not only do I take lots of pictures... I see all sorts of things

the time with the camera can be a pleasure and a compulsion
there are times when I am without my camera and feel like I missed a shot
while there are other times where I am perfectly fine just enjoying the moment

this morning at the tail end of my pre-work ride I chanced upon a messenger on a fixie
we ran into each other at the corner of 15th and Penn right there by department of commerce
we each had our bikes pointed towards 14th and Penn at the next corner where the city block size department of commerce building ended
at the light we made eye contact
then exchanged hellos
with the camera already in my hand I asked if I could take some pictures

the answer was yes
but that he did not have any time to spare
I understood and told him to just do what he does and I will snap some shots on the fly
with my better camera in my bag I snapped some shots with a little point and shoot from the palm of my hand
things were moving fast and I was not sure what I was capturing

we talked as we moved
each of us splitting lanes and rolling through the lights
unless the traffic merited a stop

at the corner of 9th and Penn the notion of running the light was not within consideration
by this point the cars are moving at highway speed
already in freeway mode

still talking the rider by my side busted a move
he had been working his fixie in a beautiful ballet sort of way
at the light something funky happened
my memory is fuzzy how it all happened
as we reached the unpassable river or cars moving rapidly past he spun a 180
the quick delicate slide
or maybe breakless endo 180
whatever happened put him in a backwards spin
the spins were fast and tight
perhaps as tight of a circle a bicycle could make
certainly a tighter circle than I could do on a bicycle
all this while continueing our conversation
a conversation that started some six or seven blocks prior

the skills before me were humbling
in our rolling conversation mountain biking was a topic that came to surface
maybe after I told him about my broken fixie not being an issue as the fixie is not my second nature
yea... as he had told me that mountain biking was second nature

as the circles continued things were in focus and in control
the circles were painted right one on top of the other
all the while just on the edge of the fast moving river of traffic
so close to that river that I was afraid that he was going to fall in

at one point a rushing car honked loudly
there was not a flinch
but there was recognition
as the circles continued the rider told me that this little move is a good way to get the car's around him's attention
thinking that if they see him then
they will be more likely to see him down the road as they tried to pass

the light turned green
we moved forward
all the while I worked harder sticking by his side and maintaining the conversation
the photos were taken in between brief moments on the grips
as I had to brake at certain points
and brace or turn at other points

the camera went into my pocket as we finished our final blocks together
this turn down penn was taking me the opposite direction as work
and well
it was just passing the top of the hour
making me a few moments past my already late start

no worries
my late start had me staying late
not only did I stay late but I stayed long

should be sleeping right now
but... worked real hard and need to blow some steam
as good as my body feels from the long hike and the extended ride
my mind is still a little tightly wound
a little blog and a little 80's music on this Comcast RetroActive

t-court in the post



ran into chris on my way into work

ran into chris on my way into work
was on the tail end of my ride
was feeling pretty spent
luckily chris was done his lunch time haines point spin
so he had a second for a hello


urban cyclist

rolled through city bikes on my way around town

city bikes
city bikes staff

nick gave me a compliment about my photos improving
after seeing these images he may retract his words
indoor photography with my pocket point and shoot has sub standard results

had my real camera in my bag
but was trying to conserve time
in hindsight
the time waiting to save and the time waiting to focus and flash
I could have easily pulled the real camera from my bag

more shots of nothing
that may later appear to be shots of something

a good day...

today has been a good day
a long day
but a good day
a day that is not yet over

woke up this morning knowing that I had some free time
as I was scheduled for a late start to my workday
late... as in real late
so late that I greeted people with good morning when it was well into the afternoon

with this free time I woke up slow
everyone woke up slow
the wife took the boys to school as I sipped coffee and woke up slow
took the dog for a short one in the woods to free up his system
then went hiking with the wife and the dog for roughly an hour and a half
not a bad start to the day

then things continued on that roll

still with some free time on my hands I got suited up for a ride
got out on the cross bike with the intention of logging some road miles
well... not road... bike path... well, maybe some road
well... miles not as important as duration
had roughly two hours to get out on the bike
so I got out on the bike

