DC needs to be more progressive...


say it ain't so...

like taking candy from a baby...

is Someone Stealing "Ghost Bike" Memorials and Selling them on Craigslist?

lots of scaffolding around the city

I am typing words about this person on the bike
telling you that he is a messenger
expressing that he has been a messenger for a long time
making mention that he also volunteers at some bike events hosted by WABA

some wonderfully mod cycling gear

clothing by Road Holland
a wonderful blend of fashion and function

Road Holland

Man at Work.


passing casually in front of the White House on a CaBi Bike

Bicycle Taxi Cabs

what are those guys filming in the background?
I guess similar to me... whatever passes in front of the camera

RIP Lego Universe

Lego Universe Pulls its Plug

Lego Brick Bike Set



that is a lot of messengers

DC Messengers a few years ago... What is the date?

DC Messengers in 1998

Mess Media
Chronicling Media Issues and News Related to Bike Messengers

The Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights

and Moon.

The Raven in Mount Pleasant

and Dave.


Sonya Looney has some tips...
How to Impress Chicks at the Gym

you are what you eat.

this girl is a Happy Meal!

riding a bike to work is news!

LeBron James beats traffic to the Bulls' game by riding his bike

a flat tire is usually a punctured tube

Marc is no rookie
getting a flat without a tube is a rookie mistake

whether a commuter, mountain bikers, racer, or courier
no matter what sort of cyclist you are... it is vital to carry a few things on each ride
a tube, a pump, and a multi-tool

a flat tire can turn a short ride into a long walk


I have never been in a sweat lodge
but I have ridden my bike real hard

Capital Bike Share in the wind

this guy is moving pretty good
but it was pretty much riding rollers in a wind tunnel

true... I got confused... sometimes I get confused

i had a micro epic last night

Rollin Cycles

on 14th

in front of Barrel House Liquor
apparently a dc fashion mag beat me to the shot

we are all falling through life

give me a break
Mad Men has their thing
and well
anyone falling from the sky is not a world trade center reference
sorry. Icarus has ya beat on that one

story about the Mad Men promo poster offending some people

give me a break



my brother recommended this movie to me...
Buck, not Uncle Buck, Buck
Uncle Buck is a fine film
but that is not what I am talking about


Buck the Film


funny... just got an email SPAM from an old Clydesdale competitor

or it looked like SPAM
I did not chase the link
but I wonder
will I be racing this guy again this season
he is super fast
and for a Clydesdale... HE IS UNBELIEVABLY FAST!


yes that is a nice shot


Dar Montgomery on the page again

this is funny.
I have filled my image quota with blogger
so... until I handle this
no more photos

and no more photos of Darrow Montgomery

Liz and her cargo bike documentary

Melanie blogged about the Cargo Bike Documentary on Utility Cycling dot com

we talked about cargo bikes

peter beers
pretty in pink

both shots are all about the woman in the pink hat

The Last Days of Little Italy

in LIFE magazine
John Falls and The Last Days of Little Italy

Success with Honor

come on... really?
Success with Honor?
apparently not
I think Penn State needs a new motto...

Jonathan of The Family BIke Shop

The Family Bike Shop in Crofton Maryland

Cargo Mike and his Cargo Bike!

along with a little lens flare

living his own life... life on his terms

Jay Moglia is a DC bicycle messenger
Jay Moglia is also much more
Jay is a musician, a writer, a bicycle racer, and a businessman
messenger business is not his only business

Raw Talent Ranch
Lost River Barn

Bike Shop Coffee Shop...

although I never really considered it...
I used to daydream about there being a Bicycle Shop-Coffee Shop in DC
a place where people could meet and fuel up before a group ride
a place where people could meet and drink coffee to talk about rides and riding
a place where people could get their bikes fixed as they drink coffee
a place where classic cycling films play year round... with weekly movie nights and weekly urban night rides
where is this places?

not dc
"Bike shop cafes have sprung up in Minneapolis, Portland, and other bike-mad cities in recent years (Portland even has a bike that is a cafe). But few, if any, do triple duty as bike manufacturing facilities."

in Chicago...

history in these buildings

history in the backdrop


in the LA TIMES...
US Cites and States get Ranked for Bicycling and Walking Ease and Safety

I have never been to the Newseum



bowie's andy warhol
stone temple pilots cover andy warhol

if nothing else... it is a beautiful photograph

All Joy and no Fun
Why Parents Hate Parenting


a repost from a year or so ago
coffee in chinatown

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

the world may never know

who would have won in a match between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris?
a blog quotes Chuck Norris with an answer

All American Blogger

Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich for President

I am open minded...
my vote is not so simple as voting my party

how about this?
if Newt Gingrich can convince all the woman in the United States to allow an open marriage
then I will both endorse and vote for Newt Gingrich