got a bunch of questions and a bunch of comments on my Ergon Pack

I guess my pack is usually on my back between home and work
put on in the house and then taken off in the office
then out on in the office and taken off in the house

over the last few days as I had my pack with me as I did some last minute Christmas shopping I have received an assortment of positive questions and positive comments on my Ergon Pack

it is sweet!
super spacious and super ergon!
I love how the pack takes the weight off my shoulders and puts it on my hips
then to have the pack off my back so my back can breath... AWESOME

great pack!
thanks Ergon
and thanks Dave for letting me check it out

Ergon on the Gwadzilla Page

chase the Ergon homepage from there
which reminds me... I need to get back on that bike build so the Ergon Pedals have something to be tested on
was going to use the commuter pedals on a Pump Track-Bar Bike