people are already starting to talk cyclocross

people are already starting to talk about cyclocross
some people have already been talking about cyclocross
some people have never stopped talking about cyclocross

the other day I was talking to jeff peel
yes... the same jeff peel whose name is to be said as jerry seinfeld would say newman
jeff and I were talking about a variety of things bike
when cyclocross came up
the notion of a more organized wednesday night practice thing
sort of a mock race format where people could get their heart rate up and work on some skills
there are camps of three or five people practicing independently all around the city
why not offer a chance for something more structured
something that may require permission or maybe a permit

I took the shot of my brother marc at the ncvc ed sander's memorial in lily pons maryland
the bottom shot is of a crash at the nationals in kansas city
that is my brother marc all the way on viewer right
I think the image may be cropped to make it more dramatic
not sure if there are bodies to his left
great shot just the same!

no links?
google for links yourself
I am going downstairs to grab a beer

much cooler than driving fast!

much cooler than driving fast!

youtube video

it is dangerous to do 69 in a 55 Zone!


are there more people getting on bicycles?

are there more people getting on bicycles?

this is good
but what i really want... is people to be more accepting of the people on bicycles

Whales 2012



is it a whale? is it a shark?

as a parent I am expected to know such things

around town...

a few random things...

next month's Spokes magazine has a big piece on the 24 Hours of Big Bear
the article centers around the battle to win the solo class
or better yet
the battle by tinker to show dominance in the solo class at big bear

but that was weeks ago
tinker is not thinking about big bear
tinker is racing the bc stage race

I think that the article in Spokes magazine would have been more attractive with some images
not sure why there was not this shot of tinker
or one of the other solo opponents
or one of the photos of the guys launching the line to the right a mile three on lap one
any one of these photos would have flattered things
it was offered

tinker's blog
bc stage race
some of those gwadzilla shots worth scolling through
an air shot... a beautiful shot and some sad words

too bad Spokes magazine does not have a web presence

there was a great article in Spokes about Jeff Schalk
last year Chris Eatough and Jeff Schalk won this BC Stage Race
I am sure that they are going to try and repeat things
after three days the Trek Boys have climbed to the top!

to bring tangents full circle...

jason berry is racing the bc stage race with his buddy Poz
it was jason berry and his buddies at gripped films that created that mountain bike classic 24 Solo that followed Chris Eatough with the camera
jason berry blog
24 Solo
this is a fun shot from the blog

there were other great photos from the 24 Hours of Big Bear
this is a classic shot from last year's 24 hours of big bear

with the Olympics approaching I am curious if Gripped Films will be doing any filming
sure the Off Road to Athens film chronicled a year's approach
but the events themselves are a million stories
every race is a story
that event will be many races and many stories

off road to athens

enough on that tangent.

seasons.... by the collective


watching the trailer now


Seven Springs now offers lift access for mountain bikes!

this is sweet!
and I mean that with a capital EET!
was paging through next month's issue of Spokes magazine
there was a blurb about chair lift access at Seven Springs!


seven springs

I would put the backpack in the basket

or maybe I wouldn't

I think a blog would be cleaner

I think a blog would be cleaner


in the morning

in the morning rolling into work

reponse to phil...

response to phil...

a comment was made by a reader named phil
something about how he thought that bicycles were supposed to ride as far to the
right of the road as they possibly can

phil... I think that the law is that the cyclist is to ride as far to the right
as they feel is safe
and well...
that is often the center of the lane
my life is important to me... but my life is not so important to the car driver behind me

the car driver may try to make an unsafe pass risking my life
so... there are times when I take the full lane
making the intelligent decision for those not smart enough to make the right choice
everyone's best interest is being taken into account
in the end... the driver does not get to their destination any later

and I arrive alive

I am not sure if I will ever understand the logic of the car driver
the frustration that they feel when they are behind a cyclist
the never ending need to be in front of that person on the bicycle
it is odd
it is absurd



Jesse Rolando Astorga should die!

in the news

my heart goes out to the family
their bodies may heal
but the pain they suffer from the loss of their daughter will never go away
peace be with them

going fishing...

going fishing...

things are a little different Up In Alaska

things are a little different up in alaska

Terror on the trail: Bear attacks teen bike racer

anchorage daily

Jill Homer of Up In Alaska was racing at the time

as a rule...

as a rule...

as a rule I do not give money to the homeless
it does not help
it enables

but... there are a number of people I have come to know over the years
some people I give clothing to
when I see a homeless person with a dog I will often bring them a bag of dog food

this guy... well... he makes me smile
so I will occasionally give him a dollar

a smile for a dollar?

it seems like a good deal


sugarcubes on youtube

just like the stuff by Bjork
there is stuff that I really really enjoy
while other stuff forces me to reach for the ejector seat


the airbag...

the airbag...
the crumple resistant side panels...
all this stuff to protect the driver
what about the pedestrian and the cyclist?


the weekend behind me...

