the world is going through some tough times...

natural disasters of biblical proportions

my Saturday... not really my Saturday

a rant about nothing...
I question whether to hit publish and post
debating hitting delete instead

my Saturday is not really my Saturday
in fact... my life is not entirely my own
but this is not a reality that is only my own
this is the reality of most people with children

Saturday morning arrived with each of the boys having late morning basketball games
conveniently the games were scheduled back to back at the same location
thus allowing me to take care of basketball while my wife Lisa went to Yoga
after the first of the two basketball games Grant's team would be having a post season pizza party

ah... the post season party
pizza and awards

then there was a change of plans...
after some discussion it was agreed that Dean did not have to attend his basketball game

all season long I have had blood boiling frustration with the coaching of Dean's basketball team
halfway through the season I tried to pull Dean off a team but Dean displayed the desire to stick it out
but the coaching did not improve and it seemed like it was not exactly time well spent

personally I felt that the coaching for Dean's team was doing very little
to foster the children's interest much less the development of the most basic basketball skills
had these coaches been teachers they would only focus on the kids who showed up already knowing how to read and do math... not paying any mind to those looking to learn
I felt that the practices and games were not benefiting the players too much focus on the key players and the concept of winning not enough
focus on building skills and fair playing time initially Dean was a trooper and told me that he needed to finish something he had started but... after a few more games we were in agreement that it was not time well spent rather than my trying to share my ideas with the coaches I decided to just step away from it entirely

so... to my pleasure Dean got a call from a friend down the block which allowed him to occupy himself with things other than hanging around on the sidelines while Grant played basketball
the reason for pulling Dean off his team was because I felt that the kids do not get much from sitting on the sidelines

the game went well...

the kindergartners played with intensity
the underage boys played an all girls team
this game would prove to be a climatic end to their first season of basketball

YES! the five and six year olds on this team beat a team of 8 and 9 year olds
no... it is not about winning... but winning can be nice

after the game we walked to Ledo's Pizza for a post season party

so much about these things are about the pizza and the medals when dealing with children of this age
the medal or the trophy can be carrot that motivates the mule

the post season party was a blast
the season is not just about basketball but also about building bonds
the kids had a blast running around with their basketball buddies

with basketball behind ups Grant and I were on our way to gather goods for his birthday party... an event that would occur two weeks after the fact

with an Amazon Gift Card Grant purchased his new favorite game.... SLEEPING QUEENS

this game being so hot on his list of priorities I thought that a SLEEPING QUEENS THEMED PARTY would be fun
in my mind I imagined kids in costumes and sword filled adventures
I thought it best that I get some sort of dollar store quality goods to facilitate this adventure
while Grant was focused on getting himself a knight costume... a costume that he was going to purchase with his own money

the afternoon became a shopping adventure....

we migrated from the basketball game in Georgetown to Sullivan's Toy store in Cleveland Park... although Sullivan's had a costume I felt that we could save that as our ace in the hole and catch it on our way home if we did not find anything better at our objective.... Toys R Us

from Cleveland Park we headed north the Bethesda... I got air in the tires of the Element at the gas station that used to be an Exxon and then went to Bruce's Variety... nothing... a bathroom break and a quick hello at my Dad's and we were modifying our course for Anglo Dutch which had a great selection but not what we were looking for
onto Interstate 270 headed for Rockville... TOYS R US would have to deliver

but before TOYS R US we went to a Party Store.... then Ross Dress for Less
to my pleasure Grant found what he wanted at Ross... he got three different NARNIA sword and shield kits with a variety of weapons... it was not what I was looking for... but it seemed to be exactly what Grant was looking for... so we got it
then out the door and into another store... one more store before Toys R Us
the DOLLAR STORE! but before going in the Dollar Store we went into FIVE BELOW

to my pleasure they had the foam swords I was looking for.... at 2.50 the price was right
foam swords and a 4-D knight puzzle
16 or each... and then a few Tiaras for the lady guests and we were on our way
with just under 100 dollars worth of junk made in China we were ready to head home

heading home without making it to your original goal of Toys R Us

my day was gone... well... nearly gone
when I got home the sun was dropping fast... viciously fast
yet I felt I needed to ride... even if my ride were short... I had to ride

so I suited up and put some on a helmet with a light
on the bike... down the hill and into the park
onto Beach Drive I pushed the pedals towards the Mormon Temple... not a far ride but a ride just th
e same
the sun dropped as the moon rose
behind a blanket of gray clouds the moon rose and I rode down the carless road

