me... in the flesh... in action

no... it is not a photo of me at the keyboard

not my shot... shot by Kevin Dillard

DC Bicycle Courier Association

oh yeah.... someone emailed me an image from Wednesday at Wakefield

racers at W@W
anyone know if there are any photos up from Wednesday at Wakefield

I wonder if any architects check into the Gwadzilla page...

some of my shots should be interesting to people interested in cities
buildings and people
urban planners
transportation experts

and of course
people who like to look at photos of people on bikes

missed the shot... again.

missed the shot of the cyclist
got the shot of the building

incorporated the timer of the WALK SIGNAL thinking he was waiting for the green
just as I entered the crosswalk

he had been holding a track stand for so long
I just assumed I would arrive in time to get a good close up from the front

ended up missing one shot and capturing another

photos of nothing are photos of something

vintage... an early mountain bike

mid 1980's Peugeot

nothing special

not an expensive bike
but it seemed like there were only a handful of "mountain bike" options
this bike may have been the inspiration of some companies having a 26 inch wheel bike called a "city bike"
this was all before the "hybrid"
which was a blend of the tall wheels of the road bike and the fatter tires of the mountain bike

it took years for the 29er to enter the scene

lunch in the park

lunch in the park on a nice dc day


better Bike Rack design?

clever? fun? cool?

yet it fails with functionality

cool just the same


fast local kid

did not see him at Wakefield tonight
not in the single speeds
not with the experts

from what I can see he seems like a solid kid
don't know him well
just know... it is exciting to watch someone this young so fast

seems like a good kid

I wonder what the future holds for him

speed... handling... positive humble attitude
loves riding his bike fast!

very exciting to watch

had to zoom in

as it turns out
that is not who I thought it was
at a glance when I snapped it I thought it was Moose

that is not Moose

an open market...

I can remember when this Dean and Deluca was an open air market... or maybe that is just an open market
I was young... anad I did not really get it
but I got it enough to know that it was different and that it was more how things used to be
now that Dean and Deluca has been there so long that it is an old store front by Georgetown Standards

okay... I am stretching the truth a tad
there are many businesses that have existed in Georgetown for decades
and then a few with a few decades more than that
Big Wheel Bikes is pretty "old school" as far as I am concerned

even Big Wheel Bikes had a modern make over... "back in the day" things were smaller and tighter in the Georgetown location

long awaited...

SEE-I record release...
we waited... now it is here

no image due to BLOGGER issues


the unicycle...

riding a unicycle is far from impossible
it is just a matter of practice
some people may learn to ride the unicycle more quickly than others
others may achieve greater proficiency on the unicycle
but no one... no one can learn to ride a unicycle without practice

practice... practice... practice

the key component to so many things...
the key component to nearly everything is practice

practice... practice... practice

Dean and I have been practicing the unicycle
last year our efforts were lackluster... we started... we tried... we lost momentum
after a few months of sporadic practice the unicycles were brought inside and put in a corner in the basement... buried in the basement... buried and nearly forgotten
then on the anniversary of Dean's birthday I reminded Dean that we had not learned to ride our unicycles yet
we pulled them out of the basement and started working on things

while I cooked dinner on Monday evening Dean worked on the unicycle as Grant coached perched on his Razor Scooter
after a ten or twenty minutes Dean entered the kitchen
in a fatherly tone I asked if he was done already
to my pleasure and surprise Dean was not done... but rather... Dean was asking me to come witness his progress

I checked that the food in the kitchen was set and ready to be left on its own and grabbed my unicycle and headed out into the alley
sure enough... Dean had hit a new level of beginner unicyclist control
this BREAKTHROUGH inspired me

I watched Dean ride his unicycle... his effort was no longer a spastic 10 feet than eject
it was a slower more methodical effort
forward with more control and further
then also ending in rider ejection... I think for the most part unicycle riding ends in some sort of ejection... well... until the rider is seasoned and skilled

after a few lessons from Dean it was dad's turn
I took to the staging area
mounted up... adjusted my junk... and pedaled forward
not even one rotation into things and I was off the unicycle and on my feet

Dean and I alternated turns from our set staging area
Grant set up markers
Dean had a marker 25-30 feet ahead
Grant set up a marker 7-10 feet ahead for me... I thought it was a tad overly ambitious

