this stuff looks like it is from the early days of the Internet

a history of doping on cyclops
(not sure how reliable this all is... but the domain is stanford.edu)

a year old blog posting on Steroid Nation


random archive


random gwadzilla archive
more interesting than what is in my head today


not the best photo... but this is the bip-squack bird

this is Gadget...
today may well be the hottest day of the year thus far
this does not seem to be an issue with Gadget
expect to see Gadget in his Gadget Gear

what is the bip-squack bird?
ask Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse

gadet on another day
another day

another shot of soda

the names have been changed to protect the innocent

the magazine formerly known as Urban Cyclist had a brief incarnation as Urban Cycling
but has morphed yet again
Urban Cycling has become Urban Velo


alter your bookmarks now

ran into chris soda this morning...

ran into chris soda this morning
chris gave me a quick update about last night's stage six of The Destination Dublin Alleycat Series

as expected... this course favored a different sort of rider

neither Skandar nor Soda finished first from the day
a dark horse in the running took first... the name has since left my brain
I was not shocked to hear that Shane finished towards the top for the day
although there was some shuffling of the chain of command for the day
and Skandar finished a spot or two ahead of Soda
I am not sure if there was any change in the overall standings

az's electronic world


a few riders finish their laps

to those not racing the statistics from the finish are a priority
to those involved in the event
the focus is something different

but not the main focus
a gathering of friends

I am sure that people are pleased with their efforts
pleased to have the hills behind them

it was a clearly a great night to be out on the bike

in the back of their minds... they know where they stand
they know the standings


dropped by destination dublin's time trial at the summer spectacular wednesday night bbq and time trial

worked late tonight
got a solid ride in before work so I rushed it directly home after work
rolled down the alley behind my house just as lisa was gathering the boys from the alley
the bikes were out
the helmets were still on
they had been riding
now it was time to go in
they were focused on something in a neighbor's backyard

we got inside
the boys had eaten and it was not anywhere near time for bed

so I asked the boys if they wanted to head down to watch the bicycle race
the boys asked if they could bring their bikes
I said no as I explained what we were doing and what a time trial is

the boys were excited for a school night adventure
to their amazement this bicycle race was in a familiar place
a place where they walk their dogs and hike in the woods
a place where they ride their bicycles on weekends and holidays when certain stretches of road are closed to car traffic
a place where they have picnics with pizza

a place where they sled on the seldom dc snow days
a place they know as rock creek park

there were people playing frisbee
there were people kicking a soccer ball
some people were out racing a lap
a handful of racers were relaxing after what appears to be a serious test of an individuals
threshhold for pain

I did not get any results from the men
but I did catch that meredith finished seven seconds slower than lola
leaving lola remaining strong as the leading woman over all
but not sure what happened in the men's field

saw skandar with shane and chris soda
all which looked like they had just had a good time testing their personal limits

was not able to take many photographs as it was a breeze through where my main focus was on the direction of my boys
they were running the hill
a great pre-bedtime activity
parents love to see their kids running up hills before bedtime
running hills wears people out
whether those people are running the hills on foot or on their bicycles

the kids are given a certain amount of trust
all is good as long as they remember to stay out of the street
they agreed to stay out of the street
they claimed to understand that they needed to stay out of the street
they did stay out of the street


the afternoon sun is right overhead

need to get on some dirt

I need to get on some dirt
there has not been any dirt for me since my trip out to Delaware for the Escape from Granogue event
need to get on some dirt cause dirt is fun
need to get on some dirt because I am racing the 24 Hours of Big Bear in a week and a half

had a few short rides in the last day that gave me moderate satisfaction

this weekend past I got out on the bike with the trail-a-bike in tow
the rides were not that long... but the life is cumulative notion applies well here

the rides were good
three year old grant is a trail-a-bike maniac
and dean
well... when nearly six year old dean wants to put down the hammer... I can feel his little legs powering us both up the hill

then got in an hour fifteen after work yesterday
and another hour fifteen before work this am
not long... but solid and strong
not heart exploding sprints
but I could feel it

hope this gets me to where I need to be for race day
where I will be the slow guy on a fast team

and yes
I need to get on some dirt
dirt is good for the soul

another advertisement for bedlam custom

customer relations....

