Hawk And Dove CLOSING in September!

a bicyclist bisecting the park

name that park.

it is in Washington DC a few blocks from the White House
there is a statue in the center of the park

Wald Folding Baskets

Wald Folding Baskets

this is a new age
bikes and baskets!

I have been a fan of the Wald Folding Basket for decades

Bicycles passing in front of The White House

nothing special about these images
except for the fact that The White House is in the background

Letter to Michelle Obama




Euro Bike... is this happening now?

it has been years since I have been to INTERBIKE
I have never been to Euro Bike

I think the BOOTH BABE phenomena has grown since I first attended InterBike

what could be better than bikes and booth babes?
bikes... booth babes... AND BODY PAINT!


okay... those images may be years old
but really
are PICTURES OF LILLY still valid and viable?

EURO BIKE starts today

another old link


and really now...
momma... don't let your boys grow up to be cowboys
momma... don't let your girls grow up to be booth babes

it takes a village...

another rant started
another rant not finished
I will publish and post with our proof reading
SAVING the draft removed my RETURNS
making one massive punctuationless paragraph

oh well...

yesterday after school I took the boys to the park around the corner from their school
a number of kids from my boys' respective classes go to this park after school which means... they want to go to the park after school the play at the park is often less than structured which is fine... the kids need "free play" especially after a day in school where they are adhering or hopefully adhering to the direction of their teachers and the structure of their school well... I sometimes have a hard time with the "free play" it does not always seem productive it never seems to be building towards anythings so... I often bring a ball or a game and lead an activity yesterday I brought my red playground ball... which is blue a few times a week I bring this ball and try to rally the kids into a game of kickball we arrive at the park... I give the boys some space... let them run around with their friends... try to get them to eat a snack... then after they have had a little wild unstructured time I walk around and invite some kids to play kickball it is usually the same kids some of the kids say "no"... I try to persuade them... some of the kids interested in playing try to persuade them I do not get to persuasive with the kids I fear will drop out half way through the game we get a handful of kids a bunch my older son's age and only a few my younger son's age I split teams and take the mound as permanent pitcher I try to pitch fair and I try to play fair if it is a pop fly and I can catch it I will if I can field the ball and make the play to first base or the force out to second I will our game goes pretty well we play a few fast innings each team gets some "fair ups" then we call it a day we had a good game and I can see that some parents are ready to snag their kids and there are other kids want to do some other stuff before their day is up so... after the last few kickers we go back to "free play" I go back to the picnic bench and scavenge a snack from what my boys have not eaten there are still a few plums and a Capri Sun... PERFECT! knowing that I could use some water I grab my water bottle off my bike and go to the water fountain on my way back there is a mother YELLING and SCREAMING at some kids I maintain my trajectory and I walk between her and the kids as I pass I try to pick up the basic gist she is yelling about SPITTING AND PUSHING she is saying that it is a basic rule that these things are unacceptable as I pass her I notice her red face and the veins on her neck then I notice that my younger son Grant is one of the kids she is yelling at I continue on my way if my son is misbehaving if my son is doing something inappropriate well... I do not have issue with another parent stepping in if I saw a kid wielding a stick or about to throw a rock at another child I would step in and try to stop it back at the picnic bench away from the action away from all the moms and nannies I watched this woman was still shouting at this group of kids my son Grant sat listening then another mother moved towards Grant and told him that he needed to apologized I watched at seven year old Grant held his ground simple and plain with no emotion I heard Grant respond, "I did not do anything... I did not spit on anyone." hmmm... all this yelling at my son? and he was not involved? I thought about this... and did not think long in my mind I thought... if Grant had been pushing someone or spitting on someone he would no lie and say that he had not he would have told them WHY he had spit or pushed maybe because they had spit on him or because they had pushed him a few minutes later Grant was walking towards the swing set I called him over and asked him if he had been involved in the spitting and pushing he said no... which was fine with me I gave him a hug and tried to contain myself it seemed ironic this woman... this woman with her thought to guide appropriate or inappropriate behavior did she apologize for her INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR? she not only falsely accused my son... but reprimanded him in a way that was above and beyond shouldn't she be saying "I am sorry?" dropping the boys off at school this morning I saw this woman I have seen her before I have heard her with her kids never heard her yell at them not sure why she felt so comfortable yelling at mine thought about talking to her... but did not think it would go well tonight is back to school night if she wants to discuss it I will know if I feel any sort of energy from her... I will approach her

