small town... small culture

again the cycle of things goes full circle

ran into chris in dupont
everytime I see chris he makes me realize how I crave the idea of white water kayaking
I crave the dream of kayaking the way others crave surfing
I crave surfing and the surfer lifestyle as well
but I think that kayaking is a more realistic ambition
chris always has some great stories of getting out on the river
I need to get out on the river
but first I need to learn to kayak

chris owns the velvet lounge
a cool little dive that hosts bands on a small stage

ran into a friend in dupont when I was taking these pictures
it was a good breaking point to get me moving closer back to the office

forgot my story

I think it is time to sit back and zone out to the rest of this show on the tube
better yet
I am brushing my teeth than going to bed


there are two cameras that are used in the process

there is an slr like digital camera with a glass lense
that camera looks and act like a classic film camera
or at least it has that potential
I admit
I tend to shoot things on AUTO

these shots were taken with the point and shoot
the point and shoot does the job
but there is a difference
there is a difference in the quality of the image
as well as the usability during the shooting
the point and shoot gets a push of the button
with a slow save
while I can shoot rapid with the larger camera
with no stall waiting to save
that aids in the process

there were some helmet shots taken as well
but I settled on this set

I wonder if she will see the images

I like the slogan on her bike

we are consumers
but we do not need to be hunters and gathers

fatmarc and his question of the week

fatmarc and his people do a little question of the week thing
it is an interesting set of questions each week
these are the questions from this week
this has been going on for some time
the questions are often vague
they are always searching for more questions

the various answers are always as thought provoking and vague as the questions



fatmarc's questions of this week

1. okay repeat James Bond question haters, who was the best batman

2. what is your most comfortable article of clothing?

3. What are your top 3?

4. I believe that arguably Queen/David Bowie's "under pressure" is the
best song ever written. How do you respond to that?

5. Who is/was your role model?

6. how much did you know when you started?

7. community?

the previous post comes full circle

I like things to go full circle
even if I am the only one who gets the joke
even if I am the only one who sees the riddle
no matter what I am entertained

the previous post comes circle with the presentation of this image

welcome to small town america

cargo mike and his cargo bike
I need to get out and do some social riding with cat
we could take it mellow at schaffer and he could show me how to handle a bike

apparently he and max have been bitten by the bug that only comes from combining dirt and fixed gears


in alex's blog there is mention of trim
this morning while rolling into work I snapped a few shots while moving
this was taken just as I cross in front of chief ikes
snapped a few shots before focusing around the double park immediate u-turn madness in front of the safeway

this shot caught what I was looking for

it has been a long time since I have needed a trim
no need for a trip to the salon for this melon
hannah cut my hair a few weeks
before this shot
it was actually pretty dramatic as she took so much off

just bought some fresh clippers
am planning on giving my old set which still work to tommy
or this shot of tommy

bike paths and california thinking

there is an article that talks about the need of a bike lane on one of the bay bridges in this marin paper

jason meggs is a great roll model for leadership of some serious bicycle advocacy
bike the bridge
I know him through some friends growing up
he is ahead of his time
dc could use some of his thoughts
maybe he could come and visit and help people see what needs to be done to be seen

the Woodrow Wilson bridge was built without a bike lane
who is the planner of these projects?

the folks at WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Association are alerting the public the bicycle was left out of a transportation study on The Mall

this made me laugh

this will get you in the holiday spirit

the Nutcracker played on bicycle parts
check it out
give it a listen

by this guy

the henry rollins show

the henry rollins show...

I have yet to see it

and what is Ian Sevonious' show again?

