I snapped a shot of her a block from this intersection some time ago...

I snapped a shot of her a block from this intersection some time ago...

there was no exchange on this day
in our short exchange she told me she was aware of my site
not sure if she checks it frequently enough to see the photos I took of her

she appears to be pushing a big gear
she seems to be decked out in the right gear


that is the second time where I tired to retrieve an image and did

Bianchi San Jose? nice little single out of the box

Spalding Gray...

the tangents in my brain have brought Spalding Gray to the surface


if you have not seen SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA... NETFLIX it!
if you have seen it.... see it again

okay.... maybe a dance from GOOGLE TO YOUTUBE can get you the flavors that your brain is looking for

Spalding Gray on YOUTUBE


a few shots taken on my short morning commute..

exiting Mount Pleasant...
crossing into Adams Morgan

saturday morning...

it is saturday morning...
the boys are watching Jumanji...
there is something about saturday morning and saturday
morning cartoons...
or in this case a saturday morning movie

the short answer... it is too early for me to entertain the kids

it is too early to argue... the boys wake up and get dressed then put on that cute puppy dog face as they ask..."can we watch a movie?" all I can think... this movie will buy me some time... this will give me another thirty minutes to hug the pillow and then I have the freedom to suit up and walk the dog
it also dimishes the fighting... brothers fight... this is tension I do not need in the early moments of my day off

after a week of work I want some time off... 8 am on saturday is too early to start my day
the slow start to the day can be nice
no super dad ambitions involving museums or bike rides
just a lazy morning before an afternoon basketball game for seven year old dean

lisa is off at yoga
I am already back from walking the dog
as the boys watch their movie I go back and forth between
this blog post is no match for the draw of SCRABBLE and those 25 THINGS ABOUT ME lists... trying to catch up on various lists
everyone is doing these sometimes clever and sometimes insightful lists
I joined in on the fun... but maybe answered more seriously than others

sometimes I am too serious

oh... Mrs. MikeK just made her play in SCRABBLE... my turn

while walking the dog I thought about the SNOTCYCLE mountain bike race in Leesburg

there is part of me that is jealous of the journey that others with have battling th
e conditions on this mountain bike course
there is another part of me that feels a twinge of insecurity as if I just backed down from a fight
even though I am not a fighter I possess this male insecurity that it is wrong to back down from a challenge
then there is the sensible me whose voice is not as strong as the other voices in my head

the sensible me looks at the trail and gives a quick self assessment of my back
this silent sensible me feels as if not racing on this cold and icy late January morning is the right choice
the other voices chime in muffling rational thought

my back is not back to 100 percent... racing without the ice would not be an optio
I feel as if I am missing the party

the short walk in the woods tells me very little about the Leesburg course
Leesburg is just over an hour outside of the city.... the amount of snow that they received and the temperature that they have had over the last week may well be different than what has happened here

also... the trail condiditons may be dependent on a few variables... sun/shade being the greatest of these variables

the snow is melted on the ground that flanks the trail
that I just walked my dog
the ice that remains on the trail from where the footsteps of hikers, dog walkers, and runner have stomped
the conditions of the trail may also be dependent upon the use of these trails over the last week
some tire treads passing over the trail could be the best or worst thing for the trails on this day

my guess... the trails will be a mix of clear buff frozen earth mixed with some shaded sections with ice and some other sections where the frozen snow gets crushed and crunched into a consistency similar to man made snow
did I leave anything out?

maybe their will be some sandy beach sections
from what I have heard there are no mountains in this mountain bike race

the course will change through out the day

the sun of the day will not be as much of a factor in the conditions as the racers of the day
each category will beat the path for the racers behind them
by the time the time the EXPERT/PRO kids get on their bikes the trails will be in very different shape than when this day began


these images were snagged from DARREN's DCMTB SlideShows
the non-race shots are from December last year
my gerth amazes me... how was my winter weight so impressive so early in the winter
this winter I need to take more control over these things



catching up with matt...