the weather was warm... well winter warm
I was clearly over dressed
not layered so no option but to pedal and sweat
was feeling my winter condition
was feeling sluggish
no pep
no kick
but I was out for duration
so the distance covered was not an issue

went out and arrived at work a few minutes later than I had wished
was on the bike for a little over two hours
sounds great... but roughly 15-20 minutes were spent socializing with the camera
good to get on the bike
good to get the wake up call the spring is approaching and I am far from ready to race

excited to play with some pictures
as well as being excited to try and shed some of this winter polar bear weight
and regain my modest speed that was lost somewhere in the transition between summer and fall

enough on this post
on with the images
this ride was nothing but the wake up call to my lack of fitness
some serious bonk training
the walk then the ride
all on a some coffee and a slice of left over pizza

more shots from the keystone cops audition

tim trying to put some action to my still photos
he stalled and held the pose like I was using a dagueratype

a 360 degree panoramic would show the setting sun

a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic would show the setting sun

a few guys with their fixies meet up after work in dupont circle
the exchange was short
they did not mind their photo being taken

save the mall

save the mall

(I can not get started on this rant... need to get to work... do not want to get worked up)

on the strip in adams morgan

let me come clean... I like Depeche Mode

let me come clean...
I like Depeche Mode

it was funny...
in high school my brother had a few mix tapes that he got from our friend jason
these tapes were chock full of stuff that would have been labeled new wave...
some of it more electronic
some bordering on goth
other stuff leaning more to pop

it was these tapes that exposed me to Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, The Smiths, and so many other bands
at this time I was listening to hardcore and punk
but I also like to ride the wave... new wave that is

depeche mode was one of those bands that I liked to make fun of
like the cure
because these kids would latch onto these bands
dye their hair black and act all depressed
cover their Chevy Chevette with their goth stickers

in the same way I there was a distain for the grateful dead because of dead heads
and dislike of rush or black sabbath because of metal heads
the seemingly corny goth uniform turned me off from the music
until I gave it a fair listen

sure it was corny for Peter Murphy to be singing about vampires
but... if I could accept Robert Plant's singing about hobbits
I could let the lyrics slide and enjoy it all just the same

time to walk the dog
just wanted to come clean


okay... I said it

depeche mode at myspace


taking the proflex back to the smithsonian

this guy is taking the proflex back to the smithsonian

sid flying down penn avenue

sid flying down pennsylvania

some everday stuff here in washington dc

in colorado the rockies are in the background
in washington dc there are various federal buildings

in boulder there are the flat irons
in washington dc there is the capitol building


muhamed ali
when riding the chair lift at canaan this weekend past dean and I chatted about all sorts of stuff

not sure what we were talking about
but for some reason dean said muhamed ali
which had nothing to dow with what we were talking about

I asked him what he had said
I asked him to repeat what he had said
then I asked what he knew about Muhamed Ali
we talked about ali being one of the greatest if not the greatest boxer of all time
then I told dean about ali's greatness as a person
his pride and his conviction

wonder if dean would be interested in seeing the fill when we were kings

more pictures of nothing

once again... pictures of nothing

it is a simple scene
a man at work
a man at work with his bicycle
heading into one of the many non-descript federal buildings in washington dc

this is an everyday scene
a guy lean locking his bike as he goes to make a drop, get a filing stamped, or work the round trip of an inter library loan
it is a photograph of nothing

yet is is a picture of something
it is a moment in time
a place in history
harper squints into the sun facing toward the east wing of the national gallery
on the sidwalk before constitution avenue there is a media circus
cameras and correspondents from all the major networks and maybe some not so major networks are camped out front to report what is happening in the us district court

not sure... but I think that tim thinks I am taking auditions for the keystone cops

this is a digital camera that I am using for taking stills
no... this is not some old 8mm film camera

first az and his soul train moves
not tim posing like he is some kid headed off to the civil war sitting in front of a dagueratype

wonder if the keys fit?

