to the guy with the silver track bike...

sorry I could not lend you my pump...
it was a rare opportunity for me to be on time for work

I do carry a pump... but so should you

that lesson has been taught to me more than once.,. guess it was your turn to learn about life without a pump and spare tube in your pack


more photos from DCCX 2015

it is almost the weekend... 
almost a week since DCCX

even though I have a thousand more photos from DCCX
I am not sure if I can make it through them

maybe I will resort to a best of
but really... none are that great
they are just documents of a moment in time
I find it hard not to share them

all the photos are pretty much the same
a person racing their bicycle at DCCX
yawn... yawn...
blogs are blah

there it is... 
a photo of a person on a bicycle doing something that very few people would understand
the photo most interesting to the person in the photo
I do post a lot of photos
if you raced DCCX I may have a photo of you

like this one...
nice tongue mr mcgill

yes kids... this is what your teacher Chris McGill looks like on weeikends

lots of fast moving bicycles in the single speed class

I fight any stations of the cross references to go with these photos of Jesus racing cyclocross

Jonah Merriam killing it
impressive high school cyclist

Matt Donahue... it was a thought that Matt had when he lived near the Old Soldier's Home
Matt looked at the land and thought... it would be cool to have a cyclocross race on the property of the Armed Forces Retirement Home
well... the rest is history
present day history

DCCX at The Armed Forced Retirement Home is an amazing fall event for the community of Washington DC each fall
great race with an amazing course and top notch competition
spectator friendly

beer garden sponsored by Oskar Blues
two day race with UCI level competition presented by DCMTB and CROSSHAIRS

Jonathan Seibold of The Family Bike Shop
The Family Bike Shop was one of the sponsors of the day
neutral support provided by The Family Bike Shop

Ryan and Jonathan got a good number of bikes race ready when they might have survived the abuse of this technical cyclocross course

it was a beautiful fall day
a great weekend for bicycle racing
cyclocross on a fall day... magical
simply magical

dusty at times
yet magical

John Shack of Chocolate City Cycling

I am not certain... but I think that ON ONE was stolen like a day or two after the event
lots of photos from DCCX
more photos of DCCX on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

more photos to come
I can not resist

Halloween Alleycat this Weekend!

Halloween Alleycat this Weekend


lots of photos from DCCX 2015... need to wade through more photos tonight... but here is a start!

ah... I have a vague memory of cyclocross
a vague distant memory
it has been two seasons since I last raced cyclocross

hard to watch the others on the course
I wish I were on the course too

not injured
just not focused on racing bikes right now
life is getting in the way
dang darn - hate when that happens


one set of barriers on the course
barriers being the signature symbol of cyclocross
gotta have your barriers... that is a rule

height... distances... and minimum amount of barriers


good photo opportunity at the barriers

a crowd favorite
a crowd pleaser
this was the big jumper on the flyover

more photos on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page

good times
even Jesus had fun at DCCX
he far prefers carrying his bicycle than carrying his cross
FBS's Jesus


Women's Elite Winner

stampede in the men's elite


Thanks Bruce Buckley! Emo Photographer in the Mid-Atlantic!

nice shot bruce... now can you get the sticker off my lens?



listening to Dag Nasty...

Dag Nasty
Wig Out at Denko's

DCCX... I did not race... I hung with the Lil Belgians, snapped some photos, and worked the crowd... photos that unappreciated contribution

DCCX was this weekend past...
I have photos from DCCX
no... I did not race
I was involved with the primary focus of the day: The Lil Belgians
as you know... the children are our future

DCCX and Lil Belgians

the Peep is courtesy of Karen Talley Meade
the photos are from Todd Bauer and Paul Lagoy

great shots... with me in the shot taking a shot

the kids rocked it!
lots of fun for the Lil Belgians
the parents of this era are more mellow than the early over zealous lil belgian parents
the push bike has changed things
with the growth of youth cycling there are more kids racing on the actual race course

 more photos from DCCX on the Gwadzilla Facebook Page


Gwadzilla on Facebook

ah... last minute I learned that the Salad Days: A Decade of Punk In Washington DC was playing at the Mount Pleasant Library

Salad Days

yesterday afternoon I saw that the Salad Days documentary would be having a screening at the Mount Pleasant Library
so... I did not leave work as early as I hoped 
but I was still able to sneak in a ride
got on the bike and did a quick hour hammer on the road bike in Rock Creek Park
felt pretty spry... the beauty of the fall colors reflecting on the dark waters of the creek may not have inspired me but it certainly entertained me

the ride was shorter than I planned which allowed for me to walk the dog and then shower before heading to the screening of this film
but first... out of the shower and I have a few text messages on my phone
piss... shit... f....k!

I am on rowing carpool duty
need to zip down to Thompson Boat House to grab my son Dean and one of his rowing teammates Rory