I heard that Henry was on it one time and their personalities clashed


racing union

racing union

I love the idea


can not wait for them to send me a kit and a bike!
I will never have to work again after I sign with these guys

spam master j

if I were a rapper I would be SPAM MASTER J

sent out some emails tonight to plug my blog

sent to EVERYONE in my yahoo account as I was feeling lazy

aftewards I noticed a few emails that may not be interested in this information
removed those emails
then realized there may be a few more
got an email from a member of a list
that list was in that address book
removed that list
then went and removed all sorts of emails
went through and took out ones that I did not recognize or did not think would respond
figured if someone wanted to remain
they could respond
I could add them again

just a little clean up

so awkard

I make these errors all the time
it is not that I am not tech savy
I am just stupid

had a pretty solid ride today
got out a few minutes early
it is still light before 5PM
it makes a huge difference
delt with the darkness for the later parts of the ride

I do not agree with mandatory bike registration

ran into tommy by the safeway
he was waiting to meet someone

tommy gets a kick out of me and my camera
we shoot the shit as I snap a few shots

it took less than a glance to notice that tommy had down graded his ride
had seen him around town on a celeste green bianchi
it turns out that the police confiscated his bike due to its absence of registration

mandatory bike registration is bullshit

several years ago I had a bike stolen
it all happened very fast
was not in the building for ten minutes
when I exited my bike was gone
the bike rack had been disassembled
the bolts were removed
the bars were pulled apart
not by force
the removal of a few nuts and bolts freed my bike which had the U-lock only locking the frame

in a word
or four
or five

no desire to tell the full story
but the police were useless
they were not interested
they had no desire to lend assistance

having registration is only helpful for two reasons
to keep the police from taking your bike
if you happen to recover your bike along with the thief, you can then located a police officer and have them run a check on the registration
you need to locate the bicycle and locate the theif and gather up a police officer
come on...
the police are not going to respond
and well
why would the thief go along with things

a friend of mine found his girlfriend's bike on craig's list
to his credit
and to the credit of the dc police things went sort of okay

the time was set for the purchase of what sounded like a very custom frankenbike
not just unique but old of a certain level of quality
there was some sentimental value as well

I was alerted to the meeting
not knowing if the police were going to show I did a pedal by on my way home from work
sure enough the police were questioning the man with the bike
my friend was staying anonymous and off to the side
I watched from the background
not sure if I can recall the final outcome

I think that there may have been a pawn shop reciept
but that is all pretty bogus
as possession of stolen goods
the purchase on the pawn broker's part is also illegal
someone should take the fall
my guess is my friend had to pay the amount on the pawn reciept
which in itself could have been bogus

the police taking tommy's bike is bogus

hopefully tommy can get a reciept from the man he bought the bike from
that promisary note will be enough to free the bicycle
or so I hope

man that would suck for "the man" to roll up and take my bike
do they take someone's car if they are not registered?

WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Association gives the skinny on how to fight the Mandatory Bike Registration

this image reminds me of kerry litka

this image reminds me of kerry litka
a good reminder to go visit the world of kerry litka

in kerry's world there was mention of MegA
in the Winter Issue of Spokes I plug newenglandcross

that image reminds me of kerry litka
kerry litka reminds me of NPR

kerry cracks me up
you don't get it?


what makes a messenger a messenger?

some of the comments on the images of the messengers has me thinking....

what makes a bicycle messenger a messenger?

do they have to work several years?
do they need to work through several winters?

it is an issue of how much money they make?
does it depend on how skilled they are on the bike?

are those on set wage/guarantee weighed the same as those on commission?

what are the answers?

who decides?


a bike with character

I have a problem... actually I have many problems

I have a problem...
actually I have many problems

one of my many problems is my desire and ablitity to avoid things
it is not uncommon that a piece of mail comes and I opt to ignore it
I do not disgard it
infact it stays front and center
yet I put off opening it
that letter could be a note from my mom, something from the government such as a call to jury duty

this can get awkward
having my mom reference the picture torn out from a magazine that was in the letter is not as bad as a late fee for a bill or worse yet the discovery that I had not opened my not calling me to jury duty... which is the following day
well... I did not get a call to jury duty
my wife did
no... what I am avoiding is the ANC Newsletter for my neighborhood

the ANC rep for my section of the neighborhood is a clever little piece of writing
more misinformation than information
it is more of an opinion than an update
and well
I am avoiding reading things as I saw at a glance that Jack is talking about the bike lanes on my road
he is talking about traffic calming and he is talking about bike lanes

it is all very frustrating
too frustrating to go any further without a drink in my hand
definitely frustrating enough that I would rather zone out to the television than to hear what he thinks is best for the neighborhood and the world

what he fails to see is that I want what is best...
I live here
this block is more part of my perception than his
I park my car on this block
I cross this street with my dogs each day on this block
I also travel across the street with my children on this block
and of course I ride my bike on this block