by the time I got to the Mormon temple it the sky was nearly black

the building was glowing through the leafless trees
it is really quite a site
I turned around and pushed for home
again chasing the rising moon

back home I was refreshed
the day had gone well

I was proud of my son's efforts on the basketball court
I was pleased with the interaction between parents and kids at the post season party
it was rewarding to know I had scored the goods that were needed to make the party for next day be all that it could be
I was stoked that I had been able to go for a ride

the ride was short
but that ride was better than no ride at all

Frank... The Red Bean... and The Washington Post

that is a nice shot of Frank Connell
good looking dog too

Frank Connell always seemed like he would run with Robin Hood as one of his merry men... if not the leader of his own traveling circus
as Frank does have the energy to recruit others into his unconventional ideas
there was a wildness and a freedom to him

in this Sunday's Washington Post Magazine there is a short piece on Frank Connell...

that article links back to a series of articles where the author followed Frank Connell's rapid rise and and even more rapid fall as a restaurateur

GWADZILLA MENTION of The Red Bean in 2005



not the best shot of Josh... but the photo tells a story of friends

this was more than likely a decade and a half ago
a different time
a more simple time
a time before marriage
a time before kids

a time before I had gray in my beard

that is Josh in the red shirt...
Josh lost his battle with cancer one week ago
this photo brings back some memories

RIP Josh Bennet
Rest In Peace

my childhood is very different than my children's


I grew up in a different time
but this dynamic is not so odd
especially in the last two centuries

my father grew up in a time quite different from his father's
I grew up in a time that was similar but different than my dad's
and now
my boys grow up in a world that is different from the world that I grew up in

the time of the paper "boy" is something in story books
now... the paperboy is a man

I delivered the WASHINGTON STAR which was an afternoon paper



well... don't click there
go here
and then click

where is this?

where is this?
anyone... anyone?
anyone other than Jeff Peel?
okay Jeff... where is this?

a chance to be ALMOST FAMOUS in a cycling film...

Gripped Films is looking for 45-70 cyclists and at least 20 spectators
who can cheer for a 2 hour film shoot
Saturday March 13th
in Georgetown starting at NOON - that way training
rides can come before shooting.

This is for a scene in our upcoming film on the
Tour de France,
Chasing Legends. We want to replicate a small race with men on bikes
and a crowd of people cheering them on. There is no pay but you will
get a name credit in the film.


Helmet - don't worry about current styles, all riders must have one on
as the street where we will film is sketchy and hard to ride on. Though we might do one or two takes w/o helmets for the truly brave.

*Men on bikes, women, kids, pets welcome to cheer on side of street.
Cyclists must be available from 12 noon-2pm
*Cyclists must wear their own non-logo clothing if possible such as vintage and
wool jerseys and shorts, older style shoes if possible and plain socks
ie: office
dress socks
*Bikes leave the carbon at home, only steel, Ti, alu (cross bikes
welcome just use slicks or super low profile knobbies) - prefer
vintage or old (no flash) the but still need to withstand
a pounding (think Roubaix, this is the cobblestone street with trolly
rails). Sorry no cash or reimbursement if a bike
or wheel breaks. NO CARBON RIMS. Also, old commuters (not single
speed or fixies) are acceptable as well. Flat pedals preferred, no
sneakers tho, please wear anything that might pass for vintage. Clip
ins are ok but flat pedals with shoes will get put up front.
* In addition, we will need people to act as a
cheering crowd and ring
cowbells. We welcome families and kids, please bring cow bells but
nothing that would date the scene as current. Older style,
non-descript clothing preferred, no down puffy coats please.

For all those who are interested please contact Gwen at
March 8th.
Please put "Chasing Legends Shoot" in subject line
Thank you.

