this photo is a few years old... are they still together... are they still in love?

idiots and assholes...

in this modern age there are no shortage of idiots and assholes
their actions are very similar... their intentions are what separate these two groups


yesterday I took my boys ice skating at the Georgetown ice rink
not exactly an original idea
Thanksgiving Weekend? the Saturday afternoon on the ice was more crowded than normal
crowded and chaotic
the egg shaped ice rink is poorly designed

the rink is small and the entrance - exit is at one of the egg ends
thus causing congestion and chaos at that part of the rink
this prevents people from doing the largest possible oval
but this is not the core of my rant
my issue is not with the poor engineering of this rink
in fact... I will not make any mention of the ergonomics of the rental area and the locker area at this rink

I loaded the boys in the car
took an abstract measure of what would be closer
SW or Georgetown... well... in short I would have to pass the Georgetown rink to get to the rink by the Stadium
and well... Georgetown is said to be larger

my decision was based more on the falling sun
so... we went to Georgetown

yes... it was crowded
but the number of people were not really the issue
the issue was with people and their cameras
people who can barely skate... on the ice with their smart phones taking pictures
taking pictures and causing additional chaos to an already chaotic event

yes... the iPhone turns people into absolute iDiots!

do smart phones make us any more smart?
now we don't even know our own phone number... the phone has that information
but we have decided that we no longer need to catalog this information

people need to witness their contribution to the situation
these people on the ice
they are either idiots or assholes
more than likely they get into their cars and behave in the same fashion

as if they are the center of the universe
not aware of the ripple effect of their actions

we had fun...
but just like riding our bikes on the city streets our right to space and our right to safety is jeopardized by the actions of idiots and assholes

track bikes are not my thing... but if you think track bikes are cool... you will think this video is cool

here is the link
Ain't Nobody Cooler

Track and Fixed

and this link to Vinny brings up some randomness


and this... if you are a soccer fan... well... this may be the most important game finish you watch all year...

What Skill!
What Commitment!
we can all learn something from these athletes

The Great Wave... I own a Ukulele with that iconic image... but I do not know how to play it

Ukulele on the Gwadzilla Page

if I could "master" one song on the Uke
this would be it... The Mario Theme

that kid was fantastic then... older now
and yes... even better
Uke on the Gwadzilla Page

Serena and her Uke at the DC Bike Party


teaser is right... this short film was a bit of a let down.... TOO SHORT!

Teaser... not Trailer for the NEW Star Wars film
my boys are already calling out that Disney will turn it into a musical
I guess we will have to wait

Star and Wars

not only are Danny MacAskill's film a great showcase for his unearthly talents... the films themselves are beautiful to watch

Danny MacAskill
The Ridge

Danny on the Gwadzilla Page

this song sound like an old house tune... something from the clubs...

Clean Bandit "Rather Be" featuring Jess Glynne
love this dance track
almost makes me want to dance
at this point it only has me dancing on the inside

dang... those kids are fast in the woods with their skinny tire bikes...

last weekend's ride
I need to make some stuff happen this weekend
not sure what riding is planned
maybe ice skating with the kids after some cleaning up in the basement

Strava Data from two laps at Rosaryville

ah... I need to start planning ahead
all this last minute stuff 

yesterday/Saturday I woke not sure of what I should do
I knew I should ride... but where? what? with whom?

mountain bike was my top bid
mountain bike with the dog was my first choice
but I lacked motivation
I needed a little push
I needed a little pull

Neil Irvin had put a message on Facebook saying he was gathering a group to hit Rosaryville
I inquired the basic... who what where what time and what bikes?
I got a basic idea of the time and no else
when morning came I got more details...
we could car pool... but no room for the ever shedding dog

no dog?
no worries...

so.. I opted to drive out with the dog and the bike by myself
try to hit a lap such that I would arrive in the parking lot around the meet up time of Neil and his crew
but.. if I did not connect
no worries
I would still hit one lap with the mutt and one lap without

drop out in a little more traffic that usual... but nothing too bad
cars flowed past a series of accidents
mangled car on Rock Creek Parkway...
fender bender downtown...
another accident just as I got onto Suitland Parkway...
more rubber necking than anything else
my 45 minute drive took an hour

what do they call this?
grid lock block?
not sure

arrived at Roasaryville...
checked with some riders in the parking lot
all sorts of Bike Doctor kits stripping off extra winter gear before they hit the woods for a second lap
lots of horse trailers at the other lot which had me inquiring more about the horse presence on the trails than the trail conditions or the temps in the woods

