this is a tangent that some could get lost in


an interesting list
that book punk love had my thoughts wandering in this direction
this myspace friends list starts off interesting to me
then fades
well... remains interesting in showing me that the timeline has not stopped
the evolution continues

I bet it is sort of funny for some of the people who were involved in all of this history
to have people still talking about who they were or what they did in high school
no... the wiki page is not a&e biography
which makes it even a tad more odd

that friend's list is good for a quick way to listen to stuff rather than digging up the vinyl

and for the sports fans... here is a sport fan


government issue... joy ride?

government issue

I am not sure of the true history
but in my mind there was no band that existed with so many incarnations

well... no matter who was in the band
it was government issue
as long as there was john stabb
as john stabb was government issue

for a while there in my late teens I remember the shows around town
for a while there is seemed like iron cross and government issue were the house bands

joy ride was an amazing album
but after hearing some of the songs on the government issue myspace page
well... I recall that there was interest in the other eras of government issue as well

GI myspace
always love the base on Iron Cross' crucified
that song always got me pumped

iron cross and soa tapped into some adolescent male energy
in the same way that black flag could
I need a turntable
or I need to get damaged on cd

the Wiki pages get into it
who decides if the write up is suitable?

I may even have joy ride on cd
not many of these started as vinyl and were then also purchased on cd
minor threat
rites of spring
bad brains
to name a few
government issue joy ride was definitely in that list that continues

I am not even sure where all my cds are at this point
I think that cds may be next to be cleared from the basement
not the vinyl... that stays

washington city paper

washington city paper article about half smokes

kc of if chicks had me thinking of this half smoke article

the city paper needs to publish a book of best of
some sort of washington city paper top ten

I could do to read the tale of Featherhead again
and well... I am not sure if I can recall reading the Cool Disco Dan article

I think that that YELLOW ARROW company needs to do a tour of the last remaining tags by Cool Disco Dan

that Jim Rapp photograph reminds me that there is supposed to be a photo piece on DC Messengers in this month's Washingtonian Magazine
maybe just in print
no on the web
will have to check the news stand tomorrow






i need more yoga


santiago cucullu

santi's recent work

swamper rolls up...

swamper rolls up

swampy does not get the blog thing
not everybody gets the blog thing

coach and his trailer

coach and his trailer
without cargo he is pulling roughly 70 pounds
no wonder he moves so fast on the single speed
he is used to plowing the fields on his bicycle

ron green rolls over to say hello

not my thing... but interesting and worth sharing

pimp that bike... a story on the torontoist

the torontoist

after reading this I chased down more information from Tino at Martino's Bike Lane Diary

a drum cigarette in between runs


endo board for kids?

endo board for kids?

as much as I want to buy one of these
I can not justify the cost
guess I will seek out a used one

the boys spent a good amount of time last night and tonight on what grantman was calling the nintendo board

although dean is not yet able to balance things
his efforts are improving
it is my impression that an endo board more his scale would make things more approachable

endo boards...

back from the mountains

a few movies... must see classic movies...

le retour de martin guerre

my life as a dog

the river's edge



that is no top five
that is not a list I carry around in my head
those are just a few movies that I recall enjoying over and over again when I was younger

ethnography of work

the bicycle shop is an interesting work place
the bicycle shop blows away the concept of clerks for the revolving door of characters
especially the urban bicycle shop

sociological written work
or comedy
the bicycle shop has so much potential

these are more shots of nothing
but senfield was a show about nothing
people watched that show about nothing for years

city bikes adams morgan

kids do the cutest thing...

tonight the boys were wild...