I also witness a vast number of people travel up and down this hill on their bike
it is not just a major artery for car traffic
it is a major artery for bicycle traffic

I want the bike lanes now
I want the traffic study now
I want people to start figuring out what is best for all
but... I feel that the bike lanes now will aid in those making the study
and those looking on from aside
to see the bicycle presence
and the need to factor in the bicyclist usage of this stretch of roah when trying to redesgin or alter it

waiting for malcom bmx?

trying to piece it all together

man I a spent
so hard to catch up on lost energy

not enough sleep
not enough riding

just not enough time for me to do what I want to do

tonight I was able to squeeze in about an hour 15 on the bike
sure that is not much to the roadie types that are all about centuries and 6 hour spins
but to me it is all about the cumulative experience
lots of little rides
lots of little work outs
some races
and some more rides

got out of work and headed down M Street through Georgetown
before I could get too deep in the bumper to bumper traffic I recalled last night's nightmare on the Mount Vernon trail and figured with my low light set up I was better fighting traffic than risking the head on with the stealth cyclist or the blind runner

so I hung a U-ey and mashed the pedals on my specialized cross bike towards back up Pennsylvania Avenue
the lights were not flowing for me
tough to warm up when the lights are not flowing
but... this is a great way to get a work out for cross
lots of slow and go
trying to get speed in short and fast burst
only to slow and start up again

passed the White House on the carless streets and then turned down 15th in front of the US Treasury
figured I could loop around the Capitol Building and then flow up Mass Ave towards home
once on Independence Avenue things started to work for me
got a good rhythm and was moving faster than traffic
was in what lanes worked for me
so much of the traffic was working the right turn to head towards Virginia so I spent some time in the left hand lane
this did not appeal to some of the car traffic around me
a car with New York tags made an obnoxious pass
I let it go
no reason to start something that can not be finished
just let him think what he is thinking
while I just focused on what I was doing
more passes with that parental shaking of the head

I moved forward

at a Red Light at 3rd and Independence I decide to flow through as it is clear for me
this will send me past the New York tags and all the other disapproving heads
it will also send me rolling in front of two Capitol Hill Police officers who are sitting stalled at the green light
I roll through the red on the curb side all the way to the right
half way down the block I feel the bumper of a car behind me
I drift one lane to the left
out of the left turn lane
allowing the tailgating police officer to make his turn
sensing the second car I slow and stop a the red light for straight traffic even though there is nothing blocking my path
the second police car takes his turn

I paid my respect
with him making his turn I get my momentum forward before my light turns green
figuring that the Capitol Hill Police have bigger fish to fry than some guy on a bike
not to mention my aggravation
as I am not protected when I obey the law
why should I be punished when I disobey the law

with traffic getting the green behind me
I split slow moving traffic leading to the green in front of me
I am in the center lane when I hit the base of the hill
I am no sprinter
I am no climber
I am really not much of a power house
I am racing a Metro Bus to my right
trying to get ahead of him enough to take the right lane
in what seems to be a generous act he does not race me
I break ahead and drift in front of him
trying to keep speed
but not trying to kill myself
assuming that the metro bus will have to stop at any of the stops in front of the Rayburn, Longworth, or Cannon office buildings
as things flatten out I am leading traffic
the light ahead of me is red
the cars getting the green are less of an issue than the pedestrians

I split the mass of pedestrians crossing the street and move down Penn Avenue debating my next turn
with a glance at my watch I see I have a few more minutes before I need to turn around so I keep pushing things south for a few more city blocks
taking the turns with the flow of traffic
the green lights take me looping around Lincoln Park
I consider a few laps on the dirt in the park itself
but feel I do not have enough light to read the roots and whatnot
stick to the street and turn it around the Park then onto Mass Ave headed north

the lights are not entirely there
but I am still flowing forward
some need to slow and go
no real need to stop
some lights are run without hesitation
very little confict
very little communication with the car traffic

