ran into chris soda this morning...

ran into chris soda this morning
chris gave me a quick update about last night's stage six of The Destination Dublin Alleycat Series

as expected... this course favored a different sort of rider

neither Skandar nor Soda finished first from the day
a dark horse in the running took first... the name has since left my brain
I was not shocked to hear that Shane finished towards the top for the day
although there was some shuffling of the chain of command for the day
and Skandar finished a spot or two ahead of Soda
I am not sure if there was any change in the overall standings

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gwadzilla said...

there is some history to this Wednesday BBQ and Time Trial
ten years of history
a history that I know very little about

it is important to understand that the DC Messenger Community is comprised of a wide variety of individuals
many of which approach cycling and courier work in a different way...

within this very diverse group exist artists, musicians, freaks, geeks, and bicycle racers

there are mountain bike racers, road racers, and alleycat racers

the Time Trial course in Rock Creek Park favors the bicycle racing messenger...
I still have not seen the results
but I think that there may have been some messenger with some "roadie" legs up in the front

former NCVC Made in Australia, Shane, was definitely up in the front
not sure if Chris Schmitt was there that afternoon... but we know that Chris would have looked pretty on this course

who else...
who else....

I am certain there are other road racers would earn their keep on the city streets as messengers

when is there going to be a dirt alleycat?