Dean at Glen Echo

boys and their toys... who doesn't love remote control?

does anyone know what this thing does?
it looks like a mini-steam roller



no... I am not talking about long lift lines for skiiers or snowboarders!
this is mention of WISP and its LIFT ACCESS for mountain biking

Big Daddy Mike of DCMTB sent out this link for SICKLINES

yes... it is SKI SEASON
yes... I need to take the boys to WISP, Whitetail, or even Canaan Valley!
but it is hard to get my head around the cost of a lift ticket
while it is also hard for me to think about depriving my boys of the experience of skiing... which is one of their favorite sports
favorite and most expensive

for the price of a week of skiing I could get the boys each new bikes... righteous bikes

Big Daddy Mike


Chic Cyclist in DC...


over in front of OEOB
just next door to 1600 Pennsylvania

windy today... quite windy

the pedestrian bridge at Old Angler's Inn near Wide Water on the C&O Canal
a previous post about Glen Echo on Sunday

it is Friday... Friday AM
just back from dropping the boys off at school and walking the dog in Rock Creek Park...
ah... that silver lining... not so bad
at drop off I got to hang with Grant's pre-k class for a bit
at Grant's request I stayed a bit after drop off to explain how SLEEPING QUEENS is played

then after my introduction with a little Q&A the class had "CHOICE TIME"

what do you think Grant chose?
Correct... so I got to stay a little longer and hang with Grant and some of his classmates

half empty? half full?
I am not sure... perhaps whichever is better

then after a few hands of SLEEPING QUEENS I was on my way and on with my day... into the woods of Rock Creek Park with my black dog Brutus
parking by Klingle Mansion we dipped into the woods and looped the Melvin Hazen
a wonderful little trail that could use a little TLC

the trails could be constructed to be more sustainable
some trails should be abolished
it would be nice to see some of the invasive plants to be removed
and then some indigenous plants on the pieces of land that are lifeless and eroding
it would also be SUPER COOL but very unlikely for some of these trails to be opened to mountain biking

while hiking the dog I zipped up tight and marched into the wind
as the wind blew hard I thought to myself that I was happy that I did a long ride on the road earlier this week
this wind is not for cycling
this wind is for windsurfing or sailing

it was windy today... fricking windy... it was frickin windy yesterday
it is frickin windy again today

this is wind that makes windsurfers and sailors smile
this is wind that fills sails and puts boats on their edge
leaving the unlucky wet and cold with their dingys turtled
this is wind that creates days that "sail-heads" boast about with terms like "honking"

every subculture has its vernacular
not being part of the sailing subculture I can go no further
yet I can state with confidence that days like this are no fun on the bike
better to be on a boat over the water rather than a bike on the pavement
I know... I was riding around town yesterday... getting blown around from lane to lane
nearly getting blown into the cars and buses at my shoulder
deciding to take less risks splitting lanes
riding defensively taking the whole lane

yes... luckily I opted to go riding Wednesday rather than yesterday or today
yesterday was too bitter cold to be bothered with playing with the camera

it is good to get out on the bike
as much as I want to ride the trainer in the basement... I just can not put it into my routine
I would rather brave the wind and the cold
unless of course... it is this windy and this cold
it is brutal out there
today a good day to travel in "the cage"
today would be a good day for me to ride the bike in the basement

today is a good day to get some things done inside
maybe after I finish prepping for Grants birthday party I will get on the bike
yes... I may try to ride the bike in the basement
with the right movie it can be do-able
last week I watched DEATH RACE while I rode the bike in the basement

it worked

MacArthur Boulevard
there is no way I am going to brave the wind and the cold so that I can fight the cars on MacArthur Boulevard
I did that on Wednesday... it was AWESOME!
good to get out on the bike... good to spin the legs... good to lay down some miles
for the most part the cars around me were respectful
the majority of the cars passed with safe distance
but that small minority... well.. the passed obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close
not only putting my life at risk but also making me angry

the intentionally fast and close pass can do nothing but anger me
I take it personally because my life has been put at risk
but this is not the time for that rant
I will save this angry rant for another day

riding the bike is good for the mind-body-and-soul!
my mind body and soul can definitely use more rides... more long rides
and yes... more rides on dirt
but sadly... no dirt rides will happen until the snow melts and the mud dries

I needed to ride my bike... I need to ride my bike more often
I am glad I got on my bike

more photos from Glen Echo
then a few shots from Carderock where the boys went bouldering

Anna's Daily Art... a cool project


Anna's Daily Art.

Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown...

Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

Big Wheel Bikes has multiple locations... including a new location in Potomac, Maryland

this is an article to start the day...

in the Washington Post...

yes... diminish CAR DEPENDENCY
stop rewarding CAR DEPENDENCY
create initiatives for people to travel in ways other than car
make options more obvious for people
and of course
make the city and the streets more safe for pedestrians and cyclists

taking matters into their own hands...

ever have a bicycle stolen?
what did the police do?
did they respect your loss?
did they take action on trying to get your bicycle back?

