Not everyday I encounter an origami American Bison...

Cape Henlopen State Park-

Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware

in addition to our trip to Rehoboth Beach I like to make a side trip to Cape Henlopen
better waves and a slightly less commercial style beach
sure I love the boardwalk with its junk stores, food stands, and of course games and Midway
but... I also enjoy the slightly less crowded beach with its dunes

Cape Henlopen has a different vibe than Rehoboth Beach
and at the State Park there are a variety of beaches that offer a slightly different tone

there is the "main" beach with its concession stand and life guards
but... we usually got to Herring Point or "the jetty" 
this is where there is the one "surf spot"  
this is where someone seeking waves should expect the best wave opportunities

although we are not surfers... we do enjoy our lower ranks on the totem pole as boogie boarders
while also enjoying watching the local culture and their skim boards
there is a much larger skim board culture than surf culture
or at least when there are no waves to surf

there are always a cluster of people of young tan kids queued up with their skim boards doing the modern version of skim boarding
they ride the thin glass like shelf of water towards the wave
then the more skilled riders actual ride the wave itself
much like a surfer... only with a different approach and on a different board

there has been some consideration to go from the hotel at Rehoboth to camping at Henlopen... just a thought
there has also been some consideration of camping at Assateague 
maybe continue one visit to Rehoboth and then also a camping trip each summer
as I know I enjoy the shower... the bed... and the gathering around the television for a movie at the end of a long day

surf lessons are definitely going to be part of our beach trip futures...
need to seek out a used modern age skim board and maybe a larger board like "The Beater" that is half boogie board and half surf board

Riot at Huntington Beach CA....

Looters try to steal bikes from a bicycle shop in Huntington Beach California during some "riots\protests"

Creature of habit... Actions morph into traditions

the beach has become a summer tradition for us...
we usually stay at the same place
we usually go to the same places
our "creature of habit" actions have become our traditions


Rehoboth Beach!
we usually stay at Brighton Suites
great proximity to the beach, Funland, and the main strip
then we normally eat at the same places... THRASHER'S FRIES... Nicola's for a Nico-Boli... Claws for Crabs
then of course... Gidget's Gadgets and The Kite Store for toy purchases

there are some other actions and events
lots of pinball... crane games... and other money sucking adventures
all along with lots of beach time
lots of time in the water

lots and lots of time in the water

my rule for me... my rule for my kids... you do what you want to do for you or your kids

No Helmet... No Bikes
it is a simple rule
a rule from the start
a rule for things now

No Helmet... No Bikes

Nerf Guns got a similar rule
No Goggles... No Gun

I guess when they get older..
No Glove... No Love
but they may be a little young for that

no catchy phrase for this one... but already started telling them
Driver has been Drinking? Don't get in the car

Kid Bicycle Accidents on the Rise... many without helments


I like coffee... I am dependent upon it... But there are also times where I enjoy it

Crabby Crabby Crabby

It is true.. I can be crabby

Which is odd
Because crabs make me happy

An American Classic!


The backyard swimming pool... 
In this case... the back yard whirlnpool!

I grew up with this as a major part of my summer experience
my grandfather would put together a lesser version of this for me, my siblings, and my cousins 
this was a big part of our summer visits when the grandparents were still in suburban Illinois 
before they became "snowbirds" and eventually Florida transplants

lots of great memories with the cousins playing in that flimsy back yard pool in its various incarnations
this backyard pool is something that has evolved into something a little more stable and a lot less flimsy than the structure that we would play in

yes... the temporary backyard swimming pool and the slip and slide are great little samples of American Culture
the great thing... the better these things are built... the more use that the families get out of them
and less time before they start taking up space in the landfill 


the saddle on your road bike is broken.
do not try to ride this bike.

Back from a long weekend... Back from a short vacation


here is an explanation...

what is better than riding downhill on a cobblestone road...

a vibrating bicycle seat?

this is a cool shot of a protest with the Madonna of the Trails in the background...

Mention of Madonna on the Gwadzilla Page

another shot of the Capital Crescent Trail in its previous life...

Sunshine House and Bethesda Surf Shop...

Finigan and Roberts!

Bethesda Surf Shop
and of course
a brief history here

man's intervention... even with our best intentions...

it has been years since I participated in the event known as the Shenandoah Mountain 100


I love animals... I love nature
in that... I love to interact with animals and nature
it is always catch and release
be that a fish.... a snake... a toad I confuse for a frog... of a salamander
that is a salamander?

last weekend I did the "casual ride" at the MORE picnic
although it is more within my nature to seek out being the "slow rider in a fast group" rather than being "the fast rider in a slow group"
I rode the casual ride so that I could hang with my nine year old son Grant

Jason Berry... quite the storyteller!

above image by Joe Foley of Joe Foley Photography

Jason Berry telling a story with props

just loaned a person at work a copy of Chasing Legends
which had me glance at this archive which brought these images to surface

Lincoln... URBAN LEGEND? I think not

two stories I like to share about the Lincoln Memorial...
both of which the National Park Service dispel as Urban Myths

The Lincoln sculpture at the Lincoln Memorial is signing A and L with his hands for Abe Lincoln in ASL: American Sign Language
Urban Myth? I think not! after all... Lincoln did sign the charter to form Gallaudet University

and also...
the sculptor, Daniel Chester French was inspired by the notion of ASL after completing his sculpture of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 
French also designed the fountain at Dupont Circle!

a side note...
in college I played varsity soccer at St. Mary's College of Maryland... Division III

for some reason we would play Gallaudet twice each season
which made us somewhat rivals
this worked for me... as I was a very physical player
and the players of Gallaudet were also very physical
friends and enemies made in those contests


can you believe all the DC Bike Party Photos?

these ladies are definitely making the party more fun!
actually... I think that these ladies make the planet more fun

bikes. bikes. bikes.
more bikes at the bike party each and every bike party.

this kid was born the year I graduated from college
which makes me old
as he is not actually a "kid"

is it really "work" riding with the DC Bike Party?
they should have clocked out instead of getting over time for this evening

words here about the person on the bike

Eric also adds to the fun... although he is not as pretty as the people he brings to the party
he always adds to the fun
always... good to see Eric at the DC Bike Parties


so many great nights at Tracks
most of them on Thursdays

volleyball on sand courts....
three dollar pitchers of rather gross beer... free popcorn!

more dancing on a second alternate dance floor
one dj spinning dance the other spinning "alternative"
pinball... yes... pinball

stand up urinals that faced each other

for me
a wholesome good time
just good clean fun
not decadent... maybe a few too many beers from time to time
but really... just fun...
good clean youthful fun

DC Bike Party... more images surfacing from the last DC Bike Party!

Toyota Landcruiser... a car from my past

my old Toyota... that was a fun truck
even without AC
even with a sub standard stereo system
lots of great memories with that machine

scroll through this!


Toyota Landcruiser Commercial

Lindsay and her cute little dog...

fun shot... hope you do not mind my sharing
time for me to walk my dog
actually... time to grab a sixer and I will bring my dog with me

this is funny...

Instagram? heck... I LIKE BLOGGER!

each day I try to share a few interesting things that I see on Instagram
then the more interesting things
I will share that same image on Facebook and maybe Blogger

saw this Origami Bison migrating on the bookshelf
thought it was worth sharing