the anxiety
have I prepared well enough for this 100 mile event

on sunday I will know
there is nothing that will tell me any sooner
all I can hope for is a good day on the bike
go out hard
and have a good time
there have been many miles and many races
this race is an accumulation of the days on the bike leading up to this point
there were some days pulling the kids in the trailer
and even more days pulling the kids on the trail-a-bike
there may not have been any hill repeats
nor were there any road centuries
but there were a lot of good days on the bike

the back to back wakefield events
a three loop afternoon at rosaryville
it is not about what I have done
it is about what I can do
I have done this race three times before
and I can do it again

mike buchness may have summed it up clearly for the SPOKES article I wrote about the SM100
each year it starts out fun and ends up getting brutal
it gets brutal for everyone
no matter how fast or how slow your race
at the finish you know you gave it your all
the best you had to offer on that day

that regardies photoshoot was on this gwadzilla archive
it is amazing
looking at the photos of people in the cold
those days seem like yesterday
while it was a whole nother season at the beginning of the year

I hope Jason Berry has put it together to chase Chris Eatough and Floyd Landis fighting it out at the front
that will be something to witness
for them... that will be something to experience
fighting it out to be king for the day
for nothing more than the experience and bragging rights

super cool!

someone mentioned that photoshoot in regardies

while on the topic of death...
while on the relationship like brothers...

the other day someone mentioned that photoshoot in regardies
here is the link
I wonder if the shorts on the Melville guy who scanned and posted these images on his page were made by Jim Rapp?

I am not sure if these guys are twins
but they are most certainly brothers
I am not sure if it is true
I am not sure which one
but I seem to recall that one of these guys died as a messenger


looking for inspiration

looking for inspiration
trying to understand death

got a call from an old friend today
we have not spoken
but I have heard through a mutual friend that he is in town for his brother's funeral
I do not know the specifics
my guess it has a shakespearian tragedy tone to it
with a little live by the sword die by the sword to it
not to belittle his death
but his past is tainted with stories fitting for a john singleton movie

went back and reread a gwadzilla archive from christmas 2004
it shows me how I spent more thinking about what I wrote and what words I used
it is a sad story that does not help me to understand death
but rather reminds me of the pain that death can bring
it is the story of an old friend who died on his bicycle some years ago
jim wilborn was a friend to many

I need to reread The Alchemist
as my life is at a different stage it may come to me with a different level of understanding
or at least aid me in revisiting some ideas
I gave The Alchemist to Jim as an engagement gift in an effort to aid him in understanding of of the death of his best friend Rob Williams
the death of Rob Williams, another death of a friend who was a great guy and a friend to so many

is my brother trying to tell me something?

is my brother trying to tell me something?
no, that is not my brother
that is the Norelco Body Groom Shave Everywhere Guy
my brother (and his family) gave me this shaver for my birthday

check out the video

in high school some friends thought it humorous to give an old girlfriend of mine a bar of soap for her birthday and say it was from me
apparently they got a kick out of me saying that she was hot but she needed to wash her hair

it is curious...
shave everywhere?
it claims to shave everywhere below the neck line
are they just trying to maintain the need for two razors?
or does this razor know the difference between the cheeks?

a collection of images from one man's trip to amsterdam

the pumpkin circle.. the life cycle of the pumpkin

the pumpkin circle

the pumpkin circle
a story about the life cycle of the pumpkin
which of course is a story about the life and death of the pumpkin

this week I learned that the author and the creator of the book/film The Pumpkin Circle died
I am not sure how
nor am I sure exactly when
this death makes me very sad
george levinson was a very special man
a young and semingly healthy man at that

it makes me sad because george was my friend tim's father inlaw
I met george once at tim's wedding at their home in santa cruz
the wedding and reception was held on the same land where the pumpkins were grown and this film was made
george's family invited me into their home and made me feel like family
I met this man and I felt a tingle of inspiration
when george shared with me his pumpkin movie that tingle inspiration grew
george was someone I looked forward to congregating with again

the thought of his death makes me sad
not so much for me
but more for george and his family
as my friend tim and his wife rys are parents
it saddens me that their children will not get to grow in a world with this special man as their grandfather

