Paul snapped some sweet shot from the Alleycat this weekend... saw Paul at the DC Bike Party then again the following day for Bruce's Alleycat

thanks Paul...
good times both Friday Night and then Saturday Afternoon
each night documented by participant observer Paul Lagoy

DC Bike Party Friday Night and then Bruce's "Handle With Care" Alleycat on Saturday Afternoon
the start at Logan Circle


rolling into the finish at Bardo in NE
NE confused me... got lost... got turned around
yet still rolled in close to the top
Andy Zalan along side of Michael Pearce greet me as I arrive
the One - Two for the day
AZ snapped a solid shot which I already posted 

handing in my manifest
knew I had some clerical errors
rolled in first
then Brian and Damian rolled in
although I went to every check point... I may have answered one of the questions wrong
which had Brian and Damian land in the three four spots
having me finish 5th for the day

Danny and Kevin's running it backwards may have backfired
they rolled in sooner but missed a series of checkpoints because they were unmanned

good time on the bike
thanks for the shots Paul
thanks for the event Bruce

fantastic randomness when you chase down Paul on the Gwadzilla Page

I wore my Ergon backpack with a change of clothes
I hate hanging around cold and sweaty in my riding gear
so... I wore a backpack with a full change of clothes

it was chilly
I was closer to cozy with the change of clothes
but would have really enjoyed dropping the bag
carrying the bag did not effect things
but it was heavy

and a few more shots from Paul