photos from Greenbrier

I brought the camera... but I did not take any photos
okay... I took two shots 
one of Jonah Merriam and another of his younger brother Malachi 
but no shots of racer on their bikes or racers around the parking lot

no time 
I arrived late
and the action was done when my race was over
not to mention the need to hustle back to the city after washing the bike and changing my clothes

photos from Greenbrier
A.E Landes has some nice shots!

at Greenbrier the faster racers got dizzy from doing their laps so fast!

another racer's racer report from Greenbrier

Home Dept.

support your local business...
support the "mom and pop businesses"...
when you can.

I was well overdue to replace my grill...
my Weber kettle had served me well
but... the damage from the deck falling on it during the Snowpocalyse 
and the wear from the weather and time had this grill on its last leg
without a welder I could not "shore" things up
the disconnect of the pan that catches the ashes was dangling such that it was no longer effective and no longer as safe as I felt it should be

it was time to replace my grill
I was well over due

first there was the mental debate
Charcoal or Gas?
sure I love the flavor of cooking with charcoal
but I love the ease and convenience of gas

over the years I have flipped back and forth
it seemed like it was time to flip again
so... I leaned towards gas and decided to make a purchase

an errand to Bethesda had me thinking I would head to Strosnider's Hardware
well... I thought that Strosniders would do my "quality control" 
as it turns out they had "weeded out" the lesser grills
but their selection also lacked the lower priced grills
I am not their market... I do not have the high dollar Bethesda tastes or the Bethesda Gold Card
so I continued my search


Closer to home I looped by Annie's Ace
a new hardware store in "the hood"
the neighborhood that is
it was a quick walk though
Annie's Ace had a decent hibachi selection
so... again I was back in the car


Mount Pleasant's Old School Hardware is having a GRILL SALE
but... this is Special Order
I wanted my grill then and there
but if you have the day or two to wait
check their prices and see if they have what you are looking for

knowing that Old School Hardware has a small space I did not bother making a stop there
in fact... I was frustrated that I had not made my purchase earlier in the day
things were working out such that I was not sure if I could make my afternoon appointment

from Annie's Ace I drove on down to Home Depot
I took a route that kept me off Rhode Island Avenue as long as possible
I moved pretty fluidly
parking the car and rushing in

choices... choices... choices...
so many choices
ironically... I wanted choices
but there were TOO MANY CHOICES!

it is always tempting to spend more money
but I tried to stay rational
I tried to avoid spending too much money 
and I tried getting lured into a grill with bells and whistles that I would not really need


eventually I decided on the GRILL KING 4 Burnewr Gas Grill!
I saw a display model... but could not find a box
a very helpful Home Depot employee told me that her computer is telling her that they have 52 Grill Kings in stock... but we could not find one box holding a Grill King

but... out front were a number of pre-assembled grills
sure enough.... there were two dozen of the grills that I was looking for
too bad I wanted it in a box so it could fit into my Honda Element
I made my purchase and then disassembled the grill enough that it would fit in the back with the seats removed

ah... the frustration
my shopping took longer than I had expected
sure I had my grill.. but I had to miss my appointment

at least I have a new grill

last night we had fajitas... the burner on the side was perfect for sautéing shrimp and heating tortillas
very happy with my purchase
it is great when the things we buy improve our lives


Cervelo and a plastic bag

what if...

today at Greenbrier there was a couple of guys at the bike wash with a product called WICKt ED WASH!

said to be safe for our bikes
safe for all the various metals, grease, oils, and various compounds including rubber and carbon fiver?
just breaks down the dirt and makes easier to wash your bike

but what does WICKED WASH do to the dirt it encounters once it is washed off the bike?
this stuff went straight into the lake at Greenbrier.... is it breaking down teh dirt as I type?

