Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog...
well... that is how the dog papers are telling it

in the Northwest News it is told that the bike chasing dog has been taken from its owner
after the dog caused an cyclist to be injured


some unrelated bicycle gadget
another gadget... that may have chased the dog away or caused a more serious injury to the rider

that commuter story made it to france

fantastic video

a fantastic video
stolen from coach curly
via gewilli

this video is safe for work...
unless you work for an auto lobbying group

golf is not a sport

golf is not a sport
golf is as much a sport as poker or chess

at no time in my drunken past did I consider either pool or darts sports
these are games
it seems that golf does have its appeal

this news story adds to its appeal
times herald record
pocono record

I would not complain about my slow lap times if I had these sorts of distractions when I am out mountain biking


this could be an expensive lap at the cranky monkey

it could be an expensive lap at the cranky monkey registered for the whole series not sure how many events will fit my summer schedule gary was out in the rain snapping some photos he caught this one on my one lap pass

wakefield is so last week

wakefield is so last week

no camera today...

no camera today... rolled out in a rush to make it into the office on time the camera can be a distraction so I left the camera behind as nice as it is being out on the bike without the camera there are times when I feel like a fisherman watching a fish jump on the other side of the pond that fisherman at the site and sound of that fish across the pond makes an impulse move for the gear that is not there
there is a moment's regret for not having the appropriate gear
sometimes I feel like that fisherman... stuck at the fishing hole without his gear
wondering what his purpose is
there are times that are worse than traveling without the camera a dead battery or a full SD Card can be worse that the absence of the camera that is like a fisherman having his rod and his reel then with the added excitement of a fish jumping in the pond in front of him he realizes that he arrived ill prepared
he arrived without any hooks
this morning I passed an assortment of commuters some of which would have made nice subjects for a photo collage

no worries
there will be other opportunities to capture that fish

last night I hung with the fellas while lisa got some lisa time
lisa does not factor in quite enough time for herself
last night she got to do some yoga while I rode bikes with the boys and went up to the main strip for pizza

the boys were well behaved through most of the experience
everyone listened
nobody fought
the pizza took an hour and a half to arrive
there was the standard rocking in the chairs and spilling of the drinks
these things are to be expected of young boys
luckily we were sitting in a spot where the kids could see the television, The Italian Job was playing
no audio... lots of questions
some good action to keep them amused

the manager of the pizza place hooked us up with three slices of pizza while they tried to get out order into the oven
then we were given a discount
on another night I may have responded differently
the boys were fine with the wait
several cranberry juices and a fried calamari appetizer kept them from major meltdown mode

we rode our bikes home
once home... the boys did some laps in the alley
while I took pictures

more waw shots by martin

there were some good shots of my wounded knee
not sure where they were
here are some more shots by martin

photos by martin at wakefield

cornering on dry is so much more pleasurable than having the bike slip out from under you on wet


an interesting story about someone's commute to work

an article in the washington post

this man has quite a commute

Bike Messengers in Kabul?

an article on a group trying to find land mine victims jobs as bicycle messengers in kabul

she cycles

she cycles dot com

there is an article about a mechanic's class for non-mechanics
everyone should have the basic grasp of how to do certain things on the bicycle
the article

crummy cakes

ran into a friend tonight
he sent me a link to his web presence
patrick has a dry sense of humor

it is interesting...

so many people in dc could score high marks if asked to compare and contrast romanesque versus gothic cathedrals
but not many people could tell you the difference between cartoons and comics
these same people could in great detail discuss concepts of nature versus nurture
but not many of them could tell you the difference between a cartoonist and an illustrator

I am not sure if I could give you a solid answer to any of those questions
but I am not one of those people

Simpson Size It!

I have not had the time to toy with this
yet I thought I would share it just the same


I admit
I fear that this is what the system will come up with

two things for the parents out there...

two things for the parents out there

-no helmet... no bicycle

-soap and water are more important than Band Aids

a question of the classes...

a question of the classes...

there is always a little question of the classes
so much of the decision of what class to race is self selected
but... there needs to be some responsibility of the race promoter to create the various fields to create a competitive event for the races
I think that there may have been some confusion in the race categorization for the Cranky Monkey Race Series

what class to race is a riddle for some racers...
a healthy rider who has never raced before may well be a beginner racer
but after a race or two that individual feels comfortable to step up to the Sport Class
then there are those people in the Sport Class... at which point do the Sport Racers move up to Expert?
is it as simple as the winning Sport Class Racer should bump up to Expert?
or is this something that falls back into the concept of Self Selection?

