I can neither confirm nor deny...

in the Newseum there is a piece displaying Neal Augenstein's iPhone
apparently... there was talk at one point that they were going to use a photo I took of Neal in Chinatown
where Neal was doing his news over the iPhone thing

cool.. except...


some shots of Neal at a modest proposal reunion show

people are angry at that Episcopal Minister... she really messed up... really really messed up...

why couldn't she have run over a bad person?
maybe a child abusing heroin addict instead of a stand up guy... a loving father and a respected member of the cycling community

RIP Tom Palermo

sorry I will never get to meet you
even more sorry that you will not get to be in your children's lives
amazing to think that I could cry for a man I never met
maybe it is because I am him and he is me
and this death is so senseless
it all could have been avoided
this all should have never happened

this is a real life nightmare
and for that... I am sad

the Mona Lisa...

this image answers the question 
"Why was the Mona Lisa smiling?"

ah... awkward... awkward moment at lunch

was discussing with two male co-workers as to whether or not men and woman can be friends
then a woman walked in... somehow she knew what we were discussing and she gave us her definitive answer... "yes, men and woman can be friends"

which struck me as odd... she is so confident about this
yet so many of us try to argue\discuss\understand this

the young men I was talking to are both in their late 20's as is this woman
maybe I thought men and woman can be friends when I was that age
I can not recall

but now...
I am pretty sure that I believe that men and woman can not be friends

sure we can be friendly to opposite sex co-workers
and there are people we see infrequently that we consider friends
but to have a close friend of the opposite sex? someone that you spend time with on a regular basis? 
I think not

there are a number of "safety" situations where we can be friends with people of the opposite sex
but for a best friend... a pal... a person that makes you laugh and smile
well... I am not so sure if both of those people are being honest

maybe I need to see When Harry Met Sally Again...


I am not certain... but I think this is Bethesda Ave.

if this is not where the Capital Crescent Trail crosses Bethesda Avenue today... at least this is what it looked like

believe it... or not...

as a child I walked those tracks to and from school
that was not my route everyday
but it was a popular route
with Tony Morgan I would put pennies on the track for the passing trains to flatten
then we would do other similar things... like smashing bottles and whatever else entertains 4th grade boys

Bethesda and Crescent bring up all sorts of randomness

Fotografie rowerzystów w Krakowie ... fantastyczne!

Kraków to piękne miasto, pełne pięknych ludzi ... z których wiele jest na rowerze

ah... just talking with a co-worker about my trip to Poland a few years back
Krakow is a beautiful city
not at all the Poland that I expected
maybe on the next visit I will get to explore more outside of this old feudal city


Free Dorthy! and... Bring back FUGAZI!

John Kelly has a nice little commentary here...

oh my lord...

Hit and Run?
oh my lord... a bishop?
give me a break... throw the book at her... and not the "good" book

female bishop hits and kills cyclist and then flees the scene

I think this woman needs to take more than a moment to reflect on her actions
her actions will take more than a few Hail Marys and a few Our Fathers to rectify 

this movie was interesting and informative... but also curious to me because this was happening around me... I was at so many of those shows... I went to high school with some of those key players...

Positive Force: More Than a Witness

this film could well inspire young people to be more active
the notion of "the collective"
alone is not as strong as together

this film filled in the blank for me on so many things

I was there... I was "just a witness"
I was at the majority of the shows where clips were shown
this was my community
Kevin Mattson was a year ahead of me in high school
Jenny Toomey was a year behind me in high school

Revolution Summer... that was the summer after I graduated from high school

fantastic film
giving credit to those who deserve credit
explaining some things that were unknown to me when they were happening


ties in some things that I have been intrigued by
Meese is a Pig
perhaps the highlight of the film for me...
Seeing Jenny Toomey and seeing how active she was in her activism... well.. it was on my radar but I did not know how active her activism really was
although... in later years I do recall seeing her speaking in front of Congress and other similar such high level things

glad that this was not all just about Ian and Dischord
it is important that other influences too the scene get credit

ah... time well spent...