I did not have to be a detective to see that the boys had eaten some candy
they ate some candy like whinnie the pooh ate some honey

the boys were nothing short of wild...

after dinner the boys were running around acting wild
thinking I was swift I sent the boys upstairs to find a good spot for the new Star Wars Wall Hanging that I created
the boys went upstairs
there was the standard sound of romping and toys crashing

lisa and enjoyed what is the closest thing to silence in the house when the boys are around
we chatted as we cleaned up after dinner
then things got silent
not quite silent... but suspiciously quiet
we could hear them... so we knew that they were both still alive
I told lisa I would head up after I grabbed something from the basement

I dipped into the basement and found a little replacement nub that goes on the built in mouse on the beater laptop I use while I blog and watch tv
the same laptop that I am comfortable leaving with the kids to watch videos or play internet games
when I came up the stairs with great pride of finding this needle in the haystack
a piece of junk found the vast expanse of junk
proving that it is important not to throw everything away
as you just may need it

I met up with the boys in the kitchen
the kids looked gleeful
but I assumed it had something to do with the blankets they were using as capes

I told the boys that we should head upstairs so that they can show me the spot they had selected for the star Wars Wall Hanging
they agreed
but first they wanted to show me something
they were excited
I wanted to be a good dad and see what they wanted to share
was it a couch cushion fort?
was it a lego castle?
had they built a thomas the train track around a lincoln log castle?

I followed behind letting their excitment aid in my curiousity
we walked into the play room with the television
they presented their master piece
beside my laptop were over 26 little tiles
dean and grant had removed all the keys from my laptop's keyboard
in my hand I still held the little rubber nub for the built in mouse

as angry as I could have been I just laughed
explained the seriousness of it all
expressing that the computer is like the tv in the respect that it is not to be played with
and that it is to be treated gently
there was mention of their ages and that they must know better
I was firm yet not angry
the irony of the little replacement mouse brought the humor to an ultimate level

as I finished my fatherly lecture grant reminded me with a point that I still had my "work laptop"
he was proud
even still knowing he had broken my laptop

it has been almost a year since the last time grant took the keys off a laptop keyboard
thought he had outgrown such attempts at humor

have not started that joke of an effort to replace the keys
a process that would most certainly take a long time
in the end leaving me with missing keys and dead keys

before the Internet... there were flyers

more projects stemming from the effort to clean up the basement

in the basement my wife had a box of maps and flyers

this box had been dragged around for the last ten years
it was time to either use it or lose it

as cool as these flyers may be for memoribilia
they were just hidding in a cardboard box among many cardboard boxes in the basement

I went through the collection and tried to put together something interesting to the eye

highlighting some of the names of the day
and some of the major events that we attended

funny to think that this old couple used to like to go out and dance
we still dance from time to time
but it is in the living room with our kids
lisa dances
I watch and listen

originally I had intended upon attempting a discussion about the use of flyers
a pre-Internet form of communication
as the punk scene and the early stages of the rave were really a combination of word of mouth and flyers
I got sidetracked


one of a kind wall hanging for the kids room

created some one of a kind wall hanging for the boys' room

in the effort to clean some stuff up in the basement I am either using stuff or tossing stuff
in some cases I am completeing projects
whie in other cases I am scrapping projects

in the mess which is the basement there were an assortment of cardboard packages that were part of a big toy score from a friend of a friend
a woman that works with my wife gave us her son's old action figures and legos
this kid had some serious action figures and some serious legos
major score

within this score there was an assortment of cardboard packages
not saved after being neatly open
but saved just the same
some torn
almost all well worn
but somehow I felt it would be a waste to throw this stuff away

convinced that eventually I was going to do something with this stuff

so... the time came
it was either time to do something with that stuff
that something could be trashing that stuff
or assembling something with that stuff

I used a piece of framed art that I had purchased for five bucks from a yard sale and got to work

one night I cut out the images I wanted
then I played with the parts like I was building a puzzle

ended up using some Star Wars Lego instruction as the background to the informative Star Wars packages

it is sort of a Star Wars Where's Waldo

complete chaos
perfect for the kids to explore

pleased with how it turned out
the kids were stoked to pick out a piece of wall for the Star Wars Crap Wall Hanging!

