single speed.


Frederick Bicycle Coalition (not the Eaton Football Club) is hosting a BIKE SWAP THIS SUNDAY Oct 2nd in Frederick


this is a swap meet with tables and components
while my Bicycle Swap in DC on October 1st at John Eaton Elementary School will be a USED BIKE SALE with Bike Swap potential
people will get 15 dollars credit towards the purchase of a bicycle
the logic being
a family will come with a 12 inch wheel bike too small for their child and will leave with the next size up
or a family will show up with a 20 inch wheel bike too small for their... oh... you get it?

got it?

today's clinic at Fort Reno is ON!

see you there!


missed the shot...


missed the shot
yet the shot is interesting just the same

photos of nothing are photos of something

Adams Morgan and its ever changing face


which brings up list serve talk about noise and noise pollution

I remember my neighbor yelling out the window "get a broom"

and this guy is clearing our whole walk!

raw sausage

I did a right click save as
the name was pixel
so I did not follow through with the save

raw sausage
I wonder what happened to that raw sausage

I am enjoying taking less photographs
gotta hate wading through bad photographs
today I wasted too much time looking for a photo of myself racing my single speed Jamis Nova at Tacchino on Sunday

I wonder if anyone is going to buy his images
there was this tag line about stealing the images
what about "sharing" the image
if the image is worth sharing... than share it

a screen capture would do well enough for the web
but really... the image is not that special

now if I could get back that time I spent looking for a photo of myself
I think I am finally done scouring the web in search of a photo of myself at Tacchino

Cyclocross Clinic at Fort Reno Wednesday!

Tips to better ride the tricky sections-DCCX clinic at Fort Reno

This Wednesday September 28th, DCMTB will be hosting its last CX clinic.

Mike Birner (USA Certified Level 2 Cycling Coach from the Sportif Coaching Group and current MABRA Masters 35+ Champion) will cover multiple aspects on how to better race your bike through the tricky technical sections of a CX course including, off camber, switchbacks, 180˚ degree turns, mud and sand.

*Instructors will be assisted by DCMTB

Wednesday clinics start promptly at 6:00 pm at the Fort Reno Park bandstand (Chesapeake St NW, between 40th ST, NW and Nebraska Ave, NW). Please arrive at least 5-10 min early to register.

All levels of riders are welcome. First timers are encouraged. All you need is a bike with knobby tires and a desire to learn. Please arrive early to register. This is a USA Cycling non-competitive event.

To offset the costs from USA Cycling, we're asking attendees with a USA

C license to pay $1 for insurance. If you don’t have a USAC annual license, the fee will be $5 for a one-day non-race license.

*** All riders under 18 years old need to be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian to sign their waiver.

Clinics and DCCX race info is at dcmtb.com

Questions can be directed to Raul Rojas rojasrau@gmail.com or Dave Vannier dvannier@yahoo.com

Gripped Racing Presents..

Bike Coop looking for NEW SPACE

Christian and Velocity Bicycle Coop are looking for a NEW SPACE

Cleveland Park Day is THIS WEEKEND!

Cleveland Park in NW Washington DC is Celebrating Cleveland Park Day this Weekend!

I am not sure about the e-Bike

I often throw out the blanket statement "I HATE eBikes!"

but really...
I am not a fan
beyond that... I am not a fan of how people operate them
ebikes on the sidewalk?
ebikes on the bike path?

maybe it is ebike users that I am not a fan of...
not sure

these are some pretty eBikes

when the cost gets up there... I think a scooter or a motorcycle would just be more practical


practice... hiding practice in FUN...

next time I think I will put down the camera and get my bike


nice write up


Watching THE COVE

had heard of it
had blogged about it
took me a while
finally watching it
not regretting it

enjoying it

so... over a decade ago I was on a bachelor party with Peter of MY BIKE LAW
it was Peter's bachelor party
and it was as interesting and as unusual as Peter himself

no strip clubs... no limos... and definitely no naughtiness
so yes... an unorthodox bachelor party

we went camping on an island off the coast of Charleston South Carolina
a member of the wedding party chartered a boat
we all brought gear to camp
by my design we had mason jars filled with ice so each mixed drink would have ice without sand
a glow stick in the Jack Daniels GREEN helped us to locate the whiskey through the course of the evening

we had plenty to eat and drink around a camp fire on the beach

never did Bob Hope show up with a military helicopter filled with bikini clad babes
it was pretty tame
AWESOME.... yet tame... while awesome just the same

hung over we packed our tents and our bags and left off to meet the morning water taxi pick up
on the beach I saw a dolphin swimming along the beach
I ran along side of it... I ran... I sprinted
the dolphin paced with me at the surface
I could swear that it was making eye contact with me as I ran down the beach

it was as if the dolphin was communicating with me
like a fool I stripped my clothes off as I ran down the beach
the dolphin appeared to be smiling... maybe laughing
down to me underwear I dove into the water

the dolphin dove and did not resurface

I swam alone

works hard for the money

in The Crosshairs

and gam jams

to hit someone.. but to hit and run? this is not scratching a car in a parking lot

