just one of the many selfie attempts in the reflection of someone's sunglasses at the Tour de Fat in Washington DC

Who won the Slow Ride at the Tour de Fat in Washington DC?

not from the tour de fat... from the day before the tour de fat... during the set up for the tour de fat

the NOVA EPIC is this weekend...

Bait Bikes...

makes sense... does not make things easier

morning noon and night...

Richard Jaeggi... I never knew him... I never heard of him... until now... but now is too late

Beijing Bicycle... a Chinese film about bicycle messengers in China

searching for results and I got sidetracked...

there was no x-games... they did it all for love of the sport

New Belgium Slow Ride Belt for DC Done!

Last Call Out for VOLUNTEERS FOR BIKE VALET at the Tour de Fat in DC this weekend... I need a handful more bodies

I never got a full report... I never got any sort of comparison... I wonder... How was the Diamond Derby?

I need to go back to this bridge...

Mount Pleasant Group House Resident... traveling by bicycle

classic shot of the Dingo...

when riding your bicycle... carry the basic tools, a spare tube\patch kit, and a mini pump


yes, Accept-Don't Ask Why-Move On

Bill Nye Echoing my sentiments... not just on science and climate change, but on having your camera ready when you go to take the picture