I have george's films on VHS
I had intend on upgrading my levinson collection to dvd and donating my vhs copies to the library at my son's school
I think I should still do that

george I am sorry that your life was cut short
george I am glad that I had a chance to meet you
george I am sorry if you had projects you wanted to finish before your time was up

I am not sure if I understand life enough to try and talk about the circle of life
nor will I try

george if there is a heaven or another world where the dead get to look down on the living I hope you get great joy in watching your family grow
even if you are not there to hold them in your arms
I am sure that they can feel your love
peace be with you

gwadzilla archive
with mention of the pumpkin circle

SEE I at ESL along with Yellow Fever

See I tonight at ESL

last wednesday I went after my surprise birthday party
amazing energy
get out and dance!

see i at myspace
yellow fever at myspace

amazing time capsule

The Church Ramp Crew in 1978

photos by bert
on Arlington Skate Blog
more photos from that era

Alec MacKaye, Ian MacKaye, and Henry Rollins (then Henry Garfield) are in that picture
deductive reasoning would say which ones

take a close look at the skates
some are homemade another has four trucks and eight wheels

the author of Arlington Skate Blog was a DC bicycle messenger in the early 80's
I recall him wearing his skate helmet at work
very few people of that era wore helmets



while at revolutions cycles in georgetown a fast looking roadie came into the shop to air up his tires
or maybe he came into the shop just to come into the shop
asking for the pump to give him purpose
asking for the pump to introduce conversation
not sure if he needed air
I do not recall watching my attention devoted to adding air to his tires

cyclists like to kill time by poking their heads into shops
I wonder if he went into the Bicycle Pro Shop as well as Revolutions

a photo on the wall of george caught his attention
this also brought a quick kinship as he approved of one george on the bike and not the other
then I learned that he worked for george
it seems that george hincapie has a company
or maybe there is a company which hincapie heads

seeing that this guy is in the industry
already liking this man's candor as well as his stance I asked him about Landis
I asked for the information short and to the point
I asked if Landis was innocent or guilty
the answer was more than a word
but I liked the words that I heard

this man believed that Landis is innocent by how he is treated by his peers
he told me that Landis gets the respect of the riders when he approaches
while someone like Tyler evokes distain or disgust

the innocent or guilty one word does not really answer the question
as it still may fall back to the metaphor that I have created to better understand the situation

when on the highway where the speed is marked 55MPH it is accepted that the drivers may go a tad faster
even though the sign marks the SPEED LIMIT
then when someone goes beyond that accepted parameter
well it is that person who is speeding
when in actuality....
it is everyone who is going over the SPEED LIMIT that is speeding

some funny road signs


the decision has been made... focus back on the monkey

the decision has been made
time to focus on the karate monkey

rode the six year old specialized fsr dual suspension bike to work today

the bike was far from familiar

so unfamiliar that I went over the handlebars when a bar end grabbed an obstacle in a narrow passage
on a quick transition from the street to the sidewalk
the bike felt good going over the curb
I was not sure if I would fit between the construction barrier and the street post
landing on the sidewalk confirmed that the passage was too narrow
it was foolish for me to ride with blind confidence on an unfamilar bike

during lunch I ran into cargo mike and his cargo bike
I told mike about my purchase, my parts replacements, and my need for a mechanic's stamp of approval
mike invited me to stop by his mechanic's job at revolutions bicycles after work so he could throw the machine in the stand

we went our separate ways
me to my job and mike to his
I watched and mike spun that seemingly awkward trailer with such comfort the wrong way on a one way street

I arrived at revolutions a minute or two before mike
this gave me time to catch up with super dave