it is that awkward situation where I ask to take a person's photo
as it turns out I have met him before... I have taken shots of him before... and we share mutual friends
so... not so awkard

my not so photographic memory ran through an algorithm as we spoke
I could recall not only one of our encounters
but a photo I had taken of him at the Chevy Chase City Bikes Shop
Gwadzilla Archive with that image
City Bikes

JJFOLEY is in the first image of that Gwadzilla Archive
now JJ is Blogging from New Zealand!

as my back heals I start looking forward not just to recovery... but to repair

right now it is about rest
soon... I will have to rebuild to recover

Yoga will be part of this process... but I am not so sure that I need to focus on a class as I will need to concentrate on a select series of moves
not a full practice.. some moves specific to my areas of weakness

yesterday when talking to frame builder Matt there was mention of a book YOGA FOR ATHLETES

maybe my friend Paula of Dancing Mind Yoga has some exercises to recommend
this can happen as I expect to see her on Sunday
that is Paula showing how the use of the strap can help people to achieve a move that they can not do in its most perfect form

and this link cracks me up!
Y O G A for M E N (NSFW)

another test... take the test

here it is... test time again
sharpen your number two pencil
take the test


beautiful photograph from across the pond



like a broken record... I am a creature of habit

the latest release by FORT KNOX FIVE is heavy in my current rotation
nothing like a cup of hot tea and some high energy music to help me push through the day!


american sign language....

gwadzilla number one

no time to chat... we will catch up later

taint paint?

no one like saddle sores!

this area has changed in the last few decades...

THC: Totally Hard Core...

that image echos the word DUDE!

Chris Schmidt has a blog

righteous messenger
righteous road racer
righteous dude

got my tickets... did you get yours? it does sell out you know

no... not pushing you to get tickets for the Thievery show at the 930 Club
yes I got my tickets... it may be too late to get yours

this is mention of the BANFF Film Festival that is passing through The National Geographic here in Washington DC

if you love mountain culture/mountain sport/beautiful mountain imagery... well... then this film festival may be for you
Lisa and I have attended the passing of the Banff Film Festival World tour through DC at NGS (The Society) since long before we were married
in fact... we used to go to lectures there all the time
now after work... we are the servants of our children

but next week we are taking a night off to see some films at THE SOCIETY
then the next night we are taking our boys to see the "Best Of" film selection

ran into matt... he invited me to see his frame building shop

very cool.
not just talk

no... Marcia did not have her wheel stolen on New Year's Eve


the glasses and the camo remind me of Derwin

who was derwin?

Sea Monkeys and Rock Tumblers... and Dribbling Basketballs

in this age of immediate gratification it is great for the kids to have some lessons in patience
video games must skew reality
real skateboarding is hard... it hurts to fall... and even the most basic trick takes a grand time investment that some would call practice
while in the electronic world... people can ride like the pros and the worst result of an injury in a video game is either losing a turn or being forced to restart the game

there are very few things that people can be very good at the first time they try it
for most any activity there is always a learning curve
even the seasoned professional was once an absolute beginner even if they showed signs of natural talent

in life things like guitar show that practice and hard work are the key to success
hours and hours of effort need to be invested before there is some reward
GUITAR HERO is another example of the electronic age falsifying a reality... simulating the guitar in the same way that a Tony Hawk game simulates skateboarding
there really is not much similarity between these games in the electronic world and these activities in reality
video games take skill... but the skills of the Guitar Hero are not applicable to playing guitar and so on and so forth

it is important for children to be introduced to the concept of practice... practice and patience
just as they need to set aside time for homework... children must learn to set aside time to practice their hobbies
if they want to be good in the game they need to polish their skills through drills
this is true with soccer... basketball... whatever

over the last few weeks my boys have been ecstatic on the process of the Rock Tumbler
they collected the rocks and along side of momma Lisa they have loaded the Rock Tumbler
they wait in anticipation... asking if each day is the day where they get to "change the grit"

well... we are in the final stage of the process... rocks are almost done
the results are pretty close to amazing

similarly... we have a batch of Sea Monkeys that have yet to hatch
but if the directions are followed... there will soon be life in this oversize petri dish

