this stuff looks like it is from the early days of the Internet


random archive

not the best photo... but this is the bip-squack bird

another shot of soda

the names have been changed to protect the innocent

ran into chris soda this morning...

a few riders finish their laps

dropped by destination dublin's time trial at the summer spectacular wednesday night bbq and time trial

the afternoon sun is right overhead

need to get on some dirt

another advertisement for bedlam custom

customer relations....

time trial and bbq

kettleballs... I have a hard enough time dealing with saddle sores

I like what I see

the deck staining is finished

the boys zipping around the back alley with some of their friends

in the alley... before the humidity.... before the bugs

organic kool aid

the bicycle should be part of everyone's world

cute euro mom has multi-personality disorder

the voice of the internet...

the simple breakdown...

bike shop bikes.... department store junk

she commutes the same route at the same time each day

Ibrahim is looking to get a new bike... and he could use your help

random shots from the city streets

joby... innovative industrial design is fun

somebody stole their derailers

days like this...

riddle me this...

monica of HFI

in the morning on my way into work

two bikes added to the family fleet

this is classic...

self righteous biker

she is on the board of waba

track bike is not my second nature

there are so many things that I would like to slow for a photograph

personal fable

my friend rob has a dog named

more bikes... yes! more bikes!

City Bikes Mike leads the charge!

a world without cars

saturday night before granogue