maybe tomorrow before work...

the thought has been floating around my brain
outdoor ice skating
outdoor ice skating someplace other than the pay rinks
this series of brutally cold days has one benefit... ice skating
I have been wanting to go ice skating

wanted to make it happen tonight

there was not enough time
well... there was time but there was not enough light
there is never enough time

tonight we had time but we did not have the light
not to mention the cross town traffic at that time of day into a situation where I am not sure of where I may or may not park
for an activity I am not sure if I am allowed to do

the last two nights I have picked up the boys from school
lisa usually grabs the boys on her way home from work
while I normally ride my bike arriving home roughly at the same time as the complete gaggle
but these last two nights were different because of meetings-scheduling-opportunity-and life I picked them up on the last two days
since these things are not part of my routine I try to take pleasure in them

so the last two nights I have left out of work a few minutes early on the bike
heading straight home not so much slowing for a photograph so I can get the boys a few minutes early
drive across town with my black dog brutus in the passenger seat
and snacks in the cup holders of two empty booster seats

ice was on the brain
being this cold it is hard for ice not to be on the brain

had considered taking the boys downtown to skate on the reflecting pool down by the Capitol Building
well... since the boys do not own skate they would walk on the ice while I would skate
for someone who owns skates I do not skate very well
but I own skates to make this sort of skating an opportunity
my skates tape up space in the same way that my cross country skiies do
my snowboard may get some use this weekend

ice skating after work at the reflecting pool?
maybe the reflecting pool by the Capitol... maybe the actual REFLECTING POOL by the Lincoln Memorial
have not seen the Reflecting Pool by the Lincoln Memorial
but I would guess it is as frozen as the reflecting pool
by the Capitol Building

also considering the C&O Canal
about to scan the web for the phone number to call for approval to skate on the canal
not sure about the permission to skate on either reflecting pool
although I know it can be done
or should I say I know it can be done
there was a time when people played ice hockey on that ice by the Capitol
a tradition that may have stopped due to actual climate rather than the climate of the times
as it was the climate of the times that took roller blade hockey to its demise in front of the Old Executive Office Building

maybe tomorrow before work
working the late shift tomorrow which will give me a few minutes before work
maybe before work

I remember Jim Rapp telling me about the hockey games on that ice
Jim Rapp... aka Featherhead
wish I had a digital copy of that City Paper article to share