both the Rock Tumbler and the Sea Monkeys contain elements of cookbook science where the person needs to follow the instructions... use the right ingredients... be precise about the timing and the procedures and there will be some sort of success
deviation from the ingredients or the timing could jeopardize the end result

there are lessons to be learned

no shortcuts... no skipping steps
nothing can be rushed

last night Dean's basketball practice was canceled
with nothing but darkness and ice outside we took to the basement

down in the basement Dean dribbled the basketball... right hand... left hand... back and forth while Grant and I discussed the world's problems
the efforts are cumulative... just like you need to do homework to do well in school... you need to practice outside of practice to do well in your sport of choice

setting aside time to practice will make playing the game that much more fun
as well as making practice fun
knowing that practice is something we do rather than viewing it as a chore is a step in the right direction

images from Lisa's camera phone of Dean's class' Dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

some shots around town

not sure if he recognized me when I snapped the shot


shots on the move...

he recognized me... I did not recognize him

it looks cold and wet...

I think it was cold and wet on this day...

on the kitchen table...

got out of work pretty much on time
got home swapped my snowboarding gear for the icy bike ride for civilian gear
took off the Lake winter mountain bike shoes and put on my Keen hiking boots... they are really hiking boots... actually nothing more than a walking shoe... Keen makes a nice walking shoe

took my black dog brutus out into the woods
the trail was a sheet of ice
each foot print had compressed the snow and the snow had since thawed and froze
it was too slick for safety or comfort
with my back on the mend the last thing I need is to pull some sort of Dick Van Dyke tripping over the coffee table move

so I did a short march up and back on some level ground
did not want to traverse anything up
did not want to traverse anything down
I wanted to stay upright

my black dog brutus dumped once then he dumped again
which was enough for me... hopefully that was enough for him
we slipped our way out of the woods
even brutus with his four paw drive was slipping and sliding awkwardly about

once inside I took a glance at the clock
the straight ride home and the super short walk of the dog

back inside I looked at the clock and asked myself that classic question... so... what is for dinner?
being thursday I knew that dinner needed to be ready and served before seven year old Dean left off for basketball practice
so opened the fridge and looked in the cupboards and came up empty
always hard to answer that age old question of what's for dinner?
a second glance in the freezer then back to the fridge

easy enough...
there is bread-cheese-canned soup-and canned corn
so I made grilled cheese sandwiches out of both Swiss and American on both whole wheat and english muffins
the tomato soup and creamed corn was all ready by the time the family walked in the door
just as I was putting hot soup and warm sandwiches on the table Lisa walked in the door with the boys
in her arm full of everything there was a large bag from Chipolte

the left hand failed to talk to the right
I made dinner... lisa picked up dinner

I ate the grilled cheese and tomato soup thinking I could have the burrito for lunch
this morning when I got my coffee I pulled my Chipolte burrito from the fridge and put it in a bag and on the table
after walking the dog I went to the basement... got dressed.... then headed into work
forgetting to bring the burrito
that burrito is more than likely still on the kitchen table

each day is much like the day before...

