this is a tangent that some could get lost in

government issue... joy ride?

washington city paper


i need more yoga


swamper rolls up...

coach and his trailer

ron green rolls over to say hello

not my thing... but interesting and worth sharing

pimp that bike... a story on the torontoist

a drum cigarette in between runs


endo board for kids?

back from the mountains

a few movies... must see classic movies...

ethnography of work

city bikes adams morgan

kids do the cutest thing...

before the Internet... there were flyers

one of a kind wall hanging for the kids room

tar's bike... no tar

fort knox five... give it a listen

folk music

pedestrian survey

a photo of nothing is a photo something

punk love

dc and the original fifty...


Swap Meet Next Sunday


excellent showing at the worlds... looks like a photo finish

not much time on the bike this weekend...

cardiff giant

Hate Whent that Happens... PART II

lame list

this bike is parked here often

snapped these as I rolled into work

these guys are storing information and taking in all sorts of variables

so far... so good

this guy was cool

never under estimate a child

harper stopping to make a pick

new blogger...

news story...

some hybrids do not excite me...

hate when that happens

another shot from the other night

last night