this photo is a few years old
the boys are bigger
I am older
when I see this photo I realize... I agree with the choices I have made



ah... INBOX

I think I will devote an afternoon to UNSUBSCRIBING

DELETE takes a little less time
but UNSUBSCRIBES prevents future time spent on hitting DELETE
so... a little time today
buys me more time tomorrow

Tim Allen... an understated actor... in these simple sitcoms... I truly believe he is this character

Tim Allen...
funny... Home Improvement is now Last Man Standing
this last few days have been a LAST MAN STANDING MARATHON!

I love the dynamic
Tim Allen and his Conservative Colorado identity
subtle... then often obvious
there are all sorts of real life issues discussed in this comedy

the Liberal vs. Conservative debate is just one of them

it amuses me... I think that lots of these pop culture elements are reflections of our world and offer up a good chance to take a look in the mirror

Last Man Standing.... first three seasons are on Netflix

this stuff cracks me up



another cold Christmas...

I am used to it

old shot of me...

Skull Skates t-shirt
skinny young body with some beads and crystals around my neck

and what the heck...
Gibby aka John Garrish shared these old images
thanks for pulling out the scanner or Christmas
these photos and the many others brought smiles to a variety of faces for a variety of reasons

Breckenridge Colorado in the early 1990's
so many great memories
Gold Pan Saloon
C Chair Shuffle
Billy's Bowl
it was snowboarding in its adolescence 

when I moved to Colorado I had never been on a ski chairlift
I had never skied
I owned a Burton snowboard that predated the metal edge
the snowboard was slow to evolve
and I was stuck at its earliest moment

"The Pass" was an adventure on the Burton Woody
The Pass brings up some randomness... maybe not what I was looking for

Burley cycling jacket as my snowboard gear
I was so "undergeared"

Coca Cola...

Coca Cola... part of our life... part of our culture
the pop culture influences of Coca Cola are undeniable 
Santa Claus?
Mean Joe Green?

what other Coca Cola commercials\ad campaigns influenced our lives?

Brian Baker's first tattoo was a Coca Cola tattoo
it matched the Coca Cola red bathroom in Dag Haus

I try to not drink soda...
like any addiction... it is all or none
I go cold turkey... then Coca Cola sneaks back into my life
I start to think that it is what I "need"

dragging at work... looking for a kick in the afternoon
home from work... looking for a little push to keep me from collapsing on the couch 

Sugar Cane instead of Chemicals...
I often seek out
Coca Cola Hecho en Mexico
but apparently
there is now
Coke Life

I say... I should try Coke Life
but really
I should give up Coca Cola and soda all together
money and health

a few tangents... Coke, Brian Baker, Dag Haus

Santarchy a few years back

Buck in the background... maybe some wisdom will sneak in... we could all use a little bit of Buck's simple wisdom

chase down this film
watch this film
if you have never seen this film before... watch it and give it your full attention
no dual screen

Buck on the Gwadzilla Page


Heller's Bakery in Mount Pleasant is said to be closing at the end of the month....

Heller's Bakery Closing?

Heller's and Bakery on the Gwadzilla Page

Shots of the Sunday SoulSide Show at the Black Cat (2014)

for the Salad Days Premire weekend in Washington DC
SoulSide got together for a reunion show at The Black Cat
too cool
what a show!

no photos from Saturday
so I took plenty of photos on Sunday

Bobby on the Gwadzilla Page
caught up with Bobby when I went to Asheville North Carolina with the boys for their Spring Break

so many Northwest DC memories of Bobby and so many others
Fort Reno and the surrounding area

two nights of Soulside
what a treat
hard to imagine that these guys ever sounded any better
full rich sound with a blend of power and cool

go get random 
what does Mission Impossible bring up?
wordy randomness

so often... I can not recall what I shared on the page

Santa Serena at the last DC Bike Party of 2014

serena and santa on the gwadzilla page

speaking of addiction... I am addicted to Dr Mario

a friend at work just turned me onto this online Dr. Mario game...
after the first few games I was able to turn the music off and still hear it
Dr Mario

watching Rehab Addict... she does love stripping wood... and I get that

exposed natural wood... who would cover it up?

