oh... that silver lining

that silver lining...
I have a little more time right now
not so much time... but a little more
much of my time is being spent doing drop off an pick up

that is a silver lining
it is nice to get to do drop off and pick up

after drop off this morning I did part of the Melvin Hazen with my black dog Brutus
then after pick up this afternoon we had a snow ball battle at Macomb Park

yes... the glass can be half empty or half full
I am not sure which is better
perhaps it depends upon what you are drinking

the kids are asleep and I am going to go get a glass of red wine
I guess I will have a full glass
because I am not sure if I want it half empty or half full

that Canon Rebel SLR is a whole different level than the Canon G10
even if that SLR is darn close to first generation