vida rob pearce and pizza

tonight after work there was no time for a ride
just a straight shot home
left with the camera around my neck trying to catch a few photos with the warm weather at a moment where the day was really starting to lose its light
no... no time for a ride after work as we had some plans

the plan was to grab pizza and head over to a friend's house
to serve friends food who may be too tired to cook or even pick up the phone to order food
as they are two weeks home from the hospital with a newborn baby boy

a beautiful baby
a beautiful baby that will soon be a human tornado
just as my two sons were morphing into
in a house that is only quasi child proof
as it looks child proof
but there is yet to be child in the house for anything longer than a visit

the boys were well occupied
we all sat for vace pizza
three pies to choose from
and san peligrino to wash it down

then with the food gone there were curious minds with curious hands that needed to occupied
like a grifter with a no fail trick I reached in my pocket and pulled out six little ink stamps
a rabbit in my hat
an ace up my sleeve
and sure enough
a moment of pleasure
then of course fighting and argueing over the selection process
and which stamps were the set of final three
my medicine show proved to be a hoax
the stamps lost grant and almost had dean
rob took grant's stamps
I found the empire strikes back on the tube
while rob and dean fought over the six stamps
on whose was whose and such
then dean joined grant
which freed rob to show me a little photo project

rob is a musician
rob is involved in a project called fort knox five
as well as being the guitar/sitar in thievery corp
that is rob on sitar on that track lebanese blonde
yea... from the garden state soundtrack
rob is also an artist, a photographer, a designer, and a friend
oh... he is no klutz either
rob brought out a project he has been putting together from a recent tour
his balance an creations take things to a higher level
very tasteful
very cool
I will have to get a copy of this book when it is finished
as I think it may help put some freshness to my photo thing

which reminds me
I had a fun day with the camera
covered a great deal of ground
took a whole mess of pictures

the boys are asleep

the highlight of the night was not the pizza
but the button making machine
rob is also crafty
as well is his wife vida
rob has a real deal button machine
the boys were hooked
the button making process is addictive
dean and I were bitten by the bug

we scored a handful of fort knox five buttons
as well as the custom buttons that dean and grant created
okay.... dad created a few for himself

good to see the new baby
good to see some friends

fort knox five
theivery corp
fort knox five tunes at myspace

I dig the music from this small circle of the musical world
the folks involved in the dc electronic thing put together some fantastic beats
but what I like most
these people make records I can listen to
first to last song then over again
not just one song
the whole album

thievery is clearly more than one song on a soundtrack

thievery corp
fort knox five
frederico (like I am on a first name basis with this man whom I have never met)
all these people are putting together fantasic music
fantastic music filled with passion and soul

dean's first time on skis


white grass xc ski resort

white grass xc ski resort

on my trip to canaan valley this weekend past I had hoped to get out on the cross country skis
there was no firm itinerary
we had a rough notion of desires
but no firm plan

my primary objective was to get my older son out on some skis
downhill skis
this plan had me and the wife going to man to man defense
sort of unfair for me to join the older one
so we had rough plans to move to a tag team scenario for day two
swapping dean for grant
letting the wife do some downhill while dean took a lesson
which would have me with grantman
at three he is too young for any real alpine adventures
unless I could sell him on being towed while I cross county skis
which would be a humorous site as I can not cross country skiis

as the mountain weather would have it
saturday was warm and sunny with some day old powder scattered about
which allowed for some morning fun at canaan valley
as our lack of planning left us blocked out of the group lesson
I bumped dean up to an hour private
not only was the private more expensive
but the private was shorter
which gave me an hour to play on the mountain
I made the best of that hour

tried to be fast and effiecient
pretty much worked the corduroy groomers
dipped through a few bump lines and the trees
did not like the slick ice and thin coverage tucked under the sparse powder
found some pleasure in the glades
but favored the fast turns on the corduroy

some of these runs I chanced upon riding with a friend of mine's son
small world running into him on a small mountain a few hours from our separate dc homes

was prompt for pick up of my son
but did not see them gathered at our place of meeting
so I jumped on the lift for one more run without my son
at the top of the chair I heard the chirp of my cosco two way radio
shockingly enough it was the voice of my son
we had a short coherent exchange which sent me down the hill like a bullet
met up dean and his instructor ray

dean was all smiles and so was I
ray briefed me on how it all went
I asked dean if he was interested in doing any more skiing
without hesitation the answer was yes
I asked more about his experience on the hill and his understanding of it all
from the discussion I felt that ray was directing us towards the bunny slope

dean and I walked up to the cat-track which is the secondhalf of the road like bunny trail the clipped into our gear
dean in his skis and me on my snowboard

