ah... that Holiday Week...

a beautiful piece about Peter Coe as well as information for flowers or a college fund for Peter's son Nick

I will not be able to attend the service today to memorialize the death of Peter Coe

why blue jeans?

I would like it better if I enjoyed the song that they selected

a funny video of a crazy man ranting about Obama

an amusing page...


it is possible... it can happen...

note to the haters.

Chariot Skates... chariot skates?

Chris Eatough of Bike Arlington on Gam Jams

some off season training tips from PEZ Cycling

I have always been a fan of Dag Nasty... WIG OUT AT DENKOS may have been my favorite album by them

slow down... we all need to slow down...

we all saw that video... maybe we should watch it again

on the bridge heading into Georgetown

I am just not that "techie" with my riding

no time to ask... just snapped the picture

This are some photos of nothing more than what it looks like to be on a bicycle in certain spots around Washington DC

in Cyclocross Magazine there is more about Jeff Banson

Po Campo! Made in Chicago

Velo News has a story on Jeff Bahnson

RIP Vic Chestnutt

I trust everyone had a splendid holiday

I wonder if that light works...

more shots without snow on the ground!

an actual SAINT... a New Orleans Saint!

not the shot I intended... the settings were for the darkness of night

last minute shopping needs?

Sessions ' bike sprockets!

rolling at a good pace...

Photo Removed... apology to anyone who does not wish to have their photo taken or displayed on the page

also made in Australia

the spirit of Christmas... donate your old (unwanted?) bike

Shane is a Veteran Messenger on the DC Streets

everyone has a bike?

it is a busy season for the cargo bike crew... apparently Santa needs to outsource!

Missy Pleads Guilty

a shot from the other day... right now the gutters are filled with 18 inches of snow

DC could use some Bike Boxes... and an explanation to cars that BIKES BELONG!

I have snapped an number of shots of this rider... not sure why... but they seldom hit the page

what is not on youtube?

andy cone...

The Capital Crescent Trail... then not now

the fight for domination...

Brutus relaxes in between races down the local sledding hill

this is on YOUTUBE...