I pass a guy on a bike hauling a burley trailer
he looks like a character
I have my camera but do not slow to take a picture

the blocks fly behind me
there is some frustration with speed of traffic around me
a number of cars pass me fast and close
only to have me pass them again
I try not to teach lessons by passing them close
I just try to do my thing

once ahead of them I continue to take the full lane
it is important for me to put myself where is most safe for me
no one is concerned for my health and well being out there but me
no one knows where is safe or how close is safe to pass but me
the cars would pass within the same lane if I allowed them
I do not allow them
they can get there with no change in their arrival time if I take this full lane

I sense a few of the drivers are not pleased with my presence on the road
after a few exchanges of the lead
I leave them behind as I cut the lanes and they get stuck in the queue

I reach the intersection to a clear path and take it
then at the next intersection I take it again
at the next intersection I take the right hand turn
as the option to head straight is not clear
this is fine
the right hand turn takes a hop by the new convention center and puts me back on Mass Avenue
as I take the left turn with the green turn arrow just to the right of a turning car
I try to see if the driver sees me
the passanger looks on at me
I am not sure what he is thinking
I am pretty sure that the driver does not see me
so I am cautious to see if they drift wide on the turn

again I split the lanes to beat traffic to the red light
once the light turns green I race traffic to the next set of what seem to be parked cars
I split the lanes
trying to keep a rational speed
trying always to anticipate the lane changes
trying always to put myself where is most safe for me

knowing that some cars do not care for this action I plot it just the same
I take the tunnel under the traffic circle
as I start to pick up speed to make the light that is about to change I hear one of the straps on my pack slap on the side of a van
I am anxious that this may offend and anger the driver
I let this anxiety give me energy
the fear offers fuel as I imagine that I need to get further forward and away from the white van

the distance grows and changes
this is urban single track
the rear view mirros are various distances appart
some closer than others
some pinching in
the occassional car driver's arm comes close as they go to toss the cigarette
my intention is not to spook anyone
but it happens

I bust a move and take the full lane in front of an old beat up convertible rabbit
it is the sensible thing to do
by this time I am coasting as there is no need to overspin as I drop into the tunnel
on the flat I pedal a few roatations
then sprint my way out of the tunnel only to split more lanes
the curb lane is tight
I am forced on the side walk for half a block
cautious on my reentry to the street

make a few ugly but not entirely dangerous moves as I run a few lights at a traffic circle as I head up 16th Street
the traffic circles tend to be ugly
too many people do not know how to behave in the traffic circles

once on 16th it is more racing the Metro Buses and more cars auditioning for the sequel to the Fast and the Furious
the fast moving cars anger me
they weave in and out accelerating way beyond the speed limit
I am not the only one at risk here
pedestrians are at risk stepping off the sidewalk
other car drivers are at risk as well

I try not to have any confrontations with the car drivers
the flow of traffic is favoring me
I take the full right lane
I have to ride in a fashion that refuses the right of a driver to squeeze by on either side
as they will try to fit through
and well
brushing up against me will not scratch my paint
it will mess me up
so I try to avoid it

a few cars try to make statements with ultra aggressive taking of the lane in front of me as they pass
I try to not the color of the car, the make and model and the tag
so that I can give them space in the future
no need to start a discussion
the car will win that arguement

the blocks flow by
so fast that a glance at the watch has me realizing that i still have a little time before I need to free the babysitter

so I continue on 16th Street North past my neighborhood of Mount Pleasant

once over the bridge past the Woodner I take the to sidewalk
the cars at this point have moved to highway speed
it amazes me that the DC traffic cops allow this
the average speed has to be 45 MPH
there is no way I can mess with that madness
some cars are certainly breaking 50