I do not disagree with her premise
spitting and pushing are not acceptable
I do not disagree with another parent trying to correct the misbehavior of another child in the park
but her hysterical behavior was over the top and unfounded
luckily my son Grant was secure in his position and unfazed by her behavior... her misbehavior

on a girl's bike



good deal

good glove deal from Public Bikes

cool gloves that give an awesome tan line!

(I have a similar set in that have Red-Yellow-Green Rasta-Jamaica theme)

DC has lots of beautiful buildings

many of my photos are of a moment in time

the city and the people in it


boys gets bike stolen...
appeals the world with post on YOUTUBE
then ten people offer to replace his bicycle
including Don Trump... nice move Trump.

Trump gets a few points for that


it makes sense...

just as taxi cabs and public buses make sense in urban areas

Bike Share and New York City...
is this happening soon?

I expect a report after school...

as to whether or not I put too much jelly on the PB&J sandwiches

not my shot

celebrities on bikes

People on their Bicycles in Mount Pleasant in Washington DC

Mount Pleasant has always had a solid bicycle contingent
as the world cyclist population grows
so does the Mount Pleasant bicycle population


tough for a messenger to make their deliveries when each and every building in the District is being evacuated due to the earthquake

never arrested... but my grade school forbad me from riding my bike to school

child arrested for riding their bicycle to school


Capital Bike Share... as important as Metro Buses and Taxi Cabs.. if not more important

this guy is not a fan
GOP House Leader Eric Cantor is not a fan of Capital Bike Share

moderately funny.

A Long Summer for 'Weary Tiger' Mothers

Seventies parenting resembled crate training—now, we're actually expected to watch our kids


Steve Jobs

interesting images helping to tell the story of an interesting life
Iconic Images of Steve Jobs

shared with you from my Mac.
which reminds me... I need to clean my screen and put my protective Otter case back on my iPod.

Where to Bike DC!

a book about Where to Bike in DC!

right idea... sort of

reading this now in the Washington Post about a pedal-battery hybrid car


bike blogs...

another bike blog


DC is canceling this weekend

if you had weekend plans... they have more than likely been postponed or canceled


The MakeUp...

The MakeUp
DC Mount Pleasant History
Part of Music History as a whole

this was the final hour of the moped
they called it FREEDOM!

not my images
not sure who to credit

some rants and some images from me


DC is offering Sandbags

I think I can set things up without these
cleaning drains and making sure I have a system to slow the overflow


heading into work.

heading into work...
with no idea of the earthquake that just happened

lots of people reported that they were outside and did not feel anything

Big Jim has some words on Cyclocross

Cyclocross in the Mid Atlantic
there are more race options this season than ever before

Reverend Jim has some words on the UNHOLY ROULEUR page

Holly Crap!! It is Cyclocross Time!

Columbia Heights Day... Rain or Shine? NOPE... CANCELED


Columbia Heights Day... is it Rain or Shine?

that is what it says on the web site
but I am hearing a buzz that it has been canceled

Columbia Heights Day

ah... the frankenbakfiet

there is the bike
there is the frankenbike

there is the bakfiet
there is the frankenbakfiet

gwadzilla mention of the bakfiet

yes... IT IS ALIVE!

that is Adam...
the Dr. Frankenstein to that Franken-bakfiet
quite a Franken-bike!

that image with the wicker chairs on the long two wheeled rig is my friend Adam
I have known Adam a few days short of forever
it was Adam that helped me build my wheelbarrow bike

Adam is part artist and part handyman!