I understand... the police have their priorities
a stolen bike does not rank high in the average police officers long list of priorities

in LA Bike Messengers are not just taking back the streets
they are taking back stolen bikes!


photo from IMBA


someone from the Washington Examiner sounding like an idiot


the person that posted that... would they be a reporter?
shit... the author this piece is not fit to be a paperboy
sorry to all paper boys for bring you into this

so... this so called reporter... they have an editor?


all other encounters before this had been electronic

John Curran on the GWADZILLA PAGE
Almost Famous?

think not... he will have to wait longer for his 15 Minutes of Fame

I wonder what happened to this kid... well this guy... he is not really a kid anymore

this set of shots is from Chain Reaction in its second incarnation

it was a good concept... I wish that they had kept it going
it seemed to be working
it seemed to be having a positive effect on the city and on individual's lives

this guy was an amazing inventor\innovator\fabricator


Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

oh no.... how will Kramer live this one down?

Kramer loses the GOLD!


lent... what are you giving up for lent? I gave up lent years ago

I do not celebrate lent... but I think it is a good practice

sacrifice makes us stronger
we are better people through sacrifice

but... sometimes our sacrifice is selfish
perhaps it would make sense for people to do more than give up "sweets" for lent

giving up cursing would be a good effort
we all cuss too much... if people curbed their cussing they would also have to curb their behavior
it people were not cussing than people would not be cussing at other people
that would be better

a nice thing for people to give up for lent would be obnoxious driving
for lent they could be more considerate of other people... other people in other cars and other people outside of cars... yes... they could be more considerate of pedestrians and cyclists
would this mean less tickets? sure... it could... but that is not the purpose... that is just a positive side effect

I could do to give up some of my bad habits...
the benefits could be selfish as well as selfless

I will not go any further on this
but here is a post that I can identify with

in the words of Will Smith...

in the words of Will Smith' " I gotta get me one of these!"
sorry... Bike Porn always has me thinking about Portland

saw this bike here...

BIKE PORN III is headed to DC!

Reverend Phil is headed to DC with his TWO WHEELED CIRCUS and BIKE PORN III
okay... I made up the Two Wheeled Circus bit
but it is true
BIKE PORN III is headed to DC

don't bother looking too closely at that tour poster
as that is from Boulder not DC
I am not sure the DC location has been established

my guess... this may be a job for NEA because Rev. Phil's traveling side show is like Robert Mapplethorpe on a bicycle

the Daily Emerald has a nice write up on BIKE PORN 3


my kids are in the room so I am not watching this
I will watch later... my bet is that it is not suitable for work either
on to the Olympics and the Indo board... watch later after the kids fall asleep

similar... but different photos

WETA's WASHINGTON DC in the '70's!

WETA had a special last night on WASHINGTON DC in the 70's

it is playing again... catch it!

NEW Olympic Sport... 100 Meter Black Ice


Yehuda Moon takes the GOLD in the 100 Meter Black Ice Slide!

now... seriously
what are the chances of cyclocross becoming a Winter Olympic Sport?


I snapped this shot after I ate my lunch...

had an errand to run... thought I would get lunch while on route
stopped by Brown's Caribean Bakery on Georgia Avenue
snapped this shot in between bites a few blocks away
the rest of the bites happened on the move

one chicken and one beef patty
each with coco bread
the carrot cake was tempting
next time I will have to get the carrot cake

Alchemy Goods... Alchemy Bags

bags made out of recycled bicycle products
Alchemy Goods

is one of my favorite books

no flowers... WABA Instead... good call Josh... good call!

guest book for Josh Bennett

Joshua A. Bennett
(Age 40) Died peacefully at home in Washington, DC on Saturday
morning, February 20, 2010. Kind and devoted husband of Susan Hauan; son of Philip Bennett of Eldersburg, MD and Mary Tibbets Bennett of Washington, DC; brother of Karen Bennett of Oakland, CA and Peter Bennett of Overland Park, KS. Private interment at Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington, DC. Contributions may be made in his memory to the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. http:// www.waba.org

a few more shots with the new camera...

a shot of Shane from the other day when I grabbed lunch downtown

Colin Coates... was that the Australian Speed Skater that I was thinking about?

also from the LA TIMES

bicyclist busted with pot in tires at border crossing

Couriers Stop Bicycle Thief in LA

Couriers Stop Bicycle Thief in LA

this is CLASSIC GWADZILLA from 2003

good stuff!

a few more shots from outside the White House