I work the sidewalk till I pass Carter Baron
then dip into the park
there are no more street lights at this point
a car comes up behind me
I borrow their lights
I do not edge to the side for them to pass
as I am going fast enough
the speed limit is 25MPH
even if I am not going 25.... I am still within the limits of the law

at the base of the hill I roll through one stop sign as it is clear
then stop at the next four way stop
I arrive and stop before the car to my left
yet I let them go
as it is best to let the tie go to car
the car passes
then when I go to take my turn
I watch to see if the next car sees me
of course they do not
they edge foward almost hitting me as I turn in front of them
I moved deliberately slow
as it is better to be a visible obstacle
than to go unseen and get clipped
at the last second he sees me and honks
he gets the finger
how did he not see me?
I am lit up like a Christmas tree

the road from here is a slow steady grade down
it flows nicely
I want to move things into the big ring
but there needs to be an adjustment
nothing that can be done on the fly
so I over spin things

again I take the full lane
the road is has a double yellow line
oncoming traffic makes it tough for following traffic to pass
if I ride to the right cars will try to squeeze past
there is no room to squeeze past
the road near the curb is not well maintained
there are also storm grates

I ride where things are most safe for me
although I may not be going 25 MPH
I am within the legal limits
cars behind me are seeking to speed past
when things straighten out cars make the pass
a few cars get past
then one more
it worries me as another debates
as I am certain that a car would more than likely choose to run me off the road than have a head on collision if they were given the choice
that is why I try to discourage the pass

this is not a long stretch of road
as this is not a long ride
in this short stretch of road a car a few cars back is honking
pushing cars to make the pass
when this car is just two cars back they begin to honk more frequently
it is aggitating
it disrupts things
this could be a beautiful post work ride
yet instead it is an anxious experience

there are chances to pass but maybe risky
the driver immediately behind me does not take the unneccessary risks

as there are no opportunities to pass the cars bet blocked behind me as I get stuck in traffic to take a left up Park Road
the car who had been honking can go around and go straight
yet they decide to honk and give me some lip
asking why I did not move over

I am taken by surprise
I am not prepared for converstation
his line of logic is flawed
not only do I know why I take the full lane instead of hugging the curb
I also know why I did not pull over for a car to pass
as I know that letting one car pass would have all cars thinking that they were clear to pass
not letting me back into the full lane when I needed to
again am not just concerned with traffic flowing behind me
I am also concerned with getting home alive
which is not in their list of concerns
I also know that an irrate driver honking their horn incesently is more likely to have me drift off into a fantasy that I am bruce lee rather than me starting to think that I am ghandi

reminds me of that kid with the red hair...
the one with the patch that read HONKING MAKES ME GO SLOWER
great gwadzilla archive
great eyecandy



back on the streets after a broken leg
the result of being doored


spanish cyclist dies in six day race


spanish cyclist dies in an indoor six day track race


fixie not single

a shared laugh over the thanksgiving feast

just making some small talk about the thanksgiving feast

we had a laugh about how great the food was and how much we each ate

man i love turkey

daily candy

show on thursday

jay steps off the bike and onto the stage this thursday
when Rambling Shadows plays at THE RED AND THE BLACK
1212 H Street NE WDC 20002

Rambling Shadows will be joined by another fast cyclist Zach Brown and his ska band, The Chariots
should be a blast

morning before work

went through the standard dagwood bumstead morning routine
rushing to get the kids dressed so that lisa can get out the door to make drop off in time to get to work on time
it is rough in the mornings
no one wants to get out of bed
no one wants to get dressed
no one wants to eat breakfast
no one wants to put on their shoes
no one wants to go to school

same story everyday

with the family out the door I topped off my coffee, pulled on a jacket, strapped on a hat, leashed up the dog, and headed out the door
had the best intention to rock out a quick hike to allow for a short prework ride
but there was less time than I had factored

once I was dressed and on the bike I only had enough time to get to work with a few minutes to spare
made more sense to just show up early

on the way in I had the camera in my pocket
had turned off the blurred image warning that kept me from shooting more shots on the move the day prior
yet I did not pull the camera out
there was a little game of cat and mouse with a guy on a fixie
we were not working hard
we were not racing
we were both going the same way trying to take the most efficient lines
he was on some kabuki fixie
while i was on my cross bike
the distance to work is too short to try and care about racing someone

I do wonder
I know I broke a little sweat in my cycling garb
did this guy break a sweat in his office gear?

the pill for men...

the pill for men?