I needed to commit... it was clear that starting off would be a leap of faith... sort of like dropping in on a skateboard ramp
I battled my hesitation that was created by my fear
then I tried
I leaned forward and pushed off the lamppost that was holding me upright
to my shock and surprise I rode to my marker

excited I grabbed my unicycle and went back to the lamppost that we had selected as our staging area
invigorated by my effort that so closely resembled riding a unicycle I mounted up and tried again

as I steadied myself young Grant offered support and sound advice
I listened and applied his advice... then pushed off and pedaled ahead

Dean and I altered turns
as Dean pedaled more than twice my personal best I asked Grant how he knew so much about uni-cycling when he does not know how to unicycle himself
seven year old Grant said that he knew from watching Dean try and fail... seeing what worked and what did not work

funny... Grant was an excellent coach
both supportive and helpful with his advice
Dean also offered good advice... but it was Dean's example that helped me the most
both Dean's commitment and his success drove me to try harder
we continued practicing for a little while longer then went in for dinner

after dinner we returned to the alley for some more "practice" on the unicycles

there is an interesting thing to practice
there is a correlation between "input and reward"
success is a great motivator
doing well... or achieving a certain level of comfort in something fuels itself

by doing a little better we wanted to do it more
previously we had wanted to learn to ride the unicycle
now after being able to almost ride the unicycle we were compelled to practice more
it is self fulfilling

the following day I day dreamed about the unicycle...
excited to practice again once the boys were home from camp

Pixar's Red's Dream
Dean tells me that it was this short film that inspired him to want to learn to ride the unicycle


Race Report: Wednesday at Wakefield One

June 30th here is Thursday night... not the night after W@W #1
the Thursday night the night after W@W #2

but this... this is something about last week

after reading the story from the perspective on Kent's shoulder I was inspired to write something
but before I write something about Wednesday at Wakefield Number One... I think I need to take a glance at my slow to be scripted words and ideas on Wednesday at Wakefield Number One
it bums me out when I wait to write something down
details are lost so hard to remember each moment it all gets erased by time June 28th

it is Tuesday... tomorrow is Wednesday
last week was Wednesday at Wakefield One
tomorrow is Wednesday at WakefieldTwo
I still have not scribbled down any thoughts on last week's Wednesday at Wakefield
if I am gonna do it... I better make it happen

I wanted to wait for the results to help me understand my effort
not sure of that helped
in fact... there may have been too much time between me and the race for me to remember the details of the day
lets see what appears...

RACE REPORT: Wednesday at Wakefield #1
W@W #1
last week as Wednesday approached I tried to get ready to race
tried to get ready... bike, body, and mind
if I could not get ready bike, body, and mind
I knew that I could at lease show up with my bike

I went into the basement and put the Rip Nine into the stand
then I grabbed a box that I knew had some spare parts in it
I grabbed a stack of chains... new chains... replacement chains... one KMC and two SRAM chains
ah... just what I was looking for... a SRAM chain... the orange box is recognizable from across the room
first one SRAM and then the other...
both were single speed chains... just as the KMC is a single speed chain
the Niner is a geared bike... I needed a 9speed chain

the Rip Nine was not to be the bike of choice for the race
through a process of deduction I was going to race the Jamis Exile
getting this bike ready would be a more simple process
check the chain slack
lube the chain and put some air in the tires
and end things with a spin the wheels and tap the brakes

my bike was ready... which meant I was as ready to race as I was gonna be
nothing more to do until I the official said the words go
well... almost
there is always more prep... and getting there is not always so easy

the school year ended the week prior and the kids had a week without camp
which meant that things were such that I could bring the boys to Wakefield... all three of us could race
which meant I had to prep three bikes and pack for three

the day unfolded that I had plenty of time to get to Wakefield
we woke up slow and let the day take its unstructured course
before it was too late in the day we left off for a dip in the pool
not feeling rushed we got a little comfortable and maybe a little lazy

after some splashing and fun in the sun we were headed for home
where the boys were able to chill-lax while I loaded up the car with bikes and anything and everything else we may need

somehow... not sure how... we had all day to get ready...
I left so late in the day that I feared that the slightest amount of traffic would prevent the boys from racing
anxiety and potential let down all around