I have know super dave forever so there is always plenty to catch up on

in between customer repairs mike worked on the new bike for my varried bicycle quiver
attention to the skipping gears, straightened the rear wheel, and then a glance at the shock
things took a few minutes longer than anticipated
which got me home a few minutes late

a call to lisa gave her warning
but I was still later than expected
partially because I needed to ride the bike a bit

the bike responded well
the fit was good

the gears were not skipping

the shocks front and rear seemed to be working as they should

the brakes were dead on

the bike did not quite feel right

the positioning was unfamiliar

a good fit but an unfamiliar fit

I cut through some urban paths
the bike cornered well and seemed to hold a good line

the shock seemed to take up the cushion but there was no real obstacle to test the potential
the bike was getting good marks
then pedals kissed a rock
it may have been my section nature to get out of the saddle to go through a patch of rocks
dual suspension has a different set of balance
my riding style is more fashioned towards the riding style of the single speed... even when on gears

the short ride confirmed my aprehension
it would be a hasty decision to swap bikes unneccesarily a few days before the race

if I had no bike option this would be a fantastic bike option

but the monkey is working fine
and well the monkey is far closer to my second nature

yes the karate monkey is a beast

but a familiar beast

it is best for me to stick with what is familiar

tonight I will put the monkey in the stand after the kids go to bed

my neighbor chris gave me some old v-brakes to replace my knobby grabbing cane creek quasi-u-brakes

then after that I will be back on the monkey and make the final prep and the final approach to the shenandoah mountain 100

my wife's stolen bike

that story in the Post had so many points similar to the story of my wife's stolen bike

I was thinking of drawing a comic book to depict the drama
oh... the notion that bike shops buy stolen bikes is a funny one
bike shops are trying to sell bikes
where would the money be in buying bikes?

the post story took me to a few links
like WDCist an Onion-like version of DCist
stolen bike registry


white's ferry

want to put some words down
yet I lack the energy
sleep will win over this blog entry

yet while flight of the conchords plays I will continue to type

today I left out of work early
wanted to run an errand with dean
wanted to talk with dean and hear about his first day in first grade
so I took dean with me to go out and talk to a friend about a bike
the modern equivalent of talking to a man about a horse... I guess

early in the trip I could see that my line of questioning was not getting any real substance
so I let the topic drift
I grabbed a diminutive pokemon charm made of metal that came with a newly purchased pokemon dvd
passed it back to dean
he marveled at it silence for a bit
he questioned where i got it then we debated about its name
I gave dean some space as he focused on his little treasure
then he started in on some anecdotes of the day
just what I was looking for

I could see that the drive to leesburg was longer what dean was looking for
dean remarked about being on the highway
he questioned why we needed to take the highway to get to this friend's house
then dean told me he changed his mind
I told him it was too late to turn around
dean turned around and looked at the four lanes of highway behind us
he did not want to go with me to go get this bike
I told him it was too late to turn around then I pulled the nintendo ds from my bag and passed it back to him
mario versus donkey kong was the game of choice

driving sucks
we just drove back from the shenandoahs the day prior
there was plenty of driving on that long holiday weekend that acted as a mini family vacation
I can understand why dean was not so interested in the view outside the window
the nintendo ds did the trick
there was intermittent conversation about the game and the actions day as he played
along with a lot of him talking to the game
and a lot of me asking him what he just said

finally we arrived at my friend forrest's house
the garage was open and the bike was in the driveway
a six year old stumpjumper fsr
less wear and tear than corrosion from laying dormant
forrest stopped riding mountain bikes a few years ago
a back injury keeps him running and road biking
while offering hesitation to head out on dirt
two back surgeries are part of his measure

the bike was not our entire focus
we discussed the history... a hundred dollars passed hands and then I put my new six year old bike on the roof of the element
forrest asked if it was a good deal
I said it was a good deal for me
forrest figured it was a good deal for him because the bike was just hanging in his dad's barn
dean went straight for the remote control hummer
dean was a good guest to a much younger boy named brad
we stayed for a while and chatted
I got a tour of the house
dean got a rice crispy treat
then left for the drive home
the way back we headed towards white's ferry
which was really the fastest way home in addition to being the most interesting