a good way to measure a company is not just to look at the quality of their product
but to look at how they deal with their customers

recently I had a very positive experience with NiteRider

I had a light that was a few years old that was acting buggy
I sent it in for repair
there was a nominal repair fee
at first I objected... but after realizing how old the light was I felt it was all fair

then I noticed that they had forgotten to send me an extension cable that I had sent in on the warranty repair
a simple email and they shipped out a cable that day

this is why I have used NiteRider for nearly a decade now
sure there are other lighting companies... but I have been pleased with my NiteRider experience

niterider has a blog

time trial and bbq

may 30th
the wednesday night time trial and bbq is also the second to last stage of the Destination Dublin Alleycat Points Series

kettleballs... I have a hard enough time dealing with saddle sores



I like what I see

watching real time with bill maher

sicko looks like a must see...

ron paul is interesting to watch

the deck staining is finished

just in time for the long weekend the crew from Metro Gutter finished up the deck staining project

I must say... these guys did a pro job
these are not some off the street hacks... these guys are the real deal
there is a difference between consumer and professional grade
the guys at metro gutter are professional grade

had the decks on the back of the house stained
not just an investment
but an asthetic improvement
the boys club house and the decks attached to the house are a deep dark solid blue
the deck and the fences on the side are a deep redwood
and yes... a an investment in longevity

now it is time to have some friends over so we can break it all in

next week metro gutter will be coming back to clean the chimney and the gutters
I will post some pics of the metro gutter touch in the next few days

paying someone to clean my gutters is like paying someone to change my oil
sure I could change my own oil... but someone else can do a better job for not much money
which frees me up to do something that I would rather be doing
like riding my bike or hanging with my kids

it does look sweet
on Sunday my dad and step mom came over with some family to say house
the family friends wanted to see the house
my father and I built this massive wood structure in my urban backyard
it was a massive undertaking for two non carpenters with full time jobs
my dad took some vacation days and hammered it out
hammered it out with a nail gun

which reminds me... I better step up the riding before I slow the riding before the weekend of The 24 Hours of Big Bear where I will be riding/racing/camping with Kent of Metro Gutter Kent is a member of DCMTB while Metro Gutter, Kent's company, is a key sponsor of DCMTB

the boys zipping around the back alley with some of their friends

the simplicity of the bicycle
kids really feel it

this is a great article on the comeback of the simple bike in the adult market

spiderman had his bike stolen when this crew rode their bike up to the bakery with their moms one weekend morning
a story about a stolen bike

in the alley... before the humidity.... before the bugs

this weekend past was awesome

great weather for a three day weekend
a taste of summer
hot enough for summer fun
sweating by the grill
chilling by the pool

a sort of temperature that makes water melon taste better

dean got to get the feel for his new bike with 20 inch wheels
while grant gets to step up to the 16er with a fresh purple paint job
sammy just got his training wheels and is kicking butt

no picture here
but dean and grant are stoked about the pirate flag on the trail-a-bike

and mom is stoked to have a new bike with clipless pedals
I wonder if she is clipped in when she rides the ramp

organic kool aid

it is true I have been given a dixie cup of organic kool aid
I drank the potion
I am a believer

whole foods is part of my world
and I believe

my wife is more a whole foods addict than myself
costco is more my approach to life
but since lisa shops more than me... well... we end up having a a good amount of food from the
whole foods market

summer is here

this weekend we had corn on the cob and fresh watermelon from whole foods

summer heaven

and yes... old bay is great on corn

this year whole foods market has become one of the main sponsors of
DCMTB along with City Bikes and Metro Gutter it is not just about sponsorship it is about being associated with products that the team believes in

I wonder if lawrence bells
of is still selling organic watermelons to whole foods from his farm on the eastern shore
that song mobius is classic lawrence
so much of this stuff was written while lawrence was a young messenger in the city
which meant that some of these songs were recorded with other messengers.... the violin on thoughts on a wake was some random dude from apple courier....
while the harmonica on some of that early stuff is jason meggs who is well known in san francisco for his work with bike the bridge

corn rows was always a bells of favorite for the hometown crowd

the bicycle should be part of everyone's world

not everyone needs to race
not everyone needs to commute
not everyone needs to go on epic road rides in the country
not everyone needs to have a special connection with nature on a mountain bike

but everyone should have the bicycle be part of their life
Trek Lime Bikes may not be for me.... but they are pretty cool!