this morning I woke up... just like the days prior I woke up and turned on my heating pad while still in bed
pretty much unable to get out of bed
with the heating pad on I got into a healthy position for my back and woke up slowly allowing my back to loosen up
once warmed up I walked in a Frankenstein style to the bathroom for some Advil Gel Caps
threw back a glass or water then went downstairs to get some coffee
my back has gotten progressively better it is a slow process... I am trying to be patient
no I have not seen a doctor... which would make me a patient
this back issue is not a chronic issue yet it is not an issue that has come from no where it is something that happens frequently enough that I own two heating pads... one for work and one for home
I am also accustom to the pain reducing and healing powers of Advil
I am also familiar with the menthol scent of various heating rubs
a glance at the days leading up to the moment where the trauma began and I have a hard time isolating what caused this back pain/injury it was Inauguration week which had me working longer hours some of this work involved heavy lifting... but I am accustom to such things and tend to do them without issue prior to this the hectic work week there had been an aggressive assault on Rosaryville on the Karate Monkey rigid single speed... again... nothing out of the ordinary the commutes were longer than normal... but nothing really that long... just longer than my standard straight commute there was some ice skating on the mall... but there was no slippage... there were no falls... there was audible and visual cracking of ice... but there was no cause for injury there then there was some snowboarding on Saturday at Whitetail Ski Resort just over an hour outside the District... again... no falls... no cause for injury...yes it was hard crunchy man made with intermittent sheets of ice... so... this day could have been a contributing factor as it was muscularly demanding... but this land dweller stayed free and clear of the air so there was not even so much as a hard landing after being launched off some man made obstacle in the terrain park okay... all the actions and all the events of the week were contributing factors
contributing factors to what I think it stress caused by fatigue
it was an accumulation of things containing one thing that has gone unmentioned... I rode to work on several of these longer than normal commutes with my back pack filled to the maximum honestly... I feel that the oversized backpack with laptop and an assortment of warm clothes to be outside on a few very frigid days was what caused this trauma currently I am without a commuter with a rack and the Cetma rack on my fixie would not be comfortable with all that weight so I foolishly road my bike across town before and after work all week with a pack weighing more than either of my two children so now I am recovering... the back is slowing getting better I am starting to behave normally... although I am yet to resume full active lifestyle still walking the dog and riding my bike to work... just nothing more

the urban cyclist is often a utilitarian cyclist

urban cyclist is now urban velo

check out urban velo online
they have really expanded their scope


Thievery Corp is in the house

Thievery Corp is in the house...

this week local heroes are kicking of their Radio Retaliation Tour by performing at the 930 Club for Five consecutive nights

okay... I am not sure if it is five night
nor do I know if this is the first stop on the tour or even if the shows are consecutive
but I am at least confident that the shows are consecutive

we have tickets
we have a sitter
looking forward to it

world beat?
dc is an international city

thievery represents
from what I can tell thievery has dc pride

exchanged the shot for an exchange of hellos

wintry day...

wintry day... gives me this low light wintry shot

I would spell it wintery
spell check is tell me it is wintry

there are so many options

there are so many options

so many races
with more races options appearing all the time
the first weekend of february offers a mountain bike race and a cyclocross race
way cooler priority than a superbowl party
but there is still time to race and go to a superbowl party
it just falls back in priority

over the years I have become somewhat of a creature of habit
races fall into my life's schedule and return to that life's schedule the following year

decisions are made by time of year and proximity

cross races usually lose priority to mountain bike races... but there is seldom a conflict
each season I do a few races
it seems that each year I end up doing the same races

I have raced my mountain bike to much pain and much pleasure at granogue
but I have yet to taste the pain that is cyclocross served up granogue style
perhaps this year I should try to prioritize this event

this event and others are part of this year's unstructured plan to do some of my favorite races and then some other races I have heard such good things about

granogue cross needs to be part of my radar next fall
I do not know what I am doing tomorrow
which makes it absurd to give too much thought about what I am doing sometime next fall

okay... marking my electronic calendar for a heads up would not be too difficult


Rapper's Delight!

AFC Sugar Hill XC (Patapsco Valley State Park)
Presented by
Adventures For the Cure

Elkridge, MD

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Online Registration Closes
Friday, March 27, 2009 at 12:00 NOON ET

https://www. bikereg.com/ events/Register. asp?EventID= 7575

such an odd culture...

it is neither fair nor balanced...

Rush is an ASSHOLE.

if it were discovered that John Stewart was addicted to pain killers he would be pulled off the air and put on the shelf
somehow the Republicans are not judged by their own standards

in the frequent channel surfing I will slow and stop on O'Reilly or Rush to see what shit is coming out of their mouths
the desire for Obama to fail boggles my mind

never did I wish for Bush to fail
this is not a big "I told you so" situation
this is the state of the world
this is the future of our country

Obama wins? the world wins!
Bush did fail... our country lost... the world lost

Sam has a blog...

word on the street...

Sam has a blog!