speaking of the tour de fat...

Sock it to Em JB!

YES!!!!!!!' Victory @Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic!! My 12 th US stage race win and no doubt the hardest and deepest field in North America.
Feels great to bring the big win home to my team Team Sho-AirCannondale Bicycles
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just one of the many selfie attempts in the reflection of someone's sunglasses at the Tour de Fat in Washington DC

I am not sure what Ryan's title is... but Ryan is a local New Belgium employee
not a beer distributor
but something more to do with the relations
oh... I don't know

but New Belgium is sponsoring all sorts of MORE events
including tomorrow's NOVA Epic

Who won the Slow Ride at the Tour de Fat in Washington DC?

that is Coleman... one of the New Belgium carnies 
Coleman is tuning up the belt
getting the bells ringing
carnies are known to be tinkerers

the belt could use a tinkerer's touch

this year I was invited by New Belgium to design\build the Slow Ride belt for the Tour de Fat in Washington DC
I accepted the invitation with glee
as I fancy myself to be moderately craft but lack the deadlines to cause me to be productive

well... here was an excuse

after an email exchange a package arrived on my from doorstep from Fort Collins Colorado
Colemen had sent me the weight belt that would work as the template for the prize fighteresque Slow Ride belt

in Coleman's email were some attached images
some of my immediate ideas were obvious and already used
and I thought I could go one better
so I gave it some thought

when the belt arrived I started to toss pieces of the puzzle into the box
I collected as much New Belgium swag as I could
a number of ideas were in the forefront
the one idea that I had stuck in my head was to have brake levers on handlebars where the levers would activate the ringing of two New Belgium bells

then there was the idea of creating the DC Flag with some small metal New Belgium flat tire kit containers and then two New Belgium velcro leg bands that each read Ride More Drive Less
displayed such that they would work as a the Stars and Bars of the DC Flag

those pieces of the DC flag attacked with long screws drilled through the belt and attached with a number nuts... so the pieces are not flush with the belt
but raised.... I am not sure why
I guess just because

I tried to collect some stickers\buttons whatever from the advocacy groups that were involved in volunteering and running various aspects of the event
two WABA stickers where the grips would be
one of the WABA stickers reading "I ride a bike because I am Awesome"
a nifty pin from Phoenix Bikes
an Avery printer label from FABB
a MORE logo sticker and then the word MORE from a MORE logo sticker on the cowbell

it was all coming together pretty nicely

I had a New Belgium neoprene coozie that I was going to attach like a holster but decided to use Scrabble letters to spell SLOW RIDE WASHINGTON DC on one side
while the advocacy group stickers took up the other side

oh yes... and there was a New Belgium bottle opener on one of those retractable key chain\work id thing-a-ma-bob
with the exterior adorned by a New Belgium reflector

I think it turned out pretty cool

so... anyone have a photo of the person being awarded the Slow Ride belt in Washington DC at the 2014 Tour de Fat?

not from the tour de fat... from the day before the tour de fat... during the set up for the tour de fat

this beer bike is a new addition this year...
the trademark camera from the Snapshot Wheat can has me thinking that this is a Snapshot only experience
which is fine... because I dig Snapshot

very cool addition to the tour de fat
the mobile sales are a great random offset to the standard beer lines

very cool.... great little work bike


the NOVA EPIC is this weekend...

Less than 24 hrs to help MORE score $3,000! We’re only a bunny hop away from snagging the $3,000 donation for hitting 300 post ride party participants at the NoVA Epic! Your registration may be the one that scores the $3,000 for MORE, so register now as time’s running out! The NoVA Epic’s online registration is only open till 11:45 pm today, and you don't want to miss the event that everyone's going to be talking about!
Already signed up to ride but want to help MORE snag t...
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Three rides in the trails of Fairfax County, VA.June 1, 2014Rain Date: June 15Location: Lake Fairfax Park, 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr, Reston, VA 20190Kid'sRide5miles1 ParkStart: 1 pm Actual Mileage: 4.5Total elevation: 1,000...
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141 people reached

Bait Bikes...

Have you heard of the bait bikes program in San Francisco? SFPD equips bikes with GPS, locks them up, and waits until they are stolen. Then they follow the GPS signal to catch the bike thief.
Now someone is arguing the program is "unfair" because it uses bikes that are so expensive that the thieves can be charged with felonies.
A felony for stealing a bike? I should hope so. Remember, these people are breaking locks to steal these bikes. Some people think death penalty i...
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San Francisco police are getting high praise for their "bait bikes" — the GPS-tracked bicycles they’ve been laying out across the city to lure thieves, who are then pounced upon. The New York Times this week picked up on the story and posted a video...
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searching for results and I got sidetracked...

wow... that seems like a lifetime ago
I can not recall my sons being so young

there was no x-games... they did it all for love of the sport

en moment! I remember watching 2 people drop from each side and colliding with each other with serious bone broking injuries then seeing their best friends drop in right next to the bodies on the flat and continue the snake session till 6 am, mother fuckers!!!! There was no time even any time to call the paramedics in, the bodies just got scraped off the flat and onto the deck areas. This was the code of the Crest!!!
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