shocking that there are not more injuries caused by buses

In Washington DC the Metro Buses are bullies...
whether on foot, on bike, or in my car I am offended by the aggressive\assertive driving styles of the DC Metro Bus Drivers

the... "I AM BIGGER THAN YOU" style of taking the lane is dangerous to any and all around them

I have had words with more than one bus driver in my years of riding on the city streets of DC
and well... they have their argument figured out... it is not sound... but it shows that their behavior is intentional

there needs to be a restructuring of their thinking
before there are any more accidents

in San Fran


okay... the bully behavior of the larger vehicle is not limited to Metro Buses
ask Alice Swanson... okay... you can't

I have had words with garbage trucks... school bus drivers... you name it
some of these words involve the raising of a finger from both ends