tar's bike... no tar

during a brisk lunchtime stroll with the camera I zeroed in on this bike from the distance
spotted the locked bike from the center of the circle
walked across dupont as I chatted on the cell with cargo mike
trying to get someone to aid in motivating me to ride my bike on some dirt

thought that as I approached the bike tar would launch out of the bookstore and into the streets
but the timing did not work like that
it was cold
had not picked up lunch yet
so I continued looping back towards the office

grabbed some singapore noodle from the cheapie chinese joint

fort knox five... give it a listen

the other night my mom watched the kids
that was the day of the curry feast

good stuff

we had our friends rob and vida over for a cozy evening of catching up
during that night there were all sorts of topics covered
as rob and vida are creative and interesting people the topics can go all over the place
always entertaining always flowing

durning the course of the night rob was kind enough to show me his latest design project for their march release
rob and vida are both designers
at one point in time I was thinking I wanted to be a designer
these guys mentored me on a number of projects

it is amazing to see the detail that rob goes into some of his creations

fort knox five at myspace

some other rob creations on the esl site
the warning shots video has some very similar detail to the play with money

jason farrell and I were friends some years ago
he too was multi-talented
much like rob
a shameful jack of all trades
master of some
and I mean master
as these gentlemen can both write songs, play guitar, get artsy on and off the computer
and both very athletic
each the type of guy you would hate
if they both were not such nice people

not to bring it all full circle to the previous drunken posts
but both these guys spent time swinging their axes on the dischord scene
you do the math
you fill in the blank
I am sick of connecting the dots

folk music

there is this friend
his music is here at ordinary childhood
this friend showed me through his music that rap and hip hop are nothing more than modern folk music

johnny cash sang songs from the perspective of someone who had lied, cheated, stolen, or killed
johnny cash was not telling stories of his experience
these were folk tales
stories of a person who may or may not have existed

u2 and rem are amazing bands with fantastic folkish beginnings

then again I am a sucker for carol king and james taylor

pedestrian survey

District of Columbia Pedestrian Master Plan

there is a survey on this page
it may be worth taking
it may be worth mentioning the bicycle

when planning for the pedestrian they need to factor in the bicycle and its similarities
when planning for the car they need to factor in the bicycle and its similarities

my fear
you get an equestrian in there
and all they see is horses

a photo of nothing is a photo something

a photo of nothing is a photo of something
certainly there are those that would say that this photo of something is a photo of nothing

well... today it looks like nothing
a bike shop
some people at work

well... times will change and people will age and change
the shop will change
the world will change
this image will be a photo of a different time
a time that is clearly different than times past
a time that may well be different than times to come

personally... I fear change
as I see most of the change around us is not for the better

that shot was taken after a refreshing yoga class at city bikes in adams morgan
some employees doing their bike shop thing
and yes... that is eric of waba

punk love

punk love
a photo book from the early days of the dc hardcore scene

if you look into the mirror you will see the photographer; susie j horgan

I have never seen the Dance of Days book

I am sure there are people wondering why people are still talking about this stuff

dc and the original fifty...

the topic of dc history intrigues me
all sorts of aspects of dc history intrigue me
not so much the political history as much as the local history

the development of the neighborhoods
the design and growth of the city
from its creation to the present time

the architecture and the people around me expand my interest
the music history of the district not only intrigues me but also gives me pride

the musical history of washington dc is more of a spectrum with a blend than a timeline that can easily be drawn

there is some thought about the dc hardcore scene and the original fifty kids in the dc hardcore scene
the movie american hardcore fueled some of these thoughts along with that yellow arrow tour
and the sites and sounds I encounter around the city each and every day