Adam on the page

after a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago Adam decided to cut a few bikes up and weld them together to make himself a bakfiet
it sounded like a crazy idea
he did... he rode it for years... since then he has upgraded to this wonderful machine
as well as assisting in the creation of the wheel barrow bike

earlier this week was my birthday
my birthday and the boys' first day of school all in the same week
I was scheduled to work these days
but had to decline... had to drop the kids off at school
and then... had to celebrate my birthday

my birthday came with no great plans
no great plan other than a bike ride in between the standard routine of drop off and pick up of the kids
the boys were dropped off at school without their bikes
as I thought that a post school trip to the pool would be a better idea
after all... it is the tail end of summer and soon swimming will be less of an option

with the boys at school I headed home and fueled up with a little more coffee than got on the bike
suited up in the DCMTB white and red
threw my leg over the black and red Trek 2.3 road machine
directed the bike down the standard route
the standard road

the ride as not long... the ride was not intense... the ride did not involve the camera
although the camera was on my back in my backpack

I rode out Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park out past the Mormon Temple
turned around early... did not go to its end... as I was short on time and wanted to get downtown to snap a few snaps and to grab a bite for lunch
then maybe stop by Woven History to visit Mehmet or maybe check to see if my buddy Adam is home

my trajectory took me down the Capital Crescent Trail feeding me into Georgetown
off the multiuse trail I bisected the city and headed straight to Capitol Hill not stopping with the camera
there were cyclists and potential photographs yet I pedaled onward
my stomach was growling
and I knew I was on a schedule that did not offer too much dilly dallying

this was not a hammer fest
this was a causal ride in the park
a casual ride in the park... on the bike path... and on the city streets

across town and then I found myself on The Hill... Capitol Hill
at Adam's I was happy to see he was around but was bummed to learn he had already had lunch
Adam had a minute so we caught up
we talked bikes and bakfiets... I got a chance to ride his BIG RIG

I snapped a few shots... then threw my leg over this big rig and took a spin up and down the block

short on time we put the bike back and then we left out... I walked my bike as Adam walked his dog

just a few blocks from Adam's house on Capital Hill we heard it
we heard it and we felt it
but we had no clue what it was
we saw the windows shake on the row houses to our side

each of us thought that the roof had collapsed on the old run down row house that was being held up by the two beautiful houses one each side
people ran from the building to check to see things from the outside

I did not think it was a terrorist attack
I just thought that a house that was in sad shape had finally given in
it all seemed pretty local to where we were
I saw the windows shake and I heard the noise... it all seemed to have been a right there in front of me
then a person walking by said it was an earthquake
which had me realizing... any house I was looking at would have trembled and shake
I just happened to be looking at that house
an earthquake made more sense

hearing this Adam turned back for home to check on his house and family
and I got back on my bike and pointed for home

as I pedaled closer to Capital Hill proper I saw people coming out of the buildings and filling up the sidewalks
as I approached Union Station I could hear a voice over a loud speaker, "EVACUATE THE BUILDING"
there was no warning not to panic
there was no more instruction
just the plain and simple order to Evacuate the Building

as I got out of the residential area into the business district more and more people filled the sidewalks
people were not panicked
they gathered as if they were standing on the sidewalk waiting for a parade to pass by

more smiles than panic

I chatted up other cyclists as I rode
trying to piece it together
enjoying the exchange of where were you? what did you experience? what did you feel?
the energy was uniquely positive
people seemed supportive and united

I stopped a few times and snapped some shots as I rolled across town
while trying to maintain my momentum
thinking that there may be the need to get the boys early from school
I tried making a call to see that things were okay with my wife lisa but there was no cell service

when home before I could pick up the phone it rang
it was the school... a ROBO CALL from the new principal
everyone was fine... school would let out at the regular time
I called lisa on the land line... she too was okay

I scanned the internet for information on what had happened
sure enough... there had been an earthquake just south of Washington DC
5.8 or something like that
pretty major for us on the East Coast

an earthquake on my birthday
does that make it a BIRTHQUAKE?