monday morning is here...
monday is not my favorite day
mornings are not my favorite time of day
monday mornings are way the worst

trying to wake up
trying to get my head ready for the week
sipping some coffee and throwing down this thought
gotta get moving
gotta walk the dog then head into work

the weekend past was casual while also being fun packed
a classic summer weekend
a weekend that involved many things summer
watermelon... maryland crabs... splashing in the pool... riding a bicycle... live music outdoors

the events of Friday night are not so significant that I can recall
yet I try...

left out of work feeling a squish in my rear end
no I did not shit myself... I had a flat
well... I did not have a flat... my rear wheel had a flat tire... a punctured tube
thinking it was a slow leak I tried to short cut things by just pumping things up
most of my short cuts fail... this effort was no different
on my short cross town commute I had to stop and replace the tube
yes... I should have just replaced the tube

got home to the usual madness that is a house with a four and a seven year old boy


it was Friday... the exhausted father in me thought MOVIE NIGHT
but it was really getting too late for a movie so we stayed with the games
I think that there was either a Memory Tournament or it was a Battleship epic
Battleship with a seven year old can take some time
then the battles moved to trying to get the boys to go to bed
more issues with four year old grant than seven year old dean
but if one of the boys is out wandering about the other follows

Friday night so often blends into Saturday morning
although I have trouble with the specifics of Friday night...
I can recall that Saturday involved a few more games of Memory
I balanced my day by entertaining my boys and working in my garden while my brother and so many others were racing the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey
so often I get this sense of envy when others are racing and I am not

what is odd is this envy comes no matter what I am doing
earlier this year I missed the Baker's Dozen
my feeling as if I missed something by not racing in Leesburg is funny because I was in Santa Cruz California having the blast with friends and riding some epic California singletrack

so while others were racing the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey Lisa and I had plans to go see Thievery Corp at Merriweather Post Pavilion
things started in the afternoon... we did not go till later
the show was AWESOME!
Thievery really puts on an amazing show
it is like a three ring circus with the constant rotation of singers
the energy was infectious
we danced... or better yet we grooved and swayed to the music

tried to snap a photo of my buddy Rob on the megatron as he jammed on sitar on some songs then guitar on others... but lisa's iPhone was unable to deal with the contrast of the low ambient light and the bright television screen

cool hanging out with friends
fun going out dancing with my wife

the show ended early enough
we went backstage to pay homage to the band but did not stick around for any after ours madness
we were in bed at a reasonable time

we got home
lisa crawled into bed while I cracked open a beer and turned on the tube

morning came as morning does... always a bit of a surprise
morning already?

rolled out of bed in no great rush

grabbed the phone and made contact with Cargo Mike to see if our tentative plans for a ride at Patapsco were still an option
sure enough!
with the bike ready enough I grabbed the requisite shoes, socks, shorts, shirts, gloves, helmet, and glasses
check.... double check
mental check one: head to toe
mental check two: toe to head

drove across town to grab cargo mike
fueled up as I drove
a warm red bull was in the car from the backstage experience of the night prior

at the park and ride we suited up and go on the bikes
pointed into the woods and started to guess our way around

chasing cargo mike around the woods can be exhilarating

we were riding together for a bit as things started to warm up
then Mike launched over a set of logs
his trajectory was a tad wild
perhaps getting more air than he had planned
rather than taking the energy down and back in control
mike launched over anything and everything that we approached

it was more like I was chasing a rabbit than another man on the bike
I would catch mike waiting at the next cross road
only to lose him again as he was having too much fun and I was doing too much braking

after two hours of hammering up and down the hills of the Patapsco Valley we were ready to head home
but only after we grabbed some food in downtown Catonsville
then one more stop before we entered the city
bought some Maryland State Flowers for my garden before dropping Mike at home

a good weekend
no racing
but a good balance of life
time with the family, time with my wife, and time on the bike
it was a pretty righteous summer weekend
time well spent

MORE: Patapsco Avalon Area

Thievery Corp-Myspace

Thievery Corp-youtube


I like Chinese food...

just finished lunch...
I love Chinese food
Singapore Noodle a dish that the Cheapie Chinese joint does well!


not sure if anyone really cares any more... but here is some information on the eve of the release of the Landis Doping Appeal case

from Arnie Baker-
I am writing to you either because you have already written to me, or you have otherwise expressed an interest in the Floyd Landis doping case.

As you may know, I wrote a book about the science concerning the Landis Tour de France doping case last year.I showed, in roughly 60 scientific arguments, how the LNDD laboratory was sloppy and failed to meet basic scientific standards.
I showed how the LNDD laboratory never even identified testosterone in Floyd’s urine according to minimum, established WADA standards.

The CAS hearing has provided new, relevant, and significant information
I have just released the second edition of The Wiki Defense.

You can download it at no charge from:


There are more than 100 new pages. The book is now about 440 pages.

Here’s a synopsis of my opinions:

They Lied

· There is evidence of scientific misconduct/malfeasance.