the same goes for Single Speeders or Clydesdales...
at what point do you outgrow your class?

yesterday I felt that there was a confusion in the creation of the classes
I had registered for the Expert 35+ division
thinking that there was Beginner, Sport, Expert, then the sub category of 35+
when in actuality they had Expert broken down into young and old Experts...
I am not really an Expert... Experts are the fast guys... some aspiring pros
I am a 35+ person who is slightly above the categorization of Sport
well... at the line I looked at all the numbers and I questioned why all of the Expert racers were hanging out in the 35+ lineup
well.... it was that strange mash up of the old and young experts.... when I am not really an old expert
I am really one of those people trapped between the classes
stuck right between Sport and Expert
but fitting nicely into the 35+ Category... when that 35+ Category is a lesser than Expert Category
not when that category is Experts 35 Years of Age and above

enough on this...

it is something that is not sorted out in my head enough that I can sort it out on the keyboard
there needs to be a dance between the Promoter's Creation of the Classes and the Self Selection Process...

I never race Clydesdale with the assumption that I am going to win the race
there are certainly a great number of Clydesdales who can beat me
by lining up with the Clydesdales I bring respect and competition to the classes
so.... when a super fast racer lines up and leads out with the Single Speeds... well... I can sort of understand why they would race Single Speed and not Expert... but
there is one difference
I can not decide my body weight when I register to race
I am 230plus pounds no matter what class I choose to race
the Single Speed... well that is a self selected handicap... which for many people is not a handicap at all
maybe some of the faster Single Speeders should just race in the Expert fields on their Single Speed bicycles
Gunnar Shogren or Eric Roman are two racers who compete in their classes on their Single Speeds... but not usually in the Single Speed Class
(for years I have raced as a Clydesdale at various events on my Single Speed.... Lodi Farms, Wakefield, Panarama Paranormal)


this is a trip
definitely not for work
definitely not for me

this intrigues me
but seems like more of a gimick than the iBod is a gadget

flight of the concords

settling in for the night
flight of the concords on hbo

this song worked into the series famously

fantastic comedy

B-Sides... I never wanted the Greatest Hits album to tell me which songs I would like best

it seems that GoClipless has a B-Side

that picture below makes me thing of this

saw this campaign on the Safety is Sexy Blog

you know... the You Would Look Hotter in a Helmet thing!
this one.

not the day I was looking for on the bike...

not the day I was looking for on the bike
went to the cranky monkey and lined up with the 35+ Experts
home already

should still be on the course

they stopped the race after one lap
lightning storms
if things passed they would start the race again
I left without being too concerned about things

it was just as well
I was not so pretty on the slick stuff
was not feeling confident cornering
tried to let some air out of my rock hard tires
but that did not seem to help
I was still stuck in slip and slide mode
a drunken tokyo drift
sliding out on more than just the roots
sliding out when trying to roll through a corner

having the race called off after one lap was not a great heart breaker for me
it is not that I am a fair weather mountain biker
I do race faster with greater confidence on dry hard pack
raced at wakefield seven times in the last five weeks
wanted to have some more fun at Wakefield
would have loved to hammered out another 24 miles at wakefield park
another 24 miles to add to the 7 races at wakefield over the past five or so weeks

time to shower

the course felt like it was going to be sweet...
jim harmon had worked in the PHASE THREE GS DOWNHILL
but slick it was no pleasure trip
like riding an icy halfpipe on a snowboard
guess I crave perfect dry hardpacked like I crave powder days

time to shower and clean out my knee

it was only one lap
but it was one muddy lap

The Director of WABA

eric... the director of WABA

can someone please tell me
what is wrong in this picture?


Metropolis has been closed for a long time...

Metropolis Bicycles has been closed for what may be a decade


it was last year

these shots were from last year
guess our new kit did not arrive until the fall of that year

gwadzilla archive where this image was snagged from

roadside memorials

Roadside Memorials

a classic youtube video

remember the ditty bops?

remember the ditty bops?

the ditty bops

the ditty bops have their 2008 calendar ready for purchase

they also have a new cd realease
I will admit
their last cd was strong on the iPod rotation last summer

that image is from last year... or maybe the year before that

that is an image from the cranky monkey
the jersey is orange that makes me wonder if that image is from two years ago
as we are now sporting the red and black
which may soon become the black and blue

a few more sips of wine then get into bed

that beard
tomorrow should be hot
that beard is not made for hot days
that is why I tend to only be bearded through the winter

I should be asleep...