I am excited about the release of american hardcore on dvd
that film may be enough energy for one of my three or four rides on the trainer indoor this winter

the history of the music intrigues me
partially becaused I experienced some of it first hand as a kid in the crowd
and partially because...
okay... what I said the first time

but it is a difficult thing to tell the history
as DC Hardcore did not really spawn from nothing
as DC was a musical town
there were places and venues where these people were able to play
these young kids opened for older people in other local acts

this is part of the spectrum

I am not writing a history paper
I am not drawing a timeline
I am just throwing out the idea that this all occurred as a spectrum of events
blending and blurring
the story is always told with great clarity
but it is all never that simple
george washington did not chop down the cherry tree
but yes
the chicken did cross the road safety pinned to the punk rocker who was told by ian mackaye to cross the road

ian did not tell anyone to do anything
he just shared his ideas
some people just took it as the instruction manual
which is fine
but maybe not his intention
or was it

I still want the all Ian documentary
but... I fear it would be heavy on the henry
sure they were/are best friends
sure he tells a great story
but some of these things tend to get heavy on the henry

crazy synergy
what if...
what if they never met?
there meeting and their bond aided in the creation of the other

all part of a spectrum around them

yellow arrow capitol of punk
american hardcore myspace
dischord records

the banned in dc myspace page shows that the spectrum continues
showing that even the timeline has not stopped trying to draw itself
dischord @ myspace

and the yearbook... Banned in DC
it was a well documented experience
thanks to creativity all around

still waiting for DAD IN DC
a revisit to where they are now
take those photos now
take those photos again in 20 years
that is a good photo project for the people iin that circle to consider


bicycle commuter tax incentives proposed in va

this is a no brainer...

just as there should be incentives for driving a hybrid
just as there should be incentives for car pooling
there should be incentives to use public transportation
there should be incentives other than those that are self imposed for people to ride their bikes or walk to work

Swap Meet Next Sunday


larger location

sold out again

should be a good collection of cycling junk


the significance of who this person was is not what is important

my question is whether or not the "accident" could have been avoided

story on cnn


excellent showing at the worlds... looks like a photo finish

katie compton kicked ass at the cyclocross worlds in belgium


looks like a photo finish
not bad
not bad at all!

I am sure she went into it trying to win
certainly she shocked the opposition
wonder if she shocked herself?

I wonder how jonathan page did...
wonder if nick bax will be in attendance in the years to come...

good work katie!
that is nothing short of awesome
it sounds like it was an amazing race

not much time on the bike this weekend...

not much time on the bike this weekend...
it is winter
which for a cyclist means "the off season"
even if I avoid the "t" word
during the mountain bike season I do try and ride more and ride more hard
even if what I am not doing is not actually "training"
this is winter... I am taking it easy and focusing on other things
mainly focusing on nothing

yesterday I mixed business with pleasure
with plans for guests over for dinner I had some shopping to do as I was set to play chef
not planning a shop as big as Costco it seemed like the bicycle and the backpack would manage just fine
the menu of the evening was quite simple.... curry
my classic curry goo-lash

already had a few packets of Golden Curry that the wife snagged from my dad's
so, there was no need for a stop in Chinatown, although there is a grocery store in Chinatown that very well could have suited my curry cooking needs
no... I decided to do a little repeat of the christmas eve cross town ride
heading over towards the eastern market to get my fresh produce and meats from the various vendors in the historic market on capitol hill

the ride cross town was uneventful
was riding the specialized cross bike as the pink franken fixie still has a cracked frame
considered the single, but did not want to be forced to overspin things to maintain traffic pace
my course was repetitive of so many post work cross town loops
but I took it just the same
as the trip past the federal buildings on Penn. Avenue would allow me to capture a glimpse of the anti-war protests that were taking place on the mall
once again caught without the camera

there were all sorts of cyclists heading to the protest on bicycle
many with great banners and flags with anti-war and anti-oil sloggans
the camera was not on my person
so I kept rolling

once at the eastern market I created the curry concoction in my head
not sure of my guests likes or dislikes I stayed clear of seafood
although a seafood curry may be on my mental menu in the future
had intially considered lamb, but then felt that a conventional chicken curry may be best
but once in the market I reverted to my preffered vendor in the market... the sausage vendor
yes... jokers and hecklers take your simple shots
I have pitched you a slow and simple set up
knock it out of the park
I scanned the various sausages looking for flavors that would match up with the curry flavor