"lots of bikers... no horses seen on the trails..."

so... I socialized... took a dump in the icy cold park bathrooms... then socialized
Didg ran around with another trail dog before we hit the single track

in the woods I was not feeling it
was not tired
just lacked a certain amount of intensity
was rolling pretty okay
but did not feel like I was attacking things quite how I should
just rolling a loop at a good pace with the dog chasing behind

knocked out the first lap...
gave the dog a pet
gave his paws a low five
gave him a biscuit and then as I was putting the dog in the car I saw Jason Budha

Jason was one of the riders in Neils group
I approached Jason and we exchanged greetings
tried to get an idea of their group eta and such
5 minutes?
figured I could wait 5 minutes to say hello even if our ride/intentions did not match up

neil arrived in some funky little van with three cyclocross bikes on the back
jason had a geared Redline... 1X10?

we caught up...
without much persuasion I had Neil, Jason, and "John Shack" agreeing to hit the trails with me
yell ha... 
Becca left off on her own to hit Rosaryville at her own pace
into the woods I followed Neil and Company
their pace was good... but their was that slight incompatibility of the single speed - gear mismatch rhythm
they were rocking the cross bikes... but the gears had them relaxing at the crest of each mini climb
which had me mashing the single speed on each little ascent
working harder than need be to get to the crest of each climb... needed that single speed momentum to get up and over instead of muscling each and every ascent at slow speed 

so... when we left the woods at the old parking lot I shifted up to the front
not so much to push the pace... but to give myself a chance to rock the single speed groove without letting these guys drop out of sight

well... these three hammer heads pushed the pace from the back
Jason was in my shadow 
so close that I was afraid my rear wheel and his front wheel were going to stick together like velcro
we hammered pretty good
Jason killing it on the Redline 29er
Neil and John Shack (not sure if that is his real name) were KILLING IT ON THE CROSS BIKES!

it was a good paced lap without too many stops
again... Neil and John rocking the cross bikes... pushing the pace... keeping me honest
forcing me to maintain focus
concentrating on not using the brakes
trusting the tires and arcing the turns

fingers locked out straight over the brake levers
fighting the urge to make contact with the levers

it was not a race... I was not trying to prove anything
in a race situation... if these guys are hammering this hard on a cyclocross bike
well... I think that they could log faster laps than me on my single speed
the same goes for Jason on his geared bike
I was their rabbit
they kept me honest and I kept them rocking
we had a great ride together

I had been unsure about the synergy between the single speed mountain bike and the skinny tire cyclocross bikes on the off road trail
and well... these guys set me straight on that
if they had left out the parking lot in front of me at their race pace I am not sure if I could have spun things fast enough to hang with them

good stuff... need to link up with these guys for more off road riding through the winter

hmmm... links... links?
Jason Neil John Becca and Cyclocross
and then


there are a few pop tunes in heavy rotation on the radio that I like... not many... but a few

Tove Lo "Habits (Stay High)"
sad... hypnotic... beautiful

listening to "Not on Drugs"
because it is tough to have a pop song catering to the kids with such a theme as "staying high"
what is that other pop song that comes on the radio and does not have me reaching for the seek button on the radio
can not remember the hook


yes... fall... it is splendid outside... but apparently we are going to get a taste of winter tomorrow

ah.. the rope swing
a great fall activity
until the rope was removed
lucky we found it and took advantage of it while it was there
it was a great after school adventure for me and the boys

I am still curious about "the tunnels"
anyone know about the tunnels?
AZ had a story about the tunnels

fantastic film on Netflix... all the 30 for 30 are AWESOME... Slaying the Badger

Slaying the Badger is on Netflix
Slaying the Badger

LeMond... the ONLY "American" to ever win the Tour de France

these are all old photos of Kevin Keiffe... Kevin... although he is no longer a DC Bicycle Messenger... long time messenger Kevin is still seen all over town on his bike!

its a bird...
its a plane...
its kevin!