I should be asleep
as I am racing tomorrow
but... I tend not to got to bed until midnight
and I had a coffee before going out a party tonight
that and the race does not start until one in the afternoon

tomorrow is race number one of the local cranky monkey series
race number one is held at Wakefield park
a race loop that includes the Wednesday At Wakefield race loop
then some of the other sections of the park... the bowl and the creek trail or something to that effect

went over the bike when we got home from the party
did not do much more than clean and lube the chain
a few pumps of air into the tires
then several turns of a trueing key
some poking about the brakes
double checking the shifting after the cleaning and the lubeing of the drivetrain

it is just past midnight and I am drinking a glass of wine, blogging, and watching the tour

tomorrow should be a fun day on the bike
the trails should be fast and dry
fast and dry on a rolling course with no real climbs
there should be a good assortment of people there
I will be arriving with my brother

even with the one pm start time there will be the absence of some DCMTB folks
as they will just be finishing the 24 hours of killington

I think I will finish this drink with some of the tour
maybe toy with an image or two
maybe just put my feet up

putting my feet up sounds more rational than starting up with the photoshop

going away party for a friend... a fantastic gathering

went to a party with the family tonight
there were lots of people there with their kids
people I knew pre-kids
it was funny to see everyone in their new reality
life with kids

a fantastic gathering
a splendid affair

the kids got along as well did the adults
some things are not always a guarantee

I am jealous of tyson's web presence

bloggers are freaks!


Celeste Green would work for me!

Martino at Bike Lane Diary always has stuff worth checking out on his page

on Bike Lane Diary there is a short film from STREET FILMS

totally inappropriate for work

this is genius

YOUTUBE VIDEO: You're doing it wrong

I am sure you have seen this
while I am totally sure you will laugh when you see it again

this sort of behavior keeps me away from the water cooler

what is in gwadzilla? red bull pumps through his veins!

kranky killington

this weekend there will be more fun at wakefield park
jim harmon and the folks at EX2 Adventures will be hosting race one of their cranky monkey series

while I am slugging it out with the old guys in the vet class at wakefield
some of the DCMTB crew will be up north hanging with the granny gear crew racing the 24 hours of killington
they are working for the 24 Hour Series Title

wish everyone luck
if you are not racing
get out and ride!

cranky monkey
24 hours of killington

dcmtb blog (I really need to start posting raced reports there)


watching the tour... enjoying the commercials

just saw the peter's thirteen.five cervelo short

posting bills... staples in trees

can I get the straight truth....

what is the potential damage of a standard staple from a staple gun in a tree when posting a bill/flyer?

I am trying to google this
but not getting the text I need

will expand on this when I get a chance

Wednesday at Wakefield: The Final Chapter

lee captured this shot as I received my award from one of the PVC Podium Girls!

PVC: Potomac Velo Club*

Lee's Flickr Page
Lee's Blog

*once again
thanks to everyone at PVC for this amazing summer series
it is a great work out
it is a great gathering
it is a huge part of our very simple lives
you guys are awesome for your contribution to our cycling community

it is true.... dresses and bikes are an obvious place to point the camera

wednesday at wakefield
some sort of single speed fourth race tradition
ladies night at kilroys?

wednesday at wakefield

wednesday at wakefield
back from wednesday at wakefield number four two thousand seven

the body feels good
had a good day on the bike
did not go for the double
did one single race with the clydesdales on the single speed

had a solid night on the bike
the body felt good on the bike
could have used a stiffer gear
was over spinning and chilling on a whole lot of the course
yet it was still a wonderful night on the bike

focusing on one race on one bike is much easier to achieve
there was no option to get out of work early enough to line up with a dress in the single speed class
there was just too much on my plate
too much that had to be done today

the race went on without any great excitement
the current leader greg was not in attendance
junkins approached the line ready to throw down
junkins set the pace
I matched the pace
junkins dropped off
I kept the pace
junkins cleared "the log" I went around the log

it was wednesday four of the four race summer series wednesday at wakefield

the last chance to talk shit and throw down

I talked shit and I threw down

one race was enough

although I would have loved to have shown up with the single speeds dressed to race