Meth Awareness Day: Nov. 30, 2006

Public Image Ltd.

the handcovers are a harbinger of winter

the handcovers are a harbinger of winter
or something like that

personally I think that it will be more than a month before he will need such cold weather protection
but what do I know
I am not out there everyday
not to mention
he may have found it to be more effective and effiecient to work gloveless

a year ago a product designer sent me a downsized version of this sort of hand cover
it was not all encompassing like this motorcycle cover

more power and more juice

kids love trains

dogs love trucks
kids love trains

the thomas the tank engine toys are amazing
the children develop an interest for this toy at a young age
a simple oval for the toddler
then more complex tracks as they develop

the children start by having the tracks built for themselves
then they learn to link thing up on their own
there is of course always some need for some parental architectural mediation/guidance
as bringing the track full circle is not always in a child's master plan

there are two types of engines for these toys
standard and battery operated
the battery operated is a thirty dollar investment
these little engines putter around like the little engine that could
it is my contention that the market could sustain a rechargeable system
not a removal able rechargeable battery
but a docking station where the engine gets charged and ready for duty

more battery life
more power
more juice

if people are paying 30 bucks for this less than dynamic creation
they would most certainly pay 45 for something better

get out there and give us a better mousetrap
I am not looking for the millions earned from developing this idea
I am just looking for the engine that can pull a long line of cars around the track

not to mention rechargeable is more environmentally friendly

I wonder how this thing handles

I wonder how this thing handles
I wonder how this thing handles with a keg in that basket

chicago had a song about a day like this...

except today was not saturday
and well
today was not the fourth of july
but it most definitely was a good day for the park

tcourt has a blog

lunchtime in dupont

short jaunt on the bike

winter is upon us

well... not really
well... not at all
except in early darkness
the temperature is amazing
but it gets dark amazingily early

got out of work pretty much right on time
was in my gear and out the door with lights blinking
made the change with the efficiency of superman leaping in a phone booth

without much time and even less ambition I went for a short spin on the Mount Vernon Trail in NOVA
dodged the cars under the street lights for a few city blocks to get there
passed a fender bender at Wisconsin and M just as it happened
low speed crunch
better get mako
it got quite a response from the people on the sidewalk
it had a vibe of that grade school " oh... you're in trouble"
with some childish constrained giggling

the traffic and splitting lanes has its risks
bit the bike path feels more dangerous

the lightless runners and the lightless riders are out in full force
attacking the trail in full force mode
like some sort of suicide mission they are out doing their thing
impossing on my right for me to do my thing
causing me to tense up
refusing me the option to enjoy the view of the marble monuments glowing white in the dark waters of the potomac

I may be under-light
with two red blinking lights on the back of my pack
a bright light blinking light on my chest and a petzel on my helmet
perhaps under lit but I can be seen and I can see
dodging those with the over lights and those moving with the absence of light
dreading it all the way

I turn back into DC early on the 14th street bridge
no desire to joust with the jokers by riding all the way to old town
even the airport seemed like more roulette than I cared to contend with

so I left virginia for the streets of dc
took the straight way home
not feeling all that inspired

spinning my low geared fixie I take the whole lane on 16th Street
the high spinning does not grant me high speed
the traffic behind me is not pleased
but... I need to make the decision for them
they have already proved that they do not know how to behave
share the road does not mean share the lane
if I ride too far to the right
cars will all try to squeeze in between me like I am an obstacle on the side of the road
from the looks of many of these cars it appears that these drivers have cut it close before
with poor measure
dents and dings showing their carlessness and their lack of concern
some of these dents and dings are on my car from their lack of car for my car in the parking lot
but... I am more careful with my body
as I do not want any more dents or dings on my body

so I put myself where I am most safe
knowing that they may be behind me
they will soon get in front of me
and I will soon pass them again
only to take the lane in front of them
just as they took the lane in front of me
not taking it personal
just playing it safe

