search for TREE on the Gwadzilla page and I get all sorts of fun memories...

if I search for TREE on the Gwadzilla Page
all these images appear
memories start to surface


so many memories from the alley behind the old house
bikes with training wheels
training wheels coming off
and of course ramps
ramps and alley

ah... tree climbing
the boys just do not climb trees like they used to
after school I would go to Rosedale with Grant and the dog so that Grant could climb this massive tree

ah... the Christmas Tree Sale at John Eaton
so glad that is behind me

the lastly... the rope swing
good times at the rope swing

Random run in w my brother and a photographer some time ago


and then on the Gwadzilla Page
Marc and Brother

Eamon and the North American Martyrs

Honky Tonk
a logical progression from his youth

Punk and Hardcore


Henry Rollins to perform his Spoken Word in DC at the Historic Lincoln Theater

Henry and Rollins on the Gwadzilla Page


Harley Flanagan of the Cromags has released a biography
his life story is an amazing one
my thought
a biography would read very differently than an autobiography

not sure if Harley can separate himself enough to take away his spin on things

but it is an amazing read
as he has lead an extraordinary life 

Harley Flanagan
Hard Core: Life on my Own

Harley mentioned on the Gwadzilla Blog

and then
Punk and Hardcore


the Gwadzilla Blog...
the Gwadzilla Blog is dormant... not dead... dormant
what will it take to bring the Gwadzilla Blog back to life?

go through the archives
the words
the images
it is all still there

lost momentum
lost so many of my archives files

lost my passion
lost my care
lost my concern

may have even lost my mind