Photographer Michael Wang was killed in a hit and run in the Seattle area
the cyclist is venerable and the car driver is so often wreckless
I do not know the details
but the concept of "hit and run" sounds more like murder than an accident

image from here

anyone have a link to his photographs
what sort of photographer was he

what sort of cyclist was he?

all very sad

my heart goes out to the friends and family of Michael Wang
it saddens me that his life was cut short

love and luck to all that knew him and all that would have in a different future come to have known him

may people find peace in this loss
and also perhaps some justice as well

a bike running into an auto dealership would do far less damage... another reason why bikes are better

car rams into bicycle shop

can not find the polished version...

I wonder... Is Joey really okay?
Joey is Okay.

398 Confirmed Riders for DCCX... already

DCCX Registration Opened Last Night
currently there are 398 Confirmed Riders

bunny hopping barriers...

Family Bike Shop Jonathan seems to be too lazy to get off his bike for the barriers

video of Jonathan Seibold and Chris Nystrom clearing the barriers with ease



not sure of the cultural significance... but there were money and sausage hand offs on the course yesterday at Tacchino Ciclocross yesterday

bikes and chicago

I was just in Chicago and there were bicycles and bicyclists EVERYWHERE!
had me wishing I had the camera and the time to use it
but really... the trip was a "flyby"
in and out like a teen boy on prom night


people suck.... people suck even worse when behind the wheel



but really...

we need acceptance as much as we need separation
if car drivers just respected each cyclist and pedestrian with the same level of respect that they would want... well... we would have far fewer dangers on the road
but shamefully
car drivers see cyclists and pedestrians as obstacles rather than human beings

lots of photos from Tacchino http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

lots and lots of photos from 2011 Tacchino Ciclocross on the GWADZILLA FACEBOOK page
images here

like it... share it... tell your friends
tell your friends about the GWADZILLA PAGE!

Joe. Not racing... resting at Tacchino


Mount Pleasant Day

it was Mount Pleasant Day today...

I did not make it to Mount Pleasant Street but I knew it was Mount Pleasant Day because there was no place to park on my block

the boys had a home cooked meal instead of chicken on a stick
and as far as the activities in the main strip... the boys opted for activities in the alley

this kid from a few blocks away was loving the adventures in the alley behind our house

oh... I did not build the ramp
that ramp was designed and built by the kids!

registration is open




DCCX Presented By Dogfish Head Alehouse and Family Bike Shop - Race #4 in the BikeReg.com MABRAcross Super 8
Presented by
Dogfish Head Alehouse, Family Bike Shop, and DCMTB
Washington, DC
Sunday, October 23, 2011

USA Cycling Event USA Cycling Permit # Permit Pending
Online Registration Will Open
Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 8:00 PM ET


LEGOS... this does not solve my LEGO PROBLEM

this guy has a LEGO STACKING SYSTEM for Sorting his LEGOS

well... it sounds very time consuming

I think that there needs to be the creation of some sort of sifting device that separates pieces by size

all the small pieces would be with small pieces
all the medium pieces would be with medium pieces
larger flat pieces would be with
well... you get the basic idea


so many photos... not all of them make the page

I hate taking so many photographs
as I tend not to post all of them

Rites of Spring

listening to some classic RITES OF SPRING

Hains Point by Rites of Spring


not sure if this is who I think it is...

headed north

headed south

REM Retire

REM retire after over three decades of rocking and rolling


REM... some fantastic American Folk music

how many female messengers remain?

there are not as many messengers as there once were
the percentage of female messengers may have remained a constant

I am thinking that there are 3 or 4 female bicycle messengers in Washington DC

but that is a guess

Chicago got Gabe Klein... Chicago is getting Bike Share

Bike Share is headed to Chicago!

Origin 8

Origin 8 bicycle components and accessories

these guys have a wide variety of product
I just learned of them
stoked on the crank bolts... just what the doctor orderd
now I am stoked to see all the stuff they have to offer

Origin 8 looks SOLID!

50cm Cyclocross Bike

a friend is selling her cyclocross bike
50cm Soma

two good deals...

The Bike Lane

Sport Rock Climbing Gym

I love Capital Bike Share


but at this point in time
I have no need for a membership in my life
my one year membership has run out
just a few days after their anniversary


but I think I will just ride my own bikes