white's ferry
the last ferry on the potomac

dean was pretty excited about the ferry
even if we stayed in the car

we met lisa and grant at my dad's for pizza and a quick dip

I returned home and got to work on the Specialized FSR

cleaned, lubed, and greased
with some minor adjustments

swapped out the old tires/tiubes for some new tires and tubes... random 26ers that were floating around
new stuff... swag from some local races
put on an alternate seat
snagged some riser bars off another bike
then the requisite new chain and new cassette
then grabbed some TIME pedals
that was about all that it needed

the bike was ready to ride
not sure if I will race it
but I am considering it
will ride it a tomorrow and see if I can get a feel for this

white's ferry on the wiki page
historic white's ferry

white's ferry is cool!

now i need to weigh the scales...
3 year old heavy Surly hardtail
6 year old unfamiliar Specialized FSR double banger!
cast your votes!

oh wiki... how did I doubt thee

sure enough
madonna of the trails on the wiki page
roadside america

I considered putting my favorite photo of madonna playing croquet
but I feel that the madonna of the trails is so worth mentioning that it is also worth viewing

in grade school I did a report on the madonna of the trails
since then I have not stopped spreading the word
I have yet to meet anyone who has heard of the madonna of the trails prior to my introduction

wild bill dead at 68

wild bill dead at 68

wild bill was an orioles fan
an ultra orioles fan
in previous posts I ranted on about random people who were members of the dc music scene in the 80s
well... wild bill was a member of a different scene
but carried similar folklore status

wild bill deat at 68
I wonder if any baltimore cyclists can tell me about his reputation as a cab driver
as a rule cab drivers in dc are some of the worst drivers on the road

photos in the baltimore sun
story with video in the sun

I did not know of wild bill until his death
but many people I know felt his presence when he was alive

SBC:shenandoah bike company

shenandoah bike company
I know nothing about the shenandoah bike company
although I have seen their jerseys blur by me in my many years of mountain biking
not sure what SBC is
or who these people are wearing their jerseys
but I do know that I am making the final preps for the Shenandoah Mountain 100
less than a week away and I am throwing a wrench into the machine

a friend of mine hooked me up with his now retired 2000 Specialized FSR
I am weighing the scales of the six year old light specialized double banger
my three year old over thirty pound surly hardtail
Publish Post
my friend mike is unable to race the SM100
anyone looking to buy his space?

presidential cancer forum

lance is acting as a moderator for the Presidential Cancer Forum
very interesting stuff

too bad this is more of a fight for the presidential seat than an actual fight against cancer

they are giving the right answers
what would they do if they won the right to represent the Democrat party?
what would they do if they won the election in 2008?

photo by Anton Corbijn

less than one week away...

Landis to race in the Shenandoah Mountain 100

Landis Blog

it will be an interesting race at the front of the pack

I am still putting my money on Jeremiah Bishop!

Jeremiah Bishop Blog


why blog about random people from a different time?

my rants are about cycling and life

why are these random rants about various people from another time?
because these people are interesting?
because the thought about these people may evoke memories and ideas in the minds of those that knew them or knew of them?
because their names were floating through my head?

some of these people were my friends
other were people I just saw around town
all of them are interesting and worth mentioning

someone like andy gore is an interesting person whether stranger or friend
then someone like lefty... well... that name is documentary material
bells of... the music and the story surrounding the music make it worth mentioning
maybe I can point a camera at andy gore... bet he could tell and amusing anecdote of that era about lefty?
how about a punk movie about the people around the stage rather than on the stage
as punk would not have existed without the masses
many people lived and worked to exist
their existence surrounded being in the scene
just living
just living in the scene

oral history
someone needs to record it now
cause when people are gone
the chance to capture that oral history is gone

I often ask myself... how do they let that happen?