I was amazed when I sent dean off in front of me
he was up and moving
not swooshing turns
but directing himself around the assortment of fleshy obstacles on the trail
people were falling all over the place
and dean just moved around them
showing the ability to stop with his pizza pie
we both beamed
dean beamed because he was skiing
I beamed because he was skiing
the pride overwelmed me

we took the bunny slope a number of times
on one of our turns towards the second half of the bunny hill I spotted dean;s instructor
we approached him
I askeed if he felt that dean could go to the top of the mountain
sure enough
there was a green run that would work well with his understanding of skiing
only with a short section of slightly more steep blue that he would have to slow down for
dean was excited to go to the top of the mountain

the chair ride up was a good time to catch up
I was filled in on all that he learned
there were a number of crashed
some times I had to help him stand up
on all but the last two dismounts from the chair there was a crash
but there were no tears and there was definitely no complaining
after the second time down the main hill we took a break for lunch
the hill was getting more busy
and well
the beginner runs were starting to scare me

dean was yearning for more
but we had to meet up with the family

we were running late
but I thought that eating before we went to whitegrass
which turned out to be in error
we could have been on time to our meeting time and had a better meal
it was nice to have some one on one time
where I got to share his first downhill ski experience

the next day we woke to the site of snow on the cars and the shoveled areas of the deck
at a closer look there was precipitation
not fluffy falling snow
wet mixed stuff
much more rain than snow
I hustled to get ready
mushing dean about the cabin in a military father style
lisa had bowed out of taking dean to the hill
I called the mountain to see if they were getting the same wet percipitation at a slightly higher elevation some 5-8 miles away
sure enough... JR called it like he saw it
JR appreciated the call
as I appreciated honesty
I agreed with JR on it being more important to leave on a high note than to taint dean's impression of skiing with a cold wet day on the mountain

it took some explaining
but dean understood
yet his yearning did not wain

the morning was spent cleaning up and packing
there was all sorts of stuff to pack and cars to dig out
things cleared up and we did some local sledding
it was not the morning at Blackwater Falls on XC Skis with the dogs
but it was fun
dean got to try his department store snowboard
as well as a super fast inner tube
these activities only reminded him that he wanted to downhill ski

we will have to watch the weather and see if it makes sense to take a day off and head out to Whitetail or Liberty
not sure if we can fit another West Virginia trip into our winter

it we do
I will have to get out to White grass.... not for the food... although I hear that the dinners are awesome, but for the skiing and maybe a lesson


this book may not be new
but it is new to me

my sister lives in nyc
so not only is she cool
but she is new york cool
she always has the inside scoop on something cool
guess that they are talking about different things in the toddler parks in nyc than dc
as I had never heard of doodles before

we brought this with us to west virginia
not a bad little book for a weekend in a cabin
it looks like a book that can be revisited many times as the children get older
at this stage we are involved
reading the captions and guiding the behavior
even getting involved in the action
but I could see buying this book again is two years
then again two years after that
as the children will experience it differently at their more advance levels of understanding
including the ability to read and write
at this point there is not much reading and not much writing


granny gear
this weekend past I went to canaan valley for some alpine fun
thought I would stroll down memory lane
but... other than the long drive being moderately familiar
we spent our time at Canaan not Timberline
so I did not get to see the old 24 Hour race course all covered in snow

ah.... fatherhood

just got another one of the Metal Cowboy's books;Momentum is your friend

gwadzilla archive where I blogged about fatherhood/metal cowboy and other cool links

I just got the book
am looking forward to reading it
it looks like an inspirational read

WABA Auction


back from chasing the snow....

we went chasing snow
and well
seems that the snow was more into playing leap frog than playing tag

the family stayed with friends at a weekend cabin in west virginia
awesome time
no time or energy for blogging
time for borat

here it is
the next morning
back at work
going to spit out some ideas as i sip my coffee...

