the dog did not need to be hiked... but dad and the boy could definitely use some cardio

stayed home from work today
was not feeling 100% in the am
stomach was acting up
but really...
if I were to direct myself like I try to direct my children

I would have taken a shower... popped a couple of advil... slammed a glass of water 
suited up and sucked it up
but alas no...
I cried wolf and did not call myself on my own shit

got some things done that needed to be done today

then went to grab Grant from school
only to discover he had decided to attend an informative meeting about the school musical
which gave me some more time to do some stuff
went to the pet store and got a bag of food and some chew toys for Christmas

the boys are each going to unwrap a gift for them and Didg

then before looping back to get Grant I went home and got Dean

then... when I got to the school things were not done in the meeting
so I took Didg and Dean to the park
we threw the football

I had originally intended to meet up with Grant to throw the football
alas no... change of plans

after a guesstimation that things should be done Dean and I walked back to get Grant
Grant was at the car and all dramatic
if they are looking for drama... this kid has it
then we loaded up and I preached the plan

Dean had to knock out some homework and then suit up and get himself to Karate
while Grant and I would take Didg for a hike
true... Didg did get to frolic in the dog park while Dean and I threw the ball
it was a battle to get Grant out the door

then once on the trail Grant complained
Grant complained and tried to make the loop shorter

ah... the joys of parenting

I think he enjoyed himself
after he finally submitted to his reality

Grant even initiated a race to "the bridge"
which was of course a trick
I thought he meant on bridge and then he peeled off towards another
which altered our trajectory

Grant trying to weasel things shorter
so I modified his route
thought it made more sense to walk the dog on the dirt paths
rather than dodge lightless bike ninjas on the bike path

Headlamps on our heads... Should have worn ear muffs to drown out Grants complaining
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