luckily... the traffic ended as we Exited 14th Street out of the city and got onto the HOV lane headed to NOVA
Interstate 395 was a parking lot... to our pleasure HOV flowed well enough that we arrived just in time to have the boys registered and then race
no warm up... just race

well... with my boys on the grounds my attention was spent getting them ready to race and at the line... then to cheer them on and snap some photographs
once the boys were finished racing I got them set up and comfortable before I could race

a cooler filled with watermelon, cantaloupe, Capri Suns, and of course water bottles and bottles of powdered gatorade

in addition to fuel and refreshments I had a stack of UNO cards and a few books and comic books
the boys dove into an UNO game
a slight hug and some high fives from each of the boys and I was gone
as I pedaled away I heard Dean wish me good luck
with my older son's voice still fresh in my head I was back to my car with a few minutes to suit up and pedal the bike before taking the line

when I registered I had noticed Scott Young's name on the list so I was not shocked to see him as I did my hundred yard warm up
it was good to see Scott... seeing Scott made me anxious about my current fitness and my readiness to race
I enjoy racing Scott... he races hard and can push the pace

okay... honestly... I dreaded seeing Scott... I did not feel ready to race
I knew that Scott would be laying down the hammer...
which meant I would have to deliver my "A game"
I would have to lay down the hammer as well... I may like Scott... but I do not want him to finish ahead of me!

the hundred yard warm up was actually a hundred yard up and back which makes a two hundred yard warm up and then we were at the line
the 6:55 categories were lined up from Expert Males on back to the Clydesdales

earlier that evening there had been Single Speed and then some age categories
the Back to Back Single Speed was not an option for me... the kids being an excuse before even thinking about my lack of fitness

greetings were shared between fellow Clydesdales... but really it was not much more than a nod... we were getting close to race time and I wanted my focus forward


it was getting closer to race time and pre-race anxiety had morphed into a different sort of anxiety.... an at the line sort of anxiety... IT IS ALL BETTER ON THE BIKE.... I was pleased that the moment was going to be approached which would then alter the sensation of anxiety to excitement

class by class there was a release.... the space between classes make the wait at the start a lengthy experience... the wait between the release of the sport women and the clydesdales would be two minutes.... a long two minutes
waiting... I hate the waiting...
the waiting adds more anxiety
the longer the wait the more the "warm up" drifts away

then it was the countdown... the very long silent countdown
it may have been a minute... I scrambled my counting and joined back in at 30 seconds... but did not manage any decent timing so accepted the five second count down where I fought the false start... my head was not right enough to manage counting backwards
5-4-3... I just waited for the official to say GO!
fought the false start and botched the start

then it happened... the words GO!

the Clydesdales started last and furthest back
the race for the hill is all gravel... lose gravel
I bobbled the start and was slow to push the cranks and even slower to clip in
as I muscled forward I fought to maintain traction on the lose gravel

peeling out and kicking up rocks may be a cool effect
but it does not propel the rider forward
having the front end drown in the gravel was also a fear
my eyes scanned for small islands of solid ground in this sea of deep gravel

I was not the first to the base of the hill
but in a lead group
I could sense Scott Young to my right
then a few other bodies to my left

one body slightly ahead of me was a guy on a Single Speed with a white jersey who I had pointed out to Scott at the line

working hard to move forward faster I scanned the gravel climb in front of me for a good place to put my tires... I tried to take a good line without obstructing Scott or others of their line and their momentum

I crested the hill right behind the guy on the single speed in the white jersey
it was a tough battle to the top
my guess was Scott Young was right behind me along with a cast of others
but there was no looking back... have to maintain focus forward

up the hill and onto the gravel service road already fatigued I made that left hand turn towards the singletrack
I was not so sure I wanted to fight to get to the hole shot... it seemed a little early to start racing
so I drifted back and paced off the guy on the single speed with the white jersey
into the woods down the dusty singletrack that hairpins right to man made walkway over the stream

his handling was nice... real nice... much lighter on the bike than myself.... a different style of rider than me
then it happened... not sure why... but the leader... the winner of the hole shot... the guy on the single speed with the white jersey pulled over and let me pass
I took it and the race began

it had been a while since I had ridden my bike at Wakefield... more than likely I had not ridden my bike at Wakefield since race four at Wednesday at Wakefield the year prior
other than Wakefield there just has not been much mountain biking in my life
then... well... I may have been on dirt with my boys on the bike
so other than things with a seven year old as the lowest common denominator there had been no riding in the woods since Greenbrier... which was cut short with a broken chain... and before that.... well... WISP
WISP went well... but that was some time ago

and the Jamis Exile Single Speed? when did I ride that bike last?

