wall of Christmas Cards...

Dean and Grant doing as I ask...

posing for the Christmas Card
making another pass on their bikes so I can try to capture that perfect moment for our family card
I never got the shot I was looking for
tough to get them both in the shot with the right expression... especially when on the bike
tough to choreography that perfect moment... especially on the bike
I have to accept what I got
that will have to be good enough

the Christmas Card like the blog may only get a glance
so it is not so important to get all wrapped up in the minutia

every year we get Christmas\Holiday cards in the mail
we usually open them and then read and review them only to put them in a stack where they may get one more glance before being tossed in the recycling bin

at a friend\neighbor's house down the block I had seen that they tape their Christmas\Holiday cards on their wall as they arrive
this year I decided to do some of the same
they keep their cards up all year... ours may not stay up that long
but I think that the cards on the wall will have a more dynamic effect than just that moment's glance

the cards are all worth more than a glance
by hanging the cards on the wall we are able to revisit the cards
giving more thought to the phrases JOY TO THE WORLD, PEACE, or whatever has been printed on the matte paper or glossy postcards
store bought of photo service made
it also gives us a chance to look at the photos of friends and families who we do not get to see as often as we like
these photos show us how people have grown and changed over the last year

some of these photos are of kids that my boys may or may not have met
the ones that they have met they may not see very often
it brings up the memories
it keeps these would be strangers as something more

it is an exciting process
I ham it up for the boys
when the mail comes I get overly excited
always acting as if each card we get is the last to arrive while building up some excitement that there may be one or two more