me... in the flesh... in action

not my shot... shot by Kevin Dillard

oh yeah.... someone emailed me an image from Wednesday at Wakefield

I wonder if any architects check into the Gwadzilla page...

missed the shot... again.

vintage... an early mountain bike

lunch in the park


fast local kid

had to zoom in

an open market...

long awaited...


Race Report: Wednesday at Wakefield One

the brother of a good friend of mine...

in the Times

Nazca Ruins?

Vandalism or Art?

I dig his style

Rachel of DCMTB

BWI... not the same as DUI

women gets excited when holding the man's snake

the fun police? or just ignorant to the situation

no bike for the boys... this was Sunday on our way back from the Caribbean Carnival

a few snaps in Georgetown on our way to Pizza Paradiso

failed logic

not always sure what makes the page

things start tonight

Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

bikes... cars... and people