monday mornings are always better after a good weekend
this weekend past was a better than good weekend

some friends had invited us for a weekend at their west virginia mountain cabin in caanan valley west virginia
we abruptly canceled all other plans are took them up on their offer
so friday after work I loaded the car up with all sorts of mountain gear along with the family and the dog and we rushed head on into rush hour traffic
people complain about parking in the area
we found no problem parking on Route 66
as expected Route 66 was a long line or bright red tail lights
we endured

our late start and a few wrong turns had us pretty much right on time for our rondevue with our gracious hosts
they too were running late
as traveling with a three year old and a newborn is often a journey with many stops

with the crew together we drove our little two car convoy towards west virginia
the drive was snowless until we got to the eastern continental divide
it was amazing
when we crossed over a mountain pass the area took a dramatic wintry change for the better
increasing my already heightened level of excitement

it was good to driving in tandem as I would have never been able to find the house in the final turns on country roads in the dark
we pulled up a long drive way breaking through fresh snow
stopping and being forced to shovel some deep snow drifts so we could park the car

after some shoveling we carried two sleeping boys into the house
two sleeping boys quickly woke up and started exploring the cabin which would be the basecampo of their weekend retreat

the night was late
the morning came fast
there was great relieft that the dogs became fast friends just as the children had
the house woke up slow as I ran about fast
trying to get dean suited up and out of the house in time to get signed up for ski school

we arrived on time
but ski school was filled
so I signed dean up for a one hour private
which was perfect
it amazed me how well behaved dean was
no complaints about the long lines and the long waits
we rented some beater skiis and killed some time before the private lesson began late at 10am
there was plenty of time for me to get my snowboard gear read for an hour on the hill sans child

in the bathroom I had a random encounter where I bumped into fellow DCMTB/City Bike rider Chris Clark
small world... strange timing
timing that only became more interesting as he was headed to White Grass for some XC fun while just dropping off his teenage son for a day of snowboarding
that strange timing became more strange as I later ran into his son on the hill... we actually were both in a singles lane and got on the same chair
weird moment of timing
we rode the chair together and took some runs down the hill together
I enjoyed getting back on the snowboard after a few years away
the snow was fantastic
in the glades there was even some patches of untracked powder

my hour went by fast
Dean and his instructor were not at the said meeting point promptly at 11:00
so I rushed to squeeze in my last childless run
at the top of the hill I heard my budget two way radio squeak in my pocket
it was Dean looking for me
we had a quick few word exchange
the message was clear
he was back and waiting for me
I told him I would be there in two minutes
like a bullet I shot down the mountain
with toes hanging off the side of my board I made short little turns
trying to ride the edge without digging in the toes
was at the base only to be greeted by a smiling little monkey on skiis

spoke with my son and my instructor
got an idea of his progress and his achievement
gave the instructor a few bucks for a beer then headed to the bunny hill with my son
what an experience
the pride of being a father is a grand emotion
I glowed at my son's comfort and proficiency on the skis
he was showed so much more composure then the cast of klutzes around us

we worked the cat-track bunny hill a few times
snapping some pictures and getting a summary of the lesson
after a few runs on the bunny hill we saw dean's instructor heading out with a few more students
we stopped him for a hello
then I asked if he thought that Dean was ready for a longer run from the top
sure enough... there was one long green from the top; Timber Run
I was warned of one section that dean would have to control his speed on
but that he would certainly be ready for the ride to the top

needless to say dean was ecstatic to be riding to the top of the mountain
getting off the chair was not easy for him
that process is not easy for anyone
especially the small children who have to drop a foot or so before their skis touch the ground

the beginner runs can be chaotic
a weird mix of variables
people going too fast
people going too slow
and all sorts of dangerous collisions
as to be expected Dean took a few spills
usually needing a hand up
which made for some awkwardness as I was on a snowboard
but I was up for the task
only once did we have a collision with another skier

luckily I was at Dean's side when she came screaming down the hill out of control
she bailed in an effort not to hit us
I lifted dean in the air over my head while crouched on my knees
both skis of the girl coming downhill slammed into my legs
better me than dean
no blood.... no foul

we went to the bottom
looked at the watch and took a break for lunch
some confusion on the two way kept us at canaan instead of meeting up with the family at Whitegrass
had called the wife
but someone on the same channel played along as if they were our group
I was skeptical and hungry
so we focused on eating
and accepted being late