cute euro mom has multi-personality disorder

look closely...
the cute euro mom walks with her children in a stroller
the cute euro mom rides a bike that pushes that same stroller
that cute euro mom walks her bike


I am certain my friend peter of sc bike law could tell me more about this mechanism
the boy is no longer in europe
but europe is still in the boy
peter and his family have two christianas

the voice of the internet...

just strolling the internet as my boys mess around with some Mario 64

yes... I know it is a beautiful day
but my older son is sick
like stay at home from school sick
not really sick but real sick as in actually sick
not playing hookie to watch i love lucy sick
sick enough to be inside rather than outside on a beautiful day like this

the three day weekend was filled with bicycle rides, trail-a-bike rides, and swimming in a heated pool

so there is no shortage of exercise in these tazmanian devil's worlds

tonight we a laying low
lisa has left with the dog and will come back with matsa ball soup and potato pancakes from the parkway deli
the bikes are going to stay in the garage and the kids are going to stay in the house
which has me blogging as I answer an encyclopedia's worth of questions

scanning the internet I see that these fifth graders have a good idea
while michael emails me the word about some "I don't share the road" shirts from cafe press... a conversation that has traveled the internet and shut the shirts down

car drivers should exit alley ways, parking lots, and driveways as if there were a woman with a stroller about to roll in front of them
car drivers should pass each corner as if a child might step off the curb

not that people should be paranoid

they should be on alert and ready to react
and of course
they should be going slow enough to respond in time

response time?
most people are not alert enough to even offer anything more than a delayed reaction
something after the fact
sometimes an apology with a sad face
this community may be confused about what to do with the multiuse path... when they should be focused on car driving behavior
although there should be some focus on the multiuse path

and the ladies?
I like pictures of pretty ladies
I wonder how jill is meanding up?
and.... in the world of catwomen.... Julie Newmar may be my favorite

the simple breakdown...

the breakdown is simple...
so many car drivers do not know how to behave around bicycles

it is not that they are intentionally trying to kill each and every bicycle that they encounter on the road
it is more a matter that the car driver does not know how to behave around bicycles

let me see it I can break down some simple logic

remember... I type as I think

so I will be reading this for the first time as I put it on the monitor's screen

yes... there are some people who are intentionally trying to run people off the road

but the idiots far outnumber the assholes

although some of the idiots are assholes as well

but maybe if people explained things in a simple fashion there would be less people driving around like idiots and assholes

and more people exhibiting common sense and common courtesy when the are in their cars around people on their bicycles

unsure of the speed to be going when passing a cyclist?
how about this?

less than the speed limit

as the speed limit is set for how cars should behave when dealing with other cars

so when passing a bicyclist or a pedestrian that means that you should be going slower than the speed limit

which means...
when you are speeding down the road at 45 MPH slowing to 35 MPH may not be good enough if the speed limit for that road is 25 MPH
than you are going way faster than you should be driving when your car is passing human flesh


safe passing distance may vary

the law states a minimum of three feet
which is a good place to start
but... this pass should anticipate the cyclist's next action
this could be too many variables to throw down in a quick bullet point

so we will say that the three feet law is a good start... more would be better
Share the Road does not mean Share the Lane

too close is too close
whether on the street or on the dance floor
give me some space

but... to those being generous giving me space

be safe crossing the double yellow line

do not risk a head on collision with another car or worse yet a cyclist

making the pass-

it is perfectly fine for cars to pass cyclists

but here is a simple rule of thumb get an idea of what is ahead

do not pass the cyclist if...
  • you pass the cyclist just before a stop sign... where the cyclist is then force to stop right behind you
  • if you are about to turn and your pass than slow or stall right in front of the cyclist before you turn
  • your going to stop to drop someone off or grab a parking space
in all cases it is best if the driver just slow and wait behind moving at the cyclist's pace
waiting their turn

there should be a few others
but I need to focus on getting the kids out of the tub

let me make a few good statements that may be good for people to think about when they are out driving around town

the golden rule-

no matter what religion you follow
or how you define god the golden rule makes fine sense in any language the golden rule


