China Block is officially no longer Chinese... Hooterstown... Potbellytown... Verizontown... but not Chinatown... The Kung Fu Gift Store is closed which is one of the last throwbacks to Chinatown being Chinese

Minority Status... CARS ARE THE MAJORITY... but that does not mean that cyclists do not have rights

car drivers are bullies... it is that simple... if adults want the bullying in school to stop... they need to stop bullying others

I arrived to work yesterday dehydrated... too much spitting on the windshield of drivers nearly killing me because their focus is on their phone rather than driving

RACE REPORT: EX2 Adventures at Rosaryville

ah... life... and then bikes

I should be ashamed that I am not currently practicing yoga... a glance at an image of Black Cat Bernie brought back some memories!

the semi secret secret show... DAG NASTY at the Black Cat Tomorrow Night 4-21-2016

not all car drivers are bad... today a car honked at me and then gave me a pie! thanks SOL!

Tour de Fat Announces their Music for DC... and of course... who wants to Volunteer at the MORE run BIKE VALET a the 2016 Tour de Fat

Running Man in Chinatown...