I seldom use the bike wash
so.... I can not compare

brought the camera but did not take this shot or really any shots

standing at the line at Greenbrier.

photo by JR Petsko

good day on the bike
darn good day on the bike

lined up at Greenbrier with the Clydesdales
some familiar faces and some new faces
lots of faces missing

funny... some other people racing at Greenbrier used to be Clydesdales are now faster non-Clydesdales

the bike held up well... thanks Chris Merriam for putting it in the stand and giving it the TLC it needed to be race worthy
the body felt good
it hurt... I was tired... I nearly cracked a few times... and I pretty much bonked

this mild winter allowed me to get to a certain level of fitness
then I let it drop off
need to pick up the tempo 
not because the ten seconds
because it should not hurt that bad

also... when I dismounted and marched durning the race.... I dismounted and marched early
was scared of cramping
had no cramping
glad I did not cramp... but I could have been faster to ride further into each climb

it was a fast group that I was able to lead and hold off
but really... had I sneezed I would have lost my position

the top five were within 4 minutes

funny... coming down the line on the grass less than a hundred yards from the finish I got stung by a hornet
I think I am more allergic to bees than to hornets
and hornets can sting multiple times and bees sting one nasty time and die as their insides get town our as they try to fly away and the stinger remains... along with the insides of the now dead bee
no matter... after a short injection of venemo I was able to swat the bastard away and roll into the finishling
smiling.... hot tired and smiling

a good day on the bike
a darn good day on the bike

my current nemesis is Evil Steve

BIll should know such things... 
best not to mention Evil Steve to me

oh... BTW
I left my iPhone at Baja Fresh when I was having lunch with Evil Steve this week
had to swing by and get it that evening
man... losing the phone is a scare
far scarier than losing the company phone


the new kit is looking fresh on this recently assemble squad

DCMTB had a strong showing at GREENBRIER

check the archives... the old stuff is the good stuff!

a few images from this archive page in 2008
give it a glance... I think you may be entertained by the content of the early posts

whatever happened to this guy...

Go Go Gadget...
we never spoke 
he was always moving too fast
but what words we shared always left me wanting to know more

what happened to Gadget?
where did he go?
what is he doing now?

gotta listen to my own advice... step up and ride as I best I can... and accept the results as they happen

racing bikes brings about a certain level of anxiety

I have no love for the lump in my throat and the butterflies in my stomach
pre-race anxiety is way the worst

but... we can not collapse in the face of our demons
we need to stand strong and face them

I always instruct my children to play through... to ignore these things... to simple line up and when they say go... ride their bikes
race with passion and heart

the boys do not get all the guidance to
give it all you have got
leave it on the course
ride it like you stole it
because I do not want to increase the anxiety

time to check my bags and throw them into the car
then point it to Greenbrier


old photo of messengers in DC

Pat Riggins may be the only person displayed here that is still a messenger

Pat Riggins of Real Courier
search Gwadzilla for REAL COURIER and PAT RIGGINS for more images of Pat

this song used to pack the floors... Techno-Rave Mix... I AM A NIGHTMARE WALKNG

not sure if this is the exact song...
it was late at night and roughly 25 years ago


old images...

all shots in Dupont Circle
all snaps taken a few years ago


scary video...

without the video... no one would believe that this sort of thing could happen

YOUTUBE video of TWO cyclist on a road ride getting side swipped by a passing car

Injected with a Poison

this song popped into my head

it was a mainstream techno release
not an underground DJ mix
but... the song was so undeniably infectious
that it crossed markets


I gottta move... gotta get on with my day

right to privacy in public... and the camera

it is an interesting topic
I try to respect people's "right to privacy"
trying not to take a photo of anyone who does not want their photo taken
and definitely not posting a photo of anyone who did not want their photo taken

here Smitty and Kevin Dillard each ham it up for the camera
each of them being "street photographers"

passport work...

it is my uneducated  outside perspective that the majority of messenger work these days would be passports and line stands

word of mouth... flyers... and the amazing interweb!

Finding Alleycat Races

correlation? causation?

what is the relationship between the era of "everyone gets a trophy" and the obesity epidemic?

tips... have not read... may not agree


an article on shoes

best shoes for the office

I like her office... but not sure of her posture
she does not look like a productive drone
she has the appearance that she thinks she is the queen bee


XTRANORMAL: Road Bike Racer meets Mountain Biker


Elijah the Nature Boy

the White House is hidden behind that horse...

what is the meaning of the statue when the horse is on its hind legs?

or maybe not!


