more randomness

not sure if I get this..


ah... the unicycle

the tangents work for me

the wind in their face...


abandoned bike blog in NYC


it has been a long time since

who is she again... and why do we care

2011 was flavored with pepper spray

something about bike share and banks...

The Modern World

hunger strike

Christmas Eve Longboard Session

Merry Christmas!

Tool Library?

Haymarket Winter Bike League


Indoor Bike Park! HELL YEAH!

this is classic

this cracks me up... they are young and I am old

a method to her madness...

Photographic Collages... delivered by bike

Joey's Bike Shop in Elkins


lots of history past, present, and future in all the backgrounds

got on the bike... a bit of a tradition

Happy Holidays from Gwadzilla!


Linus explains the meaning of Christmas

Cutting it a Litte Close

going through the archives

store front by store front... block by block... the world is changing

ran into Lon in the park...

not the shot I was looking for..

not the shot I was looking for..

fire on the mountain

Secret Santa- Secret Snowman- Sea monkeys