bike shop bikes.... department store junk

bikes must be purchased at a bicycle store
it is a simple rule

department stores are not the best place for sporting goods stores
and well... sporting goods stores tend to be small department stores specializing in sporting goods

this bike shop bike rule is true across the board
from the kids bike to the adult bike
well... the beach cruiser may be an exception
sure you can get a beach cruiser at walmart... but I would not try to go much further than the beach cruiser

last week I got a new bicycle for Dean
bumped him up to a 20 inch wheel bike from the diminutive 16 incher
a green redline raid with coaster brake from city bikes in chevy chase
he got on it
he was cruising around the parking lot on the innagural run
and he does a hand brake skid
his last bike had hand brakes
he never slowed or stop with them
but I guess he must have tried
perhaps those brakes were just ornaments
but this Redline bike shop quality bike is moving at a different level
that Target purchase with the Schwinn sticker... that thing is a piece of junk

would a tennis player let a friend buy their racket at Target?
how about a runner getting their shoes there?

then why would someone think that a bicycle could be purchased there

now those bikes a the lugage store down the block?
no wonder people do not continue with cycling as they grow up
their first bicycles are unriddable

bicycles are not toys
you get what you pay for...
things cost what they cost
if you find it for less... it may be a cheap immitation
bicycles need to be purchased from bicycle shops
even when dealing with small children

the same goes for skateboards and tennis rackets
this all makes perfect sense....
don't see what I am saying?

think about lemonade
lots of things are called lemonade
but very few of these things have anything to do with lemons
lemonade tends to be more expensive that these so called lemonade products
but only lemonade is lemonade
the same goes for bicycles


she commutes the same route at the same time each day

she commutes the same route at the same time each day
year round
not sure how wet, cold, or icy she accepts before she reshapes her routine


Ibrahim is looking to get a new bike... and he could use your help

spoke with a friend of Ibrahim's today
we spoke of Ibrahim's mission
we spoke of Ibrahim's cycling ambitions

right now Ibrahim is registered for the Leadville 100
but... Ibrahim hopes to have a new bicycle before that time
Ibrahim could use your help

here is Ibrahim's story
Ibrahim at Myspace

there is Pay Pal for those who care to contribute

Ibrahim on gwadzilla
on gwadzilla again

it sounds like this friend of Ibrahim is going to make a documentary
I feel it is a story worth sharing

random shots from the city streets

joby... innovative industrial design is fun


somebody stole their derailers

spearmint of the newly formed SSOFT sports the new jersey


sheldon brown says derailer not derailleur

days like this...

this is one of those days were non-bikers say to bikers
"today is a nice day for a bike ride"

everyday is a nice day for a bike ride
okay... almost everyday

days like this do put a smile on cyclists' faces

riddle me this...

why are bicyclist invisible when obeying the law but completely apparent when they break the law?

why do car drivers feel that the bicyclist running the stop light is a greater infringment than their speeding and rolling through stop signs themselves?

why is it that a car driver will honk at a bicyclist obeying the law while riding on the road... but this same car driver has nothing to say about the double parked car that is impedding traffic?

monica of HFI

monica of hfi

HFI=Hate From Ignorance

that image is from 1982
she is still rocking now

monica richards at myspace

her band website

in the morning on my way into work

two bikes added to the family fleet

two bikes added to the family fleet

lisa got the women's specific specialized rockhopper comp
dean got the redline raid with coaster brake
tomorrow lisa and grant are going to get some purple spray paint
then grant will get a purple hand-me-down from his brother

dean moved up to the 20 inch wheel bike
grant is moving up to the 16 inch wheel bike
I put the training wheels on dean's old bike after the boys went to bed

everyone is excited
even me... and I did not get a new bike

this is classic...

this is classic

great city mileage
great country mileage
highway mileage... not such a good idea

this is from here

sent to me from jasper's mom

self righteous biker

it has been too long since I have caught up with the self righteous biker

maybe I will check out timmyp and jill at up in alaska in a bit

a piece
about a clash between different views and different bicycles on the capital crescent trail

she is on the board of waba

track bike is not my second nature

the track bike is not my second nature

a few months ago I broke that frankenfixie colnago
since then I have not had a fixed gear to ride
thought about welding that frame
though about having a friend weld that frame
but it just has not been a priority
maybe in the fall
fall feeding into winter
after the mountain bike season I will be looking for something to make the same loops fun again
maybe then I will build up another fixie
I have a bennotto that has not quite horizontal drop outs

maybe I will suck it up and buy a frame
but that would mean a bottom bracket and a headset as well