sure up 16th I can take the sidewalk
sometimes I do take the sidewalk
it is more kind for me to slow a car from being backed up at the next light
or buzzing someone walking on the sidewalk

bike path for the blind

with the lightless runners and cyclists
the excessive HID lights
and the bright lights from speeding cars I feel like I was on this path last night

sorry josh
scanned google real quick for a link to the image of you

awkward taking a photo without asking

I do not like talking the photo without asking
it is impolite to take things without asking

apparently it happens


the last issue of SPOKES MAGAZINE is just about to come out

head on over to the local bike shop or gym and grab a copy
it is free
it is only available in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the states
so if you are in Saudia Arabia then you may have to head to a bike shop or gym out of your immediate area
but if you are in downtown dc these magazines are usually available at the local bike shops and a handful of the gyms
not sure about the rest of the mid-atlantic
but I have seen these magazines in all sorts of shops in maryland and beyond

in this issue I give a short review of the Bedlam Custom Clothing and Bag company out of washington dc
as well as a short article about the season sport of cross and the wonderful seasonal fruit the clemetine

I have not reread other article
but I did scan it to see what images they decided to print

there is a sequence shot of Kevin Dillard running some barriers at Charm City
(kevin... I like the music.... is that carlos santana?)
a motion shot of FATMARC moving on some off camber mud at Lily Pons

oh, and two shots of Lyndsey Barnes of Bedlam Custom at work as a messenger
although the caption does not say that the person in the photo is half of the company

check it out
or don't

Spokes Magazine needs an online presence

sweet ride... getting points for function and fashion

this guy also owns the WTF bike that was on last week or so
that was the lesser of the images for that bike
but I am too lazy to scan the archives

saw this guy rolling down the block as I was on the edge of Dupont Circle
he was coasting at a nice clip down Conn Ave.
I seldom try to chase the fish that jumps across the pond
sometimes I am temped to work the direction of my cast in that general direction
and this time
it paid off
spotted the bike in front of the same bank where I had taken the shots of the bike leaned inside as the person was on the ATM

I am tempted to try and find that WTF image
but am opting to blog forward

morning commute

some pictures of nothing are often pictures of something

this is the setting of a standard morning commute
from the perspective of a bicyclist

I thought I had snapped more images
the settings had the camera alerting me to blurred images
thus blocking me from taking any images until I responded to that alert

the morning commute was short and direct
although the morning was fluid and fast
having the boys dressed and out the door in an unusual amount of control
rather than a prework ride I went for a longer hike with the dog
the distance of the hike was not extended just the duration
as I used some of the time in the morning to repair some of the trail

tried to firm up some of the newly built terraced stairs
tried blocking off some girl scout routes and cheat lines that lazy hikers and runners have been taking
then tried to kick some soil onto a heavily eroded section of trail

a path in the woods that the younger kids use for sledding got pretty damaged
a parked car inadvertently blocked the gutter
thus rerouting the water away from the sew and down the trail
removing all sorts of topsoil
revealing rocks and roots on what was already a bumpy trail
making things less forgiving for a trail in a land that sees very little snow

it was a good morning

hopefully there will be time for a spin after work this evening


some shots from the pittsburgh zoo

great thanksgiving
great thanksgiving weather

there was some amazing thanksgiving week weather
got a good number of things done with my time away from work
although none of that time involved the bike
had I anticipated such weather I would have brought a bike
but there is usuall cold and snow in pittsburgh by this time of year
again I feel that I should store a beater at the inlaws for short escapes during each visit

did the holiday drive to the inlaws
each year the traffic gets harder to dodge
managed to get a good amount of stuff done
in addition to all sorts of family fun
there was a trip to the unbeatable pittsburgh children's musuem
a smile when the FONZ card got me and my family into the pittsburg zoo for free
had a great time getting the tour of the dirt rag facilities
enjoyed more family fun
got back to dc with time for a five year old's birthday party and cirque du soliel

no bike
but still pretty darn good

that picture of me with the spec in the back which may well be a speckled bear was taken by my five year old
he loves taking pictures

