the bicycle messenger

the bicycle messenger
the life of the bike messenger
the day of the bicycle messenger

getting paid to ride a bike
getting paid to deliver packages while riding a bike to get from point A to point B

messenger work... maybe the dream job for every cyclist
but just as the mailman contends with the snow, rain, etc. so does the bicycle messenger

then add in traffic and all the hassles of building security in this post 9-11 world

with signing in and waiting for people to come outside the building and all that other stuff
I wonder what fraction of the day the bicycle messenger is really on the bike?

it would be interesting to run a stop watch on the day of a few messengers
time how much time is spent waiting between jobs
how much time is spent in elevators
and then
how much time is spent on the bikes

it would be cool to get a measure of the miles as well
some definitely ride more miles than others

A better shot of this bicycle racing messenger whose name I have forgotten