I often ask myself...
how do they let that happen?
how do fat people get so fat?
people are huge
people are massive
people are awkwardly large
people are so fat that they are unhealthy

and I ask myself...
how do they let that happen?

this weekend while away with the family lisa snapped some shots of me and the boys on a floating dock on Lake Laura near Bryce Mountain
I looked at the shots with a bit of a shock
I am huge

I am massive
I am large and pale
how did this happen?

no I am not obese
no I am not exactly fat
compared to people who are skinny I am fat
compared to people who are fat I am not fat
I could be more thin
perhaps I should be more thin
to be quite honest... I thought I was more thin
not that I thought I was thin
but I thought that I was thinner than I am
and well... I am not
no... I do not know how this happens
yes... it helps me to be a little more sympathetic of others

to all the people whom I judged at the walmart today... I am sorry for judging you
to all the people who I acted better than at the county fair a few weeks ago... I am sorry that I snubbed you

we all see ourselves captured at our best
you know... the myspace photo
when actually... our appearance is something different
how does the mirror lie?
how did I not see my go from extra large to extra extra large?

illana the iguana took some shots of me from the cranky monkey number three
I wondered when I saw these if these were just bad shots from bad angles
then seeing the photos from this weekend I saw the truth
my gut is huge
my gut is massive
how did this happen without me noticing?
how did this happen without me doing anything about it?

not sure why
it has been a long time that photos of me depict the before and not the after

another piece of the puzzle which is bells of

another piece of the puzzle which is bells of


someone finish the list

fernando was sick on the skateboard
fernando was also amazing on the drums
no one could hit the skins as hard
no one could hit the skins as soft

bells of myspace #1
Bells of myspace #2

Bells of myspace #3

give it a look
give it a listen

I wonder how nate is doing?


there is an article in the Washington Post about victims of bike theft working to get their bikes back on their own

vigilante on the wiki page


rain... we need rain... but that does not mean that we always want rain

afternoon rains have cut into my plans to ride
sure I could have ridden in the rain
but the rain cut into my desire to ride

tomorrow is the Cranky Monkey race at Quantico
not sure if it will happen

some trails dran better than others
my guess is that Quantico is not a well draining trail

I still got plenty of exercise running around and swimming with my kids
not Shenandoay Mountain 100 training
but honestly
it is too late to cram for the test
just need to sharpen my pencils

I am stoked...
still toying with the idea of riding another bike

no... I have not and do not expect to hear from Kona
had I really wanted to try and hit them up with a sponsorship/demo deal
I could have sent them some articles in SPOKES and a race resume
instead of the cocktail napkin with the idea that it would be cool to hook GWADZILLA up with a Hei Hei 29er!

it is fun to dream

now I am toying with the idea of riding a friend's old double banger
it would be 26 inch wheels
but I think it may be a faster bike
more race worthy than the trusty old Karate Monkey
I love the Monkey
but I hate how I have to noodle through stuff that other people float over
okay... maybe that is my failure as a rider not a problem with the bike

I was not planning on racing tomorrow
maybe if there is a rain date I will race Quantico after all

some stuff about singles...

some stuff about singles
short and sweet

the single speed world championships in scotland are coming up
the single speed outlaw site seems to be down
so SSO can be found at a temporary blogspot


promises promises

Do you remember the promises promises - I do-
Do you remember the promises promises - I do-

-generation x
promises promises

there were some words shared over a few shared drinks the other night
many drinks and many words
words were said
promises were made
one set of promises in particular
for me it does not matter the time of day or the number of drinks
I try to stay consistent
I will let you know where this goes
I will come forward either way with the said promise which involves a bicycle

generation x was so much cooler than I was ever old enough to understand
I was hip to them before billy idol solo, but not too much sooner
gen x on youtube I hope
on a dial up connection right now
blogging is okay... downloading anything impossible
uploading images? I do not think so


Bass! how low can you go?
Death row. what a brother knows.
Once again, back is the incredible
The thyme animal
The incredible d, public enemy number one
Five-o said, freeze! and I got numb
Can I tell em that I really never had a gun?

