went mountain biking yesterday... but it was at the MORE SUMMER FESTIVAL... here is a video from the action!

an older shot of this guitar player on the way to play a gig... not traveling in the van... rolling on Capital BikeShare

The Mushroom House in Bethesda... last night I went to a party at the Mushroom House in Bethesda

that Navy Seal guy... he looks like he was a stand up guy with a beautiful family... that driver of that car just a kid without a clue... more than likely texting his friends about the high score he achieved on Grand Theft Auto the night prior..

Marimba in Takoma Park tonight at 6PM

play through... sometimes it is best to play through (another old draft)

Krakow Cycling Chic at NIGHT!

routine... standard routine... with the standard near death experience

more photos of Timmy and Peter of Bike Law and our DC Bike Ride...

a few more shots of Tori from that same day...

some hotels in Washington DC have their own "bike share" program

Peter Wilborn of Bike Law and his bicycle survival kit and his "brother jim" tattoo

butterflies on the decline... I got this one solved... BUTTERFLY GARDENS AT HIGHWAY VISITOR CENTERS AND AT PUBLIC SCHOOLS

friends of yours? bike thieves are friends to NO MAN!

30 for 30...

Business Cards from a Decade Ago

Sue Haywood shares a TBT Pick from her more hectic racing days...

Photos from the August DC Bike Party 2015 are on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page!

ran into Chris the other day... was stoked to hear his story from the Wolfpack Hustle in LA from the weekend before first hand...

not posing for the camera... pausing in traffic for a drag...

parenting is tough... video games and screens in general to not make things any easier