more on this tomorrow

this guy is no keith richards

this guy is no keith richards
keith richards rocks

this guy is skinny enough to be a dope fiend
well... he is
only a different kind of dope

these guys should be embarressed
how do they cross the finishline showing their face

fricking theives

stealing people's dreams
stealing people's chances
stealing the prize
stealing the limelight

if everyone is dirty.... everyone needs to come forward
if it is how things are across the board
then everyone should come forward
it is what is best for the sport
coming clean
being honest

sidney news about the tour scandal

this is all I know... look into it and tell me more

dopers suck

dopers suck!
don't be fooled by the innocent expressions on their faces

it is in the news
google it

and I quote myself
"to be shocked to see dopers in the tour de france would be like being surprised to see nudity in a strip club"


bank robbers

bank robbers on bikes
it is just that simple

if the winner cheats
that person is stealing
there is definitely some money involved
which makes them bank robbers on bikes

they are also fame stealers
as well as being F--king Losers!

as people are saying... they are also idiots
and now we laugh at you

it is a shame
it is an embarressment

how far down the chain do people have to go before we can select a clean winner?

story in velo news
(shared with me from johan on myspace)



how much would it take to start a progression towards this movement?
I am not asking for much
just thinking it would be nice for everyone if this city were more civilized

it would take attacks from several angles
it would not take anything great
lots of small things working together

for the most part it would be a matter of having people do their jobs that they are already being paid to do

we would need action... as in beautification
there would also need to be an education... as in Public Service Announcements or school safety programs
and some enforcement (not a heavy crack down... but the enforcement of some basic laws to regain order)

that is all...

much of the education and information could be filtered through the schools...
notions of speed limits, responsible driving, responsible parking
seat belts and yielding to pedestrians
how to behave in a car around cyclists and pedestrians
the information could be unleashed through the schools
the action could be requested for the parents to behave around the schools during student drop off and pick up
then... if the parents were asked to extend their appropriate driving behavior to their own neighborhoods, other residential neighborhoods, and when passing other schools
well... the ripple effect could extend to their driving across the board
just a few cars slowing down would act as pace vehicles

get the driver out of autopilot
get the driver thinking

it is that easy...

then with the beautification process...
green space needs to be green
each patch of land that is supposed to be green should be green
if grass will not grow or is not maintained...
then try planting something else
too much of our National Park land and our Urban Park land is brown earth
when it should be green
close sections off for rejuvenation
let the seeds take hold before allowing people to use these areas again
stop cars from parking on patches of grass...
no pull off
no parking
a 500 Dollar ticket would stop that behavior

if there is a pedestrian shortcut
a beaten path that pedestrians have walked consistently enough so that nothing grows there
embrace that path
make sure it is thin tight and neat
then make sure the grass grows on the area surrounding that path

but... when a sidewalk or stairs are an option...
try to remove the temptation for people to shortcut things on the grass
put plants or trees in that area obstructing the shortcut

then with enforcement...
get people to start making complete stops at the stop line at intersections
this will ripple into many things...
the yielding to pedestrians as well as bringing down the maximum speed
get people to stop blocking the crosswalk
get people to stop blocking the intersection
if the sign says no stopping or standing... penalized the people who disobey this law
they are disrupting flow... on a daily basis the same people break the same set of laws
that is what is making that morning commute such a pain in the ass... people being selfish

enough on my soapbox

it all starts
if we want change
we need to start the change within ourselves

if the mothers and fathers of this city behaved like appropriate mothers and fathers we would have a more civilized city
with the kids in the car these parents are acting like animals
then wondering why the teens drive like assholes
no dah... they are driving like their parents

remove the cell phone from the car...
ban the cell phone from moving vehicles
businessman or not...
TEXTING! Text messaging while driving should be a moving violation

throw less trash... pick up some trash
plant some plants... let the grass take root

slow down around schools
put down the cell phone
yield to pedestrians
stop at the stop line

get a PSA information system through the schools
let the kids educate the parents

be respectful of others and the world that we live in
treat other neighborhoods how you wish your neighborhood to be treated
drive down other streets how you want people to drive down your street
drive around children the way you want people to drive past your children

it is all very easy!
how do we get this started?

What would Jens do?

What would Jens do?

(a link shared with me by my brother)