it was a fantastic father son morning into afternoon
dean asked why I had a sad face
I knew i was going to suffer some heat for being late to meet the family for lunch
but was focused on the immediate

dean wanted more time on the skis
I wanted some time on the cross country skis

had thought that sunday would get the wife on the hill with the older son
while i would try to figure out a way to take the younger son with me on the skis
mother nature had other plans
a wet wintry mix of rain and snow had a morning of white out conditions
I called the mountain canceling the morning lesson for my son

we stayed local and did some sledding
there was all sorts of clean up and anxiety about snow and ice on the roads leading home

a good time was shared by all
the highlight of the weekend was exposing my son to the world of skiing

photos to tell the tale to come

I have never watched the oscars...

i have never watched the oscars
just as I have never watched american idol and I have never watched survivor
there are some things that just do not appeal to me
the show the real world amused me for a second in its first or second season
but I was living in the real world so the mirror worked better than a television

it was funny...
I got the inside scoop on the real world for the san francisco season before it happened
but never really watched enough of it to put all the anecdotes together
well... actually...
an episode or two was enough for me to get on with things

the oscars are tonight
or maybe
the oscars were tonight

I wonder how jesus camp did
it was a fantastic film that I wish more people would see
I do not know rachel grady well enough to say... I knew her when
but... she was friends with a number of my friends
so i knew her from around town
so I gues I could say.. I knew her from around town when
or before
or something to that effect

on with Borat
I saw Jesus Camp in the theaters
Borat will do just fine on DVD


the house is a mess... the boys are not in bed

this was from before our weekend in west virginia
was going to read it before I post it
but time has passed
it is yesterday's news
I think I will sit down and watch BORAT instead of blogging

it is late

the house is a mess
the boys are not in bed
and yes
daddy is blogging
the boys are watching the final minutes of the return of the jedi
and daddy is blogging

daddy was in the basement and the garage trying to gather gear for a weekend in the mountains
headed to canaan valley for some alpine fun
not sure what to expect
but we are bringing more gear for this weekend than the pilgrams carried when they sailed away for what would later be known as new england

the snowboard bags were easy to find
I found that they were a tad moldy

the snowboards themselves needed a little wipe down
the edges are much like my snowboarding skills... a tad rusty

bought some rub on wax
but it looks as if the boards were tunned not too far off from the last time they were ridden
the time since the last time was a long time
but the edges still seem plenty sharp

boots and gloves have been gathered with goggles
helmet and pants were already pulled for sledding and cross country skiing
as well were socks
but I still need to pack these things

the movie is winding down
while the boys are still wound up
grant has moved to bioncles while dean is fixated on the film

it is past their bedtime
but I lack the energy to fight them
I fear that I may have to skip a chapter on the film
it is risky
as dean is a little too old not to be wise to such tricks
these things do not go on unknoticed

the boys are in their pajamas
now how do I get them upstairs and asleep?
I am certain the nonparents of the world would tell me to just tell them
if it were only that easy
if it were only that easy

WABA:Washington Area Bicycle Association

waba:washington area bicycle association

here I am working the bar with my brother at the WABA silent auction

last year I bid on a unicycle and was beat out by the highly competitive folks at League of American Cyclists

there are all sorts of great things up for bid
as well as great people to rub elbows with

not to mention a great excuse to put on a suit or a tux

yesterday and today

yesterday and today
different times but within a block

there is a certain energy to a day like this

a crazy warm day in winter has a certain energy
although I did not skip school often
I would have to say that I approve of skipping school on a day like today
as long as you do something with it

wish I had skipped school today
but skipping school was never really my style


google az and gwadzilla

gwadzilla archive with lola

google is not a gwadzilla friendly as it once was
not as easy to find the images as it was a month or so ago
not sure why google has taken gwadzilla out of favor

google gwadzilla images

az on myspace
(a good place to find az's messenger calendar)
((this month's washingtonian has a short photo essay on dc messengers; including az))
dcbma:dc bicycle courier association

az seems like a very interesting fellow
and well
perhaps a tad cooler than myself
which is not hard
as I am not so cool

maybe I can get some action shots of az at another time
his skills are inspirational
also need to see his photo stuff
as he is a photographer
I am a guy with a camera

az has seen my picture thing... but has yet to see a shot I have taken of him

this was a funny little encounter
ran into az on dupont
snapped some shots
shot the shit
a short exchange

a short exchange as I do not know az that well
and well
az is at work

after some talk about the photo thing and my page
there was mention of lunch
az also told me he had seen me take his picture but had yet to see any images on my page other than lola's

we parted
I left with some images and the recommendation of a burrito from baja fresh
a few blocks away as I am approaching baja fresh
az came up the sidewalk from the other direction
seconds had passed
maybe two minutes