in the end I went to two different vendors who had slightly different selections
the different selection amuses me
as each stand is owned by brothers of the same family
they most certainly go through the same distributors
there were thai chicken sausages, lemon chicken sausages, something and cilantro chicken sausages, and a lamb and pork flavor that matched up well in the mix
with the meat in the bag I focused on the vegetables
simple... a white onion and a red onion... fresh cilantro and fresh basil.... some potatoes and some carrots... and of course some red and green pepper
passed the two poultry vendors but felt that I had enough meat for the mash
considered some chicken claws for a humorous effect but figured not

with a backpack full of food I made one stop before heading home
stopped by to see an artist friend on the hill to discuss the welding of the frame
welding is not his thing... but he dabbles in many medias
and... most importantly he has the tools for welding
he felt confident that he could tag things back in place
although it is me riding the bike not him...
while there I looked at some art and tried to get him to give me some stuff to hang on my walls
the promise of free art was there but I left empty handed

I made that quick cross town ride and started cooking
everything came together nicely
the golden curry mix makes a wonderful gravy sauce
the early afternoon preparation allowed for a few hours of simmer time
there was just enough time to soften up the carrots and potatoes

some errands with the boys
a drive to target in northern virginia was an effort to get grantman to fall asleep for an afternoon nap before drop off at grandma's for the evening
no luck...
at Target I was able to stick the list... klennex and the game memory
dean and grant were whisked through the store so quickly that they hardly had time to beg, plead, or whine for a new toy
at the register we ran into a friend and her daughter
rather than catch up there we agreed to meet up at a toddler park up the road in Del Ray

the kids played
grant finally fell asleep on the drive home
dropped the kids off
hosted some friends for dinner
grabbed the kids
everyone went to bed early and slept late

got up this morning and went to a Yoga class
a small semi-private class at City Bikes for people associated with City Bikes...
employees.... team members... and friends
the instructor is a really nice guy who I know from around town
he taught a great class that left my body worked while also being nothing shy of refreshed


cardiff giant

cardiff giant wiki page

iconoclasst has me looking up words all the time

Hate Whent that Happens... PART II

yesterday there were a few offers for assistance for fixing my rear wheel
a few comments on the blog
an email
and a phone call

thanks to all who offered assistance
after looking at things more closely it seemed as if there was no damage to the rim
the spoke was in tact
all I would need would to replace the nipple and true the wheel

at home I have a stand for trueing wheels
and I have nipples
I also have a belly button
so... I felt as if I had all things covered

after an evening of crazy kids I went to the basement as the kids went to sleep
once in the basement I fired up the iPod and put the fixie in the stand
went through the simple process of removing the wheel from the bike, the tire and tube from the rim, then the rim tape was peeled away
a replacement nipple was not hard to find and put in place
in no time at all I was on a stool spinning the wheel in the stand

ouch... ugly
the brakeless wheel can step out of true un-noticed
there were far more hops then what was created by the popping of that spoke from the rim
in my less than skilled way I tried to lessen the hops
working for a personal best rather than perfection
as perfection is beyond my scope

not sure who built this wheel but they did one heck of a job
but... the tension is super tight
maybe too tight
as there is not much room for correction
not far into my repair another nipple fails
another spoke pops free from the rim

no worries
I repeat the process
pull the tire and tube from the rim
yes, I should have trued the wheel without replacing the tire and the tube
so I had to remove the tire and tube, then peel back the rim tape
replaced another nipple and put the wheel back into the trueing stand

after a little time and a little frustration I was finished with my personal best
my personal best may not be as good as best possible

and most certainly is a bit shy of perfect
but this is a beater and there are no brakes to hit the rim
so the slight imperfections here and there are no real worries