Nicole Curtis is the host of Rehab Addict
fun show...
she is energetic and cute
very comfortable in her skin
and... who does not love a "before after show"

Rehab Addict


the DC Punk scene was the basis for my Rumble Fish-esque teen years... was also mixed in some Tom Sawyer Huck Finn adventures...

lots of legend and lore from my era
it was like I was surrounded by superheroes 

Jason Farrell being one of those super heroes

there was talk of the tunnels
there was talk of the cliffs

dynamic moment
surrounded by dynamic people

jack of all trades
master of some
more than most can say

Granny Gear Jacket- thanks Laird

one advantage to cold wet weather
it gives people a chance to wear their cold wet weather gear

Laird Knight of Granny Gear Productions hooked me up with this sweet jacket with a definition of a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Relay racer in reflective ink

Laird Knight and Granny Gear on the Gwadzilla Page

thanks Laird
thanks for the jacket
and thanks for your contribution to the sport of mountain biking

SWIZ played a reunion show at the Black Cat for the Salad Days Documentary premiere weekend

 SWIZ at the Black Cat 2014
who would have guessed it
how many years later?
how many bands later?

original SWIZ lineup?
what is the history of Swiz?
what marks the formation of Swiz?
which came first? the band Swiz or the Swiz logo stickers?



my ticket was for SUNDAY!

Jason put me on paid receive at the last minute before the show on Saturday
so I biked down with my camera to listen to some tunes and snap some shots

great catching up with so many great people
reunion shows bring out a reunion of fans
old friends and familiar faces
face to face answers to "where are they now?"

great catching this opportunity to catch SWIZ what must be 20 years later

Alex on Drums
Dave on Bass
Jason on Guitar
Shawn Brown on the Mic

mention of Shawn on the Gwadzilla Page

great synergy with these guys
they rocked
it looked like the band was enjoying the show as much as the crowd
but big picture... it is cool to see these bands from this younger\later wave of DC Hardcore get some credibiity

I am not positive, but I think that Swiz played one cover
funny... from the first chord I knew it was not a Swiz tune
smuggly I crossed my arms
thinking... I know this song
this is The Faith

The Faith on the Gwadzilla Page

but no... the song kicks in and I start picking up the lyrics
and it is a song by Government Issue
they talked about "first shows" 
shows that I attended... attended with them

Government Issue on the Gwadzilla Page

I met Shawn at the shows in our early teens
street skating at Rock Against Reagan
hanging out on the stairs of the Wilson Center
and of course
listening to music at "the shows"

we also worked at bike shops together... messenger work... and riding bikes

I went to Bethesda-Chevy Chase high school just a year or two ahead of Jason and Dave
although we never had any classes together 
there was plenty of overlap in our day to day lives
I skated... but nothing more than dabbling compared to Dave and Jason 

Cedar Crest... White Flint... the woods across the street from Marcus'
Jason and Dave lived and breathed skateboardings along with a colorful cast of characters
most of which I am proud to call friends
all of which make me laugh when I think of them

funny... the main stream mocked the counter culture skateboard crowd... weird to think that their efforts on these ramps were pushing the limits of the sport
certainly as challenging as any mainstream sport

the reunion was in association of the premiere of the Salad Days Documentary

Salad Days Documentary

I am not sure in what capacity... but I know Jason Farrell was involved in the Salad Days Documentary
guess I will have to wait for the credits to see how he contributed

creative character that Jason
I would bet that Jason designed more records for Dischord than any other designer... even Jeff Nelson
but that is my uneducated guess
would be interesting to know

and why not...
Jeff Nelson on the Gwadzilla page