more bike lanes and more cycletracks

Rockburn Pump Track OPEN and in the news

people suck.

Push Bikes.

life can be cruel... it is important for people to be kind

Occupy Bike to Work Day!

Chris Soda could still use your help...

bikes bikes and more bikes on the streets of DC

Marc in Dupont... this machine has some long strong miles on it

National Puppy Day... I missed it... I live it!

today should be a good day in the park

Capital Bike Share Bikes are EVERYWHERE in DC!

so many bikes getting a second life


another set of old shots...

Arganica Farm Club

Madonna... blogging about Madonna

I did not go to the show

can you help with a caption for this image?

bikes and tattoos

a few more shots from the Tim Johnson ride to The National Bike Summit to raise awareness of cycling

I went to High School with the author...

Bike Share and Bike Bells

art or vandalism...



still on the bike...

sometimes I need to view the blog to see what I already posted

not a bad plan... get your message out before you get on the road

so many photos.... I never post them all

the sign... so anti-bike

Road Holland has a Bicycle Photo Contest

bike riding anarchist.