I returned the tire and tube to the rim after replacing the rim tape
pumped things up to maximum capacity
replaced the wheel to the bike
and locked things down tight
a little lube on the chain and I was done with my quick fix

went upstairs to the television and the blog feeling like a regular mechanic

the morning came as mornings do
the boys were wild as usual
their pre-school attention was on Star Wars figures

not on getting dressed
not on eating breakfast
there were battles filled with more whinning than light sabers
each of them had characters that the other wanted
lisa and I did that over assisted parenting that we know we should not do
but anything to stop the screaming
the boys were eventually dressed
more deals
more promises

breakfast was made little was eaten

finally I was out the door walking the dog in the brutal cold
drinking my second cup of coffee
a cup of coffee that was hot when I stepped outside the house
was cold by the time I finished crossing the street
it was that short pre-work walk in the woods
maybe 15 maybe 20 minutes
strickly maintenance
enough time for the dog to pee, poop, and chase a squirrel

back in the house
down to the basement
layered up for my short ride
once dressed I felt that I should have just thrown on the snowboard pants and some hiking boots and taken the old mountain bike with flat pedals
the quick commuter option
but I wanted to get on that rear wheel so that the spokes could settle and I could try and set things straight in the afternoon

before I stepped on the bike in the alley behind my house I noticed something
I looked in closer
sure enough
with a slight pull on the rear triangle up where the welds meet the seat tube not far from the seat post itself there was a gap
the weld had cracked
it was a small weld on an old bike
not sure when this break occurred
but from the looks of the chipped paint it did not happen as I walked the bike up from the basement

already being late I figured it would be best to just deal with things and pedal in slowly to work

as I rode the bike I tried to feel if there was additional flex
glanced back to see if the gap open and closed as I rode
then I started to think through that long list of "what if..."s
I slowed my already slow pace some more

as that one what if that other weld on the other side were to break as well
what if the brake occured while I were being tailgated by a fast moving car or while busting a move through an intersection
what if
what if
what if

what if I just get to work...

at work safe
need to get in touch with an artist friend who knows how to weld
get this thing welded
make things right again

time for work


lame list

I did not make it to number one...

but I did see this

44. Men in helmets
Playing for the Packers? Jumping your bike over the Snake River? If not, let the wind whip through your frickin’ hair already.

I bet maxim magazine was in the top ten lamest things of all time

oh... Utah gets as much base as Colorado gets snow
and well
the riding in Moab makes up for three two beer and no lap dances

by losers for losers

this bike is parked here often

this bike is parked here often
right in front of the mac daddy
that is the daddy mac
mac donald's

the bike is parked there often
never is the bike locked
never before had I seen its owner

at times the homeless are awkard about being photographed
or aggressive about getting money for the pictures
neither here

mentioned that I had taken pictures of him a few days prior
told him where
he asked if it had been where he sings
I said
no.... on his bike
he was rolling past
also told him I was happy to get a second chance to photo him as the first set of shots had not turned out

snapped these as I rolled into work

these guys are storing information and taking in all sorts of variables

it is funny
there is a bit going on
there is all this activity on the two way
there is text messaging
there are all sorts of variables
the variable pick ups and drop offs listed in their heads
the variable movement on the streets around them
speeding cars
oblivious pedestrians
the crater size pothole
all sorts of variables spinning in their heads

so far... so good

so far... so good

the new BLOGGER is pleasing me
as it is pretty much the same
but beyond that
my archives seem to be working
I will admit
I was not happy that my archives were not working

a few more pictures to post

still some pictures on the camera

this guy was cool

a short exchange with this guy
he was curious why I wanted his picture
but had no hesitation to allow me to snap some shots
we had a laugh when I told him he was my brother on the bike
never was there a request for money

I gave him 70 cents

never under estimate a child

never under estimate a child

it is important to never under estimate a child

sometimes I under estimate my children

my younger son is nearly three
some time ago
maybe when he was twoish we had a discussion about a certain toy
the toy was a Star Wars action figure given to us by some friends
a box of hand me downs
a box of super excellent hand me downs
the action figures were only out done by the Legos

in any case...
grantman and I had a star wars village set up
we were talking about the characters
the story of star wars
the battle of good versus evil and all that good stuff
when we got stuck on the naming of a certain character
grant said sand trooper
I said storm trooper
I was confident and corrective
he held his ground

grantman held his ground
not sure where he is getting his information
but nearly a year after the arguement started I was introduced to the sand trooper
now I see the different
the difference is subtle but obvious
I own grantman an apology

harper stopping to make a pick

harper stopping to make a pick

new blogger...