I questioned the need for the bike
there was a bit of an inside joke as we both approached chris and marsha
a third messenger was present
he stepped aside as he did not want his picture taken

there is nothing like being a messenger on a beautiful day
these are the days that make all non-messengers wish that they were messengers
doctors, lawyers, dentists.... they all wish that they were messengers on this day

but last week when the wind was howling, the streets were a sheet of ice, and there were sub-freezing temperatures
no one wished to be a messenger
certainly some messengers questioned their trade of choice
while others may have stayed at home in bed

while searching the gwadzilla archives for an image of AZ on my page
found this archive from almost exactly a year ago
this archive contains images of both chris and marsha

a short ride after work...

the weather today was epic
while there was no time for an epic ride
so I filled my time with a short urban spin

the warm temperatures and the slushy obstacles combined to give create a playfulness
the slow gearing of the surly karate monkey works best on dirt
much too slow to reach for the glory of racing the cars
it is more about working the flow

with the slow gearing and the back to back cars it is like riding in and out of a parking lot
which you may not realize can be more dangerous than riding on the road with moving traffic

the bumper to bumper cars stretching for blocks created its own tight weave of singletrack
the bumpers and the side view mirrors causing a forever re-evaluation of the path
bar width dictates the path as well as the distance between cars and between bumpers

the streets still showed some snowy remains of the actual winter days we got to enjoy last week
but the snow has been pushed by shovels and melted my sun and rain
ice and slush remain
making for some unprecitable obstacles on the edge of the roads
offering the center line as being a better choice than the right of the right hand lane

parked cars pulling out
turning cars
cars making aggressive u-turns to escape the gridlock ahead
all variables changing and interchanging all the while

the warm temperatures did not arrive unexpected
this is a pretty standard patern for the winter in dc

I dip onto the sidewalk and then jump back into the street off the curb
I wheelie over a boulder of snow finding pleasure and relief when it crushes under the rear wheel
that task of breaking up the slush boulders is reatead
each time offering that same childish pleasure

my pace is slow
but the pace of the cars is more slow
there is no cat and mouse
there is no tortise and hare
just me spinning that small gearing past the line of red tail lights
trying to work the flow
taking lights when they come to me
trying to make the lights when offered to me
more concerned with things being safe and clear than red or green

the use of the sidewalk was as much for fun as function
but each trip to the sidewalk included safe entrance and safe exit
with respect to the space and safety of any and all pedestrians

there were other cyclists on the road
the camera was in the pack and stayed in the pack
as there are times for riding and there are times for taking pictures
this was a time for riding

worked a short loop around town
pretty much shooting across town towards Union Station
wrap around a few parks
then spin it around at Lincoln Park
not a long ride by any stretch of the imagination
but fun just the same
on the way back traffic was such that if forced me to cut through one urban park then another
people were outside enjoying that false sense of spring
dogs were skidding about in the mud
runners, joggers, and bikers were getting in a workout outside the gym

worked the hill on 15th along side of malcom x park
the bumper to bumper line of cars with brake lights beaming bright red I felt fast
as the cars were moving slow
the hill did not agree with my winter legs
but with spring approaching I might want to start going up hills instead of around them
as races at greenbrier and lodi farms are not far away

got home to a house full of energy
the wife was cooking dinner
the boys were dismantling the couch... creating some sort of hidden path that could only be seen through a child's eyes

there was dinner and mazes
coloring with crayons
and of course wrestling
the boys love to wrestle with me
after more mazes with crayons and another drawing of the desert we moved upstairs
a curious george show on WETA was good leverage to accelerate the ready for bed process

