not only do I take lots of pictures... I see all sorts of things

t-court in the post

ran into chris on my way into work

urban cyclist

rolled through city bikes on my way around town

a good day...

more shots from the keystone cops audition

a 360 degree panoramic would show the setting sun

save the mall

on the strip in adams morgan

let me come clean... I like Depeche Mode

taking the proflex back to the smithsonian

sid flying down penn avenue


more pictures of nothing

not sure... but I think that tim thinks I am taking auditions for the keystone cops

vida rob pearce and pizza

dean's first time on skis

white grass xc ski resort



ah.... fatherhood

WABA Auction

back from chasing the snow....

I have never watched the oscars...

the house is a mess... the boys are not in bed

WABA:Washington Area Bicycle Association

yesterday and today

there is a certain energy to a day like this

google az and gwadzilla

az has seen my picture thing... but has yet to see a shot I have taken of him

a short ride after work...

I am not a cat person...

brian got a new bag

joy division

where's waldo?