I snapped these shots last night as I went down the street with the family
my bet is he was headed down to the Wednesday Night BBQ and Time Trial

not sure if he appreciated having his picture taken
in a sarcastic sort of way he buzzed me

such is his right
no blood... no foul

there are so many things that I would like to slow for a photograph

there are so many things that I would love to slow for a photograph

it would not be possible to photograph everything

I always want to photography illegally parked police cars or meter maid's vehicles
not just illegally parked
but impeding traffic
always taking the perspective showing that there is an open space feet away

it boggles my mind that people would sooner double park than to slip into the open space
sure we all double park for a second for an opening and a closing of a door
but some people double park like they are leaving the car at long term parking at the airport

but I can not photo everything

while out riding there is another scene that I always to photograph
the cyclist with their helmet on backwards
I wonder
do these people always wear their helmet backwards
or is it just on this ride
so I guess a photograph would not be enough
I would need many photographs
maybe some film
there is a documentary there
a short film on the lives of the type of people who wear their helmets backwards

the lead in would be a trailer about people who would sooner ride with their kryptonite u-lock on their handlebars rather than in their backpack

rickyd sent me an instructional image of proper helmet placing

this women takes photos of cars occupying the bus and bike only lanes in dc

personal fable

article in todays Washington Post Blog*

Having said that, what I'd like to see is Kennedy riding a bike after his license is restored.

-Jim "Share the Road" Clark

would someone call it the curse of the kennedys if there were an accident?

*jeff thanks for this info... I am interested to see if this is just the opening scene of a story to follow

my friend rob has a dog named

the future is unwritten
joe strummer

a film

the music of
the clash played as the soundtrack of my early teens
I was just another kid in suburban dc thinking that the music of london made more sense to him than the music on the radio

the who, the clash, the jam... it all made so much more sense to me than Journey or Reo Speedwagon

which reminds me...
I need to return this are two tone to falk

more bikes... yes! more bikes!

today is a big day
we are adding two new bikes to the family fleet!

two new bikes in the fleet
bumping one bike down
bumping two bikes out

we ordered two bikes through City Bikes

Redline Raid for Dean
the Women's Specific Specialized Rockhopper Comp for Lisa
Grant will get Dean's old 16 incher... we will paint it and put training wheels on it
everyone is read for an upgrade

out with the old
in with the new

today the MetroGutter crew should be finishing up the deck staining job
pictures to come

the Specialized site has some fun FLASH animation to toy with
click on Designs for Women
sorry guys... you can only put clothing on the woman
you can not take it off

we will actually pack the 12 inch bike away as it may be a valuable tool for learning to ride without training wheels
although Grant is only three... I feel that he is pretty advanced with his handling
it may be time to try riding without the training wheels

City Bikes Mike leads the charge!

City Bikes Mike is leading the charge for an assault on the Granny Gear 24 Hour Race Series

City Bikes Mike has some helmet cam stuff from the 24 Hours of Conyers on his page
as well as a race report

the DCMTB-City Bikes team blog


DCMTB newcomer Darren has a blog


a world without cars

after dinner we went down the street
the road is closed for resurfacing

the boys had the whole road to themselves
it amazed me to see them climb this slow grade up

it scared the living shit out of me to see them blaze down

it was time well spent after dinner

no humidity

no bugs

no cars


saturday night before granogue

saturday night the night before the escape from granogue race I attended a dinner party for my cousin's graduation for georgetown university
I was there with all sorts of family
mom, aunt's, uncles, and cousins
there was also my brother and sister with their kids... the kids are all cousins
it is special when the cousins get together

not quite brother or sister
somehow immediate friends
my cousin Jon Jon coined the phrase "special friends" when he was like five

I had the choice of hanging with my aunt's grantfather over seventy or chilling with six kids under seven
I took off my jacket and organized some stuck in the mud

stuck in the mud
a subgroup of freeze tag family
like rectangles and squares

many of these pictures were taken when I was IT
I am often IT

the kids were wild