I am in
thanks for inviting me
now let me see what all the hyped was about

news story...

in this area this would not be a news story
the new casters and the authorities would be blaming the cyclists
while in california they seem to see that the illegal behavior of car drivers makes the streets unsafe to cyclist
news in sf

isreali bike rally to save the dead sea

some hybrids do not excite me...


some hybrids do not excite me

skiiers tend not to care for snowboards
road bikers tend not to care for mountain bikes
heck... sailors tend not to care for windsurfers
and well
this commuter does not care for the electric bike

the fact that this mention talks about rising popularity in holland bums me out
but I will say it makes much more sense than a car or motorcycle for most people's needs
and the styles are pretty sweet
no, I am not just saying that because Ed Beagley is cool.

hate when that happens

this morning on my short commute to work I made the turn
crossing from zip code to zip code
going from mount pleasant to adams morgan I stepped out of the saddle to pick up the pace
just as I was trying to bust a move around a right turning car
I busted a spoke

I hate when that happens

the feeling of popping a spoke has a similar sensation to ripping the seat of your pants
the emotion of strength and confidence is quickly replaced by awkward and insecure

my bottom returned to the saddle and my pace lessened
I played through my day and tried to figure how I or when I could get this spoke replaced

District Hardware at lunch?
District Hardware before they shut down
as District Hardware is being forced out of their space

or... do I head to City Bikes in Adams Morgan after work?
with fresh batteries in the camera I can shoot the photographs I had intended to shoot the other day and I can maybe use their stand to true my wheel

got to work and looked at the spoke...
the spoke tore through at the nipple
not sure if the rim is still in tack to hold a spoke with that eyelet
that would be a bummer
spoke=75 cents
rim=more money than I care to spend on this frankenfixie

another shot from the other night

another shot of kevin from the other night
snapped a few shots as we caught up

as I snapped shots we talked
as we talked we paused so kevin could listen to his radio
static on the radio
the chatter of dispatchers and couriers finishing up their day

last night

yesterday after work I was able to get in just about an hour on the fixie in city traffic
on the fixie I do not play games
there is no desire to put my self into a situation and then try to solve the problem
on the fixie I just try to flow
flow on the flats

so, I worked a basic loop from my office towards georgetown
then doubled back and headed to the hill, capitol hill
the out of town traffic was backed up bumper to bumper
the cross town traffic was thin, yet aggressive... speeding cars passing on my left
plenty of lanes for everyone

I worked the lights with some luck and some rhythm
when I approached Capitol Hill the traffic seemed suspiciously sparse
DC is a strange town where roads are shut down for various reasons all the time
there can be a speeding motorcade approaching at anytime
I tend to give the heads of state some space
no need for me to try and race a train of black SUVs surrounding a long limo with bullet proof glass and flat free tires holding the president
no... I prefer to stay a few streets away
as there is no need to have a conversation with officer friendly about anything

the night prior was the state of the union
the morning of this day streets were closed around dupont circle because of a "suspicious package"
not sure why there were so few cars on Capitol Hill
as I approached the base of the hill my momentum was good but the light was red
there were the standard cruisers at the base of the Hill
I slowed a tad then rolled through the car-less intersection up the hill
keeping momentum hanging to the right
prepared for the cars approaching fast behind me
feeling that the Capitol Hill Police have bigger fish to fry than a guy on the bicycle

