Chuck Brown... RIP

Brian Liu had the pleasure of having the interaction with Chuck Brown that captured the moment that became that tapestry
nice photo Brian Liu
nice tapestry Mr. Brown

Rest in Peace Mr. Brown
thank you for being you
when you died a little piece of DC died with you
your legend lives on through your music
but DC will not be the same without you

Come Ride With Me...

I am not sure how this film did, but I do think it is some nice camera work
along with some nice edits
well... at least what I saw on the trailer with my untrained eye
oh... the music was pretty good.... it worked... not running to get the soundtrack

COME RIDE WITH ME with Liz Hatch

saw this and then saw a posting with the Liz Hatch in Maxium


I wonder who designed this building and what year it was built

traffic cameras... what is the goal? what is the objective?

is the goal to change behavior or to generate revenue

slow down for the camera
and maybe if you could... could you slow down for a few other things
kids, dogs, cyclists... how about anything with a pulse

rolling into work a different route...

hustling to catch up and capture this shot a homeless person asked me for spare change
I thought I was hustling
how did the panhandler think I had enough time find some change and pass it off
after all... I was hustling

if she had a basket...

she could be pedaling instead of walking

mark your calendars

June 20th
that is
Wednesdays at Wakefield


your bicycle is older than you.

almost the same post as on Bike to Work Day

that old frame is coming back to life...

the other night I stepped out of a WABA Happy Hour on H Street in NE and overheard a familiar face saying that he always wanted an Italian Road Bike
I knew the face but had never met the man
knew him from his passing in front of the camera 
knew that he was a messenger
not sure if he knew me
but I chimed in just the same

"I have an old Benotto that I am not going to build up... it is a 58 or so... it is yours if you are interested"

we had a short exchange... I gave him my cell number
and said simply... "give me a call early next week... lets make this happen... but if it does not happen next week... then lets not worry about it"

sure enough... Monday evening I got a call... so Tuesday when I rode into work I rode with that old frame slung over my shoulder
Dave and I met in the evening and I passed off the bike with one simple request... I want to see it when it is done

well... I spoke to Dave and he is already involved in cleaning  up that old frame
we talked about Velocity Bike Coop 
as it turns out Dave knows Christian... sounds like he knows him better than I do
so... Dave is well on his way to building that bike up

glad to see that bike get a second life
it was just collecting dust in my garage
it was clear I was never going to put any wheels on it

Chris Soda... ALIVE and on the mend!

while making a mad dash through some oppressive DC humidity to get lunch from a DC Food Truck I ran into Chris Soda
always great to see Chris Soda

this was the first time I have seen Chris since his accident on the bike
conversationally Chris seemed all there... well... as all there as he ever was
and his body... well... he body seemed good although it was clear that he is not the spry athlete that he was before the accident
Chris seemed to be a little awkward on the right side of the body as well as being a little slow go get around
but given the choices
CHRIS IS ALIVE and well... there was a moment where it was pretty scary

but... there is still lots of therapy for Chris to go through before he is fully recovered
that is... if full recovery is an option
I am not certain of the long term damaged caused from the head trauma
I am not sure if there will be a permanent partial disability from this bicycle accident
so... if you want to help... here is the page

Capital Bike Share gets an odd review from The Washington Times

Capital BikeShare Bikes are a part of our day to day... hard to imagine that there was ever a time when the streets of DC did not have BikeShare Bikes!

today in the Washington Times there was a piece about BikeShare
there was a rebuttal in DCist

larry larry why ya buggin?

Sunday MASS

Fairlhill is this weekend...

I do not think I will be there to join in on the fun

another piece on evolution...

I get this.

Bye, Bye, Biking Buddy

a father rode with his young son who was in Elementary School
next year his son goes to Middle School
he will no longer take his son to school
his rides to and from school with his son will cease

I totally get this!



Dream of the 90's

it has been a while since I have seen Tar...

