small town... small culture


fatmarc and his question of the week

the previous post comes full circle


bike paths and california thinking

this made me laugh

this will get you in the holiday spirit

the henry rollins show

racing union

spam master j

I do not agree with mandatory bike registration

this image reminds me of kerry litka

what makes a messenger a messenger?

a bike with character

I have a problem... actually I have many problems

waiting for malcom bmx?

trying to piece it all together


spanish cyclist dies in six day race

fixie not single

a shared laugh over the thanksgiving feast

daily candy

show on thursday

morning before work

the pill for men...

the handcovers are a harbinger of winter

more power and more juice

I wonder how this thing handles

chicago had a song about a day like this...

tcourt has a blog

lunchtime in dupont

short jaunt on the bike

awkward taking a photo without asking


sweet ride... getting points for function and fashion

morning commute

some shots from the pittsburgh zoo

some stretching on the swings before the long drive home

saw cirque du soliel with the kids tonight

when bad meets evil

Nintendo 64

the sun was setting

in the saloon... when bad meets evil