the whole racing and riding thing is a bit of a question mark
there has not been much riding to calibrate things
what is my barometric pressure reading

into the woods and in the lead I smiled as I entered some vaguely familiar terrain
as I rode the man made rock sections I questioned my tire pressure
although I had put a seatpack with tube, pump, and multitool... I did not want to use it
a mechanical can break a race... even a slight mechanical can throw off timing and ruin someone's race and maybe their day
the lap unfolded as each lap does
the log that diminished over the years had another log stacked on top of it
which forced us all to migrate around on some moderately wet and somewhat slick mud
which caused me to slow down

back onto the dusty dirt and I tried to alter my single speed pace so that I would not encounter the woman racer in front of me on the short muscly climb
as I rolled up I made a request to pass at the Apex
more than likely my Darth Vader request was not deciphered which had me delaying my pass
I knew I could pass her on the double track thirty yards ahead... but I wanted to pass her sooner to try and build a gap on the racers behind me
rather than getting stuck behind a racer slowing my pace thus allowing racers to catch up to my rear wheel and line up behind me

Wakefield can be tough to pass
Wakefield also has some decent places to pass
if Wakefield is a "training series" one of the biggest lessons to be learned would be the lesson in "How to Pass" and "How to allow the Pass"

it is a matter of chance that a racer meets another racer at a decent place to pass
I have flatted out trying to force a pass
flatted out from slamming into hidden rocks or rolling through some brush and taking on a thorn or two... I did not wish this to happen

no one likes to be passed
I hate being passed
people were really good about being passed
the Sport racers who often can ride faster than they race were not as feisty about being passed as they often can be

not asking anyone to stop and pull over
just asking them to not accelerate and maybe just skip a pedal stroke or two
thus allowing the pass

passing on the single speed can be tough

the first lap went by with the basic balance of pain and pleasure
there were all those questions
how is my bike? how is my body? is my rear flat? do I have a slow leak?
the lap unfolded with a few Clydesdales within view a turn or two behind
I finished lap one in the lead
at the start of lap two I was pleased to see and hear my boys Dean and Grant cheered me on
sure I took my pace down to scan and pan so I could zero in on them
not because I was worried
but because I wanted to share my race with them
and I wanted to hear their voices and see their faces to gain some power from them

over the rocks and then onto the boardwalk
and then into the woods
the start of lap two
more pedaling and more passing

this entry was started and not finished
paused... and returned... only to try and pick things up again
too many days have passed to truly express how I was feeling
I am certain that I as panicked that I was about to be overtaken by a chasing Clydesdale
there were times when a switchback or a straight away allowed me to glance back at the sound of tires behind me
each time that racer was not a fellow Clydesdale but rather one of the racers I had
just passed

at one point I think I saw Scott trailing behind me
then later in the game I saw the single speeder in the white jersey

on the second half of lap three as I started my back tracking on the open field section
I saw the guy on the single speed in the white jersey
which reminded me to keep pace
not to get too comfortable
but to keep pushing the pedals... to keep racing... to keep things pegged at the RED LINE

the course finished itself with the usual pain and pleasure
the details of which I can not recall
across the line pleased to be finished
pleased with my efforts... pleased with the results
pleased that it was all over

back to the registration area to meet up with my boys
where I scavenged the cooler for ice cold watermelon and even Capri Suns
the boys had had their fill so I shared what remained with fellow racers and friends
the watermelon was a hit... the cantaloupe was also a welcome sight to the depleted racers around me

the boys asked to leave
I told them I wanted to stay
the boys objected then gave me some space
as the race started to wind down the boys asked if they could ride the berms
the boys entertained themselves with the berms... came all the way back... then back to the berms two more times
each time crossing through a pond sized mud puddle

as I waited for the podium I socialized and caught up with friends
Wakefield is about racing and Wakefield is about gathering with friends

there was the exchange of the "tale of the tape" as everyone waited for the results to be posted and the prizes to be handed out

the Clydesdales were released last but awarded prizes first
I stuck around to see if any more DCMTB folk hit the podium
MikeT and Ian are fast... but not fast enough against the local heros of the day
then we were off

we did not make it to Kilroys
but managed to have a fantastic Chinese dinner at Cafe Hong Kong
before our long drive home with I 396 SOuth being closed forcing me to go home via the
National Harbor

W@W #1!
in the end I think I was roughly 3 minutes ahead of the next Clydesdale
the clydesdale with the white jersey and the single speed edged out Scott Young
to make it a One-Two-Three.... Me... a guy whose name turns out to be Adam and then Scott
good racing
fast competition for sure

the brother of a good friend of mine...