-public enemy
bring the noise

ian michaels aka bass
part of the fusion that was bells of
don't let anyone tell you that bells of is lawrence mcdonald
bells of is many incarnations
don't let lawrence tell you bells of was just lawrence mcdonald
bells of was many incarnations
but most of all bells of was lawrence, bass, and frito/nate
I called him frito... other called him nate... his name was fernando
the was the longest running incarnation of bells of
it was also the most fluid
those guys jammed
those guys flowed

ian michaels is a cool cat and was a good kid
he turned wrenches for big wheel and then for the bike exchange
and well
as a friend he definitely did me the favor of turning a wrench for me on more than one occassion

apparently ian michaels is in school to learn to build electric bass guitars
there is a big word for it
but I do not know it
that bass in that photo is a base he just made

is that a hot tub?

you tube video
my connection is too slow to verify the video

it has been a good day

it has been a good day
as a matter of fact it has been a good two days
today I turned forty
on the eve of my birthday I was able to get out of work early enough to sneak in a post work ride

with the shenandoah mountain rapidly approaching
it is time for me to get dialed in on my bike
it is important for me to feel comfortable on the surly karate monkey with gears
there was no new bike for my birthday
there has not been a call from kona
so I am facing the facts
I am racing the monkey
I love the monkey
I love the way the monkey rides
but the monkey is not a race bike

so I got out of work early and stepped onto the karate monkey for some post work miles
the dcmtb kit was on
the correct shoes were on
an accelerade was cold and read for consumption
so I threw my leg over my bike and did some miles

went out on the capital crescent trail out and back
then went for the hills in rock creek
tried doing the hills
not hill repeats
not attackes on the hill
but just pedaling the bike up the hill

it had been an hour and a half on the bike when I reached the base of ross drive
I estimated three loops
three slightly different loops through ross drive and grant road up to or around the nature center
then head for home
my watch was not on my wrist
but I had checked my cell for the time
still had to walk the dogs then meet some friends for dinner
actually... as it was the eve of my birthday I had an inkling that it may be more than just dinner and drinks with friends

I did not try to play dective
I did not try to solve the mystery
I waited in anticipation
and I did not have to fake being surprised
sure I had thought that maybe a few friends more than the couple we had planned to meet
but instead there were people from all over the place
friends from all over my life
friends from all over my past

then behind the legs of some old friends ran my kids
an even bigger surprise
who would think that you could miss your kids after just a few hours
it was great to share the surprise with my kids

there was red wine
but I soon switched over to mojitos
early in the evening my buddy rob had to step out to go play a gig at the eigtheenth street lounge
his wife vida went home to free the babysitter
while rob played the roll of the pid piper and lead a mass of us to the next location
I had been wanting to catch the wednesday night session of See I at the 18th Street Lounge
but had not made it happen
last night was as good as any
and we were not let down

rob and the boys rocked the house
the crowd there is there to have fun
there was lots of dancing
there was lots of energy
I did not get home till well after three am
but my trajectory was slowed as I rolled through adams morgan for a slice of pepperoni from pizza mart

woke this morning and replayed the night back in my head
thanked lisa again and we discussed the wonderful collection of friends and the level of surprise
we had a great time
lisa really threw together a great party
it was a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday

was slow all day
but no worries
it was my birthday
and well.... I scheduled the day off some time ago
stayed off the bike
but felt fine with that because I had a solid two and a half hours the night prior

happy birthday to me!

there is talk of me getting a dual suspension bike from a friend of mine
he is tall
it is a 26er
but he is tall... I am going to try and nail him down on this prospect early next week

bells of... more photos creeping out of the past into the future

there are some new images on the bells of page
some funky stuff that is hard to explain

lawrence on guitar
lawrence on a skateboard
lawrence on a skateboard with now world famous movie producer Spike Jonze in the background on his BMX bike
lawrence at a video convention that we scammed in on
that is a young jason farrell of swiz and now retisonic trying to get a glance at the playmate

the art on many of the Bells of releases was done by Peter Quinn
lawrence was a big fan of his work