I left out to get the boys a few minutes early
there was a good deal of car chaos
people were in anarchy mode
there was no fluidity to the effort
people illogically blocked the box and inhibited flow.... the 10-15 crosstown drive took roughly 45 minutes

when I got the boys the whole school was a buzz
everyone was quizing everyone on Where they Were and What they experienced?

although I had intended to take the kids the pool
that did not happen
they boys wanted to go the park and I did not want to deal with the post earthquake traffic
so we went to the local park

the boys played as if it business as usual... which is was
then when it reached time to go I decided to alter our trajectory home
stopping at the National Cathedral to check on things
the kids were all talking about how "three of the towers" fell off the Cathedral
I wanted to verify for myself

sure enough... not as dramatic as we had expected
but there was clearly damage to three of the small spires

wow.... a birthday to remember
an earthquake to remember
my first and hopefully my last Birth-Quake!

need to read some of this


the cross country bicycle tour is on my life list


Granny Gear...

Laird Knight and Granny Gear Productions
not dead... not sleeping
just a little smaller than they once were
they are still putting on a number of quality races

24 Hours of Moab in Utah
24 Hours of Great Glenn in New Hampshire


that image from the 24 Hours of Big Bear... in between laps I guided my boys to race the kid's race... The 24 Minutes of Big Bear (in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia)


another post started and not finished
it may not be worth posting
I may not want to post
this post like many posts reveals that I am imperfect
yes... it is true... I AM FLAWED

read on if you will
ignore it if you wish to do so

yesterday headed back from school with the kids in the car we took the direct route home
we did not stop at the park
we did not pass GO... we did not collect 200 dollars
bikes were not ridden because I feared it would be raining in the afternoon
it had rained in the morning and was pretty much clear when the kids got out

we drove the short drive across town
as we motored forward I asked the requisite questions...
"how was your day?"
"what did you learn?
okay... I try to be more creative than that
but the questions are as dull as the answers

specific questions get specific answers
but really... these are topics for parents not for children

we meandered through the neighborhoods then onto the main roads
through the green light and across the intersection
simple and plain... if I have a GREEN than the logic would say that other cars have the red and the pedestrians have the DON'T WALK signal
as I approached the tail end of the intersection I saw a man crossing the street
he had his headphones on and was moving along

I had the GREEN and the left turn lane to my left had the GREEN TURN ARROW
on coming traffic had the RED
and the pedestrian had the DON'T WALK
so... in an effort to get where I am going while also being considerate to the line of cars behind me I continued forward
as I passed the headphone wearing pedestrian I got THE BIRD


I was not moving fast... which made stopping the car easy enough
I stopped the car and got out
SHOUTED... in an effort to let him know
you may be arrogant when you are right
but you should be humble when you are wrong
and you my friend... are WRONG!

both the crossing the street and flipping me off!


in this case... more than likely both

I admit my action was an over reaction...
sometimes I can be a bit of an over emotional idiotic asshole


she did not feel the earthquake...

must of had just the right air pressure

I went to a number of those shows

there does not seem to be a web presence for Hargadon Cycles

the hurricane has me thinking


I do not surf
never have... more than likely never will
(okay... I have surfed... I have been surfing... but I never really learned to surf)
yet me... like so many others... I yearn to be a surfer
I yearn for an attachment to the surf mystique

the hurricane has me thinking about surfing
well... the hurricane... the trip to the beach a week or so ago
and a friend who just passed through town who we share a number of associates... many of which surf

this had me chase down a link to a friend of mine's custom surfboard company



I always wanted a pair of these...

Birdwell Beach Britches

I am tempted...
what color?
classic orange... of course

they are a tad pricey
especially since I can not try them on

I fear online purchases for that reason

you ain't got a thing...

Chuck Brown...

saw this on Cycle Jerk

they build skate parks... they ride skate parks...

skateboarding is an expression

Artisan Skateparks

easier from bike to bike than car to car

The Wash Cycle...

The Wash Cycle

if you do not read The Wash Cycle... you should

it is good to see that there is not developing a greater link between the athlete and the advocate

I think so much of bicycle advocacy is centered around the slow cyclist
Bike Paths and Bike Lanes are not always logical for cyclists who do not mind getting their heart rate up and breaking a sweat
but there appears to be an effort to see this and to bridge this gap