raced the cars
split the lanes
kept my momentum and weaved through the streets for a little longer then looped back after a few more urban parks
returned pretty much the route as I had arrived
Mass. Ave can be more direct
but it can also be far more hectic
Penn. Ave has its no man's land center lane
and tends not to be too busy this time of day
other than the double parked cars for drop off and pick up
and the standard idiotic cabbie behavior

finished up the final miles... by miles I mean two
by heading up 16th Street
a street that is seldom car free

tried to keep a flow
tried not to make any enemies
did not try to make any friends
just tried not to get killed

beat the cars at the lights
split the lanes in the queue
took the underpass under the circle
clinched my teeth at the sound of fast approaching cars behind me
took the full lane as I fear letting the car try to squeeze by in the same lane
especially in a lane that is about to end with parked cars ahead

had the camera in my pocket
but was moving too fast and too fluid to stall for any pictures
got home to the family who had just returned from a gathering at my dad's that I was unable to attend due to having to work late

the boys were settled in front of the television with their PJs on watching a bugs bunny cartoon
I took the dog out for a quick stroll just so he could pee
no petzel
no hiking in the moonlight
just maintenance
got back in and tried to tell the boys some stories
dean did not want stories he just wanted to learn about the desert
I rambled on about climate and then plants and animals specific to the desert
both boys had questions and comments and things deviated from cold blooded snakes to the lifecycle of the butterfly
then back to the arid desert

as it was late
I stepped out and the wife subbed in
with lisa saying the final goodnights before bedtime I went downstairs to get something for dinner
as I walked down the stairs my legs felt tight
I wondered if my small gear on the fixie would contribute well to the building of a strong mountain bike season

more cartoons by Andy Singer


kevin in the park

a few shots of kevin with the remaining light of the day

the langster

out with the dog on sunday

out with the dog on sunday...

on sunday afternoon I was torn between riding the bike and walking the dog
after some thought I realized that brutus has not had an epic walk in some time
as much as I need to ride the bike
brutus needs to get some serious exercise
brutus just like me is more stable after he has had some serious exercise
so I left the bike in the basement and leashed up the dog

just as we headed out the door snow started to fall
this caused me to turn around and head back into the house
then I directed the boy's attention to the window

at the sight of snow we were all on the back deck playing in the first sign of winter

after some time in the backyard with the family I ducked away with the dog
took a hike onto the Roosevelt trail in Rock Creek Park
brutus was in his glory
but... honestly
as much fun as he was having
he was having far less fun as he had had on each snow filled hike in the years prior
as this hike was without his brother roscoe

the absence of roscoe changes the dynamics across the board
the mischief decreases
the energy level decreases
the number of miles decrease
the amount of fun decreases

previously when I hike the dogs covered several miles for each mile of mine
now that brutus no longer has roscoe
brutus hikes with me
bringing his mileage significantly down

it was a great hike
good to get out into the woods
no cell phone
no ipod
no blackberry
just the sound of city off in the distance
we did a loop that had us out for roughly two hours
covered some miles
we each got to clear our heads

I think it is about time to get another dog...



banff at ngs

banff mountain film festival at the national geographic society in dc
I got my tickets...
you got yours?
you know it is going to sell out
as it sells out every year

bicycles in the news....

in my web searching I get some GOOGLE ALERTS
and I do some basic searching
simply type in some key words
either doing a web search or a news search
the findings tend to be similar each day

with bicycle or cyclist selected I will often get a long string of related stories
the news tends not to be good
all sorts of tales about fatalities and series injuries
not good news... not the news I am looking for... not the stories I am looking to share

these stories have their merit
these stories are important as an ever present reminder of the risks of cycling
there is a recurring theme in these stories
in so many cases the accident involves a car
actually in most every story listed the accident involves a car

so many situations of hit and run
so many accidents that could easily be avoided

this morning there was a Washington Post article about elderly drivers

on the bicycle there can be this Superman Syndrome
a feeling of invincibility
power and confidence
as great as these feelings may be
the human body is frail and fragile
human life needs to be respected
even if that human life is on the bike

cartoon by andy singer