bells of at myspace
good to give his music a listen


not a pretty day on the bike

not a pretty day on the bike
I was all over the bike
I was all over the trail

pre-riding a course is not part of my standard procedure
but... this short little lap would have been nice to know better
as it would have allowed for better anticipation of grade and obstacles
knowing what climbs to contest and which ones to bail on
it would have been advantageous to know the start of lap two
if that knowledge were part of me I could have seen the finish sooner and picked up the pace

the results do not tell the battle in the back of the pack
for most of the first lap there was some back and forth between me and a few of the other racers
butch and I played some cat and mouse
tom dropped back than caught his breath and took off

in the final miles I stepped it up and passed a few racers
caught butch and held him off
I could hear his breath behind me

the details are not what they should be
as the whole race is an oxygen deprived blur

photos by butch's brother
butch wears the color of the Outlaw
joe at The Single Speed Outlaw has a write up for the Liberty Jamboree

i try to tell myselfhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

I try to tell myself that days off the bike are as important as days on the bike

today I took another day off the bike
it was a rainy mist all day
I rolled out of work in full dcmtb kit
took it straight home
had the camera
but did not loop around

thought it best for me to head home
got home and hung with the boys while the wife went to a meeting at dean's school
with lisa out before dinner I went for the stack of menus and the telephone
the boys claimed not to be hungry
I ordered plenty of chinese food just the same
as it turns out the boys were not that hungry

I ate while they made a mess of singapore rice noodles, moo shu chicken, pan fried dumplings, and white rice
grant centered around the white rice with soy sauce
while dean focused on the moo shu and the moo shu pancakes without any filling
good thing I ordered extra pancakes
too bad they did not send extra pancakes
wonder if they charged me for extra pancakes

after dinner there was a demand for Nintendo DS
it was not so much a matter that I was not looking for at fight
but more that I was looking to play a little Mario Vs. Donkey Kong myself
dean and I played the working device
while grant played Mario Kart with no split screen
which was no issue once the race began
there was no complaint as I selected the character and the course the best I could tapping on the blank bottom screen

my body is worked
still feeling the Fountainhead course from the Cranky Monkey #3
that race worked me
I left depleted
my body is still wrecked
my legs feel heavy
took yesterday off the bike
then again today I went without a post work ride
trying to believe that days off the bike are as important on the bike
would rather get a good work out tomorrow and let my legs restore today

did some mini hikes with my dog and my dad's dog
dog sitting
max is a very energetic black lab
and when I say energetic I mean spaztic

printing some photos for grant's class project
actually... printing out all sorts of random shots of the boys
always good to get some prints
put them around the house
send them out to grandparents
get them off the hard drive and into a non-digital reality

currently printing some shots from the montgomery county fair
but I think I will scan through the archives for some shots from last summer's trip to colorado

the results from Cranky Monkey #3 are up
butch had some photos taken by his brother
not sure if there are any other photos out there
ramos will have them up soon

illana the iguana snapped a shot of me before the start that shows how unflattering lycra can be for my belly

rod with the bob trailer directed me to this link

epic ski

it is fun to daydream that I lived close enough to this sort of stuff that the word backcountry could be part of my vocabulary

at this point I have to settle for the term ski lifts
ski lifts with long lines taking me up to short runs that consist of dirt, rocks, and ice
and maybe some corn snow
that wonderful poor man's powder

fun can be had
just be cautious about the patches of dirt, the occassional rock, and the massive sheets of ice
maybe this winter we will take a vacation in the rockies
but before that I most certainly want to go local
maybe even whitegrass

but until then we will have to be open to the local options
the local options that were always disadvantaged by being east coast are stuck in a warm winter trend
a warm winter trend that may very well be effected by global warming

it may have always been the nature of the east coast climate to have an occassional warm day in the winter months
it most certainly seems to snow less frequently and in lesser quantity
or did I just chance on a few snow filled winters as a child?

the temperature has been moderate for the last week in washington
quite pleasant really

