some words give me more pleasure than points... this word in the upper left hand corner gave me both

Chrome Cast... I am going to get this

there is so much great stuff on the Web
but not always great stuff on the Television
YOUTUBE and other streaming videos never seem to play through NETFLIX
so... I am stepping up and getting CHROMECAST

35 Bucks?

25 dollars for a 25 year old bike... THAT IS A DEAL!

actually... the bike is older than that

thinking of Scud.


Scott Scudamore


I just started reading this... liking her list already

Chantielle MacFarlane has a list
14 Fucks I reuse to Give in 2014

read the bullet points
now getting the meat of the message

but before I finish this
I have to walk the dog
slept in and well... he has been patient while I made coffee and got sucked into the electronic world

Bats, Butterflies, and Bees...

the world has so many problems
some of these problems more complicated than others
while other problems seem to have solutions
the decline of bats, butterflies, and bees?

how hard would it be to slow and then reverse the decline of these species in our area

bat boxes and butterfly gardens would be an easy place to start
toss in a butterfly box and well... you are ahead of the game


problem solved

field trips and science fair projects
it should be that simple

do I just talk the talk or do I walk the walk?
a few years ago I hosted a "BIKE SWAP" at my kids' elementary school
I used profits from this event and purchased two plants
milkweed and also a butterfly bush

BIKE SWAP at John Eaton
maybe I should try to host another one of these in the spring

the messenger is a strange breed... they spit on people... they flip people off... they shrug off various laws and social responsibilities... but I have never seen a group of people hang on more tightly to their friends... it is beautiful... I am thankful to be on the periphery of this subculture

CMWC 1998 Washington DC Group Photo Facebook shrunk it. View the large version on messmedia (once you click the link, click the photo again for even larger): http://www.messmedia.org/pics/CMWC98-GroupPhoto.jpg
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What is the best sub shop in Washington DC? And don't say Pottbelly's...

Bike May Use Full Lane... GET OVER IT!

Going to tag up all the morons in San Marcos! Making Austin a better cycling city with the Austin Cycling Association
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Dutkewytch... Damien Dutkewytch...

Damien Dutkewytch

anyone out there in touch with Damien's family
he had a brother and two sisters

never saw any of them after the funeral

I am getting ready for the end of the year lists... what will Fatmarc list?


Fatmarc slips in tidbits of wisdom in between his rants about bikes and nachos

Gwadzilla Mention of FATMARC
including a story about why I go that massive trophy 


the Mormon Temple... we did not go chasing lights this holiday season

other than Elf and Lethal Weapon we did not watch many Christmas movies
not Die Hard and none of those great animated classics

Orca Marathon... WATCH THESE FILMS...


The Whale

and if you have not seen The Cove... make it a water mammal trilogy!

DCist has a video of drunk people falling in the DC Metro stations... so happy these people are not driving!

I will admit... this is funny
so if you are watching from work
be careful...  I think I pulled a muscle laughing
not sure when I had such a good laugh

hope no one got seriously hurt

DCist on the Gwadzilla page... fantastic randomness


Does Rock Creek Park get resurfaced every year?

Glen Echo...

GWADZILLA shared a link.
What to do with the kids tomorrow? What to do?

Glen Echo?

gwadzilla: Search results for glen echo

saw the Hobbit last night...

strong woman role model... for the elves of the world

Rode up past Forest Glen again

Joel Gwadz
Yesterday via Strava
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good ride... glad I rode yesterday
today was too cold and too wet to do anything other than nap

213 Friends in Common with Scott Scudamore on FACEBOOK... that random sample is a good cross section of things

some more photos at CycleLife in Georgetown when I grabbed those Acme Pies... loving the Surly hat and Specialized gloves I bought while I was there

the shop side of CycleLife in Washington DC

note to self... surf lessons for the kids this summer?

where when how?


Linda snaps some shots of Paul with the camera... Linda with a camera and Paul with a camera

Linda with the Camera
listening to the Beatles as I chase these internet tangents down
Paul with a Camera

great stop motion