Matt from Old Towne Outfitters is asking you to select his image for the cover of the Sacred Rides brochure
you will need to LIKE Sacred Rides
and then select the image that resembles the image to the right
and then LIKE again


in the Times

cyclist have the pressure to perform...
new saddle can help release cyclists' unrelenting pressure

Nazca Ruins?

Vandalism or Art?


I dig his style

Shepard Fairey

Rachel of DCMTB

BWI... not the same as DUI

not that bicycling while drunk is such a great idea...
but it is a helluva lot better than DRINKING AND DRIVING

infractions on the bicycle should be treated differently than infractions in the car
because there are different consequences from similar actions

DUI at state college

women gets excited when holding the man's snake

I did not get a shot on the move
but he rides around with the snake around his neck
nice guy with an interesting pet

the fun police? or just ignorant to the situation

flashback to college... the mid to late '80's...

when I was in college we played a fair amount of "hacky sack"

not sure if it is as popular for college folk now as it was then... but it was a fairly common practice
the game was popular... and not just with the patchouli scented hippies
lots of people played hacky sack... it was social and it was fun

sort of a passive activity

there was a circle of grassless earth that was the "hack circle"
it was a spot right in front of my dorm... within sight of the other dorms on the hill
in between class... instead of class... before heading down to the mess hall for meals... when the dorms were vacated because of the pulling of the fire alarm... whatever... whenever... people informally gathered for hacky sack

this was the spot... well... one of the spots... people could play anywhere... that is the beauty of hacky sack... but somehow this location became a popular spot for the hack circle
there was never any talk from the administration
there was never any discussion about how the administration felt about the informal meeting to play hacky sack in this area
just one day there was a very large tree placed in the spot where people played hacky sack

was that intentional?
was this an effort to stop the playing of hacky sack out front of Dorchester Hall?
or were they just trying to beautify the space
trying to put life where it appeared no grass would grow?

sadly... I fear that this was the action of "the fun police"
my guess... the administration wanted to stop this behavior
or at least... they wanted to inhibit the behavior... they did not want this behavior front and center
more than likely... they did not care for how it looked

ignorant to the activity going on in this area?
being obnoxious assholes trying to alter the behavior?

not sure of the intention... all I know is that the was a spot where people played hacky sack... and then there was this massive tree in that spot so no one could hack there

I can not recall... someone may have chopped that tree down

it would seem out of character for a potential "tree hugger" to cut down a tree
but... rebellion and standing up to "the man" is also part of the "hippie identity"
either way... no matter how it played out
I feel it was handled poorly

this plot of land... this little park with its sidewalk and its benches
this was a social place
people met and hung out in this spot
it was not uncommon for there to be a group of guys with lacrosse sticks in hand sending lacrosse balls zippiing around... definitely more of a risk to person or personal property with the lacrosse ball than the hacky sack... but nothing was done to inhibit this behavior

that was long ago... so long ago that the memory does not effect my heart rate
but... that episode did not happen without notice
that placement of the tree conscious or not acted to develop my perception of the world around me


last week I was on a road ride in Rock Creek Park
as I got out of the saddle and climbed that short but sweet hill on Ross Drive I noticed the placement of some trees on the hill
there were three trees placed at the top of the hill where people sled
three trees that would impact the fun that sledders have at this spot
because now their sledding hill is shorter
shorter... and perhaps less fun

shorter would also mean... less speed can be achieved... and maybe less risk of danger

did the National Park Service intentionally place these trees here to put an end to the fun on this sledding hill?
if so... why is this activity being shut down rather than embraced?

