Man Bites Dog

fantastic video

golf is not a sport

this could be an expensive lap at the cranky monkey

wakefield is so last week

no camera today...

more waw shots by martin

an interesting story about someone's commute to work

Bike Messengers in Kabul?

she cycles

crummy cakes

Simpson Size It!

two things for the parents out there...

a question of the classes...

flight of the concords

B-Sides... I never wanted the Greatest Hits album to tell me which songs I would like best

that picture below makes me thing of this

not the day I was looking for on the bike...

The Director of WABA

Metropolis has been closed for a long time...

it was last year

roadside memorials

remember the ditty bops?

that image is from last year... or maybe the year before that

I should be asleep...

going away party for a friend... a fantastic gathering

bloggers are freaks!

Celeste Green would work for me!

totally inappropriate for work

what is in gwadzilla? red bull pumps through his veins!

kranky killington

wednesday at wakefield four photos by martin

summertime... sundresses blowing in the breeze

W@W #4: Wednesday at Wakefield photo of me

in the washington post!

watching the tour... enjoying the commercials

posting bills... staples in trees

Wednesday at Wakefield: The Final Chapter

it is true.... dresses and bikes are an obvious place to point the camera

wednesday at wakefield

this guy is no keith richards

this is all I know... look into it and tell me more

dopers suck

bank robbers


What would Jens do?

matthew lesko