teeth were brushed
nails were clipped
hands and faces were washed
all before putting on pjs and then settling down in front of a show waiting on the DVR

democracy does not always work with kids
dean objected to grant and I agreeing on the WETA curious george
but he settled in fast enough
it is good for kids to slow it down with some age appropriate

the leverage of the half hour show also got the boys to bring all the cushions back to the couch
some assembly required by an adult may be involved

which brings me to the present time

a little time on the blog
maybe I will play with some images while the boys watch curious george run about the amusement park
it is amusing
but I am sure I can catch it at a later time

we tried some stuff on the computer
but the television can have less commercials than the computer
and the kids had no patience for the download times
not to mention it is hard to work the laptop with a monkey on each knee

grant definitely would have watched that dancing cat for another hour or three
dean enjoyed it
but quickly found it repetitive


I am not a cat person...

I am not a cat person
but that cat can dance!

brian got a new bag

brian got a new bag
it looks like a bedlam custom

it has been a while since I snapped some shots of brian
good to get him back on the page

joy division

where's waldo?

here and gone...
where's waldo?

in the open then lost in the thick of traffic


bipsquack... bird.

I think that prince was talking about her when he wrote that song...

okay... maybe not
but niki gudex is hot

funny... they get these people to sell thigh masters and buns of steel videos
why can't the masses grab a bike after they see someone like niki?
she rides a bike and her body looks like that
you do the math!

this woman has more than a beautiful form
she is fit and fast
she has form and function
she is rad
not just on the bike
but in life

a great roll model for all
and yes
she is totally hot
shameless self promotion?
exploited or exploiting?

snow in dupont

where is my assistant bryn dixie?
I need some information

who is this guy?
how long has he been on the streets?
what is his story?

what is bryn up to?
running moonshine with jesco the dancing outlaw?

I admit... I did not approach him
as so many of the veterans of the messenger scene turn down the camera
and well
sometimes I feel that it is best that a broader section of the industry gets represented
hope he does not mind his picture being taken
as he is part of the cityscape

speedy consuela

speedy consuela
no relation to speedy gonzales

give it a look
give it a listen

speedy consuela at myspace

american hardcore on dvd... I need to get this film

american hardcore is out on dvd
american hardcore

to me it sounds like what it is

to you...
as they say
if you have to ask... you will never know

rock and roll!

predict... modify... adapt

the movement of a bicycle through urban traffic is far from a ballistic motion

the trajectory is always up for revision

there is a need to always predict what is ahead
anticipate changes
modify your path
and be ready to adapt to anything and everything around you
at times it can be as like rolling through singletrack
singletrack from the land of HR Puffinstuff!
as the trees in this singletrack land are out to get you!

this morning on my very short and direct commute I battled the ice and the backed up traffic
worked my way virtually effortlessly through mount pleasant than adams morgan

on 18th street the right hand lane was coated in convoluted ice, slush, and snow
no place for man or beast
one of which applies to me
so I took the full lane
with traffic backed up several times ahead I wondered if the driver just off my back wheel could see the blockage up ahead

the car passed wide and clear
on the pass I noticed it was one of my neighbors down the block
not sure if they noticed it was me
but figured that they must have
they rushed ahead to get to the next bumper

as I passed them on the double yellow center line I rolled towards the intersection
just as I started to raise my hand and wave I thought... wouldn't suck for me to get slammed by a car while running this light in this intersection
all while waving to my neighbors
sure enough... flash
as if out of no where an excessively large pick up truck came speeding through the intersection
yes, their light was green
but their speed was clearly excessive

my hand was already back on the grips
spidey senses had served me well
my trajectory was modified
my speed and direction slightly changed
I took myself out of the path of intersection
rolling behind this truck instead of under it
then making my wave to say hello

at the next block I hit the intersection sections after the light turned green
just as with the intersection before I am more concerned with the path being clear than the color of the light
sure enough
with my light green then the three cars passing in front of me must have had a red
this causes a complete stop and a stall
one close call a day is really too many

close calls are part of everyday
close calls are part of being on the bike
close calls happen whether running a light or obeying the law
it is just part of being on the bike

I want the snow to melt and the trails to be clear
give me more snow for more urban alpine adventures