then on Sunday when riding our bikes back from the Caribbean Carnival we stopped in Malcolm X Park
actually... we stopped in Malcolm X Park on the way there and on the way back
on one of these stops I noticed the placement of a tree
a young tree was placed right between two other trees
the same trees that people used for their "slack line" on days when people gathered with for the "drum circles"

again... intentional?
is this an effort to inhibit the park users from setting up their "slack line"
is that an effort to keep people from sledding?
was that an effort to stop people from playing hacky sack?

so often the police work to "protect us from ourselves"
other times... they just want to inhibit behavior that they do not approve of

slack lines... rope swings... sure there are some potential dangers... and well... there may be some slight impact to the trees
but really... these are the things that trees have endured for all time
children climbing on them
ropes being slung on them
and as far as protecting us from ourselves... controlling car traffic could protect more lives than inhibiting sledding and slack lines


enough on this...
need to move forward with the day


no bike for the boys... this was Sunday on our way back from the Caribbean Carnival

boys having fun in Malcolm X Park
excuse me... Meridian Hill Park

beautiful park
if you do not slow in the park when you pass... you are missing out
never been to Malcolm X Park?
go... you will thank me

the fountains will blow your mind

a few snaps in Georgetown on our way to Pizza Paradiso

in high school I used to go down to Georgetown and skate those quarterpipes
then we would walk the crowded sidewalks and then go home

Little Tavern was a popular option on the way out
at that point in time there were two "Club Lts" to choose from
now Georgetown has none... in fact... is Little Tavern of a by-gone-day

Pizza Paradiso was where we ate
Geppetto's was where I wanted to go
it looked like Geppetto's was gone long ago
in fact... it looked like the location is changing hands again
we tried not to skate or hang out too late
understandably we got hassled and chased away

shortly after the era where that was part of my routine they put raised bricks
again.... understandably
but a total bummer and an outrage to a teenager
very much has changed as far as the store fronts go in Georgetown
out with the old and in with the new
change is not always for the better

this is the shortcut that Kevin Costner took in No Way Out to get to the Georgetown Metro

M Street in Georgetown
although I have not seen the Cupcake shows.... I can see the cupcake stores and the lines in front of them
that is why some of the old is out and the new is in.... I can not explain it
but that is working right now
record stores and magazine stores no longer have a place on this stretch of M Street

what is the closest Surplus Store?
there used to be several surplus stores downtown

I wonder where Derwin bought his gear?
I knew he shopped for books at Second Story

in grade school I remember riding my bicycle downtown to Commander Salamander to buy sunglasses... they had some sweet wrap around sunglasses
not sure if they had much else
I used to go in and snatch some free buttons because they were free and always changing
but never bought much more than an occasional pair of sunglasses

failed logic

I can not find the link...
but I saw a clip online where there was a recorded conversation between a pedicab driver and the US Park Police
or some similar police jurisdiction

if I had the link I would give more details
how about this...
you chase it down and put it in the comments for me?

appreciate it.

not always sure what makes the page

so many photos from various cameras and various cards

things start tonight

the Fort Reno Summer Concert Series starts tonight

although I do not recognize any of the band names it does not mean that I do not plan to attend

Fort Reno is a great summer opportunity
a nice place for a picnic with family or friends
a great place to toss a frisbee or kick a ball as you listen to live music


Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

Big Wheel Bikes
Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

this shop has some history and some personality
very "mom and pop"

I worked for Mike Sendar and Big Wheel Bikes...
for what that means... that puts me in the Big Wheel Family

and then this...

bikes... cars... and people

stop action at its best...

Joy Division "Transmission"
stop action with Playmobil

500 Days of Summer this weekend
enjoyed it... like the story... loved the presentation... found pleasure in the twist

The Whole Foods Parking Lot

"it is gett'in real in The Whole Foods parking lot"

The Whole Foods parking lot

Bike Boxes and Painted Lanes...

in Naples they are painting the bike lanes green...

it is the little things
that extra mile
the attention to details

DC would do well to take things to the next step...

(the addition of bike boxes could move the STOP LINE back and make things more safe all around)
connect the bike lanes that are only a block long with marked SHARROWS!

I ranted on this stuff before...

I like these shots

at Connecticut and K Street in NW


I only took a few shots at lunch the other day... but some of them are pretty good

some random shots withing a small sphere
most of my shots are taken in a small sphere
not a good representation of the city as a whole or the culture as a whole

only some corners during some times of the day from time to time