this morning I saw a woman commuting to work on a Capital BikeShare Bike that I had seen before... she reminds me of a one time DC Bicycle Messenger named Willie...

this woman on the Capital BikeShare Bike only has one arm
that is why she reminds me of this man named Willie... One Armed Willie
the strength and bravery of these individuals
the frailty and weakness of all the rest of us

this woman on the bike
I am not sure of her story
yet she inspires me
she inspires me to be stronger
she inspires me to be less self absorbed

Willie evoked that same response
Willie left DC and moved on in life
leaving messenger work behind him
only to discover a world of athleticism


on the Gwadzilla Page

these other photos are of US soldiers who lost limbs in active duty
to cross paths with these men
to see their strength
well... that too is humbling

we all need to be stronger
we all need to be less self absorbed
we all need to realize that our barriers are not as great as those of others
we can all find inspiration in those who succeed with greater obstacles