some stretching on the swings before the long drive home

saw cirque du soliel with the kids tonight

caught cirque du soliel with the kids tonight here in dc
we had intended on catching the Metro train to Chinatown
but ended up driving as we felt that the hassle of finding a space would outweigh the stress of corralling the boys for several city blocks at an efficient pace
that on top of not knowing how frequent the metro trains would pass on the green line
or any line for that matter

the show was amazing
the show is always amazing
so it is a waste of energy sharing that information
yet I share it just the same
the show was amazing

the boys were well entertained
although we did lose almost them towards the end
an emergency evacuation to the bathroom had us leave durning the grand finale
we missed the final 2 minutes
felt like a family ducking out of church right after communion to beat the parking lot traffic

it is hard to express what was the most impressive segment of the performance
each separate piece was so amazing that it made me forget the display prior
the strength, the skill, all coreographed and executed in sync

one thing that is not forgotten is the sensual tone to the people
there was a vaudvillian feel to this year's tour
the costumes are such that the forms of the people at times appear clothesless
there is no need for them to be overtly sexual
as the subcurrent of sexual is powerful enough
at one point in the show my five year old son asked me if some of the girls have crushes on some of the boys and do some of the boys have crushes on some of the girls

oh yes

and no
I am not the first man to fall for the woman on the trapeeze
the moves
the poses
the form


when bad meets evil

Nintendo 64

sometimes I forget how time has passed...

as the kids get older and I see the world of video games around me

so I tried to dig up the old Nintendo 64
found some games but not the console
for a second I thought about buying one
then I realized I was thinking of going to the store and buying a 10 year old piece of technology

that would be like going out and trying to get one of those Windows 98 machines that you loved so much

no doy
dah hickey

althoguh I think that the Mario 64 is a great game that the kids could enjoy
that and Mario Cart

the sun was setting

there was a short gap in the day
we were all back from an afternoon family lunch
it was fantastic
everyone had a blast
everyone over ate
I brought rocket balloons that kept me and the kids busy for a bit

during this short gap between a family lunch with ham and rocket balloons at one house
and dinner with turkey and twister at another house I decided to go for a walk with the camera
grant was taking a nap
dean was in a bit of a mood
which was being controled by his interest in learning to play checkers from his grandpa, Pa

so I went out the back and down the hill with my camera

it was a nice break
nice to get stuck in a thorn bush at sunset
a great way to break in the joe greene jersey

nice to just relax with the camera
of course I would have loved to find a rusty old bike with age and character
but I knew it was unlikely
so I pointed my camera at the world around me

in the saloon... when bad meets evil

in the salloon there is not much more that the muddy hoof prints of the resident deer
there is little that makes me think that people have been in this old barn for some time

there are old apple barrels
or some sort of farm basket
but all of them are cracked and broken too far for anything more than trash

the electricity has far been cut off
it is a shock that the wind has not blown the walls down

on one wall it reads saloon
the word saloon is popular
as it is written on all three buildings

when bad meets evil
an ugly scribble on the wooden stable walls in the basement
the words were more sketchy when the carcass of a deer lay half rotten in the dirt
but this carcass has long since decayed
on the boarded up doorway of the semi-modern farm house reads murder

there is a story to these buildings
the buildings may not be haunted
yet the walls all tell a story

there is the story of the original farm house owners
the farm in opperation
with its creek in the valley and its steep walls on all sides
not really enough flat for farming
maybe a good hill for sheep or goats

there there is the story of a farm ending its time as a farm
perhaps the house changed hands
or maybe people after several generations just moved on
which brings things to a more modern time
things look like they may have been abandoned for decades

the writing on the walls could be the scribble of some headbangers
some mixed up kids
some kids that spent too much time reading the lyrics of ozzy osbourne
a place that was enough their place to call it the saloon

who were these people?
where are they now?

who knows the story?

some things may never be answered
my guess is that these buildings will be torn down in the next few years
as they do offer a certain hazard to curious children
or even adolescents seeking an oasis

I always day dream about the land staying as it is
only with a trail a little more well beaten
a place for me and the boys to ride our bikes when we visit their grandma and grandpa