Crash in the spring to the finish of Stage 3 in the Giro

so often people crack on Cavendish... but he was not at fault here


the de-evolution of man

I am getting mixed stories... not liking any of them

Daryl doing the messenger thing in a moderately unorthodox fashion
not my shot... shot stolen off FACEBOOK
the following is my shot is by me

not sure of the details...
but there are several sources telling me that a messenger known as "rasta" was "run down" not "hit," but "run down" this afternoon

not sure of his condition
I heard that he did not survive the accident
I have also heard that he survived the accident

either way...
send your love to him and those that care for him

a few more shots of "rasta" from when I crossed path with him a few months back


UPDATE: Daryl aka RASTA is in critical condition... if you pray pray.... if you care care... if you believe in good vibes then send good vibes

that haunting song... Somebody that I Used to Know

I wonder if this is the most YOUTUBE Covered Song of 2012

Somebody I Used to Know 
Sarah Blackwood of Walk off the Earth


Bike Month is nearly over... but hopefully you will find an excuse to ride next month as well

Columbia Heights in Washington DC has changed drastically in the last decade

many of the buildings remain the same
but the tone of the neighborhood is different


not sure if it will infect your computer... but I know it may infect your brain

this site could well change your life

yes... this site could definitely change your life
definitely dangerous for work
and if you got fired from your job
that would definitely be life changing

I wonder how the nationals went...


Do you mountain bike?

if so... are you a member of MORE?
MORE? yes MORE: The Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts 

MORE on MORE Membership

Free Bikes Keep Indian Girls in School!

two wheels good!

Daryl and his "thumper"
a Japanese bike with a British influence

very unusual machine
less than stellar shots
and I was in the wrong spot when the light turned green
wanted the shot of him riding a wheel off the line!

missing girl's bike found in Louisiana

Mickey Shunick is missing...
Mickey's bike was found under a bridge 


I fear that the answers to the questions are not what the family wants to hear...

and... as an artist... what was her motivation?

not sure what happened here...

my guess is that people were not thinking clearly
perhaps not thinking clearly at that moment
not thinking clearly leading up to that moment

thought these images of this DC Bicycle Messenger were already posted... but apparently not

it has been a while since I have used my unicycle...

what is this?
well... if unicycle has one wheel and this one has three...
well... basic logic would call it a tricycle
but what is it?

Gizmodo reviews this three wheeled contraption

this article begs the question if the scooter is the way to get kids to get out of the car and get to school on their own power



last call for Mellow Yellow

the weekend is not over yet...
I have an issue that should be easy enough to resolve

everyone in the area has had crabs today beside me
well... I would enjoy having crabs before this weekend is over

Bethesda Crab House may be in need tomorrow

what is your go to crab place?
live or steamed?


total bullshit.

so the bank made an error in this dude's favor...
should he go to jail?

if only the bankers went to jail when they made mistakes in their favor
and well... they often make mistakes in their favor
after all... that is their job


about to slide down the dinosaur...

Bustin' Loose by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers

I bet my old friend Frank Giles has some stories involving Chuck Brown
too bad Frank is no longer with us to tell them


bicycle messenger in Dupont Circle

Retired Messenger

off to mediate in the park

Logan's Antiques in Mount Pleasant

a few weeks back Logan of Logan's Antiques passed away

he seemed like a nice guy
I am certain that he will be missed by many

I wonder... will his shop remain?
if not... I wonder what will happen with his space

Fort Dupont... I need to make contact with my friends at the National Park Service to try to schedule another trail day!

I have no idea who Kyrie Iriving is...

but this video ROCKS!
rookie of the year and well... if he is the future of the sport... I may start watching basketball
the kid has character and is clever
as the film was written, directed, and staring Kyrie Irving

Jeremiah Bishop's Alpine Loop Gran Fondo

this looks like a serious good time!

and congrats to JB for earning a spot to represent the US at the 2012 Olympics
List of men and women from the US racing mountain bikes at the 2012 Olympics

Gwadzilla Mention of Olympics