· Vanishing acts: Records have disappeared.

· Magical appearances: Documents appear to have been fabricated.

· False statements: USADA, its experts, and the lab appear to have repeatedly made false statements.

My opinion and belief is based on more than two dozen apparently fraudulent/fabricated documents and frankly-false statements.

I document the evidence, comparing the at-issue LNDD/USADA statement or document side-by-side with the proof of fraud, false, or self-contradictory statement.

They Botched the Test in the First Place

The report is so full of errors that other conclusions are impossible. Among dozens of examples:

· Sample numbers are wrong.

· The chain of custody is flawed.

· Quality control standards failed, and the failures were ignored.

· Files have been overwritten/erased.

They Never Even Identified Testosterone Properly

Two types of tests performed: The T/E (testosterone/epitestosterone) ratio test and the IRMS test.

· Testosterone peaks were not identified according to minimum standards in the T/E ratio test. The AAA panel threw out this test.

· Since the AAA hearing, the lab has admitted that it no Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or validation study for peak identification in the IRMS test.

My involvement has been pro bono. The book is free. The source documents are also available on my website.
There are more than 700 references, 200 figures, and 50 tables in the book.
Again, you can download the book at no charge from:


Best wishes,|

arnie@arniebakercycling.com (Arnie Baker, MD)
Bicycle Racing, Coaching, Sports Science, Medicine & Writing
The Argo Clinic
1820 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

619 295-3024
(voice) 949 259-0463 (fax)
website: arniebakercycling.com



saw this shirt the other night
it amused me
especially since I had just watched The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

t-shirt found here

I will have to add mention of Josh's Cycling Forum Later

more shots of the High Wheeler

A High Wheeler Trip Around the World?


The Car Commuter Challenge!

The Car Commuter Challenge!

the way that people drive is absurd
they sacrifice safety for high speed
never realizing it is efficiency that makes for fast arrival times
not erratic maximum speeds with panic stops

people need to factor in the WORST CASE SCENARIO
people need to weigh the Benefits Versus the Costs

here is The Car Commuter

Mr. or Mrs. Car Driver time yourself going to work for the next three weeks

on WEEK ONE drive as you would normally
do all the obnoxious and aggressive things that you would do normally

but try not to kill anyone
time yourself door to door
be sure that you start and stop the clock at the same time each day
to make things more easy use the car clock and time things from start of engine to stop of engine
mark this information on a pad of paper stored in the car

do this each day of the week

drive the speed limit

the general rule is the speed limit is 25 MPH on roads unless marked otherwise
I know... this seems a tad absurd
and well... it may be difficult

it will feel very unnatural
your actions may anger the cars around you
but this is a test... you are doing this in the name of science

time yourself with
the same method as the week before
watch the speedometer
if you do not know which dial on the dashboard measures speed check your owner's manual
you will need to
differentiate between the tachometer and the speedometer to get an accurate measure

drive a rational speed!
avoid gunning it from the start
try not to open it up
try to put the NASCAR fantasy out of your head
you are not Lightning McQueen

again watch the speedometer
in the city and in residential areas never exceed 35MPH...
drive down residential streets how you wish people to drive past your house
yield to pedestrians with the same respect that you would like car drivers to grant you when you are on foot
anticipate the world around you
make safe and courteous passes
decrease speed when approaching people outside of their cars

know where pedestrians gather

know where the bike path crosses the street
know where there are schools and daycare centers where families will be trying to cross the street
each day time the trip from start of engine to stop of engine

breathe easy as you check your results

at the end of The Car Commute Challenge average your numbers and compare your results
the differences are more than likely going to be negligible
witness that you felt better on the days you drove with less haste

there is the chance that you saved a few minutes by rushing blindly through that yellow light and dangerously pushing the red
but... is that time saved really worth it
the potential accident
the crashed car or the lost life... is it really worth it?

I own a car... I drive it
there are times when I have to squeeze in dropping the kids off at school along with walking the dog and then getting to work on time

it takes a conscious effort to drive in a civilized fashion
but it is possible
we are human beings... allegedly we are civilized animals

I bet you will arrive at your destination feeling
better if you do not get caught up in all the road rage
slowing things down... breathing... acting in a courteous manner


the pieces of the puzzle

blocks away
minutes apart

different sides of the street

a good place to fuel up...

what was that forum? VELOCIPEDE?

what was that forum?

A High Wheeler Trip Around the World: A Modern Day Phineas Fogg?

A High Wheeler Trip Around the World: A Modern Day Phineas Fogg?


NOTE: when riding a bicycle there is a measure of courtesy that revolves in our brains
we give more space and decrease speed for different types of people
old people are given more space and passed with less speed
women and children/pregnant women are also given greater courtesy
small children and pets are passed with caution and anticipation
always expecting the unexpected
runners and other cyclists are passed with respect
people with headphones and cell phones are ignored just as they are ignoring the world around them

the bicycle culture is as diverse as the machines themselves