NC... a little out of my range

dupont is wonderful in the springtime

ran into cargo mike... we started to talk lodi...

some shots from last weekends Polo gathering...

when helmets make no sense...

the shape of cars and trucks in our culture morphs over the years

Household Hazardous Waste/E-cycling Collection Event

boxes... lots of little cubes

I would love to travel the world and take picture of bicycles in everyday life

my short trips to and from work...

four seconds... it says I have four seconds

nice move anna!

the solo goat at greenbrier

it is only tuesday... I can still dwell on the events of the weekend

no chris.... I never did bmx


dave has some photos from the greenbrier challenge

Bike To Work Day is approaching...

the three fastest big guys at the greenbrier challenge

some photos after the 2008 Greenbrier Challenge

where was kevin dillard?

I need one of these for my block!


jeff peel in urban velo

Scardaville got some shots...

stupidest bike lanes

behind jesco white my favorite west virginians

JD Galleries has some great shots from the 2008 Greenbrier Challenge

some folks from DC Mountain Biking... all shots from the 2008 Greenbrier Challange except for the one of Jon Wheaton at Schaffer Farms the day prior

rain today like the monsoon in bangkok