tonight's ride

reality and life...

lojack on your bike

Lucky Number Seven-Lance Cleared

Spokes Article....

mile high club

sex sells... or does it?

post alley cat grin

many weaknesses

serious spds


tim again

endurance loop to schaeffer farms

CO2 and 29ers

gambril this morning

cabin john trails

its a boy

around the corner

day two of a three day weekend

there goes the neighborhood

parked vehicles

some everyday images around town

teasing... everything in moderation


mom and the boys

a man at the farmer's market

a ride synopsis

fat across america

emapthy is a learned emotion

penn and teller: manners

the cycling cog

love your bike


not sure of the pound to dollar conversion

bikes for everyday...

always curious about this sort of stuff


more on hot dogs....

bike collectors

track stars

the purple pig

some snap shots

while I drank my coffee

not a bad night

the little prince

harold and maude

a recommendation from a friend


riding at schaeffer

Heller's Bakery

no helmet.... no bike

riding around the neighborhood

schaeffer farms

a pretty darn good weekend