CX Magazine




another two to one ratio

another two to one ratio
two messengers and a guy on his bike
that is not the ratio of the city
these are just the photos

most of the photos are taken at lunch time
the city streets during the day makes the ratio far heavier on the side of the messenger
thus all the messenger shots

random bikes about town

random bikes around town
well... two messengers
and a guy on his bike

psych yourself up do not psych yourself out

psych yourself up
do not psych yourself out

these are simple words
words that may be misspelled
words that can easily be forgotten
words that can be vital to be remembered

I need to remember to psych myself up instead of psyching myself out
there have been several races this year where I psyched myself out
on sunday I had a solid time at the Cranky Monkey at Fountainhead
finished pretty much where I should have finished
but worked really hard to get there
partly because it is a decievingly tough course
and also because I psyched myself out
my approach to the event lacked intensity
my approach lacked focus
my mind often wanders
but on this day my mind was never really there
mainly because I did not psych myself up

scanning some blogs to get some inspiration for a SPOKES article on cyclocross

found myself on GAMJAMS
was reading some stuff
got away from the information and looked at the contributors profiles
an interesting spectrum of road riders
a few of them have blogs
all of them interesting for different reasons


some very good blogs
all worth a visit
I enjoyed them
but I must say
I am not enough of a cyclist to wear white shoes
definitely go check out those sites


Kevin Dillard made the trek up to the Jersey State Fair for the Saturday Night Fever Summer Cyclocross Race

the pictures are in...

good work kevin

repost... this tangent applies to some other folklore posts

they say that the hand is mightier than the sword...
how about the paint brush?

Stephen Verges is known best as Squint in DC folklore

story in the Baltimore Sun

recently Steve has had a few pieces showing at the Afgan Embassy here in washington dc


it is late

it is late
time for bed

wanted to play with some images
wanted to slap down some words

no time for the blog this weekend

wanted to hit the keys and get some ideas down about the cranky monkey at fountainhead today
but instead
all I can recall from the weekend is that I watched ET with Dean
or should I say
I napped while Dean watched ET... which is good... as I do not want to cry in front of my son

a kid from grade school

watching the flight of the conchords
just saw a guy I went to grade school on the screen
he has a part as the one and only fan's husband, doug
the show is very clever

I agree.

Lefty? yes... Lefty

yes... Lefty... you remember Lefty

anyone who attended a punk show in Washington DC in the mid 80's most certainly knew who Lefty was...

Lefty would be another prime canidate for a DC Punk Documentary

lets see what a GOOGLE brings up when I do a search for "DC Skinhead, Lefty"

Black Punk Time at Rocktober Magazine gave me this-

LEFTY - When D.C. produced Iron Cross, who many hail as the first American skinhead band, trouble was bound to follow. With D.C.'s Black majority population, Nazi-inspired skinhead racism wasn't going to be business a usual, and one of the ways this manifested itself was surprising. Amazingly, the leader of the early 80s D.C. Skins was not an Aryan, but Kendall Hall, a hulking Black woman, better known as Lefty. Adorned with swastikas, Lefty and her violent followers disrupted shows, stole Doc Martins off kids' feet, brawled with bikers, stomped Jews, gay bashed and most shockingly, supported Reagan. Iron Cross, denouncing their skinhead past, had an anti-Lefty song, "Wolf Pack," on their Hated and Proud ep. (JA)

Chris at EX Teenage Rebel seems to have some good stuff on this era of music and culture

Greg Barbera said this on Razorcakes.com-

I do remember characters like Lefty, the butch black skingirl (can you say oxymoron?)

I am surprised there is not more on the topic

I do not feel like digging through the skinhead pages on the net
as their anger and hatred is, was, and always will be so far from how I care to see the world

oddly enough
the gwadzilla archive comes up with a mention of Lefty from last September
my mind runs in circles
like a dog chasing its tail

who was she then?
where is she now?
it is all very curious

as for Skinheads
they were always known for having more hair than brains
most of them were wimps grasping for machismo in the mob
most could never stand strong alone
as for the bad asses... well... I am not sure why they wore the uniform
as it was a set of idea from another culture which made it more of a costume than a real life persona
sort of like a white suburban kid acting like they were brought up in Compton