photographs of bikes and buildings in Washington DC

some words about The Liberty Jamboree

The coveted Yellow Jersey

it has been a week... exactly one week since the Liberty Jamboree
well... now it has been a week and a day then another day and if I don't just give this another glance it will never make the page
so here goes...
the details are a blur... a mud splattered blur
perhaps a glance at the photos shared on FACEBOOK may aid in bringing up something worth sharing
perhaps not
either way... here I go

Me and the host Jim Casey
The 2012 Liberty Jamboree: 
Race Report Liberty Jamboree IX

the Liberty Jamboree is a small gathering of people associated with WUSS
WUSS being the Washington Underground SingleSpeed Society
this event is far from a major NORBA-USCF production... The Liberty Jamboree is a small event of friends hosted by Jim Casey, Jim's wife Amy, and Amy's wonderful parents
there is a mountain bike stage race in the woods just off Amy's parent's property on some trails that link up to the back side of the McCeldan side of Avalon or something to that effect
there is no marked course
it is not red caution tape on the right and yellow caution tape on the left
it is more simple... it is more basic

there are short stages where there are volunteer marshals standing at points where the racers have to turn
there are soft pedal parade pace rides in between stages
the racers regroup at the finish of each stage
each stage is short enough that it is pretty much a heart attack sprint
after the mountain bike stage race there is a bbq 
the last stage usually ends down by the water
which often involves a quick unsanctioned dip
it tends to be a summer highlight for all those lucky enough to attend
The Liberty Jamboree is in its 9th year... I have attended a handful of those years

Olympic Women's Road Race


bikes bikes bike


vintage photos.


name those buildings.

my dog is a cat...

my get away car is a bike

are they all dirty? once a doper... always a doper?

Alexander Vinokourov
Road Cycling Gold Medalist in the 2012 Olympics

Alexander Vinokourov says he's clean and leaving the sport while he's "on top"

Cyclist May Use Full Lane

cars pass obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close

cars pass and block off the right hand side
wanting cyclists to ride all the way to the right
yet not leaving a space all the way to the right for the cyclist to progress forward
it is not uncommon for me to ride my bicycle closer to the center of the lane than hiding on the right side of the lane

I find that if I make it such that the passing cars have to enter the another lane they pass more safely
when I find that if I am all the way to the right cars will hastily force the pass within the same lane


Assault on the Capital Crescent Trail

Sexual Assault on the Capital Crescent Trail

in San Fran

Bike Commute More than Just a Ride to Work


Clarkes and their Cargo BIke

Cargo Bikes.... part of today... part of tomorrow

a rare good photograph

US Capitol Building... DC Pedicab in the foreground

funny... your boyfriend is right

"be careful on your bike... there will be people who will take your photo and put it on their blog"
sage words to the woman that just moved to DC from Chicago

A Ride for Kadian and Candlelight Vigil

a cut and paste from the FACEBOOK PAGE

Please join us on a bicycle ride for Kadian Harding, who tragically passed away on Wednesday after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle with his father. 

Kadian's death is a huge loss for the City Bikes community and beyond, reaching Shepherdstown, WV and the UK, not to mention all of the District of Columbia.

We will ride for Kadian, his memory, his family, and for our safety. 

This tragedy reminds us all of the necessity of proper bicycle safety measures. We will require helmets and lights on all bicycles, and we will be practicing all the proper rules of the road. All riders must perform an ABC Quick Check (AirBrakesCranksQuickrelease) on their bicycle before the ride.

Route map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/118378099

The ride will be followed by a candlelight vigil in honor of Kadian's brilliantly bright life. We plan on lighting our candles at Unity Park (across the street from City Bikes in Adams Morgan) around 8:30pm.

the Olympics have STARTED!

Grant in Chasing Legends

Can the "Brits" carry their momentum in the Tour de France into the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Cranky Monkey Registration is OPEN

EX2 Adventures's Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike Series is now OPEN for REGISTRATION!

Cranky Monkey on the Gwadzilla Page

take a closer look at that photo...
that is not a mountain bike
that is two mountain unicycles!
broke that frame racing the Cranky Monkey a few years back
bummed me out... I was finishing strong ahead of the pack
2 miles to go
then that happened!