American Summer Culture on the water... The Beaver Dam Swim Club

The Beaver Dam Swim Club

each and every summer we make a pilgrimage to the Beaver Dam Swim Club
this place is noting short of AWESOME... awesome in its own special way

these times have removed so much of the Tom Sawyer\Huck Finn adventure activities of life
rope swings and cliff jumps are part of my past
but seldom do I see these things as options for my children in this modern world and its excess of controls
so... we go to the Beaver Dam Swim Club where rope swings and cliff jumps are not just allowed... but encouraged and facilitated

the place is a TOTAL SCENE
multiple jumping and diving spots
a variety of floating docks
two massive logs that are roped into place and can be played upon in a variety of ways
all in a quarry that is filled with glorious natural spring water

What is the Beaver Dam Swim Club?

The Beaver Dam Swim Club is an old stone quarry that hit an underground spring and filled with water
that happened long before my time
that history is on their page... no need for me to re-tell something that can be found here

I recommend it... I totally recommend it
some people take it mellow... lounging and grilling
we are in the water pretty much for the full duration of our visit
unless we are waiting in line for the "rope swing" or eating lunch from their snack bar

there are volleyball courts and large grassy areas for activities in addition to swimming
but.. we usually just stick to the quarry
when the kids were younger we would hang in the second pool... not the baby pool... but the pool with the small slide
but now... it is all about the quarry!

as much fun as a day at the beach.
go check it out... I bet it will become part of your summer ritual

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