Top Ten Cities for Cycling

cyclist in Washington DC


shot of local messenger-racer-street photographer.... Kevin Dillard



nice orange coat

missed the shot

DC Bicycle Messenger


rolling down M Street mid day

having trouble house training this pooch!

so I look to Guns and Roses Patience 

figuring... if those two were house trained
this dog can be house traineda

all shots pretty much on the same corner as I step out of work to get lunch

liking the new Blogger Photo Upload and the new PHOTO MANAGEMENT in BLOGGER
love the click and move and the click and alter size control that is now available

with the Upload there is still a little glitch where it does not display all of the photos that were previously uploaded, but there is a space... not a ghost image, but a blank space representing the previous downloads
they should be displayed or no blank spaces

I think this street photography happened as I "talked shop" with fellow street photographers Kevin Dillard and Smitty

the shots are good
but... it is different taking pictures while trying to carry on a conversation
in many cases it forces me to miss the shot
not always by not releasing the shutter
but by not positioning my self in the right spot, not composing it right, and not capturing it at the right moment

the formating of the text is also clean and easy
and I like the presentation of the INSERT JUMP BREAK

have yet to INSERT VIDEO
but should really make that happen
but fear that it will steal all my UPLOAD SPACE!

this shot of Suave is Landscape....

lets see how blogger displays this image XL
in my previous template the XL Landscape would bleed into the text on the left hand side

I bet that issue is resolved with the fresh template
in some ways...
I wish that Blogger would maintain the OLD TEMPLATE for a page and then transition to the NEW TEMPLATE
splitting eras

I have blogged for years
and the fresh new templates do not always carry the theme and capabilities of the times

when Blogger first started... you had to have a pay account to post images
they changed that
although they have a high water mark that I surpass each year

another set of...

Sandra and Cassandra
the same Sandra and Cassandra that stopped for me when the jerry rigged coupler for the trailer EPICALLY FAILED and Edible Arrangements when rolling down the street
okay... not really
but really

first post of displaying images this large in the new template
I think I will like it

they are making amazing progress at ROCKBURN!

The IMBA Trail Crew is coming to Washington DC
and guess what... they are inviting you to learn about trail building
and then... they are inviting you to help improve the legal natural surface trails in Fort Dupont for you and your mountain bike


Mark Your Calendars May 3-6th! 
more info here

perhaps the most fair and the most balanced...


not going to attach a photo...

but Julie Andrews is totally hot on this episode of the Colbert Report

Conn. Ave.

passing in front of the Mayflower Hotel
where I went to the prom as a senior in High School

three two wheeled vehicles in this shot

the shot blown by the cyclist in the foreground scoping out the scooter to his right

nice Cervello

and plastic bag

the white house is a nice backdrop for a photograph

the several blocks past Treasury, then the White House, and then the Old Executive Office Building or maybe they call it the Eisenhower Building now... back to the point... these blocks are car free
which is nice for the bike

I remember when this stretch of road allowed cars
them dam cars stopping to snap a quick Polaroid could be annoying to the person trying to hang in the right lane on the bike 

I also remember that when they closed this area to traffic that pick up roller hockey moved it
too bad the hockey players lost their court

photo of me...

with my camera
by Kevin Dillard

Pibble Racing giving back...

John Dinn of Pibble Racing cut a check to help Dogs of the 9th Ward
which happens to be my band's name
okay.... I am not in a band
but if I were... Dogs of the 9th Ward would be a cool band name

Proceeds from "I gotta see a man about a dog" Alleycat went to Pittbull Rescue
dry dog food, blankets, and sheets were also accepted as race entry fees

great race for a good cause
thanks John Dinn for such a warm contribution to the communities of both dogs and bikes

Gwadzilla Mention of Pibble Racing/

guilty as charged...

I do love The Superficial

three more shots taken within seconds of each other

Elijah the Nature Boy

Rod Smith and his Cargo Bike