Kevin across the street from the White House
lots of good Kevins in DC on bike
dillard...  hays... who else?
I know there are more kevins that these three

and then Debbie

Kevin and Debbie talking...
maybe about bikes


one time DC Bicycle Messenger and Dispatcher Chi Chir Egbuna died suddenly last week...

although I did not know him
he was a friend to many I consider friends
a friend of a friend is a friend of sorts
and this man
well.. a lover of life... which is something I can appreciate

ChiChi Egbuna Memorial Fund

give if you feel so compelled


Rolling through Dupont on my way home from work...
oh... it is cold as "        "
and everybody is inside or moving about

too cold to "chill" in the park
yet I ran into Edgar and Dingo
or Edgar with Ratio King or No Tax
I get so confused

No Tax or Ratio King


and then this shot by Moon
thanks moon!

it is getting cold
I need to keep riding through it
this weekend warmed up a bit
got out into the woods on the single speed

gotta stay outside
gotta stay on the bike

it is true... it happened... it has happened before... it will happen again... although I try to contain myself

sunday morning reflections...

wanted to rant about my spitting on a DC Metro Bus driver's windshield
I know... I know... this does not put me in a good light
but I like to stand up for myself
when my life is put at risk
when I am not respected as a person who deserves their right to space
I will stand up for myself

it cyclists just accept the mal treatment then they are enabling the mal treatment


sure.. spitting on the windshield and flipping the bird is childish
but anything worse... a U-Lock to the windshield or an actual confrontation with the driver
well... that would be counter productive to my own personal well being
I guess an email to the mayor... chief of police... DDOT... and the head of METRO would be the correct action

so many Metro bus drivers are altering their aggressive anti-bike behavior
but not all of them
there are still drivers cutting off cyclists, pinning cyclist to the curb, passing cyclists too close and too fast, and making aggressive passes when they should have just waited behind the cyclist

metro... bus... and submissive

this link is CHERRY... CHASE THIS LINK!
so many bike to bus altercations... these professionals can be so unprofessional

a blemish on their brothers and sisters behind the wheel at Metro

I know people are not in the habit of chasing my links
but here is a good one


Marion Barry... Marion Barry has left the building...

Marion Barry
"Mayor for Life"
well... DC has lost its Mayor
walking history walks no more

all the shit he got in trouble for
imagine all the other stuff he was doing and got away with 

in various punk rock documentaries Ian MacKaye credits Marion Barry for fostering the youth music scene with his summer jobs programs
Barry was a complicated man for sure
I had various short encounters with him... all of them cordial and pleasant

with the passage of time the world changes
DC is part of that world
DC is changing

so many DC icons lost...
Chuck Brown... Marion Barry
who else? who is next?

RIP Mayor Marion Barry

I have not watched this trailer before... yet I share


I recognize him from the neighborhood... he has a black dog...

on 15th Street
at the corner of 15th and U Street I was caught spazzing out
during the post work rush the bike lanes can be somewhat chaotic
the 15th Street contra flow bike lane can also move slow
so... sometimes I ride on the street rather than the bike lane

on this day... and other days
but on this day in particular I had someone mouth off to me
so often car drivers will share their sentiment on where the cyclists should ride
a cab driver barked at me
then in the back seat the passenger flipped me off
well... I tried to kill the world with kindness

at the light I rolled up to the passenger and told him how much I love fat people
I was actually lying
I do not love fat people
but I told this lard ass who was so cocky with his finger how much I loved him
yet... somehow he was not so bold

what does it mean to flip someone off?
well... I think it means less than it once did
old ladies flip me off from the cockpit of their car
and really
usually it is done for little or no reason

the cab driver was telling me to get in the bike lane
while he drove straight up the left hand lane
ignoring the left turn only lane every other block
as he was going straight

so... I tried to kill the world with kindness
guess I need more practice

I am not Gandhi 
on the bike my heart rate goes up
my life is on the line
people disrespect my right to safety and my right to space

they put my life at risk
then they issue illogical orders
while they themselves could do to take a look in the mirror
and alter their behavior

ignoring them is the best response
and well... I think I let the comments, the honks, the facial expressions roll off
but then there is the 100th Monkey
the build up of all the attacks
and I blow up